Memorable and Fuss Free birthday party with Newton Show

My kids had their fair share of birthday parties since young  – McDonald’s parties, futsal birthday parties, parties at the condo function rooms etc, so I was really thinking hard what could be a memorable birthday party for my soon to be 9 year old, wanted something fuss free, easy to organise, host and no cleaning there after! 

Since my kids have been to many Newton Show camps and absolutely love them (you can read all my Newton Show camps review here) why have I not thought of hosting a birthday party at Newton Show till now.

Did you know that they host birthday parties  and the choice of parties is really quite extensive  – of course they have their science party (which is what they are famous for) , Harry Potter Party, Superhero Party, Themed party (mermaid, little pony, frozen,unicorn etc) or their 2-hour All Inclusive Science Party!  I am sure there is something for every kid! 

So I chose the a Science Party for the small C for his 9th birthday celebrations. Even for the science party, there are many different types to choose from  – Dry Ice, Polymers, Nitrogen, Einstein, Science for smallest (2+ year old)  and the “All Inclusive” Party , depending on which package you choose, the science experiments/show run from 60 minutes to 2 hours ! (Word of advice, depending on the age group, choose a suitable length for the science show as I noticed at the 1-hour mark, my party guests were looking for snacks and food already)

The party was hosted on the second floor of 9 Mohd Sultan Road , and the space was really big and spacious! Really a comfortable setting for my party guests and parents to chill and hang out.

We were quickly introduced to the 2 Professors who were the hosts for the party  – Professor SkyFall and Professor Flame once all the guests arrived! 

We witnessed many fun science experiments, in fact some of the experiments stumped even an adult as I can’t explain the science behind it, from dry ice explosion to fire in hand, it was non stop fun for 1-hour! There are also lots of interaction with all the party guests so its not just watching but every single of my party guests get to try their hand too!  Even my teens were so entertained and engaged!  Not only that, all the party guests get to take home their own “snow” too! Once the show was done, the table was cleared for cake cutting ceremony and photo taking.

Newton Show parties includes science experiments, a giant Happy Birthday Banner, Personalised Digital Invitation Cards, Professional Actors and hosting for the cake cutting ceremony. Prices from $649. 

From a parent’s perspective, there are only 3 other things that I needed to do  

1. Order a birthday cake

2. Send out the e-birthday invites (prepared by Newton Show)  and

3. Bring in some additional food (pizza) and drinks for the guests.

Optional  (goodie bags for your guests) 

In my recent memories, this has to be one of the most stress free birthday parties I have ever organised for any of my kids, all thanks to Newton Show’s science show and party hosting. 

Video review in IG

So if you are looking for an educational, engaging, fuss free birthday party, you have to check out Newton Show’s birthday party.


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