Term 2 with Heart Studio : Spice Up My World

After a super fun theme of My Favourite Snack the last round, this time the kids get to learn  about the different spices in the local food we eat through Spice Up My World theme for this month. I applaud the tremendous effort that the teachers put in to share all the real spices with the kids – not just the look and feel but the smell too to give them more perspective in their artwork and inspiration. 

For the first week , the kids were shown some inspirations for their upcoming art work such nasi lemak, laksa, bakuteh, beef steak, fish head curry and tom yum soup. Small C chose laksa to work on as it is his favourite food.  Based on a sample, small C quickly sketch out the first look of what his final art work will look like in the first week. I must say that he is truly getting better at free hand drawing and he could draw it to almost 80% resemblance.


For the second week, it will be transferring to the proper art work based on week 1 sketch. Then using watercolour cake, his teacher will teach how to blend and bring different shades to bring ingredients and dish to life. 

I love that this project uses just water colour cake and not the regular arcylic paint which gives more texture and blending to the art work. The final 2 weeks are blending and bring every single element of that art work to life, from the utensils, noodle, chilllies, gingers etc. 

I really love how our favourite dishes have been translated into awesome art works by the Little Dalis. Thanks to the theme I was very inspired to use a Spice Girls’ song to do this video

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA. Check out their on-going June holiday art classes and programme too! 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 5396

(65) 6554 7563


Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Ultherapy Review – Reverse signs of aging with Halley Medical Aesthetic’s Ultherapy

Update 3 months later 

I have gone back to see Dr Mark Lim for an update after 3 months of my Ultherapy treatment. See the before and after photo, I am sold by the amazing results of this treatment. I have a more V-shaped face with a more defined jawline. The part I am more impressed with is my double chin has visible reduced which was what I requested to focus on during the treatment. My cheeks and mid-face have more volume hence probably shaving some years of my real age too! Overall I am extremely pleased with the effect of Ultherapy! 


I do that care of my skin quite well with regular monthly facials. However, with sign of aging and sagging skin, this is not something that a regular facial would be able to address.  I came to know a highly raved non invasive treatment called Ultherapy which helps to lift skin with the production of collagen. As this is my first ever aesthetic treatment, I am not brave enough to try for an invasive treatment, so Ultherapy ticks all the boxes that I am looking for.  I am glad I did my first aesthetic treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetic and here’s my review on the Ultherapy treatment. 

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is the only skin tightening treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) to lift the skin from within. It delivers focused ultrasound energy to the deepest SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production for a natural, effective lifting and contouring. Best of all, there is no surgery and downtime involved for this procedure.  Other than the full face, it is also suitable for the spot treatment of delicate areas such as our eyebags, cheeks, jowl area, brows, neck, and chest. 

In layman terms, Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate growth of fresh collagen to support our skin from within, giving us supple skin and a natural lift. Due to its stimulation of own collagen growth, you wont see immediate effect, but within 1 to 3 months will you will able to see the results. 

As it is non invasive,  there is no surgery and downtime involved for this procedure –  all down in under an 1 hour and the effect can last for 1 year.

Ultherapy introduced the See Plan Treat protocol, and it is an extension of using the real-time ultrasound imaging technology to deliver the micro-focused ultrasound energy to the correct depth in our skin for optimal results, and Halley Medical Aesthetics is now an Ultherapy SPT-Certified aesthetics clinic in Singapore. 

The main components of the Ultherapy SPT (See Plan Treat) protocol:
– SEE: Includes sound knowledge of the relevant anatomy and using visualization technology to identify the target tissue
– PLAN: Document the target tissue to map out the treatment plan
– TREAT: Safely deliver energy to where it will be most beneficial while ensuring proper treatment technique

Of the many aesthetic clinics offering Ultherapy® why did I choose Halley Medical Aesthetic?

From my research, I found a lot of useful information on aesthetic treatment from  @halleymedicalaesthetics . You can also check out their comprehensive website and a YouTube channel for an idea what goes on during a treatment. They also list their prices on their website  – so its transparent with no hidden charges. 

During my consultation Dr Mark Lim, I felt at ease and assured of his knowledge and expertise as he is the one who will be performing the treatment on me. He was also able to answer all the burning questions that I have – such as the after effect of the treatment and if there is anything to avoid post treatment. 

Ultherapy consultation

Ultherapy consultation


Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure to make the treatment more comfortable. After 20 minutes, the numbing cream will be washed off and the ultrasound gel will be applied to the face to prepare for the treatment.

Oral medication is also given for reducing the discomfort during treatment.

Applying numbing cream

In fact,  I did feel a slight discomfort at the onset as the intensity was the highest to penetrate deeper into the skin. However, after the first 15 minutes, I was accustomed to the sensation and didn’t feel much thereafter, completely relaxed as Dr Lim finished the entire area of my face – neck, under eye, forehead etc. Cool air is also blown towards the treatment area during the process to reduce the discomfort during the treatment.

Throughout the treatment process, the doctor will do an ultrasound imaging of the treated area to ensure that the ultrasound energy reaches the correct depth of my skin for optimal results. My treatment took around 60 minutes to complete. 

Starting my Ultherapy treatment

Post Treatment

There is no special post-treatment maintenance, the only thing is probably just to avoid facial for a few days as the face will be sore. In fact, there was a hardly any downtime as I continued with my daily routine of work and driving my kids for their activities right after my treatment.  There some soreness on the first few days – like muscle ache, but if you can take painkillers if you find it too unbearable. Optimal results are expected in about three months’ time.

I’ll update this post with my results. Can’t wait to share my 3-month results with you.  

Halley Medical Aesthetics
277 Orchard Road #03-15
Singapore 238858

Opening Hours
10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Tel: +65 6737 8233

For more information, please go to:
Website: www.halley.com.sg/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/halleymedicalaesthetics
Instagram: www.instagram.com/halleymedicalaesthetics
YouTube: www.youtube.com/HalleySGMedicalAesthetics


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myFirst Camera Insta Wi – wireless photo and label printing through your phone


In terms of myFirst Camera Insta Wi look and feel , it does look very much like its predecessor myFirst Camera Insta 2  (see full review here) – read on what are the new upgrades making this a great addition if u don’t already own one!

At first sight

Size wise and weight wise, it is  very similar to that of myFirst Camera Insta 2 which I think was a great size for kids’ hand. One of the biggest difference is that this camera comes with a cradle which I think its really good so that you have it propped up when printing photo and labels.  It comes with a lanyard which is perfect so that the camera can be sling and worn over the neck. This camera comes  with 5 rolls of thermal paper  and stickers  (if you run out ,you can purchase them from their webstore too). Being a kids’ device, they also provide decorative stickers to personalise your camera too! 

in comparison with Insta 2

Using it 

Just like the older model, it has a  battery capacity of 1500mAH and 2.5 hours charging from flat , the camera can last for a full day of outing. In term of photo and video quality it is also pretty similar and supporting thermal printing of under 10 seconds. Using this technology there is no need to refill ink or shaking and waiting for the picture to dry like in the case of a polaroid. Though it is in black and white , I would say they are pretty sharp and clear too. 

Here are some sample photos including selfies  , with custom frames too. 

With all being so equal, so what makes this an upgrade ? 

Wifi capability – by downloading myFirstCamera Insta Wi app, you can customise labels and photos and send them wirelessly to the camera for printing!  With the apps, you can also do editing before printing, and also transfer images from phone to camera wirelessly.

Loving it

Gone are the days when a camera is only for photo and video taking, now the kids camera even come with printing capability and to make it even better wireless printing of photo and label too from your handphones. With the labels printed, you can label your belongs like a normal label printer, and for your photos, you can create a photo album or a DIY scrap book too! 

If you do not own a camera from myFirst before, myFirst Camera Insta Wi is definitely a better choice with features surpassing its predecessor myFirst Camera Insta2.

You can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. The camera comes in 2 colours –teal or yellow and 1 year warranty.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Starke Living Air Purifier – portability and mobility

Regular air purifier for heavy duty air purification is not one that you can bringing and move around. Typically it stays at one location permanently, but if you are looking for some more portable that you can carry it around even to the car , check out Starke Living Air Purifier 

Thanks for the battery capacity of 10,000 mAh for fast USD charging, light weight and compact 16*16*26.8cm with a portable handle design, you can put this air purifier anywhere bathroom, living room, dining room, car etc. Yes it is so portable !

Don’t be fooled by the size, it does come with what an air purifier does  – disinfect and sterilize with the release of negative ions to purify the air using 3 types of filters (Primary Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter). It has a 360 degree air circulation and an area coverage of 10-15 square meters –  pretty powerful for such a compact air purifier. 

There is also an automatic and manual mode for wind speed , smart LED display of settings, ambient air quality and battery life. They have also added a comfortable night light  and a noise level: <52.3dB

The best part for these features, is a good price of SGD 150! If you are looking for some air purification but you need the portability of putting in different locations in your home or even in your car, this is your best bet! 

Cart out here  

Besides carrying this air purifier, Starke Living also known for luxury  bathroom (https://starkeliving.com/shop/bathtubs/) and toilet bowl (https://starkeliving.com/shop/toilet-bowls/)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Giveaway: LUMOS MOOD projector – creating magic at home!

I am a big fan of LUMOS series of projectors, check out my previous reviews for LUMOS RAY SMART and LUMOS NANO

And they have launched a brand new LUMOS MOOD lighting projector and have asked me to give them their verdict. Truth to be told , the only projector that I know of are the ones that project movies like the LUMOS RAY SMART and LUMOS NANO. So I was really intrigued by the concept of their latest – LUMOS MOOD lighting projector which can serve as a backdrop for photo taking, party backdrop and for me transforming my kids room into a soothing environment for sleep! 

At First Sight

It is definitely not as small as LUMOS NANO but it is not at all bulky. At 160 x 160 x 80mm at a mere 600g, it is actually very portable if you wish to bring it to the party venue too! Comes with a remote control and cable , it is really idiot proof – plug and pla.

Using It

Once it is plugged on , witness the superior Tri-Colour projection on an area coverage as huge as 300″. That is not all, you can, you can also pipe in music via the bluetooth speaker so that you get both the mood and the accompany music to suit the mood and background. See below for sample video. 

The projector is also built for 4-way placement , you can project in front, at an angle and upwards to the ceiling too – super versatile for any type of room and space. 

Using a remote control, you can do a full customisation mood as well  – with stars , without star , with moon, without mood, red or green, brightness, and also timer function too! Quite nifty I must say so you don’t have only have 1 look and feel but several different setting , mood dependent! 

Check out some of the different mood set through this video.

Loving It

When I first heard of this, I really didn’t think much of it or how would I use this on a day to day basis or even more special occasions. On the first day it arrived,  since it was a plug and play device, I was also super intrigued by this mood projector. It was the weekend, so my kids were “allowed” to sleep with us in the master bedroom so I had the projector on and the music playing through my handphone – some Disney songs for bedtime. I thought it was a one of a kind experience -quite magical to see stars and moon above – even as an adult, I was so impressed what more the kids! Now the kids want to have the same experience every night, yes but not in my room!  

Check out their Launch Specials of SGD 99 (RP SGD 189) 45% off with Free Delivery and 1 year local warranty. ! The LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector is now available for purchase directly via their website at https://lumosprojector.com/mypreciouzkids

Giveaway of 1 LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector worth SGD 189 

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Giveaway ends 15 May 2359 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Heart Studio 2022- My Favourite Snacks

There is always something new, fun and creative  to learn at Heart Studio and this term we dabble in product packaging through the theme My Favourite Snacks. Small C had a difficult time choosing his favourite snacks as he has so many – he decided on Haw Flakes and A&W. The kids are free to draw and paint whatever they fancy and this also a way of self expression that is highly encouraged at Heart Studio’s art classes for kids.

For the first week, the kids will explore the different kind of snacks and its packaging and down to choosing 1 to 2 snacks for their final art work. After first week of sketching, they will transfer what they envision in their first sketch into the art paper and painting of the silhouette of the snacks. 

Once the silhouette is formed, the details of logo and salient details of his packaging of his favourite snacks are added to make it look like the actual packaging. Small C even wanted to use pointillism as his painting technique coming from last term’s art work reviewed here. You can spot some of the pointillism art strokes below. 

For the final week is the refinement of the smaller details  – shadow, details on the packaging and outlines, he used the finer black marker to bring the logo more defined and real. 

Don’t you think this is his best piece to date ? I think so as this is like real-life still and for a 7 year old to draw this I think  this is pretty impressive –  as real as it can get with expiry date and manufacturing data all included! 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA. Check out their newly launched June holiday art classes and programme too! 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 5396

(65) 6554 7563


Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Cosmo Pro – the most advance and super sleek air purifier for every household

My kids have very sensitive nose and often wake up with sinus and stuffy nose. So I need to ensure the best air quality in their bedroom for their sleeping hours. I have achieved high quality air using the most advance air purifier in Singapore   Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier.

If you have not heard of Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier , I will love to introduce to you the sleekest air purifier in Singapore by giving you 6 reasons why this is purified is rate the most advance air purifier in Singapore 

1. Filters 99.97% of all airborne particles

With its 5-in-1 HEPA  (high-efficiency particulate air) filter , the purifier  filters out 99.97% of air pollutants like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke and even Covid 19 virus. 

1st filter – Pre filter to intercept large suspended particles such as hair, dust, lint and fur
2nd filter – Cosmo Anti Bac Shield to remove micron particles and block bacteria, pollen, dust mites. 
3rd filter  – H13 + Medical grade  HEPA filter to remove micron particles and block bacteria
4th filter – Activated Carbon Filter to neutralise odours and absorb formaldehyde
5th filter  – Photocatalyst Filter to kills harmful substances through light energy)

Using intelligent AI technology, PM2.5 sensor is able to defect with 99.9% accuracy. With connected to WIFI, the sensor can reference outdoor data to provide comprehensive air quality analysis. 

2. Cover a large up to 100 m2 using its 360 structural design  

Thanks to its 360  degree structural design, the Cosmo Pro can cover a large area of up to 100m2 as it covers the average household’s kitchen, living room, bedrooms and toilets , perfect for pet owners too for air purification in all directions

3. Super silent at almost a whisper at 20dB   

With a sound level is almost at a whisper at 20dB which means it is so quiet, you’d forget it was even there. This is very important to enhance your sleep experience!

4. UVC Disinfection  

This purified also has a UVC lamp to kill microbes, disinfect within minutes .

5. Controllable through an app with wifi 

This is also a smart device meaning via wifi connectivity, i control this via an app Tuya Smart. So I can turn on and off the air purifier without going into the kids’ room.  I can also monitor the air quality from the app on my phone, change mode, timer, virtually all the settings in the control panel can be done via the apps. 

6. Compact and sleek design 

Measuring at a height of 58cm and width 29cm, the Cosmo is compact but twice as powerful, much more compact that more purifier in the market. Its sleek design matches any interior layout without compromising your ID overall look and feel.

I have actually placed this in the kids room for better air quality during their sleeping time and also using the night which also enhances sleep quality and hope that they wake up with clear nose and no sinuses.

For pet owners, this is also a must have. Cosmo’s carbon filter layer is fitted with an antimicrobial agent unique called Pet Guardian. This feature works in tandem with the activated charcoal to effectively neutralise odours from cats, dogs, small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds.  

Try it out for your home as they have a  no-question-asked 20-day trial.

Currently it is an a promotional price of  SGD 499 which 29% off  its original retail price of SGD 699 and comes with first free 5 in 1 HEPA filter. It is also recommended for you to change the 5-in-1 HEPA filter every 12-18 months, depending on air quality and usage. Every order comes with 5-year warranty, free same-day delivery.

Cosmo Air Purifier 

Facebook | Instagram Website

Besides carrying 2 of the best models of air purifiers in Singapore , Cosmo also produces  Singapore’s No.1 Technologically Advanced Water Dispenser –  Cosmo Quantum. Their award-winning German engineered water dispenser has been featured on The Smart Local, Best in Singapore, Local Guide and more.

Key Highlights:
1. COSMO™ Ultra Precision Filter that filters down to 0.0001 microns.
2. 6 Step Purification Care Process including a In-Built UV Sterilisation. No monthly/yearly maintenance or servicing costs are incurred, making the Cosmo Quantum more value for money than other brands.
3. Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser is technologically advanced, yet simple to use. It only takes 3 seconds to change the filter.
4. Tankless design with alkaline water option, ensuring better health and enhanced cleanliness. No build-up of mould or bacteria as water is not stored for pro-longed periods.

For free delivery, 30 days free trial, 2 years warranty and deposit or instalment payment options available.

For more info, see their website  https://waterdispenser.com.sg/product/water-dispenser/

Cosmo Water Dispenser 

Facebook | Instagram Website

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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Heart Studio Term 1 – learning pointillism

Even after more than 1 year with Heart Studio, there is always something creative and fun to learn as art is a wide subject. For the final project of Term 1, small C got to dabble in something he has not explore before – pointillism and Georges Seurat who was created this art technique in the 19th century. This painting technique is the practice of applying small strokes or dots of colour to a surface so that from a distance they visually blend together.

The children were given the liberty to draw anything they wanted, so no prizes for guessing small C latest craze – soccer, so he merged his soccer jersey, his watch and a trophy as the objects in pointillism art work. The kids are free to draw and paint whatever they fancy and this also a way of self expression that is highly encouraged at Heart Studio’s art classes for kids. 

With little hand-holding, the children were guided through 4-week to draw and paint and the satisfaction when an art work is completed was immense. In fact, I would think that the children can easily recreated what they have learnt on their own too at home as they had internalised each and every step. 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA and also the March school holidays programme too! 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 5396

(65) 6554 7563


Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Sudio E2 – a class of its own at a new level of auditory enjoyment

I have a big fan of Sudio and had reviewed many Sudio wireless earphones so I swear by it. It was Sudio that first introduced me to the world of wireless earphones. In fact every one in my family owns a pair as Sudio manufactures the best wireless earphones, we use it for work, study, play, entertainment, multi purpose really. Of them all, my favourite thus far is my pink Sudio ETT in terms of sound quality, battery life and I am biased it is in pink , but now the latest Sudio flagship model Sudio E2 is the latest generation of the best selling Sudio ETT model and is the most advanced earphone to date. 

At first sight

With 4 unique colours – Sand, Electric Grey, Black and Jade, I chose Electric Grey so its uniqueness of its colour, think so far the pantone has not been featured on Sudio earphones as yet.  I was also very attracted by the distinct purple hue on the touch button truly unique ( The other 3 colours did not feature this unique colour on their touch button) , so the combination of grey and purple really truly a class combination. 

The charging case isn’t the most compact, slimmer than most but it is longer also but what is packed is  the smallest I the power to charge under 10 minutes for 2 hours.

Using it

What is so outstanding is sound quality for music and calls, deeply immersive Dirac Spatial Audio and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) combined with VividVoice technology for clearer calls. 

Spatial audio simply means the played sound seemingly comes from a pair of premium stereo speakers in front of you instead of inside your head. So I did try to toggle between its predecessor Sudio ETT and Sudio E2, to hear the difference, truly a different class in soundstage (thereafter I realise you can actually switch on/off the spatial audio in this new set to tell the difference too)  Together with DIRAC Spatial Audio, the Hybrid ANC give you the most complete noise cancellation possible. And for work calls , TEAM meetings, the VividVoice technology can isolate your voice and filter out the rest making it easier for the other party to hear you for clearer voice calls. 

Sudio E2 supports wireless charging and check this out 10 minutes fast charging for 2 hours use and supporting a total play time of 30 hours. In fact, I only need to charge it like a once a week as I use a few hours a day! For every purchase during launch, you will get a free Sudio Wireless charging pad if you prefer wireless charging.

Loving it

Being the latest flagship product, the selling point is definitely in the amazing sound quality, even better than its predecessor Sudio ETT all thanks to its collaboration with Dirac another Swedish company which specialises in audio solution . Even though I am not an audiophile, I can definitely tell that Sudio E2‘s sound is a class of its own. As  I experimented by toggling with and without Dirac Spatial Audio, the spatial audio give more dimension and depth at all angles, quite easily discernible.

The audio quality of Sudio products has always been its selling point and they have truly outdone themselves with this levelling up of audio quality and of course its nifty and contemporary design –  fashionable and functional! You have to own a pair to truly appreciate Sudio at its best. 

As always with all Sudio products, it comes with free worldwide shipping, 3 years international warranty and 30 days no questions asked return policy. All you have to do is to wait for 3rd March when it is live, choose 1 of the 4 colours  –  Sand, Electric Grey, Black and Jade (don’t be influence by me as each colour is pretty on its own), quote mypreciouzkids for 15% ,retailing at SGD189. Free wireless charging pad Ladd + with every purchase of Sudio E2. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Perfect vision and freedom with Ortho-K night lenses by W OPTICS

Big J has had myopia since P1, partly genetic and lack of outdoor time. It doesn’t help that past 2 years, there has been an increase in digital time due to HBL and online lessons. As I suspected, I brought him for an eye check in the middle of this year and it went up by more than 100 degrees to over 500 degrees! A regular pair of spectacles will only help him to see but not manage the progression of myopia, so I need to look into myopia management control for him. 

Many have asked why did I choose this form of myopia control ie Ortho K night lens over the rest of the possible myopia management options as listed below. 

1. Atropine medicated eye drop – Big J actually did consider this however there are a few side effects (sensitive to light, need to wear transition lens). 

 2. Myopia management glasses –  I know for a fact that the effectiveness is lower than that of Ortho-K night lens given there is still a distance from the eyes to the lens for effective myopia management. But you may consider if your child is not suitable for night lenses as these specialty glasses are more effective compared to the traditional normal glasses out in the market 

 3. Ortho-K night lens – Scientifically it is proven to have the highest success rate in terms of myopia management. What better as my close friends’ kids have used them for the past 2 to 3 years, and vouched that there is a minimal progression in myopia.  I have tried to outline some key questions and answers about Ortho K at the end of this blog. 

Of all the options, Ortho-K ranked the most effective. 

So once I have decided on Ortho K, I decided to go ahead W OPTICS as it is open daily till 930pm, similar to retail stores in any malls,  which suits my schedule as most other centers close by 5pm and not open on weekends. W OPTICS has 5 myopia centres located in Singapore and I have chosen Great World as big J’s attending centre. This suits my schedule better especially during initial fitting days where I need to bring him to check more often. 

During our first consultation, big J’s eyes were assessed for their suitability for Ortho-K as they want to ensure that this myopia management option is best suited for him to achieve the optimal myopia management result. It was a very lengthy first consultation to assess suitability before customising the lenses with the correct fit for myopia control. We waited for another 2 to 3 weeks before the customised lenses arrived and to do the actual fitting (so best for the fitting and initial 1 week to be during the school holidays for more convenience and checking).

On the actual day of fitting, the optometrist taught big J how to wear the night lenses as well how to clean and store them properly. My attending optometrist at W OPTICS was very knowledgeable and reassuring, In fact, during the fitting, big J was able to put on himself with little issue through the techniques taught by him. We had to return the day after to check the eye conditions and even more practices so that big J was confident to do it on their own. The next appointment was 1 week later where he has achieved 6/6 vision. Thereafter appointments are scheduled a month later,  3 months later and 6 months later for regular follow up. The optometrist would also ask him to bring his lenses along and the lenses would be checked to ensure they are still in good condition.

As it was first time wearing contact lenses, truth to be told he did fumble a bit at home. Even putting eye drops is not really a walk in the park as it is not easy when we putting “things” into our eyes. But with the guidance of the attending optometrist at W OPTICS during fitting, as they say practice makes perfect! 

I was so glad to say after 2 weeks of using this daily,  it was almost second nature to him. He is now very confident in inserting and removing his night lenses, especially in the morning rush hours to go to school, I was initially worried he would take forever to remove and hence needed to wake up earlier, but my worries were unfounded.  I am also assured as I have his optometrist on my whatapps so I know I have help and guidance if ever I got queries at home.

As this is only the third month since he started, it is still premature to conclude on its effectiveness based on my son’s experience (I will give an update on my IG during his 6-month checkup) but the immediate benefit has to be the immense freedom he gets from not wearing glasses, to indulge in contact sports, swim without power goggles and just not needing to search for his glasses upon waking up. Do note that your child does need to be very disciplined in wearing them every night to have effective myopia control else after 2 days if you don’t wear them at night, you will go back to the same degree that you have started and of course in the long round not achieving the myopia management that you have hoped for

In hindsight, I should have started him earlier before the sudden increase of more 100+ degree due to the Circuit breaker/HBL. As much as we can blame it on genetics and screen time due to HBL, the bare minimum we can do is for more outdoor time (recommended 2 hours a day, yes it is a tall order but some are better than none), good lighting at home and control of unnecessary screen time.


These are some burning questions that I often get from my friends with regards to Ortho K night lens.

What is Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology/Ortho-K is a non-surgical procedure using customised hard contact lenses to gently shape the curvature of the cornea to improve vision, most wearers will not need to wear glasses during the day when they are on Ortho-K night lens. Most are able to achieve 6/6 vision during the day. 

Is Ortho-K safe?

Ortho-K procedure is FDA approved. It does not permanently alter your cornea shape and is reversible once you stop wearing them. Ortho-K (cornea reshaping therapy) started over 70 years ago. Modern technology in design and production makes it a reliable and precise way of safe vision correction. Of course, with all use of contact lenses, proper maintenance and cleaning of the lenses is necessary to keep them safe and effective.

How old can a child start using Ortho-K night lenses?

Children from age 5, but it also depends on the maturity of the child to be able to putting in and removal of the Ortho-K night lenses as no one will be able to help with that. As for the cleaning, parents can help them in that aspect. That said, the child would need to go for an evaluation assessment to determine his/her suitable for the Ortho-K night lenses.

What are the benefits?

The key benefit would be managing myopia  progression in child. I would want to arrest the increase of his degree or slow down the rate of deterioration, and I would not want it to go to 1000 degree of short sightedness. High degree of myopia will also put them at risk at eye diseases later on in life. A myopia of 500 is consider high myopia and it can put them at higher risk to eye diseases in their later life.  However, this can also be proved in the long run at least within 3 to 6 months of usage.

The most immediate and tangible benefit to the wearer is definitely the life changing freedom of not wearing spectacles in the day. This is especially prominent for active and sporty kids like big J as he plays sports, sometimes contact sports or when he goes swimming. With such freedom, it is had to be a bespectacled boy again. In fact, after wearing for 3 months, as his mum I have forgotten how he looks like pre Ortho-K days. 

How long do you have to continue with the Ortho-K treatment for?

The wearers need to wear the lenses almost every night to maintain the required shape for optimal effect. Each pair of night lenses may last up to 1 year and differs individually due to handling and aftercare. It is recommended that for effective myopia management in children, the child continues with the Ortho-K treatment till he is in his teens, aroudn 18 years old, when myopia would typically stabilised. Thereafter, you can continue wearing it purely for freedom in the day or opt for corrective laser surgery like LASIK. 

How much does Ortho-K treatment cost?

At W OPTICS, Ortho-K treatment starts from $2,500 and it also depends on the complexity of each case and the degree of myopia sought to be corrected. This treatment cost covers the lenses, first set of cleaners and also a series of regular check-ups over the course of 12 months  to ensure that myopia control is achieved. To find out more, you can book your child for a first assessment on suitability and price quote.

Ortho-K night lens is available at selected W OPTICS Myopia Centres. Videre is now part of W OPTICS Group.

W OPTICS @ Great World (6733 5665)
W OPTICS @ Suntec City (6736 1303)

Videre @ The Centrepoint (6219 3656)
Videre @ Forum The Shopping Mall (6369 0041)
Videre @ Marina Square (6250 0328).

Open daily till 930pm (most other centres close by 5pm and not open on weekends) This suits busy families better especially during initial fitting days where I need to bring him to check more often. 

Great World City #02-22 Singapore

Website: https://woptics.sg
Store locator: https://bit.ly/wStores
Download W OPTICS mobile app to book an appointment today. Available on both Apple App and Google Play store.

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