Nano Singapore Deer Placenta Prestige – Best Immune System Antioxidant Supplements

As I age, I am always looking for supplements that can improve my vitality, gives me more energy, gives me a healthier glow and radiance, and I don’t wish to consume many different supplements to achieve that. There is only 1 such supplement in the market , the gold standard in supplement – Deer Placenta! 

The placenta of deer is rich in nutrients, and its high bioavailability makes it possible to be absorbed by your cells. Basic biology tells us that everything is made up of cells, so healthy and fully functioning cells are important for your health. The unique nutritional combinations available in deer placenta, especially the growth factors, allow deer placenta to protect, repair, and regenerate the cells.

There are two possibilities of how deer placenta can achieve this – the high bioavailability that allows it to penetrate most cells and the fact that most nutrients are antioxidants. A key ability of antioxidants is to prevent oxidative stress that may harm the cells. 

I usually buy supplements online at Nano Singapore.

They operate both in Singapore and internationally. Their products are formulated in Singapore and they appoint manufacturing to the best facilities around the world. They existing manufacturers include USA, Malaysia, Australia, and HK (China), to produce our products. In addition, all their manufacturers are required to comply with local HSA regulatory guidelines. They maintain strict quality control standards across all our facilities, regardless of their location. This ensures that every product, no matter where it is crafted, meets their high-quality benchmarks. They hold the highest standard in safety and quality and had achieve many awards along the way

I have been consuming  Nano Singapore Deer Placenta Prestige and I definitely better than before. 

With a 50:1 Deer Placenta Extract, Grade Seed Extract, Vitamin C , Vitamin B2, Potassium combined,  this is the beacon of rejuvenation to support your journey to radiant health and vitality. 

Deer Placenta Extract – this concentrated essence delivers a rich blend of nutrients to rejuvenate body from within, revitalises your skin and give you the boost of energy

Grade Seed Extract – this is a great antioxidant to defend against environmental stressors, to support maintenance of skin elasticity and vibrancy and promote healthy blood flow

Vitamin C – this is great for immunity and pivotal for collagen synthesis

Vitamin B2– this promote better metabolism, healthier skin and supports cellular energy production

Potassium – this help maintain body’s perfect balance and a healthy heart rhythm

Containing 60 soft gels, it is also easier for consumption.  just 1 soft gels every day

Now its the best time to try as there is a 1-for-1 deals until end of March, its $69.90 for 2 bottles of 60 capsules

When you compared this brand vs other brand, clear Nano Singapore’s Deer Placenta Prestige outshines the rest.


Besides Deer Placenta Prestige, Nano Singapore also has an extensive range from supplements from weight management, digestive health, women and men wellness, skin health , sleep and stress, brain and eye health, cold , flu and immunity, joints, bones and muscles and many more.  They also have a supplement range for kids too! 

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