Drum Tao- Rhythm of the Tribe 1 – 3 March 2019 (4 shows only)

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Taiko drumming is a Japanese culture that dates back to many centuries ago. How often do we have a cultural performance being improvised for modern society entertainment and embraced by the current generation to huge popularity. We didn’t managed to witness first hand during our trip to Japan last year, so we are extremely fortunate to be able to catch Drum Tao in Singapore and only for 4 shows!

World renowned Japanese martial arts and drum extraordinaire, Drum Tao, will be back for a spectacular brand new production early next month. Fans can look forward to a whole new experience in Drum Tao – Rhythm of Tribe which aims to deliver a blockbuster grandeur in this latest production. With Japanese drums as the center of attraction and spellbinding projections, Drum Tao will bring you on a time-travel journey to a new dimension with the samurai beyond time and space in search of old Japanese virtues. Whether you are a fan of drumming or not, you will definitely enjoy the exhilarating and entertaining performance put up by Japan’s Number 1 Sensation!

Seen by more than 8 million spectators over 26 countries and 500 cities, Drum Tao has wowed the audience with their innovative and exhilarating Taiko drumming performances, since its debut in 2004 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In 2016, their first appearance on Stephen Colbert Show had a huge impact on American people and their first Off-Broadway shows resulted in great success.
Newsweek says “the highly acclaimed debut of DRUM TAO Off-Broadway represents not only Japanese entertainment but Japan itself.”
In 2018, DRUM TAO has 241 night-time performances, called “Mangekyo” in Tokyo for tourists from around the world and is supposed to have a year-round show in Tokyo from 2019 through 2021.
For this achievement, DRUM TAO has been the recipient of The 6th Annual
Commissioner Award from the Japanese Tourism Agency, as well as being named “Outstanding Cultural Contribution” from Oita Prefecture and Minister of International Affairs and Communications Award. TAO rewrites the history of traditional Japanese drumming, and yet proudly remains the greatest Drum Performers in Japan.

photo credit: Mediacorp Vizpro
photo credit: Mediacorp Vizpro

photo credit: Mediacorp Vizpro


Drum Tao – Rhythm of Tribe (1- 3 March 2019)

Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 3pm & 8pm
Sunday: 3pm

MES Theatre at Mediacorp
1 Stars Avenue, Singapore 138507

Ticket Prices (exclude booking fee)
Standard: $138, $118, $98, $78

Online Booking: www.sistic.com.sg
Tickets also available through 6348 5555 and all SISTIC channels

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Kidsfest 2017-featuring Julia Donaldson herself in Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts

I can’t contain my excitement that me and my 3 kids will be meeting Julia Donaldson herself  in person in when Kidsfest 2017 opens in January 2017.   I grew up reading Enid Blyton’s book and the LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series but my kids grew up reading Julia Donaldson’s books. I do not have a slightest clue of Julia Donaldson or her books until I had kids. The first ever Julia’s Donaldson book we owned was The Gruffalo. It is amazing how such an ugly looking creature is so well loved by my kids and also the kids all over the world. And the illustration by Axel Scheffler is amazing (one of the most awesome pairing in the current children’s literary world).

J has gone on another range of Julia Donaldson’s book -fiction series while C is starting with the early readers series. Julia Donaldson is so versatile, that she is not just doing picture books but the kids growing up with her picture books will go on reading more advance series.

We have been to shows at Kidsfest watching predominantly Julia Donaldson’s stories – The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s child, Room on the Broom and many more but Kidsfest 2017 will be extra special and memorable as we will be meeting the author herself.thumnail_glo-2

Having ignited the imagination of young children worldwide, Julia with a background in song-writing and performance graces the stage to perform at a brand-new show, Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts. The show will feature some of the most iconic characters from five of her best-selling books – The Gruffalo; What the Ladybird Heard; Zog; A Squash and a Squeeze; Jack and the Flumflum Tree.

The five members strong cast which include Julia herself, her husband and her sister, they will sing-along and incorporate snippets from the 5 stories and there will also be plenty of audience participation. The kids will get to meet all the different characters from the 5 stories all in 1 show!





After the hour-long show , the audience can look forward to meeting Julia in person at the book-signing session.

I will have each kid bring a different Julia Donaldson’s book for the book signing session. I am sure J will be inspired to meet the author herself having read many of her books. How often do we get to meet an award winning author!

In addition to the brand-new Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts,  three other classics by Julia Donaldson – Gruffalos, The Snail and the Whale and The Stickman will also be part of the Kidsfest 2017’s lineup.


Victoria Theatre
Thu, 19 – Sun, 22 Jan 2017 (only 8 performances)

  • Thu: 3pm, 6pm
  • Fri: 3pm, 6pm
  • Sat: 11am, 4pm
  • Sun: 11am, 4pm

Tickets are now available at any SISTIC outlet, the official SISTIC website at, or at the hotline 6348 5555. Prices range from $42 to $62.

I did a search on youtube and I found one of her performances last year which featured Room on the Broom. If you have to pick just 1 show from the 9 world class productions for Kidsfest 2017, I highly recommend Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts with Julia Donaldson. We do not get to meet author of books we grow up with everyday. I am sure my kids will remember meeting her till they have kids of their own.

For the rest of the lineup of Kidsfest 2017 , do click on this link for the complete schedule.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All photos except the photo of my kids and the story book are credited to ABA productions. 
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The most awaited Singapore Repertory Theatre/TLC production of the year – The Three Little Pigs

I may sound like a broken record but if you have read my reviews of previous Singapore Repertory Theatre/The Little Company productions,  you will know that the show that make me fall madly deeply in love with SRT/TLC is the Mandarin production of The Three Little Pigs , I was so mesmerised by the charisma of the big bad wolf that I have new admiration for kids productions etc. Since there, I am have been a firm supporter of SRT/TLC productions hence my kids get to watch most if not all of them!

And finally after waiting for more than 3 years, The Three Little Pigs is back but now interpreted in English. I am sure the songs will the same catchy tunes as the ones in Mandarin but I can’t wait to meet the big bad wolf. I  really hope they cast a very strong actor to play that role.

Main visual

Based on the sold-out performances previously, I am very sure this will be another home run. Please do not wait any longer and book your tickets now. I know my kids cant wait to meet Char, Siu and Bao!

This musical is recommended for children aged 3 and above. The Three Little Pigs teaches little ones how success can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Filled with humour, this endearing tale will leave you squealing with glee and howling with laughter!

While waiting for August to come, get your kids familiarise with the songs if they don’t already know them by heart for them to sing-a-long. P/S for kids turning 3 and going to be introduced to the wonderful world of live children productions, this is one of the best shows to start with as the story line is simple (maybe to some the big bad wolf maybe a tad scary but he is so funny too) Small J, turned 3 recently is a veteran though as he gets to tag along his older siblings since the age of 1.5 years old but having seen the posters and print ads he has been asking me where are the three little pigs (when I watched the Mandarin version, he was not even born yet!).

DATES: From 4th August 2016 Monday to Friday 10am; Saturdays 11am and 2pm
PRICES: From $25 excluding SISTIC fee. Group discounts/ Family Packages available
VENUE: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT
TICKETING: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or www.sistic.com.sg
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Review -Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016

The aftermath of the magical night , I hear let it go songs ringing in my household night and day .. Even the coming to 3 year old also sings it … It was truly a memorable night for all.

This was our third Disney on ice. It is interesting to see as my kids grow and their perspectives as they had watched at different stages of their life. For big J being 7 and all, kind of past the Mickey Mouse stage but don’t mind a good musical or a good act … Of because being a boy , this particular edition was all princesses (there was no lion king etc) But there are still parts whereby it takes his imagination to new level like the skating “animals” and all the light and snow effects and fireworks that accompany all the skating !
For C being the only princess in the family … I had to dress her up to the nines ! Previously I wouldn’t buy an Elsa costume for her as I see most girls in Singapore has it .. So for the longest time , I only had purchased Elsa inspired dresses but not the real costume per say! But when i found out that this year’s Disney on Ice is featuring Frozen the very first time ever, I knew had to get it despite my initial resistance even if it’s for this magical night only ! She was so happy wearing the costume  and it does make the whole experience more real for her..I see how she mimic every action that she sees on stage just like Elsa ! And she thoroughly enjoyed the show being at an age whereby she is more aware of all the on goings …5 is probably the best age before they outgrow their princess days and costumes. And being dressed just like Elsa completes the whole experience! I am not saying that you have to run to the store to get an Elsa costume but if you have it , do wear it to the show!

C’s first Elsa costume

And for small J , the last time he went was 2 years ago when he was 8 month . so this time he loved all the Mickey section … He sat through most parts except sometimes he wanted to see more of the performances and was blocked by the front row and this boy loves Elsa too!
big mickey is missing in this pic as he was buying popcorn

big mickey is missing in this pic as he was buying popcorn, so its Elsa and 2 mickeys 

March holidays being a short week and all and for many who choose not to travel out for the holidays , Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival 2016 is probably the next best thing to a holiday trip for the kids.

and I have 3 reasons why this is a must go and a wonderful treat for your kids.. Olaf, Anna and Elsa. They kept Frozen act to the final 30 minutes but it was well worth the wait and it ended the magical night on a high! First time in a Disney on Ice show , I hear so much emotion from the crowd not just the kids (yup the mummies reliving a lost childhood , myself included 🙂 )  I will be lying if I didn’t mentioned that the Frozen segment overshadowed the rest of the acts but this is the very first time we get to watch it on stage!  

The night started with my absolute favourite Mickey tune….Oh Mickey you are so fine, you are so fine you blow my mind…hey mickey hey mickey to get the crowd all singing and clapping!  and little kids screaming Mickey , Mickey! think you can hear it from my video too….
The next act played homage to the recently concluded Madonna concert in Singapore with songs like Vogue and Girls just wanna have fun performed by the cast from The Little Mermaid . And who says Disney is all about princesses and girls , there is Sebastian and Flounder for the little boys to relate to!

This was followed by Tangled ie Rapunzel complete with floating lanterns! Beautiful is just an understatement!

And who can’t sing Beauty and the beast theme song, this is for all the mummies and little girls who loved
belle and the story for beauty and the beast
And finally the most awaited act of all and for the first time on Disney on Ice, Frozen complete with fireworks and “snow” ! We have watched countless times of “Let it Go” being played on TV but to watch it interpreted live on stage and on skates  for the very first time , it’s just surreal . I cant use enough words to describe it .. No big props , just a sole performer with of course some fireworks and lighting and snow effect to mimic the animation , it was that Good ! you just have to catch it live yourself.. Period. 
I do have a video of “Let it Go” but it will do it discredit by watching on screen, you have to watch it live!  So I won’t be sharing that, it’s just for my kids to relive some of the moments of that truly magical night.
For every little boy, girl , mummy who is still not willing to “let it go” , seriously you should not let this show slip you by ! And please remember to bring cash, there is so many cute memorabilia, frozen drinks and snacks all to the theme ! You won’t be able to resist getting some for the kids!
These are the remaining shows date, make a date with your kids and this will be a memory to last a lifetime!

Date: 11 March 2016 to 20 March 2016
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online viahttp://www.sportshub.com.sg/sportshubtix/Pages/Disney-On-Ice-2016.aspx and range from $25- $120.
To learn more about Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, please visithttp://www.disneyonice-asia.com/magical-ice-festival/

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored giveaway.  All opinions expressed are entirely ours. 

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The long hiatus and my newest addition

In the last quarter of 2014, I found out that I am expecting my fourth baby and the better half of 2015 I was pregnant and busy. I didnt quite scale down the activities with my precious kids but i stop blogging and didnt do review etc. I simply didnt have the energy balancing work, kids and a major home project. My family was overseeing renovations on our new place and moving house twice (ie to the rented apartment then to the new house).After the move, i spent months unpacking, going for a babymoon and finally the month of May was to get ready for the arrival of our fourth precious kid. I am not sure if i can continue doing this while juggling with 4 kids under 6 but if i find snippets of time during my maternity to indulge myself in blogging, i may do so..and i have 2 reviews coming up this month. Stay tuned for it. Signing off by my latest addition, baby C

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