Heart Studio Term 2- Reimagined Famous Paintings

This term with Heart Studio small C got to learn about all the famous paintings from Mona Lisa, Sunflowers, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Frida Kahlo , The Son of Man and many more. Small C chose to recreate Mona Lisa as he saw this at a Lego Exhibition before, and was a painting familiar to him. 

However, it is not merely copying the original version, but incorporating different elements of art,  – fauvism , expressionism or impressionism.

Week 1 was always dedicated to learning about the theme of this artwork which is all the famous paintings around the world, and doing a prelim sketch of the final artwork. I love that Heart Studio  art classes for kids does not dictate what they have to draw for eg, small C drew anime-inspired eyes onto Mona Lisa! 

Week 2, is to turn the sketch done in week 1 on to the actual artpaper, following by colour choices for the background


Thereafter week 3 onwards, small C started to incorporate his chosen style of art for the back ground to his Mona Lisa before finishing this off in week 4. 


I think its the first time we actually recreated a real famous painting and this theme also allowed small C to get to know many famous paintings of the world. 

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