Miuvo Kneadme Rechargeable Massager – the must have for your home/home office

I have been working from home for the past 6 months and I don’t own an ergonomic table or an ergonomic chair like in the office. I have been having aches due to long hours of working on a not- so- conducive setup. My condition has worsen recently due to back-to-back of budget meetings this month, where I literally sit for hours on the stretch.

Miuvo Rechargeable Kneadme Massager could not have come at a better timing, now I can attend my budget meetings and have a back massage at the same time (shh- dont tell my boss) ! Frankly, you can even bring it to the office as it is super compact and mobile (cordless!) – no one knows you have a back massager on your office chair. 

Miuvo may not be as popular as the other bigger players in the massage chair market but they have been supplying massage products since 2011. The company is founded on the philosophy that consumers deserve better and at an affordable price. Behind this dynamic team, is a company built upon 30 years of manufacturing and design excellence. They operate a cost-efficient setup, bringing consumers high quality and practical products at a right price.

5 reasons why Miuvo Rechargeable Kneadme Massager is a must-have 

1.Rechargeable hence it can go cordless 

I hate cords, so when I found out that this massager is rechargeable, it means I can literally massage on the go – any part of my home, in the car  – literally any where (every charge can last 75 to 90 minutes), I know I found a keeper. 

2. Light weight and compact

The biggest plus point besides it being cordless is the size – light(1.3kg)  and compact making it super mobile. It uses graded fabric cover with elastic breathable mesh fabric for a more comfortable feel, softer touch and friendly to the skin.

3. Strong massage

Using powerful 3D Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes, a 15-minutes session immediately brought instant relief to my aching muscles for ultimate relaxation.

4. Used on many parts of the body – back, shoulders, waist, thighs, calves or feet

I don’t own massage chair for a full body massage but this massage cushion can massage every other part of the body, so this is a steal! And if you don’t really want to invest in a massage chair or don’t have the space in the home, this cushion massage is a very good alternative. 

5. Heat function

There is 1 and only 1 button to switch on/off and one other mode  is the heat function ( also switched on using the same button). With the soothing heat sensation, it improves blood circulation to muscles to aid relaxation. The roller heads are heated to a very comfortable temperature – super soothing and can be turned on or off at any point of the massage. 

This is an introductory video on this awesome massage cushion by Miuvo

Priced at a promotional price  of SGD 99 comes in 2 colours that matches any furniture – grey and blue and 1 year warranty. Order this for yourself or as a Christmas gift  from their webstore . Their massage products are also available for trying and purchase at Giant Tampines Hypermarket.  


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Review: Term 2 with Heart Studio – small C’s happiest time of the week!

Media Invite

After a rewarding term with Heart Studio (read all about it here), small C is back for a second term, in his own word his FAVOURITE time of the week. During the term break, he will count the day till the opening of the new term and reminds me to send him to Heart Studio .

For all the classes he has, this was truly his favourite , in fact, I can see all their students are all a happy lot from my weekly short visit when picking up small C, so much joy and laughter indulging in art and painting. One of the biggest reasons is their super passionate art teachers – each and every one of them – they really teach from the heart and totally adore each and every student. Even though only Teacher Jay teaches small C, the other teachers also know small C by name, he really feels at home at Heart Studio. 

A term consists of 10 lessons which  is divided into 3 different projects – 2 4-week projects and a 2-week drawing (for technical skills). For the first art project of the final term for 2020, the Little Dali were drawing plant – cactus/cacti/succulents. 

As with the other projects, the first week was exploration of the theme of the subject matter- cactus and all its various forms and sizes through initial sketching and exploration. The art teacher will share fun facts, and anything under the sun about the theme of the project. 

The proper work begins in week 2, where the real art work begins to take shape – choosing the type and sizes of pot, cactus and painting the background. As in most adult, I will just go with shades of green for the cactus, but kids are often more adventurous, small  C’s cacti were of the most interesting colour combinations.

Week by week, you will see the art work culminate to a master piece truly done by the child himself – no handholding, no dictating what is the right colour or how it should be drawn. The emphasis is purely on  proper development of motor skills,  self-expression and creativity.

Here is another masterpiece done and completed by small C at 5 years and 4 months. 

Do continue to follow small C’s journey with an art studio which teaches from the heart – Heart Studio as I will share it on IG highlights every Sunday morning, small C’s favourite time of the entire week!

If you are thinking of enrolling your child at an art studio,  look no further, details are as below. 

Heart Studio 

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 539631

(65) 6554 7562




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Review: Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow for a restful sleep every night

One can never have too many pillows in their bed/bedroom. Just like the hotel beds which can have multiple pillow of different hardness and feel, I loved to be surrounded by many pillows.  For the one pillow that I spend 8 hours a day sleeping on, I do ensure that it is one that allows me to have a good sleep through out the night. 

Born from years of intensive research and multiple sleep trials, Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow comes with many good reviews online so I had to try it for myself. I had been sleeping on it for the past week and all I can say is that I slept like a baby and waking up with zero ache or stiff shoulder. This is an illustration of a correct sleeping position whereby the spine must straight. 


photo credit: Sigmund Home

What makes Sigmund Home’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow superior over the other pillows in the market. 

  1. Support – giving personalised ergonomic comfort by using Visco-elastic cells that allow the pillow to mould perfectly to your neck and shoulders. I will post a video on this on my IG post. I would say that the hardness is medium firm , which helps to maintain my neck straight for a restorative sleep 
  2. Cooling – especially in our humid and climate (and I dont have a habit of sleeping in an air-conditioned room, the advanced airflow technology makes me feel cool thorough the night

photo credit: Sigmund Home

If you ever are looking for a new pillow to replace your old ones or have not been having a restful sleep to check this out from Sigmund Home . They offer same-day 1-hour express delivery so that you will get your pillow almost immediately on the same day . 

Besides pillows, Sigmund Home is also well known for its range of competitively priced mattresses, all comes with 120-day sleep trial and 15-year warranty. 


39A Jln Pemimpin,

03-01C, S577183

Halcyon Building

Operating Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 10 am to 7 pm, including Public Holidays

Closed on Sundays




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Review: Steamboat Delivery SG – complete steamboat experience in the comfort of home

In collaboration with Best in Singapore official

My family loves steamboat/hotpot – especially my kids. We get to order only the ingredients that we love to cook in the soup base. As in previous year, we always celebrated my in-laws joint birthday celebrations at a famous hotpot restaurant. However, due to the 5-pax limit regulation, I tried to enquire if we could sit at adjacent or neighbouring tables at our favourite hotpot restaurant knowing that we cannot sit on the same table. The staff at the restaurant went on to tell me the tables must be far apart to avoid mingling – true story! So I know that celebrating at our favourite hotpot restaurant would not be possible for this year. 

This invitation couldn’t come at a better timing as I was resolute to find a worthy replacement – why have I not thought about bring the steamboat experience at the comfort of home, minus the hassle of simmering the broth and doing the marketing.  Weekends are the busiest days for me, and I do not want to trouble my in-laws to do the marketing (as its their birthday celebrations) so this is really the best possible solution -reliving our enjoyable hotpot experience but for this year, it will be in the comfort of home, my own dining table of accommodating my family of 8.

Why Steamboat Delivery

Steamboat Delivery is resolute  to provide a complete steamboat experience to any location in Singapore without an electrical plug or even a pot needed at your end. 

With over 30 years of culinary experience working in restaurants of different regions in the world, their head chefs put together the winning recipes behind every broth. As the soup base is the most important element in a steamboat experience,  each of their superior broth needs to be simmered on low fire for a minimum of 8 hours daily. Using only premium ingredient, the cooking process brings out all the flavours of the herbs and ingredients (without losing its nutrients) bringing out the unforgettable taste.  They have 4 soup bases to choose from – premium collagen, kimchi, sichuan mala and pork tonkotsu. I had a tough time choosing as I wanted to try it all!! 

They provide the freshest ingredients or else they replace it FOR FREE! 

Beside an excellent soup base and the freshest ingredients, another important element to the steamboat experience is the sauces, Their signature sauces come complimentary with every order –  goma shoyu, homemade sambal sauce and thai chilli sauce.  You can also order add on more sauces like the Yuzu Ponzu sauce and the Signature Sha Cha sauce at a small top -up.

What if you do not your own steamboat pot? With Steamboat Delivery, they even provide portable (and reusable) gas stove and pots to have steamboat parties anywhere and everywhere without an electrical plug. 

I do not want to spend hours labouring to cook the soup base, doing the marketing, cleaning and washing the ingredients and I still need to buy off-the-shelves sauces or worst, concoct some chilli sauce on my end. I am not fantastic cook and weekends are the busiest days of the entire week so this is my contribution to the celebrations, by ordering Steamboat Delivery 

And if you even want to remove the hassle of ordering ala-carte, they have premium sets cater to all party sizes up to 8 to 10 pax which was what I did – I ordered the super value set as I have 4 kids and my inlaws are pretty small eaters. It is free 90- Minute delivery island wide for order above SGD100. 

photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express
photo credit: Owari Express

Even though I am allowed to order 2 different soup bases, I ordered the same soup base- premium collagen soup given that I do not owned a dual steamboat pot. The broth was full of flavours and all my kids finished all the soup!  All ingredients came fresh and even the premium collagen soup base, they had wolfberries packed for us to add into the soup. 

I love the sauces that came free with every order. What makes this year’s experience better than previous years, we are having it in the comfort of home for as long as we want (no need safe entry, no need to queue or wait for our turn), with zero preparation and minimal washing, just the bowl and the cutleries.

They even provide rice and korean noodle for those who need some carbo in their diet and drinks and fruits to end the meal. 

super thoughtful to gave us wolfberries for the premium collagen soup base also
3 meat and 1 fish (200g each)
fresh vegetables
must have- fried beancurd
for kids- fish paste, sausage and Japanese tofu
3 different sauces
additional soup top-up

We totally enjoyed having this hassle-free steamboat experience in the comfort of  my own home all thanks to Steamboat Delivery and especially in times like this when my family of 8 cannot sit on the same table for a good steamboat dinner.  

For more recommendation, check out 8 Best Steamboat Delivery in Singapore 

Steamboat Delivery SG 

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Best in Singapore:

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Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier Review: The sleekest air purifier in Singapore

In collaboration with Best in Singapore official

I value good quality of air and sleep for my kids as they have a long day of school and afterschool activities on weekday hence good quality of sleep and air is of utmost importance. Whatever means and ways that can improve air and sleep quality are high on my agenda. I did my research and my research lead me to Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier.

If you have not heard of Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier , I will love to introduce to you the sleekest air purifier in Singapore by giving you 7 reasons why this is THE AIR PURIFIER for you! 

photo credit: Owari Photography

1. Filters 99.97% of all airborne particles

Using its 3-in1 true HEPA  (high-efficiency particulate air) filter that filters out 99.97% of all air-borne particles such as PM2.5, viruses, allergens, dust and more.

The 3 in 1 HEPA filter  -1st filter which is a pre filter to intercept large suspended particles, 2nd filter H13 HEPA filter to remove micron particles and block bacteria and 3rd filter  – Activated  Carbon -remove odour from the air, absorb formaldehyde. 


photo credit: Owari Photography

There is a ParticleCount Sensor™ that measures PM2.5 particles in the air, in real-time in the panel. The useful LED light of the air purifier changes according to the air quality, so I am always aware of the air quality (you can also see it via the Smart Life apps (more on that below). 

2. Cover a large up to 80 m2 using its 360 structural design  

Thanks to its 360  degree structural design, the Cosmo Prime also covers a large area of up to 80m2 to increase air filtration efficiency. It covers the average household’s kitchen, living room, bedrooms and toilets , perfect for pet owners too!  

3. Super silent at almost a whisper at 20dB   

Equipped with the SilentMotor-VX™ , means its sound level is almost at a whisper at 20dB which means it is so quiet, you’d forget it was even there. This is very important to enhance your sleep experience!

4. Anion Mode releases healthy anions into the surrounding  

Besides filtering, this product also releases anions on Anion Mode. Anions are usually abundant in forests, waterfalls and the like, and it enhances immunity, alleviates allergies and promotes deep sleep.

5. Pleasant Blue Night light for better sleep 

I especially love the blue night light, it is not purely for aesthetic reasons but blue night light to proven to enhance sleep experience and quality. 

6. Controllable through an app with wifi 

I am so impressed that nowadays devices are so smart that it is controllable through an app via wifi, this means I can turn on and off the air purifier without going into the boys’ room.  I can also monitor the air quality from Smart Life app on my phone, change mode, timer, virtually all the settings in the control panel can be done via the apps. 

7. Compact and sleek design 

Measuring 49.7cm x 27cm x 30.3cm, the Cosmo is compact but twice as powerful, much more compact that more purifier in the market. Its sleek design matches any interior layout without compromising your ID overall look and feel.

photo credit: Owari Photography

photo credit: Owari Photography

I am very pleased with the addition of Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier  in my home as  now my boys sleeps in a more conducive environment – cleaner air and a night light which also enhances sleep quality! Try it out for your home as they have a  no- question- asked 20-day trial.

Currently it is an a promotional price of  SGD 399 which 26% off  its original retail price of SGD 538 and comes with first free HEPA filter. For subsequent replacement of their proprietary filter, it is at a cost $130, which you can order through the same website. It is also recommended for you to change the 3-in-1 HEPA filter every 12-18 months, depending on air quality and usage. Every order comes with 5-year warranty, free same-day delivery.

For more recommendation, check out 7 Best Air Purifiers in Singapore 

Cosmo Air Purifier 

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Best in Singapore:

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Shepherd’s Pie SG – heart-warming and comfort food for the soul

In collaboration with Best in Singapore official

Shepherd pies is pretty new to my family and even myself personally as we don’t really see it on the menu at western restaurants. So it was really good to expose my kids to new variety of food whether or not it is to their liking or not. Never try never know. 

Before I go into Shepherds Pie SG signature pies,

Here is the review for their latest offerings on the menu,

Sienna’s Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese)

I totally regretted ordering a single serving of Lasagna as my girl who is a big pasta lover loved the Sienna’s Traditional lasagna and couldn’t have enough of this. Voted the Best Lasagna in Singapore, (no wonder my girl loves it so much), it has layers and layers of lasagna sheets and generous serving of minced beef and showered with delectable bay leaves, oregano, and basil herbs. 100% handmade using hand-rolled lasagna sheets, and received within 60 minutes so it is as fresh as it can be! 

photo credit: Owari Photography

Noona’s Mac n Cheese

Small C’s loves mac and cheese, and this was a winner as this version has a perfect companion which is bacon to add a new texture and balance of flavour to the dish. If there is anything to fault, the top baked layer can get a bit dried and stiff if not consumed straightway (i gues you can repop it into the over or microwave for a quick heat), hence small C ate all inner layers which was moist and warm.

They use aged Parmesan and Gruyère cheese that is made from fresh cow’s milk! To balance out the , they have combined the premium smoked bacon to balance the slightly sweet Gruyère to give this super creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Definitely a kid’s favourite hands down!

photo credit: Owari Photography

Signature Beef with Brown Sauce Shepherd’s Pie

Frankly, I am also not too familiar with shepherd pies but since it is a signature favourite , I just had to order to try it. I like typical pies with pastry crust, so this shepherd pie was really is like the regular beef or chicken pie that I fancy blanketed with a generous amount of hand-whipped mashed potatoes. The minced beef was packed with olive, onions, and celery to bring out its flavor – truly comfort food for the soul.

It is good on its own or even better with the prepared brown sauce. My kids are not big fan of pie so this was polished by me and my husband! Now we know where to order good shepherd pies if we ever crave for a good shepherd pie!

photo credit: Owari Photography


I have ordered very safe pizzas – hawaiian and margherita for the kids in case some of my kids don’t fancy trying new variety of food and of course, pizza never fails. Generous servings and thin crust, my big J who is a pizza lover had more than 3 slices at 1 go, being not too adventurous in trying new food and he can never say no to pizza!

photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography

We loved the varieties we ordered from and there is a favourite for everyone in the family!

For rainy day, family dinners or just a meal you just need some comfort food for the soul, there is Shepherd’s Pie SG. It is free delivery for orders above SGD 70 and you can have warm pies. lasagna, mac n cheese at your doorsteps within 60 minutes!

For more recommendation, check out 5 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore.

Shepherd’s Pie SG

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Best in Singapore:

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Review : Cake Delivery SG – all your cravings and celebrations settled

Media drop

My family’s birthday celebrations are all done and dusted in the first half of the year, so I didn’t really had a valid reason to order a cake on a random day. However, I will not say NO to a decadent mao shan wang chocolate cake anytime of the year frankly! I have a sweet tooth, and so are two of my 4 kids who enjoy the sweet treat and durian too!

So what set aside Cake Delivery SG from the rest,

They are a group of bakers who have 1 common goal and vision – offering freshly baked cakes without a brick and mortar cake shop so that they can keep the cost low and focus on baking the best non-commercialised cakes.

Besides, Cake Delivery SG the only cake store that provides midnight delivery, perfect when you want to surprise your loved ones without having to hide the cake in the fridge. They also offer cake delivery guarantee, if the cake received is not in good condition or toppled.

It is free delivery for order above SGD 80 and they offer 1-hour express delivery. They also offer option to add on balloons, flowers and plush toys to accompany the cake.

A quick glance at the website, I was awed by the selection of cakes – yuzu citrus osmanthus, ondeh ondeh , biscoff cheesecake – so many unusual combinations to try but I couldn’t resist ordering my ultimate craving of all – 9.5″ Mao Shan Wang Chocolate Fudge Cake for the sweet tooth people in my family including yours truly.

Their delivery is based on 1 hour time slot hence delivery timing wise it is very precise to the hour which I appreciate.

The cake was huge and super value for money – i know many similar cakeshop will charged this cake at a much higher price. On first taste, super moist and not too sweet and once i reach the MSW layer, oh-so-heavenly – match make in heaven – chocolate and durian.

Even my non-sweet tooth kids and husband also want to try the cake as they cannot resist a full 100% chocolate. Even my only anti-durian kid enjoy the chocolate part of its (i had remove the durian layer for him).

If you ever want to order not run of mill cakes or surprise midnight delivery cake, you know who to order from !




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Review : Fruits Delivery SG – good quality fruits that are delivered fresh and chilled

In collaboration with Best in Singapore official

I love the convenience of home delivery for groceries, food and even fruits, a habit since the start of circuit breaker. I hate having to go to the supermarket to carry bags of heavy fruits back home especially watermelon. I tried Fruits Delivery SG for the first time and was amazed by its range and varieties – both standard and exotic fruit products and most importantly its fresh and arrived chilled. I ordered fruits that my family don’t normally buy on a regular basis to introduce my kids to exotic varieties.

Fruits Delivery SG fruits are sourced from all over the world and parts of Southeast Asia, including regions of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. They are grown by organic farming, where pesticides and pesticides containing chemicals are not allowed. They use cold storage to ensure maximum freshness of fruits, in fact the fruits that arrived a slightly chilled upon touch. Overnight storage is not allowed, so any leftover unsold stock are thrown out by the end of the day.

They have 8 storage & preparation units island-wide to ensure seamless delivery to your doorstep within the same day and within 2 hours from order.

photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography
photo credit: Owari Photography

I am amazed by the variety of fruits purveyed by Fruits Delivery SG . While they do have common and standard fruits like apples, banana, oranges, grapes etc which are mainstay in my household, they also carry tropical and exotics from all over the world. So I thought for a change, I should order more exotic fruits to introduce to my kids such as tropical fruits like mangosteen and longan and also some not so common fruits like peach and pomegranate.

All fruits arrived slightly chilled and no bruises or spoilage. Some of the fruits even has a date stated ie for those that should be consumed quite immediately like mangoes. I love the idea that I don’t have to go and buy and lunge fruits back home. This box of fruits was really heavy and I did not even purchase heavy weights like watermelon or jackfruit. I had wanted to introduce them to jackfruit but I am too lazy to cut it hence they also have cut fruits range too. Pricing wise it is pretty comparable to what I can buy at the supermarket and if you worry about not being able to choose, the fruits received are all fresh and in good condition.

Tropical fruits
stone fruits range and US Cherries

There is no minimum order but to enjoy free delivery, you need to purchase $80 and above! For order below $80, there is a flat rate $9.70 for delivery. As mentioned, all orders are delivered within 2 hours all thanks to their island-wide storage facilities.

For more recommendations , check out this list compiled by Best in Singapore.

Fruits Delivery SG

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Best in Singapore:

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Review and discount code: Probably the best and safest  kids headphone – myFirst BC Wireless Headphone

I loved all the myFirst products from myFirst tech collection which are designed with kids in mind. If you recalled, I reviewed myFirst Fone S2 previously and how I relied on the device to train my eldest to take public transport independently to and fro school being his first smart watch/phone. Next,  was the myFirst Camera 2 that my kids even till today will be trigger happy taking photos at home capturing silly and fun moments.

Now, I will be reviewing their latest from their audio range – myFirst BC Wireless Headphone.

The first thing you may be wondering is what is BC? BC stands for bone conduction. According to wikipedia, Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull, allowing the hearer to perceive audio content without blocking the ear canal. This is also pretty new to me as all my headphones that I owned are not based on this technology.

For kids, long hours and loud volume into the ears are harmful hence you should be exploring bone conduction headphone like myfirst BC Wireless Headphone. In fact, I regretted not getting this earlier as the kids have been on months of HBL and zoom lessons. Finally, I got my act together and ordered a pair of big C to use. In fact, I also tried it myself  for a short period as I was super intrigued by this technology and was pleasantly surprised that only the wearer can hear (a person besides you cant hear) even though the ear pieces are placed at the cheek bones. And if you really want to block out the surrounding sound for better sound quality they even provide your ear buds.

Charger, manual and ear plugs included

5 reasons what make myFirst BC Headphone is THE perfect headphone for kids:-

1.Bone conduction technology

Bone conduction technology allows for music to be transmitted via the cheekbones and not directly into the eardrums. Audio is set at a cool 85 decibels, ensuring safe levels of listening.

2. Open ear design

This technology leaves ears open to the surrounding sounds.  This basically means that my child can hear me if I holler at her.   This is a huge issue when she using the earphones that comes with handphones, she cant really hear her surroundings.

3. Light weight

At 26g , it is so light you don’t even realise you are wearing it. The headphone rest comfortable over the ears while the headpiece sits comfortably on both cheekbones and the back just “float” weightlessly over neck.

4. 5 hours of play time and 20 days of battery life

I don’t like having to charge the kids  devices constantly – so 5 hours of play time and 20 days of battery life I would say its pretty decent by all accounts.

5.Wireless and Safe for kids

Using bluetooth to connect, I love that this set is also wireless. All myFirst tech collection are designed with kids in mind, this headphones being my third myFirst device for the kids, I can attest by this.

With HBL and zoom lessons being as a mainstay, I think it is important to invest in a good pair of headphones for the kids for their school work and lessons.  I did do a quick search on google for bone conduction headphones for kids but I cant find an equivalent, so I think there is no equivalent currently in the market to  myfirst BC Wireless Headphone

For further saving of 15%, you can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. The headphone comes in 2 colours – grey or green and 1 year warranty.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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The Acai Bowl – superfood goodness in  1 bowl for home delivery

In collaboration with Best in Singapore official

Truth to be told, I have never tried acai bowl before like ever. I have heard of its existence and it is very popular among the office crowd however, I do not work in the CBD area hence, there aint any acai bowl shop near home or near my office . My first impression of it is like yogurt bowl but it is very different and super healthy.

Acai palm according to wikipedia is a species of palm tree cultivated for its fruit (known as acai berries or simply acai) and the tree primarily cultivated for its fruit.

Acai fruit/berries

The Acai Bowl using the Acai berries  and made it even better by creating the PurpleBlend™ Açaí base comprises of mostly fresh açaí berry puree, further complimented with several other purple superfoods which give off a fruit taste and texture that further enhances the natural flavours of the açaí berry.  To give it more volume and creaminess, bananas and almond milk are added so enhance satiation while still keeping the base light and fresh. So much goodness in this blend that it boasts to boosts immunity, improves brain health, improves gut health and improves skin complexion (no wonder all the OL “Office ladies” are having this)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Capture.jpg

The Acai Bowl is the first and only açaí delivery specialist in Singapore , so avoid queuing at the shops and order it home and perfect for WFH. Especially in this hot weather, I was pleasantly surprised how refreshing and cooling it was when I had my first every acai bowl last weekend.

photo credit: Owari Photography

So I ordered all the 4 variants  offered by The Acai Bowl –  Signature Acai Bowl,  Berry Berries,  Fruity Delight and Topical Acai

Must have dessert in our heat

Signature Acai Bowl


For first timer , I would say go with their signature  – Granola, Banana Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Raisin, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Flake, Cranberry, Chia Seed – sweet, crunchy and the coldness of the acai puree. The PurpleBlend™ Açaí base is sweet and refreshing in our very hot August hence it was so wonderful having in the afternoon heat.

Berry Berries

Berry berries

This is for all the mango lovers out there using a pecial Acai Mango Base, Granola, Blueberries, Raisins, Almonds – perfect for mango and granola lovers.

Fruity Delight

Fruity delights

Perfect for fruit lovers featuring mango, kiwi, blueberry tops with raisins, almonds and coconut flakes – a hit for my kids.

Topical Acai

Of the 4 this has more distinct coconut taste with a combinatiom of pineapple, banana, mango, raisin, coconut flakes, walnut, cranberries and chia seed.

for those living under a rock like me, this is acai puree looks

I don’t have a preference of which is my favourite as I am a big fruits , nuts, berries lover – so practically everything that goes into these 4 bowls are my favourite!  My kids loved it too as they are big fruit lovers and they say taste like ice cream sorbet. Definitely a healthier alternative to ice cream!

The Acai Bowl offers free delivery above SGD 40 order – island wide delivery. So if you want to try acai goodness in the comfort of your home, do give them a try, the first and only açaí delivery specialist in Singapore – The Acai Bowl.

For more recommendations , check out this list compiled by Best in Singapore.

The Acai Bowl

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Best in Singapore:

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