Review – Ergoworks’ Impact Ergonomic backpacks proven to last long

Buying ergonomic school bags should not be an annual affair as they are supposed to last for many years. But with big C going into secondary school, I think it’s high time that she gets a new ergonomic backpack. The bag that big C had gotten since primary 1 lasted all the way to primary 6, in fact it is still in good usable condition still (see below), but she has definitely grown taller, new requirement to carry their PLD (laptops), perhaps a bigger capacity bag and being tween/teen they are more self-conscious about the colour and design as well. 

With so many new entrants to the ergonomic school bag markets in recent months with many attractive designs and competitive pricing, I still decided to go back to Ergoworks to get big C’s new ergonomic school bags for her secondary school. Reason being, it was tried and tested and I do not wish to be burdened by the need to change the school bag every year as these ergonomic backpacks are not cheap either if we need to procure on an annual basis. 

This post introduces the range of Ergoworks Impact ergonomic bags for older kids – upper primary to secondary school kids. 

There are the models suitable for this age range. 

IPEG 2369 – $109.90 comes in black, navy blue and pink

IPEG 167 – $109.90  comes in navy blue, pink , royal blue and red

IMEG 162 – $109.90 comes in navy blue, pink and grey

IM-00385 – $149.00 comes in bright pink, pink and navy blue (reviewed below) 

IMEG 2370 – $109.90 comes in black, ice pink and aqua (reviewed below)

It is more advisable to head down to their flagship outlet at Marina Square so that the sales rep can advise you the difference between the different models, in terms of support, capacity, compartments etc. Also if you have an old Impact backpack, you can trade in for 20% off the price of the new backpack. 

Below are the 2 two backpacks chosen by big C and small J, both from a functionality standpoint and ultimately the design they preferred. They have not shopped for a new school bag since primary 1, so the experience in deciding is so different to when they were in primary 1, now they are more opinionated, in fact personally,  I think model IM-00385 has more compartments and support, but big C being all 12, she is more self-conscious about the colour and design so she chose IMEG 2370 instead.

IM-00385 in Navy Blue 

Even before the sales rep explained the functionality of the backpack, it was love at first sight! In fact, due to its extra features, this is probably why this model is the most expensive of this range. 

The lightest of this range at 0.89kg, this model also spots MANY MULTIPLE compartments (more than the other models). It has a stress-free backpack strap (not found in other models) so that the weight of the bag will not weight the kid down so much. 

Like all other ergonomic models, all Impact backpacks are designed using patented Orthopaedic Spinal Protection System to Reduce Stress on Spine & Back, Promote Better Posture & Spinal Health. The rest of the features are similar to that of other models – detachable waist belts, parachute pull rings, USA 3M Scotchlite Reflective Safety Materials , 100% Made in Korea High-Quality Ballistic Nylon, Air Breathable Ventilation System, Anti UV, Dust & Water Resistant Materials and laptop sleeve area too! 

IMEG 2370 in Ice Pink

This was big C’s choice, she wanted a less loud colour, more plain design, more fitting for a secondary school student according to her.. Nevertheless, this model is also perfect for secondary school, at 0.95kg it is just a tad bit heavier with lesser compartments.

Like all other ergonomic models, all Impact backpacks are designed using patented Orthopaedic Spinal Protection System to Reduce Stress on Spine & Back, Promote Better Posture & Spinal Health. The rest of the features are similar to that of other models – detachable waist belts, parachute pull rings, USA 3M Scotchlite Reflective Safety Materials , 100% Made in Korea High-Quality Ballistic Nylon, Air Breathable Ventilation System, Anti UV, Dust & Water Resistant Materials and laptop sleeve area too!  If you are more budget conscious, this is $40 cheaper and a very good ergonomic backpack in itself too and maybe from a colour perspective offers a different range of colour with this Ice Pink, Black and Aqua. 

Check out our visit to their flagship store this week here  

While you are shopping at their flagship store, do check out their range of ergonomic products as this store is also a one-stop solution on all things ergonomic – from ergonomic desk, chair, recliners, etc not just for kids and also adults too – all meant to improve your lifestyle and comfort. 




Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337 Marina Square

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6837 3370

They also have expanded to Malaysia with 2 outlets in Malaysia, you can check it out here



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Sleeping on Clouds with Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress

We spent more than 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping, so if there is 1 item that I would splurge on without batting an eyelid , it will be the mattress we sleep on! In fact, my very own mattress cost me a fortune 8 year ago, but that’s story for another day. Now that the kids are getting taller and older, it is time to get good quality and proper mattresses for them. Now that big C is moving into her own room (finally)  instead of bunking in with her brothers, we decided to get her Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress and this mattress will probably last her until she finish school, go out to work , get married and leave home. This mattress has a life span of 10 to 20 years, with a 15 year warranty. 

Origin is a brand well known for its high quality yet affordable mattresses. This brand has also been featured on my news and media for its quality mattresses. Its latest offering Origin Lumbarcloud™ Mattress, is THE MOST PREMIUM mattress they have launched to date.  Designed in Germany  using the latest sleep science and mattress techology, having won 20+ international awards and over 50,000 happy sleepers in Singapore, I definitely has high expectation of this award winning mattress even before trying it out on my own. 

First Glance 

Undoubtedly , it is Origin’s thickest, plushest and most advanced mattress yet. On first glance, it is definitely thicker than most of my mattresses that I have –  measuring at 35cm height. It is a Hybrid Mattress, combining different materials into one perfect mattress.

Why so thick?  In this 35cm thickness ,starting from the TOP 

  1. Ice Silk Tencel – feel like silk and cooling on touch
  2. Origin ComfortCloud™ -proprietary blend of cooling microfibers to enhance its softness & elasticity
  3. Origin Antigravity Gel -pressurized air to provide more flexibility and elasticity than its foam counterparts
  4. HexaGrid Plus™ -an extra thick, extra plush layer – ultimate comfort and pressure relief
  5. Graphite Diamond Latex™ – 2x more efficient keeping your body at an optimal sleeping temperature
  6. Micro-Weaved Wool -increase air flow & breathability
  7. ErgoCoil Max™ Titanium Microsprings -highly responsive, highly supportive, and perfect for creating an extra layer of buoyant support.
  8. Cooling Comfort Foam -helps transfer heat away from the body
  9. ComfortPlus™ Titanium Springs -to provide optimal support for each body part
  10. D-4 EdgeSupport  – four times denser than your average foam, increasing the comfort area of the mattress


These 10 layers reminded me of the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea but with these 10 layers you definitely wont feel the pea even if you are a princess, but these 10 layers work in perfect harmony to maximise every facet of sleep,
transforming your bed into a plush oasis. Now for my sleep test…..

Using it 

I slept on my girl’s bed to give my honest verdict, the first impression was its plush like those high end hotels’ mattresses. It gives a weightless sleep sensation for deep relaxation. All thanks to the  ComfortCloud™ Filling, it feels super plush and like sleeping on cloud ie weightless feel true to its name sake. Frankly, it’s quite difficult to describe in it in words, you really have to try it for yourself to be convinced.  It has the ability to gently envelops the body from all angles – melting away all muscle tightness and soreness into immense and deep comfort. 

As I don’t like to sleep in air-conditioned room, it was very cooling on first touch, and throughout the night I never once felt hot or discomfort  – contributed by the Ice Silk Tencel layer and Graphite Foam which is 10x more cooling than memory foam. In fact, the Origin LumbarCloud™ is designed to sleep cool in Singapore’s weather. Its revolutionary SmartClimatePro™ system makes it highly breathable, and together with artificially compressed graphite and our FrostFlex™ layer, is able to carry heat away from the body to the surrounding environment.

Next the signature HexaGrid Plus™ give optimal support and pressure relief for all sorts of sleeper. I actually sleep on my tummy, so it is very well supported for whatever sleeper you are.  Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, this mattress is suitable for all kind of sleeper. It is 30% more comfort than foam & latex. 

Those who are looking for soft or firm mattress, this mattress firmness magically adapts to your weight, providing more support for heavier sleepers and gentler support for lighter sleeper , this is the magic of ResponsePlus™ Titanium Springs with up to 3000 springs for optimal spinal alignment. 

Like all good mattresses and as seen in advertisement, it comes with motion cancelling feature where your partner will be undisturbed with whatever motion (especially for queen and king size).

With all the most advance sleep technology (just count the number of innovation listed here) , I had a wonderful sleep and feel so energised and recharge the next day. In fact, this mattress is marketed for sleepers with chronic back and joint conditions. 

Loving it 

If I knew of this brand in the past, I wouldn’t have spent a fortune on the bed I am sleeping in. So the next time I ever need to change my own mattress, I know which brand to go for.  You can see its comparison vs other brands in the market, Using technology and high quality material and yet at affordable pricing for the mass market.  In fact , I have gotten 2 Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress single mattresses  as I am convert! 

Comes in 4 sizes – single, super single, queen and king.  The Origin Hybrid complies with CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX®. These certifications assure that their products are tested in independent labs, are free of harmful substances and are safe for all (including babies & toddlers).

The best part it comes with 120 Night Trial or your money back (but do give it 25 days for your body to adjust to the new mattress). Comes with Free Same-Day Delivery and industry leading 15 Year Warranty. If this still does not convince you and would want to touch and feel it, check out their showroom

Ravago, 36 Kaki Bukit Place, #01-01, Singapore 416214

Origin also sell pillow, duvet, blanket for the entire sleep experience.

Shop here

Quote JAIMECHAN25 and you will receive an exclusive offer of $25 when you order Origin’s products online.






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Heart Studio Term 4 – Rhythm in Art

Small C has been with Heart Studio for more than 1 year and we have never repeated a theme or technique.  Every term is something new and creative. For this term, it is exploring Rhythm in Art. Using a plant as the main object and creating repeated patter, this term’s theme also uses different medium  – thread to create texture, aluminum foil as the base and over card board. The final piece looks like something that I would exhibit at home like an abstract art piece.

For the first week, small C drew all the different patterns and rhythm in his sketch book. 


The following week, he chose the Venus Flytrap as the main object for his art work. He drew on cardboard and then traced the outlines using thread. 


Thereafter, week 3 and 4 is to paint on the aluminium foil and created different colours for the textures created by the threads underneath. And finally creating pattern and rhythm surrounding the art work. Dont you think the final art work looks like those abstract art work that you hang in your living room ! 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA and their Year End holiday classes too! 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Aura Portable Blender Review – Healthy Lifestyle on the Go

I recently added the Aura Portable Blender to my kitchen arsenal, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my busy lifestyle. I would never have thought I needed a blender in my lifestyle, but this is not your ordinary kitchen blender. This sleek and compact device has revolutionized the way I enjoy my favorite smoothies and shakes, and it’s now an essential part of my daily routine. Undoubtedly, this is Singapore’s most powerful and portable blender , wireless , rechargeable using USB and blending in under 10 sec! 

At First Glance

The Aura Blender is a lightweight , weighing between 395g (with bottle cap) and 730g (with motor base) and a compact size of 19.4cm height x 6.8cm diameter. Probably the length of your regular drinking water bottle.  I have also added on Aura insulated sleeve so that my Aura Blender is protected and keep my cold drinks cold and warm drinks toasty warm.  The weight is merely coming from The AuraXtreme™ borosilicate glass jar. 

Using It

1. Portability: This blender is truly portable. It’s small enough to fit into most cup holders, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in the car, on a hike, or at the office, you can blend your favorite drinks without any hassle.

2. Powerful Motor: Despite its small size, the Aura Portable Blender boasts a surprisingly powerful motor that can handle tough ingredients like frozen fruits and ice cubes. The Aura Portable Blender’s AuraVortex™ blends at an incredible speed of 25,000 RPM. Equipped with the Aura Portable Blender’s Aura Nutri Extractor™ blades can crush most fruits and even ice! 

3. Rechargeable Battery: One of the standout features of this blender is its rechargeable battery. It comes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that provides multiple blending sessions on a single charge. No need to worry about finding an electrical outlet when you’re on the move . There is a build in indicator to check on the battery level too. 

4. Easy to Clean: Cleaning the Aura Portable Blender is a breeze. Its detachable components are dishwasher-safe, and you can also clean them by simply adding some water and a drop of dish soap, then running the blender for a few seconds.

5. Safety Features: The Aura Blender has a built-in safety feature which ensure the blades do not function unless the jar is firmly secured to the motor base.

6. Convertible into a water bottle. It comes with an additional cap to convert this blender into a water bottle, There is a top handle for easy carrying too! 

Loving It 

With my Aura Blender, now I can have breakfast on the go, especially if I am pressed for time for work. What’s even more convenient is its ability to transform items I find in my fridge into delicious drinks or snacks. Got some leftover fruits, yogurt, or greens? Simply toss them into the Aura Blender, and you’ve got a wholesome smoothie or a nutritious snack in no time. It’s a fantastic way to minimize food waste and maximize the use of fresh ingredients. In fact, as big C is heading for the PSLE, I am piling on her Vitamin C intake daily with fruit shakes! 

Video review :

The Aura Portable Blender has not only improved my own eating habits but has also positively impacted my children’s snacking regime. I can easily whip up nutritious and delicious fruit smoothies for them as an after-school snack or a quick treat. They love the vibrant colors and flavors, and I’m delighted to provide them with a healthy alternative to store-bought snacks.

In conclusion, the Aura Portable Blender has not only elevated the quality of my meals and snacks but has also seamlessly integrated into my daily life, offering convenience, nutrition, and versatility wherever I go. You may have the regular traditional blender, but it takes more effort to prepare smoothies and shake. With the Aura Aura Portable Blender, making smoothies and shakes is so effortless! It’s a game-changer for anyone with an active and fast-paced lifestyle, and it’s a fantastic addition to your family’s snacking routine!

Shop here 

The Aura Portable Blender has a 1-year local warranty, free delivery, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Heart Studio Term 3 Still Life Water Colour Painting

It has been a while since small C did water colour painting at Heart Studio and finally he did still life using watercolour painting for the final artwork for Term 3. For the first week, the kids have to choose objects to be featured in their art work and drawing it directly on the art paper. Thereon, they learn how to blend the water colour  – personally I like the water colour medium as its so fluid and natural! 

Thereafter, week 2 and 3 were for blending and creating gradation all the objects in water colour and week 4 was dedicated for the finer details and outlining of the artworks! This was another of small C’s favourites as he get to draw and paint the objects and characters he likes including a Milo truck! 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA and their September holiday classes too! 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm


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Heart Studio Term 3- Game Character Illustration

Another fun theme at  Heart Studio , drawing of Game Character! I am sure all kids were able to relate to this theme very well, and they can decide which character they want to draw, gender , hair style, expression, and the character’s object as well!  As always. the teachers at Heart Studio will prepare lots of sample for the kids to seek inspiration from. 

For this project, week 1 they have already started sketching directly on the final artwork . A lot of time in spent on the technical drawing on the face, the proportion etc. 

Thereafter, week 2 is to complete all the sketches –  the game character faces and the character’s object , thereafter week 3 and 4 is dedicated for the actual painting and finer details of the artworks! 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA.



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Newton Show Lab – first time in Singapore, real lab experience!

We are not travelling much this June holidays, so instead of letting the boys bum at home, watch non-stop tv, on digital devices and endless bickering, I signed them up for 5 full day camp with Newton Show Summer Camp   They have a plethora of summer camps to choose from – from science, art, cooking, robotic and a multi activity camp – there is something for the diverse interests in kids. This time I chose Newton Show Lab Summer camp for them.

This was my boys’ 4th camp with Newton Show, and their first ever doing Newton Show Lab, first time in Singapore – real lab experience complete with lab coat and goggles! Each child has all equipment and own science station led by their professors!

For other camp offerings, you can check out my previous camp reviews ( since small C is 5 year old! ) Think the only one the boys have not tried thus far is the cooking and art camp! 

Harry Potter Science Camp 2020 

Maker Camp 2021

Multi- Activity Camp 2022

As science is a mandatory subject in Primary 3, I think its good to ignite their interest not just in a regular science camp but one with real lab experiments (complete with lab coat and goggles too!) Check out all the amazing activities and experiments offered on all 5 day of camp!

Day 1

The boys witnessed some chemical reaction done by the professors, witness how iodine changes colour with starch and made their own dough to use it to build their own molecular structure. 

Day 2

They learn about acids and bases and did a baking soda challenge.

In the afternoon, they learn food sciences where they made their own edible cottage cheese and learn how to keep the food fresh.

Day 3

They did magic jar workshop and learn all about sink and float

Day 4

They made their own perfume and artificial snow and experimented with lights too! 


Day 5

The boys made slime, learn about density and did experiments with yeast! 


Camp fee starts from SGD 400, for full day camp, it is an all-inclusive camp – all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, t-shirt, photo, certificate and prizes included and they will provide daily photo updates. I totally appreciate their effort to compile and update the parents on a daily basis of the happenings in camp so that we can talk about it at the end of the day and share their excitement too! 

Check out their other summer camps at Newton Show or their sister camp at Maker SG

Website for Newton Lab

230 River Valley Road 


phone: +65 8264 6655

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Heart Studio Term 2- Reimagined Famous Paintings

This term with Heart Studio small C got to learn about all the famous paintings from Mona Lisa, Sunflowers, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Frida Kahlo , The Son of Man and many more. Small C chose to recreate Mona Lisa as he saw this at a Lego Exhibition before, and was a painting familiar to him. 

However, it is not merely copying the original version, but incorporating different elements of art,  – fauvism , expressionism or impressionism.

Week 1 was always dedicated to learning about the theme of this artwork which is all the famous paintings around the world, and doing a prelim sketch of the final artwork. I love that Heart Studio  art classes for kids does not dictate what they have to draw for eg, small C drew anime-inspired eyes onto Mona Lisa! 

Week 2, is to turn the sketch done in week 1 on to the actual artpaper, following by colour choices for the background


Thereafter week 3 onwards, small C started to incorporate his chosen style of art for the back ground to his Mona Lisa before finishing this off in week 4. 


I think its the first time we actually recreated a real famous painting and this theme also allowed small C to get to know many famous paintings of the world. 

Do check out  Heart Studio fun art enrichment classes  for children as young as 3 and even to older kids who are building their art portfolio for DSA.  There is the June holiday classes which has already commenced, do check out the many different art classes for kids. 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Giveaway of Freestyle Fresh Flower Bouquet: One-stop Gift Solution for ALL occasions – Golden Gift

In this day of age of modern technology, we often forget the human touch and the simple act of sending a physical gift to bring relationships closer and create lasting memories. This was what I got, a beautiful memory as I celebrated my 14th year of motherhood as I received these lovely gifts, consisting of a lovely   Abundance Fruit Hamper Freestyle Fresh Flower Bouquet  and table arrangement from  just in time for Mother’s Day. 

If you are looking for a special gift, hamper, flowers, etc for any occasion, check out  range of gifts, hampers, balloons. They offer a one-stop gift solution from floral bouquets, hampers, potted plants, table arrangements with add on options such a chocolates, cakes, alcohol, etc

I totally love the floral arrangement done for me, you wont be able to find the exact same design on their website, as this is a Freestyle Fresh Flower Bouquet . All I did was to tell my preference of flowers -roses and gerbera and colour theme – pink and purple, I was totally floored by the final arrangement – look at the mix of colours and blooms.  I know that flowers will wither and die and they do not last forever, but I came to realise that a floral bouquet is always a sweet gift to celebrate little milestones / occasions/ birthdays/ anniversaries and the list goes on – and this time,  I received it in time for Mother’s Day – my 14th year of motherhood. 

I think it’s really nice to receive a fruit hamper like Abundance Fruit Hamper  for a change as it can be consumed by the whole family especially my kids are big fruit lovers (in fact they were happier seeing the fruit hamper than the flower bouquet) This hamper consists an array of fruits – apples, oranges, grapes, mango, just looking at the different colours, definitely will brighten any recipient’s day. Besides fruit hampers, they also have a collection of hampers of chocolates, alcohol and many more.

Accompanying my bouquet was the table piece arrangement using roses so that I can decorate my dining area through the Mother’s Day weekend! You can check out the the selection of table arrangement , from potted plants,to freestyle fresh flower in vase, floral boxes and many more. 

Besides the great range of gift offerings , also promises Same Day Delivery (FREE delivery for any order more than SGD 100)  and a dedicated customer service for all your gifting needs. 

PROMO CODE: Quote “mpk10″ for 10% off all order. 

Thank you  for all the lovely gifts this Mother’s Day, totally made my day and more! 

Giveaway of 1 Freestyle Fresh Flower Bouquet (size colour theme of your choice worth up to $98) to 1 lucky winner

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WhatsApp them on: +65 8787 1737

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Giveaway : Blissful Moon Bakery – unique cakes for every occasion

Giveaway of $𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐯𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 from Blissful Moon Bakery to 𝗢𝗡𝗘 lucky winner! 

To find a unique cake for a teenager be it girl or boy (more so for boy ) is a really difficult task! Cartoon theme are too kiddish, no super heroes etc, but I am so glad I found a unique cake at Blissful Moon Bakery 

Cakes, according to BlissfulMoon Bakery‘s bakers, should make you happy and blissful. The combination of blissful, moon and cakes will ultimately give you joy and happiness. As you gently consume their slice of cake, savoring every flavor and aroma, they want you to feel blissful. The bakers at Blissful Moon are ordinary people who have a deep love for baking in the moonlight ( I can totally relate to this as #mypreciouzkidsdaddy bakes at midnight too!) 

Design wise, they do a minimalist approach but their cakes are aesthetically designed , affordable, healthier with only the freshest and premium quality ingredients used.  I totally fell in love with Grey Space Astronaut Cake as its perfect for my eldest sending the message – Reach for the Stars! 

For ladies and girls, there were so many dreamy cakes that you can order, of course the choices are much much more.

 Ordering was also seamless via their website, and they pride themselves as the Number 1 Cake Delivery in Singapore.

I ordered the Classic 8″ cake and it arrived in good order in this beautiful see-thru box. Also as part of celebration of my 14th year as a mom , I also received a box of 12 Shades of blue floral cupcakes. You have to check out their super beautiful cupcakes too, all too pretty to be eaten! 

So the next test is whether it tastes as good as it looks! I requested for Chocolate Raspberry for the cake and Speculoos Crunch for the cupcakes, and it did not disappoint, so moist n not too overly sweet as their cakes are 50% less sweet than typical cakes . Their cakes are frosted with fresh whipped cream to ensure the softness of the texture. 

Besides that they also pride themselves as the Number 1 Cake Delivery in Singapore by always delivering on time by a team of reliable delivery drivers to anywhere in Singapore. And the best part it is FREE delivery ALWAYS. They also 2- to 4-day lead time for last-minute cake delivery in Singapore for all birthday cake orders! 

Email |
Whatsapp | +65 9376 6551
Instagram | @blissfulmoonbakery

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Satisfy your sweet cravings with our heavenly giveaway! In collaboration with Blissful Moon Bakery, we are giving away $𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐯𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 to 𝗢𝗡𝗘 lucky winner! Make sure you don’t miss the chance to win this delightful prize that will add a touch of sweetness to your day. Best of luck!
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