Review: Term 2 with Heart Studio – small C’s happiest time of the week (part 2)

This is a continuation of term 2 review , see part 1 here 

After completed the first  4-week project and a 2-week technical drawing, the Little Dali went on to explore carnivorous plants. There is a bit of science being injected into art as well. The kids were introduced to 3 common carnivorous plants – Venus flytrap, pitcher plant and sundew with week 1 bring initial sketching and exploration. The art teacher shared fun facts about carnivorous plants and about anything that will piqued their interest in the new theme.

Week 2 , will be translating it into the actual art paper , choosing with carnivorous plant to feature, small C only had place for 2  -Venus fly trap and pitcher plant, and to add colours into the back ground. Small C had used chalk for the clouds.

Week 3 will be to paint more colour details on to the subject and even outlining with paint. There is no handholding, no dictating what is the right colour or how it should be drawn. However, the art teacher will advise on using different colour tones to differentiate the different plants

Finally, to put it all together on the final week, here is another masterpiece done and completed by small C at 5 years and 5 months, his 4th from Heart Studio – ending his second term with Heart Studio.

Next week, I have enrolled big C and small J for their holiday classes, as they do not have the luxury to indulge in regular art classes like small C.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child for a regular art class or even for holiday art classes,  look no further, details are as below. 

Heart Studio 

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563




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Review: Harry Potter Science School by Newton Show , amazing camp for potterheads and science enthusiasts

Media review 

If you have been following my IG closely, during the circuit breaker, my middle 2 kids started reading the Harry Potter series and got all the rest of the kids hooked on Harry Potter even my 5 year old who is not able to read the books yet. They went on to watch the many  movie installments on repeat mode that they can even memorised the dialogues, characters and all the spells and I can officially declare them as potterheads! We have even earmarked Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio in London as our next holiday destination when we are allowed to travel again. 

yes, i brought the uniforms in all 4 houses – taken on children’s day 2020

With zero overseas holiday and frankly nothing much to look forward to for this long 6-week year end holiday, I came across Newton Show which has been offering Harry Potter holiday camps for years. 

Newton Show is international science camp, started in Europe In 2011. It was started by couple, they noticed their young boy being interested in science, but at that time it was nothing on the market, which fits their child’s needs. They created unique holiday program and become very popular in Europe. In December 2016,  Newton Show open first branch in Singapore with more 10000 happy customers including my 4 kids. 

My 4 kids were so fortunate to be able to join the almost sold-out Harry Potter Science School by Newton Show (one of the 3 Christmas camps for this year end holiday)  on the first week of the school holiday. Targeted for kids from 3 to 13 years old which was the perfect age range for my 4 kids age 5 to 12 to attend a camp together for the first time! 

With the main focus of science which is the core of Newton Show, they have used Harry Potter as the main theme for their activities. This is a sample of the content of the 5-day camp but the activities may be swapped around between the days. 

These are what my kids experienced during the 5-day Harry Potter Science School last week. Every day, they get to be totally immersed in the world of Harry Potter and also dabble in many science experiments to pique their curious minds. 
Day 1
-storytelling of mythical creature- unicorn, mermaid, cerberus, hippogriff
which appears in harry potter whether the exist in real life
– make mythical creature using styrofoam balls
– transfiguration class where they can “turn” their friends into animal/thing
-fire bubble science experiment 
Day 2
– aerodynamic -how thing fly
-how water bends light rays
– make magic potion using glitter and get to name their own potion
– glowing in the dark painting
-3-D art work
Day 3
– making artificial snow 
– make own wand
– making mandrake using clay
Day 4
– studying different types of stone  
– experiment using liquid nitrogen 
– experiment using dry ice 
– divination class using plasma ball 
day 5
-making star constellation using spaghetti and marshmallow
-making lucky charms
-duelling club
-finale- award ceremony
These are some photos taken during camp by the facilitators which were shared with the parents daily (photo credit: Newton Show) 
For social media sharing of some of the mind-blowing science experiments and classes done in camp so that parents get a better idea, I had the privilege to witness a repeat of the some of the activities conducted in camp earlier on the same day for photo taking and video recording purposes as part of this blog review. 
I have collated the review of the camp from all my kids of different ages and their takeaways as best as they can describe to me:- 
Big J, 11
After a heavy academic last quarter , this was a welcome change to indulge in a literary world with science involvement, something different and more exciting than local school classes. This was probably his last break before picking up the pace before PSLE revision starts soon. I would have thought it may be a tad boring for him given he is seemingly “old” for such camp but I was wrong.  He was most excited to see the science experiments as he can make sense of it all more than the rest of the kids and of course, he made many new friends of his age group. 
Big C, 9
She enjoyed the camp tremendously as she enjoyed science as a subject (this year being the first year it is introduced at primary 3). So she has more appreciation of the many science experiments conducted in camp. She is also love to tinker hence the camp gave her lots of opportunity to do things, arts, craft that she hardly had time for during school days. 
Small J, 7
Being the biggest potterhead of them all, he read the first few books during circuit breaker and is totally immersed in the world of Harry Potter. He will just donned on his cloak and pretend play at home. He totally loved all the art and crafting sessions featuring all the Harry Potter related items – mandrake, magic potion, deathly hallow (using 3D pen art). He also totally enjoyed playing chess during the social interaction and games time in the morning.  
Small C, 5
This was first ever outside camp that he had ever attended and he was a lucky boy as he wass not really alone as he had his older siblings with him. He learned to make new friends out of his comfortable setting. On day 1, he told me that he missed his childcare friends but by day 2 he already was so used to the new camp friends, he totally “forgotten” about his child care friends  (so much for missing them on day 1). He enjoyed hands-on session like making mandrake out of clay, making his own magic wand and playing chess. What a fun and memorable first camp of his life thanks to Newton Show. 
All 4 kids had wonderful memories of this holiday camp , totally believing they had graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (they also received certificate of completion and also passed their O.W.L examination) and are full fledged wizards now! They have also forged friendship with campmates and all the engaging professors/facilitators! 
Given a typical year where we have our usual year end holidays, this camp would be just 1 of the many holiday activities but this being the unusual year, this camp was THE highlight of their school holidays that just began. I am glad they started their holidays with this awesome camp, and I am sad that I do not have anything better to offer them for the remaining 5 weeks.
Now you know which camp you can send your kids too if they are too bored at home or you just want to have 1 week reprieve and let your kids will have a blast on their own! 
For the camp fee of SGD 630, it is an all-inclusive camp – all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, t-shirt, photo, certificate and prizes included and they will provide daily video (the only camp in Singapore that sends you a daily video). I totally appreciate their effort to compile and update the parents on a daily basis of the happenings in camp so that we can talk about it at the end of the day and share their excitement too! 

Besides the super popular Harry Potter camp, if you are not so much of a potter head like my kids there is Santa Science  and Mythbusters Science  camps at 3 location – Center, East and West (address below)

Most of the camps have been sold out or with very limited places remaining, for latest information and camp availability, pls click here

CENTER: 6 and 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 02/02 238959 Singapore

and 221 River Valley Road

WEST: 887a Bukit Timah Road

EAST: 229 Joo Chiat Road

For more information or registration, 


phone: +65 8264 6655





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Giveaway: Uncle Tony’s Pizza – generous toppings, excellent crust and wallet friendly too!

In collaboration with Best in Singapore

For affordable and good tasting pizza especially for home parties or lazy weekend, we have Uncle Tony’s Pizza to rely upon. 

Uncle Tony’s Pizza started off as a humble business led by Chef Tony Alvaro Bianchi at a small intimate shop house in Bishan. With his extensive knowledge on authentic Italian cuisine, their dough recipe is hand-made from scratch daily and their secret tomato sauce is simmered for precisely 8 hours a day! Their pizza uses signature tomato sauce made from scratch with fresh Californian Tomatoes, Basil, Sweet Onion, and Parmesan Cheese! is simmered for exactly 8 hours a day. What is pizza without the awesome cheese pull made of a mix of Parmesan, Cheddar, and Mozzarella that is imported from Italy. 

I was hosting a small potluck party at home with my kids’ cousins over the Deepavali weekend so pizza is a sure winner for all  kids. I ordered Classic Pepperoni 12″, Meat Lover’s Delight 12″Hawaiian 12″   and 2 sides – crispy chicken wings and crispy chicken nuggets 

Our sumptuous pizza lunch

Meat Lover’s Delight


Classic Pepperoni

Crispy chicken wings

crispy nuggets

ordered some juices and coke as well

My girl loved the Classic Pepperoni as they were so generous with thinly sliced beef pepperoni. For my pineapple loving boys, they love Hawaiian pizza as it came with huge pineapple chunks and chicken ham slices. For meat lovers, Meat Lover’s Delight  is a must order with a combination of smoked beef pepperoni and steamed chicken breast over a beef bolognese sauce – you cant get any more satisfying that this! 

Loved the crust which had the right thickness and crunch, super generous toppings, love the nice blend of made from scratch tomato sauces and cheese making this a worthy pizza! 

The sides came not soggy and still crispy just like their name. 

Their 12″ inch pizzas are super affordable from $9.90 onwards. For all orders above SGD60, it is free 1 hour delivery. 

Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway and if you are interested to find out more, you can read this article on Best 10 Online Payment Getways in Singapore for more information

Best in Singapore

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Uncle Tony’s Pizza

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Uncle Tony’s Pizza has generously sponsored a SGD50 voucher to  1 lucky reader to try their pizza.

  1. Like and follow Uncle Tony’s Pizza on IG
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  3. Tag 1 comment per tag
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Giveaway ends 29 Nov 2359. 


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Favflorist – of freshest blooms and unique flower domes , online florist offering flower delivery in Singapore

I don’t think there is any lady who does not love fresh blooms, Favflorist , is an  online florist in Singapore  famed for its fresh flower bouquets from as low as $21.90, using only the latest and freshest flowers, free of pesticides and each creation is intricately designed by experienced florists. 

Flowers are for all occasions, coincidentally my anniversary was round the corner, hence I thought a flower and cake combination would be a lovely anniversary gift. My anniversary celebration had been always been an after thought, but we do want to do something we remembered by. One year, we had a staycation and celebrated over dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Last year, was the most memorable as it coincided with my business trip in HK, so my husband flew over and we had a romantic dinner overlooking the HK harbour. 

This year being the unfortunate year (even dining, we have to be on separate tables as we are a family of 6), I wasn’t really in a mood to plan an extravagant dinner nor staycation so I was really looking forward to this arranged gift from Favflorist (thank you for making my anniversary a memorable one) to commemorate our wedding anniversary.

I was about to choose a pink bouquet until I saw their unique flower dome. Very often I feel sad when my bloom withered and dried up. I never own a flower dome before, so I thought instead of the usual fresh blooms, I opted for a flower dome bundle with a 6-inch cake to commemorate my 13th wedding anniversary. They have more than 10 types of flower domes, I had a hard time choosing the flower dome that I like as they were all so pretty. After deciding on my choice of flower dome, next I had to choose the cake (more than 30 types to choose from) of my choice – so being a chocolate lover – this was easier than choosing the flower dome! The cakes are sourced from Whyzee , which I also reviewed it before here , no-frills good quality cake. 

Their preserved flower domes has been beautifully created.. The best part of this flower dome is the beauty can be admired for a long time. They even have LED lights to bring out creation and can be a home decor piece in itself. So I have kept it by my bed side as a decor piece and even as a night light! 

come in a beautiful black gift box

really pretty at night by my bedside with LED lights switched on

mightily pleased with my choice


my kind of cake – full chocolate!


pretty much sums up my wedding celebration, flower dome and cake from Favflorist and hubby bought me a fresh bouquet for dinner

The delivery was within a 3-hour time frame and it came during the assigned time slot, good service delivery. The flower dome came in beautiful black box (perfect for gifting) and cake arrived still chilled.

They also have different bundles like fresh flower with  cake, or flower with balloons beside the bundle I had ordered, if you prefer fresh flowers instead of flower dome or balloon instead of cake. They offer free same day  flower delivery in Singapore  for all orders even for the cheapest of orders, so if you don’t really want to splurge they offer very affordable bouquets., 







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Andsoforthjr’s Around the World in 80 days – not to be missed amazing sets and experiences for the entire family

Media invite 

This was our fourth time catching production by Andsoforthjr (since 2017) and I do come with very high expectations as their shows had always been memorable especially from the eyes of my precious kids – there is nothing quite like this in Singapore.

Taking a trip back to 2017, we had our very first unforgettable immersive experience  with Wonderland exploring all the characters of Alice in Wonderland. In 2018, they explored the stories by brother Grimm’s through Tales of Grimmsneyland Then they went big with 22 Stories, a massive sets of 22 Stories and many hours of fun like no other but I missed the more intimate settings like the previous 2 installments. 

With this year almost ending (we watched a grand total of 1 show that was in January),   I am so glad there is 2020 edition and a live event (frankly I had quite enough of virtual experiences at the comfort of home). They are back to the intimate setting (same location as the first 2 installments) with single theme immersive experience and if you have missed the previous immersive productions for kids, this year’s Around the World in 80 days has set the bar so high, that even myself  who had been to their sets in the past 3 years, I am so impressed and blown away and waiting to reread the classic all over again. 

Analysing the famous classic by Jules Verne, there is no better time to explore the topic of travel (I am having huge cabin fever no thanks to Covid) for some bitter sweet nostalgia. Following the journey of Phileas Fogg as he try to win a wager through 5 locations and experience (kids edition, the adult dinner edition has 2 more locations):

Location and Experience 1:

The set looking just like in the 19th century, West End Theatre in London, as the narrator tells the story of Phileas Fogg especially for the young and some old (like my husband) who has not read the classic, and the kids get experience handling money and purchasing their own tickets at a ticket booth. 

Location and Experience 2:

On board The Mongolia as the ship travelled from Suez to Mumbai, in a replica ship cabin completed with ropes and candeliers, my kids learnt some sailors’ language and learn to tie a sailor’s knot!


Location and Experience 3:

Arriving in Mumbai, India and through the jungles of Calcutta , we got to see life sized elephant puppet and 3-d craft provided (this is to be done at home)

 Location and Experience 4 (my personal favourite):

In the Kowloon Canton Railway in Hong Kong , complete with Chinese music streaming into the cabin and the experience of a moving set using video projection. For the brief moment of 15 minutes, I actually momentarily thought that I was in a train but the moment ended too briefly (making me realized how much I have miss travelling). The kids get to learn a write on a postcard and Victorian language. 

Location and Experience 5:

Arriving in the coal mine of Japan, to pay homage to coal which were the main sources of energy for transportation in the past and this was the very fuel that allowed Phileas Fogg to travel around the world. The kids did charcoal sketching and also played with shadow. 

I shall not spoil it too much here as this was a wholesome experience bringing a classic to life from a workshop perspective, still very immersive in nature, the amazing narrators who brought the each location, story and experience alive especially to the young one and credit definitely goes to the amazing set (no detail spared), the best of Andsoforthjr doing this classic its due honour. After the show, my husband said that he now must read the classic and each kid had their own favourite location and experience. I am also hoping this would be  a great introduction for my older kids to pick up the classic even if it is the abridged version. We booked the afternoon slot and it was just the perfect post exam family bonding for my family (not weather dependent too). With no travel in sight, in the words of my kids we “travelled” the world in 1 afternoon. 

I do have more video on my IGS, however, if you would really keep the elements of suspense, surprise and experience it for the first time with your kids, I prefer you not to unless you are sitting on the fence and wanting to know more. 

Weekends from now to 20 Dec ( numerous slots but cap at 10 pax per slot) 


For Ages: 3 to 10

Parent or adult must accompany children who are 7 and below.
All attendees are required to purchase tickets.
Children 2 and below come for $1

Duration: 75mins

Book here, some weekends are already sold out.  

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35% off for 11.11 and Black Friday sales (mark your calendar) : The amazing Sudio Tolv

I have a big fan of Sudio and had own many Sudio wireless earphones. It was Sudio that introduce me to the world of wireless earphones. This time I will be reviewing the Sudio TOLV  earphones. 

At first sight

Having own a pink and navy green earphones from different Sudio models, I opted for the white edition as this will be used by my husband mainly – so a more gender neutral colour, else I will pick another pink earphones (just joking). It was not a pure white, but a tinge of rose gold to break the overall white monotony – truly a beauty! The charging case is really small and compact, easily fitting any men’s pocket and small handbag.  

Using it

Just like the Sudio ETT, it is an automatic switch on and pairing upon removal from case, super idiot proof ( I am quite a technical noob) , it was super easy to pair unlike the older model like the Niva which was more 2-step. This pair has an amazing 35 hours battery life, means I can watch almost the entire K-drama series without charging! So much battery power for such small earphones – truly amazing technology. 

Loving it

The sound quality is amazing as always, I had my Korean drama OST playing as I typed on this blog, really no complain even though I am not an audiophile, I can definitely tell a good and crisp sound streaming to my ears! The audio quality of Sudio products has always been its selling point and of course its nifty design –  fashionable and functional! You have to own a pair to truly appreciate Sudio at its best. 


-35 hours of battery life, 7 hours in a single charge

-New graphene driver for top notch sound quality

-Automatic pairing

-Available in 6 colours – white, black, green, anthracite, pink & pastel blue

-Siri & Google assistant compatible

As always with all Sudio products, it comes with free worldwide shipping, 3 years international warranty and 30 days no questions asked return policy.

Sudio TOLV comes in 6 colours –  white, black, green, anthracite (this is unique gender neutral colour as well), pink (my all time favourite) & pastel blue and retailing at SGD149 (before the 35% discount)

And for 2 upcoming promotions in November, you can get any Sudio products at an amazing discount of 35% (that is less than SGD 100!) by quoting my discount code mypreciouzkids35

Only limited to the 11.11 Campaign November 4 to 11 and Black Friday November 23 to 30 ! Mark the days on your calendar if you want to cart yourself this awesome set! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 


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SINGLES’ DAY PROMO 30% off: Gaston Luga Lillen – the perfect travel work bag for ladies

If you have seen how much I adore my Gaston Luga Biten 15″  (see my review here) , I had to hold my breath when I saw Gaston Luga launch a more compact version of the Gaston Luga Biten 15″  in 13″ size in October and 1 new colourway- Hawthorn Pink, it was love at first sight !

I have been using Gaston Luga Biten 15″  for the past 2 months and totally loved its functionality, super light, chic, stylish. I didn’t think it was that big (though it is the second biggest GL bag) but in comparison the newly launched Gaston Luga Lillen 13″ , the latest evolution is definitely more compact and sized perfectly for ladies especially for city trips (perhaps for overseas travel the Biten would still be the preferred choice as it is bigger in capacity)

They do have the same colour way as the Biten and 1 more – the super sweet Hawthorn Pink, I was lamenting how come the Biten didn’t come in pink and it was as if Gaston Luga had heard me and launched the PERFECT back pack for me!

Here are all the similar awesome features that Gaston Luga Lillen 13″  has , the exact same as Biten 15″ except for 2 salient differences –  sizing and the design of its front pocket

The same 5 awesome features just like the Biten

1. A dedicated outer compartment for my laptop

Can you believe my laptop has its own compartment, it is not with main compartment? How convenient is it that I can easily reach for my laptop if I need to do last minute work while waiting for my boarding. I don’t have to fumble those the main compartment before i can reach out to my laptop. They have also cleverly added a compartment in the main compartment which can also be use to store laptop but I would prefer the outside compartment any time. Fits all 13″ laptops so most laptop will be able to fit in. 

outer compartment
inner compartment

2. Slip-over Luggage strap

Anyone who travel for work know how handy is this. The one feature that sold the Biten to me was slip-over luggage strap for easy travelling! And now they added the Lillen to feature this strap too. This is a must have feature for work travel – so I can either carry it or have my trolley luggage carry it!

3. Hand-carry version

The other feature that sold this model to me is the double hand-carry straps. So besides carrying on my bag, on days when the bag doesn’t contain a laptop or heavy barang-barang (malay for goods), I could easily hand carry the Lillen instead back carry for a different feel and style! How versatile!

4. Great fit, durable and almost water proof
Made of polyester,  it is light and smooth to touch, and my water test, the water didn’t seep in. The bag comes with padded strap for comfort and weight distribution.

5. Functional yet super stylish

Something may look good and stylist but failed in its functionality. This is not the case with all Gaston Luga backpacks. Besides the more basic colours, they decided to add Hawthorn Pink for the ladies market. Functional part of this – front pocket and 2 side pockets to hold your water bottles and for easy access.


Bonus section:

Size comparison to the GL Biten

I have not tested the GL Biten for overseas travel but I can attest for its functionality and use in my own city tripes as I brought my laptop out sometimes to do work outside of home setting, while waiting for my kids to finish work, etc. I see the same for Lillen and in comparison, this is a more compact and stylish backpack for the ladies for sure!

So I will probably loan my Biten to my husband and do bag twinning with him using my Lillen. But once I am back to my overseas work travels, I will have him hand back over the Biten.If you are a true blue pink fan like me, you can select a pink Wallet BORS which comes free with every backpack purchase and get pink GL Toiletries bag at 50% off too. 

I have done up a packing video to show despite its compact size, it does fit all my laptop, knick knacks and much more! 

Singles’ Day promo happening from 4 to 11 November: Quote mypreciouzkids15 for 30% off on all items storewide and free delivery and returns.




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Miuvo Kneadme Rechargeable Massager – the must have for your home/home office

I have been working from home for the past 6 months and I don’t own an ergonomic table or an ergonomic chair like in the office. I have been having aches due to long hours of working on a not- so- conducive setup. My condition has worsen recently due to back-to-back of budget meetings this month, where I literally sit for hours on the stretch.

Miuvo Rechargeable Kneadme Massager could not have come at a better timing, now I can attend my budget meetings and have a back massage at the same time (shh- dont tell my boss) ! Frankly, you can even bring it to the office as it is super compact and mobile (cordless!) – no one knows you have a back massager on your office chair. 

Miuvo may not be as popular as the other bigger players in the massage chair market but they have been supplying massage products since 2011. The company is founded on the philosophy that consumers deserve better and at an affordable price. Behind this dynamic team, is a company built upon 30 years of manufacturing and design excellence. They operate a cost-efficient setup, bringing consumers high quality and practical products at a right price.

5 reasons why Miuvo Rechargeable Kneadme Massager is a must-have 

1.Rechargeable hence it can go cordless 

I hate cords, so when I found out that this massager is rechargeable, it means I can literally massage on the go – any part of my home, in the car  – literally any where (every charge can last 75 to 90 minutes), I know I found a keeper. 

2. Light weight and compact

The biggest plus point besides it being cordless is the size – light(1.3kg)  and compact making it super mobile. It uses graded fabric cover with elastic breathable mesh fabric for a more comfortable feel, softer touch and friendly to the skin.

3. Strong massage

Using powerful 3D Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes, a 15-minutes session immediately brought instant relief to my aching muscles for ultimate relaxation.

4. Used on many parts of the body – back, shoulders, waist, thighs, calves or feet

I don’t own massage chair for a full body massage but this massage cushion can massage every other part of the body, so this is a steal! And if you don’t really want to invest in a massage chair or don’t have the space in the home, this cushion massage is a very good alternative. 

5. Heat function

There is 1 and only 1 button to switch on/off and one other mode  is the heat function ( also switched on using the same button). With the soothing heat sensation, it improves blood circulation to muscles to aid relaxation. The roller heads are heated to a very comfortable temperature – super soothing and can be turned on or off at any point of the massage. 

This is an introductory video on this awesome massage cushion by Miuvo

Priced at a promotional price  of SGD 99 comes in 2 colours that matches any furniture – grey and blue and 1 year warranty. Order this for yourself or as a Christmas gift  from their webstore . Their massage products are also available for trying and purchase at Giant Tampines Hypermarket.  


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Review: Term 2 with Heart Studio – small C’s happiest time of the week!

Media Invite

After a rewarding term with Heart Studio (read all about it here), small C is back for a second term, in his own word his FAVOURITE time of the week. During the term break, he will count the day till the opening of the new term and reminds me to send him to Heart Studio .

For all the classes he has, this was truly his favourite , in fact, I can see all their students are all a happy lot from my weekly short visit when picking up small C, so much joy and laughter indulging in art and painting. One of the biggest reasons is their super passionate art teachers – each and every one of them – they really teach from the heart and totally adore each and every student. Even though only Teacher Jay teaches small C, the other teachers also know small C by name, he really feels at home at Heart Studio. 

A term consists of 10 lessons which  is divided into 3 different projects – 2 4-week projects and a 2-week drawing (for technical skills). For the first art project of the final term for 2020, the Little Dali were drawing plant – cactus/cacti/succulents. 

As with the other projects, the first week was exploration of the theme of the subject matter- cactus and all its various forms and sizes through initial sketching and exploration. The art teacher will share fun facts, and anything under the sun about the theme of the project. 

The proper work begins in week 2, where the real art work begins to take shape – choosing the type and sizes of pot, cactus and painting the background. As in most adult, I will just go with shades of green for the cactus, but kids are often more adventurous, small  C’s cacti were of the most interesting colour combinations.

Week by week, you will see the art work culminate to a master piece truly done by the child himself – no handholding, no dictating what is the right colour or how it should be drawn. The emphasis is purely on  proper development of motor skills,  self-expression and creativity.

Here is another masterpiece done and completed by small C at 5 years and 4 months. 

Do continue to follow small C’s journey with an art studio which teaches from the heart – Heart Studio as I will share it on IG highlights every Sunday morning, small C’s favourite time of the entire week!

If you are thinking of enrolling your child at an art studio or looking for holiday art classes,  look no further, details are as below. 

Heart Studio 

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563




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Review: Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow for a restful sleep every night

One can never have too many pillows in their bed/bedroom. Just like the hotel beds which can have multiple pillow of different hardness and feel, I loved to be surrounded by many pillows.  For the one pillow that I spend 8 hours a day sleeping on, I do ensure that it is one that allows me to have a good sleep through out the night. 

Born from years of intensive research and multiple sleep trials, Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow comes with many good reviews online so I had to try it for myself. I had been sleeping on it for the past week and all I can say is that I slept like a baby and waking up with zero ache or stiff shoulder. This is an illustration of a correct sleeping position whereby the spine must straight. 


photo credit: Sigmund Home

What makes Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow superior over the other pillows in the market. 

  1. Support – giving personalised ergonomic comfort by using Visco-elastic cells that allow the pillow to mould perfectly to your neck and shoulders. I will post a video on this on my IG post. I would say that the hardness is medium firm , which helps to maintain my neck straight for a restorative sleep 
  2. Cooling – especially in our humid and climate (and I dont have a habit of sleeping in an air-conditioned room, the advanced airflow technology makes me feel cool thorough the night

photo credit: Sigmund Home

If you ever are looking for a new pillow to replace your old ones or have not been having a restful sleep to check this out from Sigmund Home . They offer same-day 1-hour express delivery so that you will get your pillow almost immediately on the same day . 

Besides pillows, Sigmund Home is also well known for its range of competitively priced mattresses, all comes with 120-day sleep trial and 15-year warranty. 


39A Jln Pemimpin,

03-01C, S577183

Halcyon Building

Operating Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 10 am to 7 pm, including Public Holidays

Closed on Sundays




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