My extremely stressful experience of Quarantine Order (“QO”)

Update 9 Oct: There will no longer be Quarantine Order for close contacts any more as announcemed by the ministry on 9 Oct 

I actually had this all blogged before the announcement on 9 Oct as I have never felt so helpless in my life. 

I will not and shall not forget what the stress and the anxiety that government had put me through 10 days before PSLE. There is no endemic , the way Covid-19 is being treated is very much pandemic which so much emphasis of contact tracing with minimal infrastructure to support it. 

It was on 21 September that i received a phone call from the child care (whenever i get calls from child care or school is it is normally bad news, never good news) so true enough, they told me that they have a positive Covid-19 case in K2 (same level as my youngest but not the same class) and to pick up my boy and they will be closed for the remaining days  f that week for deep cleaning. The next message was to wait for a call from MOH. 

At 6pm that day , true enough a MOH officer call me to tell me that they will be an sms sent to serve the QO order till 27 Sep and that a CISCO officer will call me the next day to explain it all to me and any queries that I have and that there is a possibility of a LOA for my school going kids (i totally panicked, as my P6 had the final few days of revision).

At the point in time, if a child is on LOA, there are many procedures to abide by before allowing him to sit for PSLE. The worst case scenaro, , if my youngest is  tested positive, then the rest of the household will be on QO including my P6 boy (at that point in time all QO kids are unable to sit for the PSLE).

At that point, though there is a remote possibility, it is a possibility as this is hitting right at home -just 9 days before PSLE, in the midst of all PSLE prep, here am I wasting time calling officers and ensuring my P6 is not disrupted in any way possible especially emotionally. As there were no QO SMS and any further calls of what to do, I sent my 3 other school going children on 22th September given that I have no further information but a very vague phone call purported to be from MOH and pushing all responsibilities and explanation to CISCO.

On the later part 22th Sept morning, after finally receiving the sms QO and CISCO calls, I called the primary school to inform them of my QO at home. They told me that my primary school kids need to be put on LOA (Leave of Absence – they cant go school but they can go out) until my QO kid is tested negative on the PCR entry swab test. So depending on how fast the PCR comes and its results, there are 2 possibilties – positiive QO the entire family (ie P6 missing PSLE as well) , or negative, LOA is rescinded and they are returned to school , potentially for most of the household except the ones on QO life as normal. 

Given any other time (ie not PSLE) i will gladly QO myself with my youngest at the hotel (his classmate and mum were allocated to Grand Copthorne) however given that I needed to be there for my P6, I chose not to be the caregiver and my husband decided to QO with him at home (they were only allowed out of the ensuite room by wearing a  mask).

Luck was on my side for once, the PCR came back negative when I checked at 5am on 23rd September and the primary school kids were clear to return back to school that every morning. They were lucky as they did not miss a day of school. (frankly, i have no issue missing school for my P4 and P2, but it is a different story for my P6, I do not want him to be disrupted due to no fault of his)

And there is still one more final hurdle which is the exit PCR on 25 Sept, only with a negative, will we be allowed to return back to normal life for the entire family on 27 Sept. The QO was set to end on 27th Sept noon, and by then , the PCR results still wasn’t out . The entire day of 27th  , I spend my entire day calling MOH and CISCO, each pushing the responsibility to each other without any resolution. To make thing worst, at 8pm on the 27th Sep I receive an SMS saying that the QO was to be extended another 3 days to 30th Sept (instead of spending time and effort on my PSLE boy, I had  make calls to MOH and CISCO the entire day (each time to  be put through more half hour of waiting time for the call to be picked). Another round of calls asking why the extension, where is the PCR results. (if it is a positive, my P6 will be implicated , at that point in time  a QO means no need to go for PSLE at all though the rule was relaxed a few days later).


From the recent reports of 500 kids missing PSLE due to Covid-19 related restrictions, I can totally emphatised, my boy came so close to almost being in that statistic. We only received the PCR negatives on 28th Sept and only then i can feel more than ease (this was T-2 before PSLE)

The best i could do was just to keep it all away from him as he does his final revisions, he didn’t know what was happening and the frustrations and the extreme anxiety that i had (since 21st Sept the day I received the call from the child care informing of the positive case ) something that i hope i wont need to go through personally ever again. 

I practically blame every one there is whether or not it is their fault though I know for sure it is not my fault as all I did was only send my son to child care,  but till today i only hold one person accountable for my extremely stressful experience that was extremely unnecessary – the government for their policies and regulations without the adequate infrastructure to support this and still bulldozed their way through it (and yesterday they “admitted” the waste of resources and remove the requirement for QO for close contacts)






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5 takeaways from my first time experience as a PSLE mum

This is not another article on PSLE as there are many many articles written on it with basically saying PSLE is one of the many many milestones in life, and that it does not decide your future – I think you don’t need another crusader on this. 

My own perspective, like anything in life, be it sports competition, examination, music grading, all must be done in all seriousness to the best of one’s ability. If you have a piano grading, don’t you practise non-stop to perfect an exam piece, so PSLE is no different if you put it into the same context. 

As my first child enters the examination hall today, what have I learned from my experience thus far as we ending out almost 1 year of hard work. 

  1. For FTWM, do not burn your leave or take any sabbatical leave – the kid was hardly at home , for mine he had 3 days of supplementary classes in term 3 and some day in between he has tuition after school, even if he is home at the regular times, I bet he has tonnes of homework that he need to complete (most time he tells me teacher say to do it on his own without parental help)
  2. Start early (but some say P3 but I think that is a bit too extreme)  – I started during the P5 school holiday last year trying to familiarise him with P6 syllabus as school teachers have to finish the entire P6 syllable in half a year which is quite a task (of course, if your child is attending tuition, most tuition would also start P6 syllabus once the year end exam has ended (end of P5). This also stemmed from my first time doing the MOE primary school syllable I wanted to be on top of it before P6 academic year starts
  3. Set realistic expectations so that both child and parents are not disappointed, as much as every parents’ dream of a perfect AL4 result (new PSLE scoring system) I know very well, this is an impossible target for my child , I set believable targets for him and true story, when he exceeded my target for his prelim in 2 subjects, I was over the moon  (this was a great confidence booster for both himself and me going into the final papers) – I have actually done up a goal sheet of the target for each 4 subject of course with “alignment” and agreement from the ultimate stakeholder ie my child 
  4. For cooking mama, fuel them with nutritious food and lots of fluid consumption, as I am no cooking mama  (i left this task to #mypreciouzkidsdaddycooks and I do believe in the power of chicken essence ( that is what I consumed during my exam days too) so I ensure that he takes this regularly and on exam days,  be it placebo or truly does its job , I think chicken essence does no harm and nothing beats outdoor time , break and rest! 
  5. The hardest of them all – which I have failed many times – not to show negative emotions/disappointments to the child, easier said than done but I did pass my final “test” when my youngest child was given a QO 10 days before PSLE (we have exited luckily), I was so anxious and worried as my P6 will be implicated and worst , missed the entire exam but I kept my emotions under wrapped as he prepares for his final revision. With all the COVID disruptions, parents need to be level-headed more now than ever. I know it is easy to complain and rant but it will not help at all mentally to both parents and the child

Hope this has been helpful to next year new #PSLEmum and also as a reminder to me as I have my other 3 more runs. The only silver lining probably would be I get the graduated kid/s teach the younger ones instead of taking it all on my own like this year. Then again I do hear secondary school life is even more busy with many many more subjects so probably it will only be my wishful thinking. I guess in 2 years time  I am more prepared in supporting my no 2 more than I have this year. 

For all #pslemum and #pslekids, the end is near, enjoy the “bonfire”!

Whatever the results will be ultimately, we have no regrets as we have put in out best efforts! 


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The Durian Bakery – for all durian lovers , must try!

It is not a secret that durian is my absolute favourite and 3 of my 4 kids share the same love of durian with me. Unfortunately durian season is slowly coming to an end, but no fret, you can satisfy all your durian cravings throughout the year the amazing creations by The Durian Bakery as recommended by Best in Singapore 

Check out the amazing selection of cakes using Durian as its main ingredient, I was spoilt for choice but I decided to try Dark Chocolate Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake 8″ 

As chocolate and durian are my favourites, this cake absolutely sent me to heaven and back.  Amazing 39 layers in total – 20 layers of thin handmade crepe skin and 19 layers of signature MSW SilkyGold™ Durian Puree, blended through a special process to make it extra creamy (taste just like the real thing!)

This cake is good for 8 generous slices and makes wonderful tea break dessert and a must have for mille crepe cake lovers! I can taste all the labour of love in making this laborious cake . 


























I also got to try the Musang King Pastries Bundle as this was the first time I am trying their patisseries, so this is the perfect bundle to try their best sellers as it comprises Snowy D24 Durian Cream Puff (12pcs) , Snowy D24 Durian Mochi (6 pcs per box and Dark Choco Musang King Mousse










My kids absolutely love the Durian Mochi, and couldn’t have enough of it. Super soft and chewy , they were all gone in the quickest time!










My personal favourite is the other combination of chocolate and durian – Dark Choco Musang King Mousse . Every mouthful is the sinful richness of dark chocolate mousse combined with the natural bitter-sweetness of our signature SilkyGold™ Durian Puree – no words can describe how good it was, you have to try it for yourself. 

check out the glaze!

And finally I couldn’t find any fault in the perennial favourites Snowy D24 Durian Cream Puff (12pcs) for a lighter pastry which is filled with sinful durian filing using D24. 


















Check out their ice cream cake and cheesecakes too! 

All cakes and patisseries are freshly baked, no preservatives added, freshly baked.  2 hours delivery available , to order, click here for all your durian cravings in a dessert! 


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Exploratory Hands-on Farms Tour on the Otah & Friends Bus by KKDAY

Media Invite 

My kids love Otah after attending all of its 3 volume (we are waiting for volume 4 in Dec) and I have been planning for the Otah themed staycation with Otah meet and greet (probably after exam seasons) as we totally loved theme staycations (and I love Otah myself too, so cute) !So when I came to know about the Exploratory Hands-on Farms Tour on the Otah & Friends Bus at at KKDay booth at Jumptopia, I thought this would make up for the staycation that I had put on hold due to the kids exams.

We were so excited to take first ever Otah & Friends bus tour (there are 3 pick up points – Chinatown, Sengkang and Choa Chu Kang). We were greeted by Patricia all dressed in yellow  with by exclusive Otah & Friends pillow in the bus which you’ll also get to take home in the bus (making the bus ride super comfortable).

The first stop was Kok Fah technology farm, we learned about state-of-the-art hydroponics farming techniques, smell different herbs and the kids got to try harvesting red and green lettuces on their own and savouring fresh aloe vera juice before the next stop. There was a small animal farm and a parrot named Jarius too! 

The next stop was the popular Hay Dairies, where the kids experienced feeding goats for the very first time! And we got to enjoy cold goat’s milk at the end of the feeding session. Truth to be told, this was my kids’ first time visiting Hay Dairies and feeding the goats, my boys were especially thrilled by the experience that the friendly tour guide Patricia even brought them on a second round as we had a bit more time to spare! 

On weekends, you can also shop for the freshest greens at Kok Fah technology farm at their weekend markets. 

Not part of the tour typically, but we were in for a surprise during our tour as there was a special appearance by Otah at one of the farms too. We had a meet and greet and we took photo with Otah making this tour a super memorable one for myself and the kids! 

Check out the short video of our half day hands on tour with Otah!

I can’t wait to bring more Otah fun to my kids as they loved Otah tremendously!

Happening on weekends, book your tickets on KKDay 


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Heart Studio Term 3 2021- through the lens of the kids

Another theme perhaps closer to my heart, camera and photography and a cute cardboard craft thrown in, this is another innovative masterpiece by Heart Studio for the Little Dali class this term much to the delight of the kids. 

First up for week1 is an exploratory stage for kids to explore the type and shape of  cameras and also what is shown on the camera screen. As always kids were given samples of the different camera shapes and sizes for them to follow. 


Thereafter, would be to produce 2 hand drawn strips of film roll, to guide them a bit so that the kids don’t need to think too hard about what to draw, Teacher Jay asked them to draw based on a)photograph of themselves in a place, b)imagination and c)favourite food. Small C had a great time doodling on the 2 strips of paper which will be the film strips that go into the camera.   


For the third week is to paint the cardboard camera and to add features such as buttons and flash light! As real as it can get!

And for the final week is to put it all together with film strips that are beautifully coloured. This final masterpiece is great for pretend play too! And what we can even add on at home are more film strips that small C can doodle on!

Small C enjoyed his classes tremendously as he can independently draw and express himself through drawing. With little hand-holding, he is given lots of room to explore things he wants to draw and often able to produce creative artworks under the guidance of Teacher Jay. 

We can’t wait to see what are the themes for the final term of 2021. 




Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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myFirst Camera Insta 2 – polaroid camera for kids

If you have been following my blog, you know that I raved about the myFirst Camera 2 which I had reviewed last year recommending it to be THE best gift for kids. We recently received  myFirst Camera Insta 2, and this has even surpassed our favourite item from myFirst last year and I will recommend this for this year gifting – birthday, Christmas or even to celebrate achievements in schools! In fact from the time, we received this camera, small J has been bringing this every where he went taking lots of photo and videos and here is the best part, printing them out for his grandparents just like the conventional polaroid camera but even better -read on. 

At first sight

Weighing a mere 232g, slightly bigger than myFirst Camera 2, I actually think this fits my child grasp even better than myFirst Camera 2. It comes with a lanyard which is perfect so that the camera can be sling and worn over the neck. With a battery capacity of 1500mAH and 2.5 hours charging from flat , the camera can last for a full day of outing. Besides photo and video taking capability, this insta camera supports thermal printing, and 2 rolls of thermal paper & 1 sticker thermal roll are provided with camera (if you run out ,you can purchase them from their webstore too. There are also decorative stickers to personalise your camera too! 

Using it 

Compared to the myFirst Camera 2, the photo quite is slightly better at 12MP and same video quality, what is clearly the winner is the thermal printing of under 10 seconds. Using this technology there is no need to refill ink or shaking and waiting for the picture to dry like in the case of a polaroid. Though it is in black and white , I would say they are pretty sharp and clear too. Here are some sample photo taken using the micro SD card provided with the camera too. 

Besides regular photos, there are also custom frames to create fun and cute photos too!! The photos and video taken easily be downloaded via the microSD card and a thumb drive reader that has been conveniently provided together with camera. 

Here are some sample photos

selfie mode



Loving it

I totally love the ability for this camera not just taking photo and video but on the spot printing. Besides the regular roll, there is also an extra fun factor – sticker thermal paper, now you can print your favourite photo and paste them anywhere you want, or making a photo album for your friends and family overseas that you have missed so much the past year or DIY scrap book as a fun holiday activities.

This camera has surpassed my expectations and I must say if given a choice between the 2 – myFirst Camera 2 and myFirst Camera Insta 2 I would definitely go for the Camera Insta 2 for its printing capabilties .

Here is small J explaining how to use my myFirst Camera Insta 2 which is easy and straight to kids! He had figure all these himself with zero guidance from me! 


For the month of August, with each purchase of myFirst Camera Insta 2, there is a free super cute camera bag worth $20 to house your camera. For further saving, you can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. The camera comes in 2 colour – blue or pink and 1 year warranty.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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LUMOS RAY SMART – a game changer to home entertainment

Especially now more than ever, going to the cinema seems to not like in the past- vaccinated halls vs non vaccinated halls, where do kids go to, a whole load of protocols which makes the whole theatre going experience a very daunting one. And with Disney +  and Netflix, frankly perhaps going to the cinema will be a thing of the past especially with the projectors from LUMOS who is set to revolutionised home theatre experience at a fraction of the cost , starting from $199, what!!!  This is the price of my family of 6 going to the cinema the most 2 times only. 

LUMOS is a game changer to the cinema lovers having all essential specs at an amazingly low price from only $199 ($298 for smart) vs international brands at $600 

At First Sight

LUMOS Ray is unlike normal projector in terms of look and feel, much smaller and nifter than your regular projectors. Weighing at 1.2kg and , no one will know that this little device is a projector. 

Seeking a minimalist look, it will suit any house ID design and perhaps no one would have guess that this is a projector. At the back, there are a total of 6 ports  – HDMI, USB 3.5mm headphone jack, which are compatible with many devices such as laptop, tv set up box, headphone (if you want to watch into the wee hours ), game console like your Nintendo and PS.

Using it

The LUMOS Ray projector is super suited for non tech savvy people like me or my husband, as this is plug and play at the get go with its inbuilt andriod apps (for the SMART version). Built for small spaces and also bedroom of HDB and condo, a 3m distance will project a screen of 100 inch ( you can go up to 150 inch!!) Thanks to its portability, you can use in any part of your home – this wherever you want, your living room, master room, bedroom, kids’ room – practically anywhere. I have actually place in my extra room which was previously used for storage.

At 3000 Lumens (measure of brightness), the colours are so vibrant and vivid. At 720P, as the screen size that I am blasting at around 100 inches due to the size of my room, I have no complain over the sharpness, as good as it gets frankly. I will gladly watch this vs the inconvenience of going to the cinema (more so now) . Unless you want to blast to the size of the cinema screen or beyond 150 inch , then you need to get LUMOS AURO which is at 1080P and 6000 Lumnes for more sharpness and better picture quality.


With two inbuilt Dolby Audio speakers for surround sound quality , I am very happy with the sound quality though I am speaking as an non audiophile. Of course if you want to level up the sound quality, you can connect to your own powerful speakers via bluetooth or cables.

While the projector comes with its own remote control to help you navigate around, you can also attach a USB mouse or a USD keyboard so that it is easier to navigate the menu especially for the SMART version which comes inbuilt andriod apps.

Loving it 

I am using the SMART version which cost $99 more than the regular version but I highly recommend you to splurge as this version comes with inbuilt WIFI and apps like Netflix, Youtube and Android 6.0 operating system, and my husband downloaded the Singtel app to stream his favourite soccer matches!

Also on SMART, there is also the wireless mirror casting using  pre-installed apps known as Miracast and AirScreen where you can cast what you have on the smartphone on to big screen, so can play mobile games, use spotify and even do zoom call on huge screen – in fact there is no limit what you can blast. Works for Android phones like Samsung as well as iOS like Apple.

After using this for just 1 week, I realise what I have been missing out in my life. With the SMART version, this can completely revolutionised the world of home cinema. Who says we need to spend thousands of dollars building your home cinema, you can do it from as low as $199.

Enjoy a selection video clips showing your the resolution and sound quality – not too shabby for a projector in this price range! 

The LUMOS RAY is priced at only S$199 and the RAY Smart at S$298 with 1-year local warranty and free delivery. 
Customers who needs an adjustable projector stand can add the RIZE Adjustable Stand for only S$55 (this is super handy for height adjustment else you need to find the correct height to prop the projector)

The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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CallApp – no more spam and scam calls ever!

This happens to every one who owns a smart phone-  spam and scam calls! They are super annoying and a great nuisance and even my kids who see ” +” in front of a phone number, they first reaction it is a spam call! 

It is so prevalent now but the scammers have been so good at their game that it is pretty difficult to spot a scammers especially if they purport to be representing some government agencies  which you trust especially for elderly folks who are less wary and more trusting. 

With CallApp, you can solve all such caller ID spoofing problems by using one app! 

Featured on Google Play, CallApp is a FREE android app that is trusted by more than 100 million users and supports over 200 countries. It has not only been chosen by Google as one of the top Android apps, it has also won several awards and is highly recommended by many top-rated tech magazines worldwide.

How does CallApp able to do that? 

CallApp can instantly identify any number that is calling you, even those that are not saved as a contact in your mobile phone. This includes any individual or business, hence helping to identify potential telemarketers, harassment or fraud calls. CallApp also has the unique ability and technology to verify numbers against Caller ID spoofing, a feature that is not available in most Caller ID apps.

Never ever receive spam or scam calls ever

CallApp combines their tech capabilities with their creative techniques to give their users the ultimate call blocking app. While it can recognize a scammer or spammer when they call you, it also allows you to prevent these calls from coming in from the get-go. Any number can be blocked with just a click, and they’ll never know too! With CallApp, you will never receive a spam or scam call again. Besides blocking spammers, CallApp also allows you to block phone calls from private and hidden numbers instantly.

I don’t have this number in  my contact directory, this app is able to identify the caller’s identity through their database. 


I have successful block a number see below as they have been incessantly calling me to make donation. 

Ability to record mobile phone calls 

Sometimes, if is ever a need to record your phone conversation, be it an interview or doing a business deal, one of CallApp’s most unique features is its ability to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. While respecting the right of privacy of both their users and others, they also provide the option of sharing your phone call recordings on various social media platforms.

Full Experience

Beside the core features , there are also many other features that are seamlessly integrated into one application, to provide its users with the full experience. These include an advanced contact book, backing up your contact lists, phone number search, personalised video ringtones, incognito mode, who viewed your profile, call reminders, analytics and insights and car mode. 


Premium Packages

The basic version of CallApp is free to download, but premium packages can also be purchased either on a monthly basis or a lifetime subscription from not more than USD1 per month, both of which offers an ad-free experience, unlimited call recordings, and access to CallApp plus (the ability to identify messages from unsaved contacts), unlocks all your profile views and data insights, store items for free and even provides you with premium support with a faster response rate.

This app will make you have a peace of mind, download CallApp now  especially to protect your loved ones.

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myFirst Sketch Book – digitalising my kids doodle at an instant with 15% discount at the end

My youngest child really love to doodles and he will take random paper or note book to doodle and draw and most time I will have to throw away as it will pile up even though it is sometime a pity as some of it he has put in a lot of effort to draw and doodle . myFirst Sketch Book is a brilliant invention for kids who loves to doodle and parents like me want to keep all in digital copy. 

At first glance 

Looking like a mini tablet, and weighing 335g, it is excellent size for my preschool and it comes with a free leather case to protect the tablet against rough usage on little hands. What is included – Sketch Book , Smart stylus ,Pen tips set, Free leather case, Charging cable and Quick Start Guide

Using it 

In a single charge, the tablet can be used for 50 hours or 2 weeks  while the stylus for 200 hours for endless drawing and doodles.  With a built-in memory, it can now save your child’s every single masterpiece and transfer to your phone via bluetooth conectivity using myFirst Sketch Book app.

What is revolutionary about this stylus is that you can adjust the font thickness, tip size to create different masterpieces on this digital sketch pad. Using the app, there are simultaneously remote drawing with colour too  on your smart phone. 

Loving it 

This is perfect for dining out or on road trip so instead of digital time, kids who love to doodle can use this and save all the thing they drew to keep them entertained!  

In fact this is not just for my kids, I have been using myFirst Sketch Book can also use it for my own work meeting where I need to note some down note or to do list and easily saved this too and transfer it to my smartphone immediately via bluetooth connectivity so that I would never lose the information, unlike the little notes that I have written, I often cannot find my little note or my outstanding list. 

I even use myFirst Sketch Book  to solve my p6’s son Math problem as I sometimes want to send the solution to him and we can keep this also for future reference. Definitely this also help to save trees as I don’t need to look for paper to do the workings. 

A device for both kids and adults, I cannot rave enough about how functional this sketch book is , for further saving, you can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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Heart Studio Term 3 2021- when I grow up

Another interesting theme as we start Term 3 and it is open to interpretation by the little artists. Basing on wooden mannequin, the kids first learn how to draw a human in the correct proportion and then interpreting what they want the mannequin to represent, perhaps what they want to be growing up.  It is really fascinating to see all the different interpretation with some favourites like army and soccer players for boys and for girls ballerina and teachers. From small C’s art work, i learnt that small C aspire to be a chef! 


The first lesson was drawing of the wooden mannequin and the potential details that could be added to make the subject and the entire artwork more interesting. Thereafter 3 lessons would be to have it done on the actual art paper, with layers of paint and different objects added and finally for the final lesson is to put the final details to complete the masterpiece. Small C managed to complete the first art work of term 3 before shifting to online classes from next week onwards due to Phase 2 Heightened Alert. Having done the online classes before (review here), I am sure small C will be able to continue his weekly art classes at home with ease.




Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

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