Review: Impact Ergo-Growing Study Desk IM-G1000A-GY – Most compact model


With the 3 older siblings having their own ergonomic tables, small C has been incessantly asking for his own ergonomic study table since primary 1. I have been very hesitant to get small C his own study table, as there are already 3 “big” ergonomic tables at home and they do consume a lot space. I had tried to convince him to use his older siblings’ tables as not all the kids are home at the same time. I guess the kids are not very good at sharing and there is hardly any space to put small C’s books and belongings left. When I chanced upon Ergoworks more compart model Impact Ergo-Growing Study Desk IM-G1000A measuring at only 1m in length, (all the other models I have are at least 1.2m in length), I finally gave in . Now that small C is in primary 3, weighted assessments have started (no more honeymoon years) , I take that having a good table of his own is also a good way to build good habits of doing homework after school while catering to his growing up years. 

Without a doubt this will be the biggest ticket item, you will buy for your primary school child would be an ergonomic table. The single most important question for most parents, is there a need to spend on an ergonomic table? I have answered this question in my previous review post featuring another Ergoworks ergonomic table for small J 3 years ago. 

I have been using Ergoworks ergonomic school bags for the past 8 years for all my school going kids and I can vouched to its good quality and durability. These are my ergonomic bags review post for the past 8 years , post 1post 2post 3post 4 and the most recent upgraded the bags for the middle 2 kids at the start of this year post 5. This brand has been taking care of my 4 kids’ ergonomic needs since they started schooling. 

A bit about Ergoworks 

They are Asia leading brand in holistic ergonomic, posture care, and wellness solutions for the past 19 years. They offer an extensive range of high-quality, comfortable, and user-friendly ergonomic products, which is renowned for its functional features, health benefits, and professional services delivered to our customers. They provide total wellness and comfort to a diverse range of users across all age groups who desire maximum care for their body structure and posture. Their extensive range of products is professionally endorsed and recommended by both The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. They have since expanded to Malaysia as well, where they’ve formed a partnership with the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia, aiming to promote spinal health and posture among the community.

This is the model that I have gotten for small C Impact Ergo-Growing Study Desk IM-G1000A , I believe the most compact model in their range measuring 100cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 54-76cm (H) paired with IMPACT Kids Ergonomic Chair With Arm Rest IM-YB1108  

Ergonomic features:

The table’s height can be adjusted from 54 cm to 77 cm, suitable from 4 years old all the way to adults . The table should not be too high, otherwise they will be resting their hands awkwardly on the table and putting unnecessary stress on them. If the table is too low, they will be leaning forward too much and more likely to round their necks or hunch their backs. Adjusting the table’s height is straightforward and effortless, achieved by using a detachable lever to wind it up or down. For child safety, the lever can be securely stored away.

Beside table height adjustment, ergonomic table also feature a desk that tilts. This minimises the kids natural inclination to lean forward when writing or drawing, as it allows the desk to be brought closer to them. Desktop tilt angle adjustment is from 0 to 25 degrees to eliminate slouching and strain in neck and to cater to different tasks, such as reading, writing or drawing, as it requires a different angle for the posture (0-5°  for drawing and similar activities , approx. 10° for writing, 20°-25° for reading). Adjusting this angle depending on the task will provide your child with a better neck position, which will result in less tiredness and stress. 

tilt angle for reading

tilt angle for writing and draw

Despite being so compact at 1m in length, I am amazed by the generous drawer size for stationery storage and shelving storage too! 

The table edges are design to be child safe with rounded edge bumper. 

Some other additional features to this table is the bag hook, tablet/book holder and wrist support.

tablet/book holder 

Ergonomic chair 

IMPACT Kids Ergonomic Chair With Arm Rest IM-YB1108  being an ergonomic chair, it is made for spine protection, with accurate seat height adjustment and also back rest angle adjustment.

When adjusting the chair’s height, make sure your child’s feet are supported, meaning that your child’s feet should touch the ground.- If the kid is not tall enough, consider getting an ergonomic foot rest or some ergo chair models do come with built in foot rest like this model . 

The other feature I like most (which I find it as an upgrade vs the older models) is the Ergonomic Mesh Backrest which enables better airflow and for longer hours of sitting 


The armrest are also very versatile, allow for use with/without, when you are reading or resting you can use it ,when you are studying you can push it to the back and out of the way.

There is also a self locking dual use wheel 
Comes with a removable and washable cover for both seat and back rest so that they can be removed , washed for hygiene purposes. 

The Impact Ergo-Growing Study Desk IM-G1000A model comes with blue, pink and grey. As for the IMPACT Kids Ergonomic Chair With Arm Rest IM-YB1108  chairs, it comes in blue, pink and grey. Small C chose the combination of grey table and grey chair for a more gender neutral colour which will look less kiddish as the kid grow older. 

The prices quoted on the website includes 9% GST, delivery (no stair case charge) & installation (by their in house logistic and installation team) with no hidden costs or charges

All Ergoworks products come with free delivery, installation, responsive and a full suite on-site warranty against manufacturing defects and breakdown (excludes surface wear and tear / abuse) , for this value bundle, the warranty is 5 years. 

They have a 3000 square feet full ergonomic concept retail showroom, conveniently located in Marina Square Shopping Mall with friendly and professionally trained Ergonomic Specialists providing correct knowledge and information. Their showroom opens daily (inclusive of public holidays) from 11.30am to 9pm. I would advise to bring your child along to look at the many different models of ergonomic table and chair that they have to find the most suitable model for your long term investment.

Ergoworks Singapore Flagship Showroom

Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-140/141 Singapore 039594 (One level above McDonald’s)

Ergoworks SGWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

Ergoworks Malaysia Showrooms

IOI City Mall Putrajaya

L2-227B, Second Floor, IOI City Mall 2, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Lot 4.10, 4th Floor, 2 Persiaran Jalil 8,Pavilion Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Ergoworks MYWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

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