iFly Singapore – to a 7 year old, probably his BEST and most WOW experience ever!

Truth to be told, I personally had been on iFly Singapore on a rare date with hubby 2 years ago. Speaking from personal experience, it was so surreal to be able to fly even for short instances in the wind tunnel, a very highly recommended once in a lifetime experience!  Actually, one of my bucket list is to do skydiving! I guess this is as close to meeting my bucket list.


i looked pretty cool

And thanks to my experience on my maiden flight with iFly Singapore, I came to know that the minimum age for iFly Singapore was 7 years of age (ie not the year they turn 7 but after their 7th birthday). So since 2 years back, I already set my mind to bring my eldest boy for his turn once he turned 7. When he turned 7 this year, I conveniently forgotten the little wish I had for my eldest , blame it all the Term2 school review etc. It was a busy April and May for me and I was just so looking forward towards the long 1 month school holidays where I do not need to worry about homework and reviews (for those who does not have kids in primary school, reviews just simply mean tests or exam just in a nicer way)

When it was time to plan for his 4 week long holidays ,as we are going for family trip for the second half of the holidays, yay!, so technically I only need to plan for 2 weeks. As I already signed him up for 1 week of Design Innovation camp with The Keys for the first week of the holidays, so I only have the second week of the holidays left to plan.

As we had a hectic first week, I decided to scale it down for week 2 as mummy needs a break too! Suddenly, I remembered by the little wish I had 2 years back now that he has turned 7, to bring my eldest for iFly Singapore and what better timing that the school holidays! Thanks to the kind folks at iFly Singapore, my 2 year old wish came true! J actually is well aware of iFly Singapore as he has seen my picture from my and his daddy’s maiden flight. So when I told him that I will be bringing him for iFly Singapore he was so excited that he was practically counting down the days.

Finally, the most awaited day has come….


It was very very hot day, so entering iFly Singapore was a much welcome change from the outside. It was so so hot outside that J can bearly keep his eyes open and if the heat in Sentosa was too hot to bear, one of the best places to visit in Sentosa is iFly Singapore!

As J’s session has been pre-booked by his dearest mummy, all I had to do was to sign an indemnity form on his behalf and for J to prove that he is 7 years of age (so MUST REMEMBER to bring your child’s bus card/student card). Everyone is required to bring their identification card for verification purposes regardless of age. 


Booking online for your session with iFly Singapore is a pretty straightforward process as you can select the session and pay online here. Paying online allows you to check on the availability and its cheaper too if booked two days in advance. If you were to purchase onsite, there will be a risk that the sessions are already fully taken up as there is a limit of 16 flyers, I guess purchasing at venue is more for the tourists visiting Sentosa.

Just note that you have to be onsite 1 hour before the pre-booked session for the pre-flight video, training and safety regulations. So like for J’s session which was the 5.30pm slot, we needed to arrive at 4.30pm.

Once it’s your turn, there will be an announcement where you are ushered through the departure gate. The flyers will enter sophiscated-looking dark chamber to view the video introducing iFly Singapore and outlining the entire experience. Through the video, I also found out that iFly Singapore is Southeast Asia’s largest wind tunnel.


One of the introduction videos shown in that chamber can be seen below

Thereafter, the door will open where the flyers will be escorted to a small theatre to meet their instructor for their session. For J’s session, he had instructor Jery. Jery will let every flyer try their flying posture on the bench and explain to them basic hand signal (the flyers are required to wear ear plugs during flight, provided by iFly Singapore).  J was lucky that the session had many children, and only 2 adults so that he don’t feel so intimated. I must say many of the boys in J’s session were very enthusistic in asking questions after questions . Then said I must pay Jery compliment for being about the control the constant barrage of questions from the very raring to go boys! He was also very observant that one of the flyers was a tourist from China and quickly helped her to do simple translation as all the videos and instructions given were all in English! All in all, I can tell that Jery was a very experienced instructor and I have confidence that J will be in very good hands for his first maiden flight. Finally, Jery did a quick check of their footwear to make sure it won’t dropped off during flight. If you don’t come in proper shoes, you can always rent it with them. And for ladies and girls, no dresses or skirts as it is difficult to wear the flight suit later. 


Finally, its time for the real thing. They are all escorted upstair to the flying chamber area. They can see the on-going flight as well, but now its time to get suited up. Next to the flying chamber, this is the area where they get the flight suits, goggles , earplugs and helmets.


J told me he couldn’t smile coz the goggles are blocking his cheeks!


in flight chamber

I am amazed by the turnaround of all the flight sessions. True enough with all the on-going: – video, training, changing of attire, once its 5.30pm, the prior session would have finish their session and it’s time for the current session. Everything running like a clockwork, ie no delays what-so-ever.  The most basic package, “The First Timer Challenge” package consists of 2 skydives. 

Finally, its master J’s turn!


After each of the flyers has had their 2 flights, if there are more time, the instructor can offer additional flight for SGD 40 which is a steal as compared to the initial price. And the bonus part, the instructor will bring the flyer together as high up in the tunnel! J “begged” me to let him do the extra flight , I was abit hesitant as it would mean spending SGD 40  but with the benefit of hindsight, I am glad to have let him do the extra flight as he will enjoyed another level of experience where he will fly high above with the instructor.

This is not J , but just to show the height the first timers are “brought up” by the experienced instructor during the extra flight.

And this is J on his extra flight,


I shall not leave you with many photos but many videos as I personally think that only videos will the do the flight and experience justice!  Not words nor photos.

Each flyer is given their own flight certificate at the end of the session. Besides being commemorative in nature, the certificate can be used to skip the initial video and instructor session (pre-flight session) if you were to return for future flights with iFly Singapore. 

For parents whose kids are turning 7 in the second half of 2016, and if you are cracking your brains what to get as a birthday present for your child, think no further, book a flight with iFly Singapore. And if you as the parent has not tried it before yourself, experience it together for an unforgettable family bonding experience! I did not do the flight with J as I have done it before and I wanted to stay by the side to take photos of my son’s first experience. Do note that non flyers only have restricted view of the flying chambers. Flyers can purchase video and photos at level 1 after their session (see first picture of J’s mummy flying, that was purchased from iFly Singapore after my maiden session)

For others who are thinking how to fill the June holidays or end it with an unforgettable experience, I would strongly recommend an iFly Singapore experience for your child (so long they have past their 7th birthday). Now I have a small problem, all other experiences that he will encounter in future will be paled in comparison to this!


Address: iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

We are beside the Beach Station, down at Siloso Beachfront in Sentosa, Singapore. The Beach Station is a focal point for all transports including Sentosa buses, trams, trains and taxis. Should you wish to drive, there are over 600 parking lots located at the basement of the station. 

Its just a short walk from the beach station to iFly Singapore. It is the first building after exiting Beach Station on the right. 

For skydiving rate, please see here.

Opening Hours

Mon, Tue, & Thu- Sun Wed 
9:00am – 9:30pm
First Flight: 10:30am
Last Flight: 9:30pm
11:00am – 9:30pm
First Flight: 12:00pm
Last Flight: 9:30pm

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. We paid for an extra flight which J begged me for it which I will be deducting from his savings (just joking). 

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Giveaway & Review – MOSH! Truly interactive for the little minds!

The first of its kind in Singapore, a playground of sight and sounds and all things digital and who does it better than the Japanese and this is where the technology is from. It is a collaboration of a few Japanese corporatoins to create a one of a kind playground for the lucky kids in Singapore! In the day and age where there are incessant call to breed creativity among our young ones, I believe the Japanese corporations have heard our call and jointly setup the latest digital playground in Singapore, MOSH!. It is located in Sentosa next to the Beach station, just opposite Port of Lost Wonders. It is housed in the same building as Kidzania which you won’t missed once you walk out of the Beach station car park/stop.

Located on the highest floor of the building (you will have to walk past the Kidzania entrance which was not operational yet at time of visit), we are not sure what to expect of this new playground. A little birdie told us that we can set up fireworks using movements, draw and create aquatic creatures and launch jumbo jets from you hand!

We were greeted by a colourful wall at the entrance. As we were there on a weekend, there is a 2 hour time limit to adhere to. As it was pretty new, there wasn’t much crowd on a Sunday afternoon, so we were swiftly brought into the venue. On weekend, they impose a 2 hours time limit to ensure there isn’t too much crowd and every child or adult can play to their hearts’ content.



one very huge classroom with digital sights and sound!

There are 5 installations to explore and turn the little one’s imaginations into life:-

  1. Fantasy: World of Wonder paper apps

Once the kids were escorted into a dimmed and huge “classroom”, they were quickly seated to listen to short story to give a flavour of the experiences that will come. As the room was rather dimmed and full of noise (from the installations all around), I could hardly see or hear the story. The kids were very distracted with all the ongoings and didn’t really pay attention to the narrated story. I would prefer that this short bit of story telling be done at a brightly litted room with minimal noise since it was just a mere 5 min story before the kids were escorted to the actual venue. The first installation to greet them was Fantasy: World of Wonder paper apps. They can choose any character (MOSH!cot) to colour, design, doodle, etc printed by RICOH (which is one of the corporate partners). Once they have decorated their characters, the paper will be scanned and their image will appear in the screen above.



you can choose which MOSH!cot you want to colour or doodle



small J “putting” colour on his MOSH!cot



kids are so proud to see their own MOSH!cot on the big screen

  1. Space: Fireworks Party

The next stop was where you can use body movements to raise and control fireworks. Apparently the sensor are built to detect movement from children’s height , so when I try to simulate the fireworks, it didn’t really work that well. My girl has fun just jumping and “releasing” all the fireworks and she move across the entire screen. The boys were that interested in this installation.


  1. Land: MOSH! Cot Hide and Seek

There is circular brightly litted table in the middle of the huge classroom. There is where one uses the sense of touch. The characters will all appear once you places your hands on the table and using your hands to cover the characters. The kids had so much fun playing with daddy! And the table were just at the right height even for the coming to 3 year old!


  1. Sea: Doodle Aquarium

This is where my girl spent most of the time. On a blank card, one can draw any aquatic sea creatures or just about any creature that they imagine. Remember to fill in your name on the card (as it will also be projected on screen) for easy spotting of your creature in the larger-than-life aquarium. Once the child has completed the drawing, place the card on the doodle aquarium projector table and the card is quickly scanned and the object will appear amongst the other “sea creatures” on the huge digital aquarium. It was quite therapeutic to watch the many sea creatures in the doodle aquarium.




scanning the card, oh so cool!


  1. Air : Paper plane adventure

As there were pre-folded paper planes , my boys were all too raring to go and launch their plane into the screen without having to fold their own or donning their pilot hats. The proper way is to obtain a blank coloured paper and have it folded into a paper plane. Then dressed your child like a pilot by using one of the pilot hats or pilot goggles. Then launch the folded paper plane  and watched as a plane appear to be flying following your flight path of the launched paper plane. There are also a variety of planes from propeller planes to jumbo jets and different dreamscapes such as primeval jungles and canyon caves.


small J, the pilot all dressed to launch his paper plane


I did a short video clips of the all the fun segments at MOSH! to better appreciate all the interactive moments in all 5 installations.

Visitor information:

Opening hours : 10am to 9pm

Address :  31 Beach View #03-01

Palawan Kidz City

Singapore 098008

Ticket prices : Adult $28 , Child $22 (Free admission for children below two years old), Family bundle S$48 for 1 Adult and 1 Child (Playtime of 2 hrs will apply on weekends, Public holiday and school holidays)

Yes, most parents will be taken aback by the fees charged to the adults. I guess they are also expecting tourists (being located in Sentosa) hence the fees charged for an adult. I guess there should have another pricing category where adults accompany children are at a discounted price to make it more affordable for families in Singapore to enjoy this new-age, digital playground.

And with Kidzania expected to be launched in April (just heard word that it will open on 12 Apr), my word of advice is to pay a visit when you are visiting Sentosa any time soon and when you need a shelter from the hot weather after a day out at Sentosa before the crowd descends.

Thanks to the good folks at MOSH!, we are pleased to be giving away two set of family package (2A & 2C) worth SGD 100 each set.

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The entrance tickets will be mailed to you via normal mail by me directly.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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Review – Creativity is BIG at Playeum

It was a long weekend for mypreciouzkids as the childcare was closed both on Thursday and Friday. As the haze condition was still uncertain, I was not putting any bets on outdoor activities , so I decided (on my behalf) of my kids to check out the latest “playground” for kids, Playeum.

This was not the first time that my kids had participated in Playeum’s offering. Previously, they did not have a permanent site, hence, they will hold their activities at different locations. The one that I had visited was part of the Affordable Art Fairs. It is not the typical art and craft structured activities and  being creative is big at Playeum.

11160003_10152950329074143_3683553293949910301_n 603770_10152950328964143_4935344815531843949_n 11146256_10152950329444143_3837316668645676875_n

Finally, Playeum has their own permanent site situated at Gillman Baracks. Named, the Children’s Centre of Creativity , it is supported by the National Art Council. This is a dedicated creative space for children and families, the first of its kind in South-East Asia.

The current installation is The Art of Speed especially since the place was opened around the time when Singapore was hosting its annual Formula One Grand Prix. This theme explores speed, movement and cards. This installation will last until 3 April 2016. The Children’s Centre of Creativity will feature 3 different experiences in a year, each exploring different theme.


The experience is specially designed for children aged one to twelve with their schools or families.  It is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach which is based on the concept where children are viewly as innately creative.Hence the Centre is designed to encourage open-ended, exploratory learning and play.  It is very true that parents would like more structured play as compared to open ended and unstructured play in recent years. Stemming from my own experience as a parent, I have less confidence in conducting play in an unstructured manner. As recent visit to Kaboodle Kids which emphasised on unstructured play, the first thing I did was to look through their guide book on how to assemble the various structures.

Currently,  Singapore is devoid of having such unstructured playing ground for kids (and adults alike). The Centre has four curated spaces.

The Main Space features interactive, open-ended installations. Currently this area is being filled which big and small race tracks and abundance of Lego for kids to build and create moving objects which can be used and tested on the tracks provided.


The Main Space

IMG_3567 IMG_3565 IMG_3583

IMG_3581 IMG_3575 IMG_3571

Mypreciouzkids didn’t spend much time here as it became pretty crowded as it was children’s day. The tracks were quickly filled up with kids who want to test their Lego creations.

The Play Maker space provide an area where children have access to a wide range of mediums and freedom to create any project they desires or maybe according to the theme ie The Art of Speed. Kids’ completed projects are left on display and they will be recycled in future.


The Play Maker space

IMG_3584 IMG_3585

Mypreciouzkids spent most of time here as most kids were busy with their Lego at the Main space. C even went on to create 2 different items on her own. J was spending all his time and effort to build a rocket back pack while small J was just happy to be playing with masking tape and checking out the different materials.

J had a hard time parting with his creation as understandably he has spend much effort and time on it. But after much persuasion, he agreed (with a very heavy heart) to leave his creation behind only if he can build one similar at home! yay, we have a home project after this visit!

Kids are welcome to bring home their creations, but Playeum would encourage the kids to leave it behind to be displayed for inspiration to other kids (like in the case of C, she pretty much went around looking at the displayed pieces and decided she will follow one that she fancy).

IMG_3625 IMG_3624 IMG_3618 IMG_3616 IMG_3607 IMG_3595 IMG_3591


kids at play!


J’s rocket backpack


C’s creation….i gather its a mask !

The Dark Room is currently hosting the beautiful Shadow Play installation by Isabelle Desjeux. I was lucky as during the time of my visit Isabelle was in the dark room explaining in installations to the kids.


The Dark Space

IMG_3669 IMG_3673

The Workshop will host a variety of programmes to explore the theme even more. This space can also be used to host birthday parties and special celebrations. Currently this place is used for the holiday programmes which you can find more details in this link.


Besides these 4 main areas, Playeum has also prepared an area for the toddlers and a huge chalkboard. While the older kids were busy with their projects at the Play Maker area, small J was exploring the toddler area and the chalkboard.

IMG_3647 IMG_3641 IMG_3638


Just a bit more sharing on Playeum. This organisation has been around since 2009 and it is a non profit organisation  with a mission to promote children’s creativity and play. Though collaboration with public institutions like National Art Council and corporations, Playeum aims to inspire children of ages one to 12.Over the past 6 years, Playeum has conducted over 150 programmes all over Singapore , from void decks to museums. Parental involvement is also fundamental in the overall experience that Playeum is creating for the children.

My biggest takeaway from this visit was that open ended play can also be done at home. It doesn’t have to be some pretty craft that I saw on Pinterest which will pretty much be parent-directed and lacking in creativity. By giving the kids recycled materials and minimal instructions, sometimes parents can be surprised how kids can turn junk/trash into masterpieces!


small J outside Playeum after a fun day !



Block 47, Malan Road

Gillman Barracks

#01-21 to #01-23

Singapore 109444

Children (ages 1 to 12) S$20

Accompanying adult: FREE

Additional adult:S$10

Prior to your visit, do check out their busy time at this link for a more enjoyable and fulfilling visit. They maybe running on a full house due to corporate bookings or school visits. For more information on Playeum, do visit their website at this link.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored  review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



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Review & Giveaway -small in size, but BIG in FUN at Little Planet Playland

Mypreciouzkids have probably been to almost ALL the playgyms in Singapore, …you name it , they have properly gone there…Amazonia, Kids Amaze, Happy Willow, Petite Park, Hokey Pokey, Polliwogs, Fidgets, Go-go bambini, Cool-de-sac, the defunct Peek-A-Boo (this is one of the few closures of recent years and a personal favourite of mine as all my kids goes there when they turned 6 months old, its like a rite of passage for me as it was the first ever gym I had ever visited  with my first born, and now baby C wouldn’t be able to go as it has closed down), etc.

I generally do not like to “indulge” them in indoor gyms, so they only get to do if its a birthday party celebrations or if its their birthday itself and outdoor activities are not ideal due to rain or haze. As a mummy, I preferred that we visit a museum (because its free and airconditioned) to any random play gym as it is not cheap bringing 3 kids and me having to crawl up as my 2 year old need some watching over still. So a playgym is not my preferred choice.

So I decided that children’s day was the perfect day to indulge them. Their child care was closed the day prior to children’s day and given the haze situation was still uncertain, I decided that visiting an fully air-conditioned play gym will be the safest bet!

The Little Planet Playland (“LPP) is the latest playgym in the saturated but lucrative Singapore market. It caught my eye as it is not the same as the typically run of the mill playgym. Not quite Hokey Pokey (there isn’t a single ball pit at LPP), not quite The City (too job-centric pretend play), not quite Royce Kids Gym (there isn’t abundance of toys), not quite Cool-de-sac (I get quite lost in their focus) …Let me introduce you to the different sections of LPP. The playgym isn’t big, sort of the kind where you see it all , which is good if you have a toddler which you need to have a watchful eye over (and on lazy mummy days which you just want to sit and relax at a corner), but there are many interesting sections which sustained their interest for hours (quite unlike all the other gyms that I have visited with my kids for the past 5 years!)


the farm & garden




bakery/market place


castle/throne (there is a castle playground , not in pic)



Mypreciouzkids were greeted by a colourful rainbow and balloons at the entrance which can be usedd for group photo taking when you have parties etc. As the kids were fooling around in the box/basket, C accidentally knock on a piece of the “wall”, and we discover that it was like a tiny trap door that links to the party room! That was a pleasant surprise to little party goers and definitely the birthday kid! 




The first section that caught their eyes was the garden patch! It is filled with cassia seeds which I found out that it is safe if accidentally swallowed. You can “plant” root vegetable in this section or over at the farm area. The farm area is complete with the cutest wheelbarrow and hoe. This is the first time mypreciouzkids did pretend play in this manner ie farmer/gardener. And small J was most happy scooping and pouring the cassia seeds.

IMG_3413 IMG_3475IMG_3418IMG_3425IMG_3410 IMG_3408IMG_3424


The next section that J and C ventured to was the castle area complete with a castle mini playground and 2 royal thrones with some costumes.  C was donning two of her favourite costumes throughout our almost 3 hours play there! 

The section they didn’t really spend much time as the kitchen area, probably stemming from the fact, we have something similar at home.

Then they also love the fishing area, with the cutest Melissa & Doug fishing rod with magnets at the ends and fishes and sea creatures all over the “sea”. They even have baskets to contain their catch! 
IMG_3402 IMG_3380IMG_3405IMG_3508

And these is the part they looovvvvveeeee the most!

The marketplace and bakery section! The closest thing we have to the marketplace is the super market at The City or Kidstop (which is bigger complete with cashier etc). My only wish is that there is check out counter with bags etc to make the overall buying/marketing experience more real! The market comes complete with the Melissa & Doug trolley and very real fruits, vegetables, seafood , while the bakery has little trays and tongs just perfect for little hands (great for motor skills as well). The marketplace is great for small J going through the all the types of fruits and vegetables there just like what we do when we go grocery shopping at NTUC!

And small J’s favourite is the bakery, he played there the longest. Using the tongs, he tried to pick up a variety of bread and cakes and then sorting it back to its original rack. Sometimes, attempting to eat it or feeding me as well.  IMG_3444


Check out how real the bread is! Small J almost had a bite until I had to quickly stop him…he even attempted to “eat” the sprinkles off the swiss roll!


If you are ever in Orchard, needing to put the kids somewhere while you shop, do drop by for a visit!

176 Orchard Road, #02-21
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
Telephone: +65 6268 6595
Fax: +65 6268 6596
Sunday to Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday & Public Holidays: 10am – 8pm

$25 per child (>1 year old) for unlimited play
Free entry for children <1 year old


$25 per child (>1 year old) for 2 hour play
Free entry for children <1 year old

You can also check out their party packages here    
LPP is also currently having a fantastic promotion on their membership package which is currently at a 20% off discount which works out to be $200 for 12 play sessions, which is about $16.60 per session (vs $25). This is great savings especially for parents like me who have many kids!
IMHO, I really think that this place is perfect for birthday parties for young kids from age 1 to 3 and their older siblings so long they are below 7/8 years old. My 6 year old does enjoy his time doing a lot of pretend play and playing with his siblings.
And Jane, the lovely owner behind LPP has kindly sponsored 3 gym passes to 3 very lucky kids to become a farmer, gardener, cook, fisherman, knight/princess, etc all in 1 visit!
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I will be picking the 3 winners using random.org . The giveaway closes on 25 Oct 2015, 2359pm (SUN).

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored  review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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Review – pottery making in the wild at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

I have always been keen to expose the older kids to pottery and clay. It probably stemmed from my own interest of knowing how it is done and the experiences of throwing at the potter’s wheel. J and C had their first very pottery making in Ubud, Bali with Susan Kohlik who owned Sari Api, which is actually quite well known (it will definitely appear when you search for things to do with kids in Bali). They had great memories of that experience and patiently awaited for their completed products after our trip (took more than 1 month plus for postal delivery).

these pieces reminded them of their first pottering making experience and Bali

these pieces reminded them of their first pottering making experience and Bali

After that wonderful experience in Bali, I started to look around for something similar in Singapore. My search brought me to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle which organises kids (parents accompanied for younger kids) workshop on weekends, public holidays and school holidays (they are contemplating organising more weekday workshop classes during the school holidays). They even owned one of the last 2 surviving Dragon Kilns in Singapore for firing masterpieces done by master artists. Frankly i have not seen something quite like this , so it was an eye opener for me as well. As there wasn’t a tour of the dragon kiln, I am not able to explain in great details but I can share photos of the kiln. This is how the ceramic pieces are fired in the olden days before the modern electric kilns.
IMG_1653 IMG_1672 IMG_1674


Like Sari Api in Ubud, Bali which was located in the middle of greenery and “in the wild”, Thow Kwang was similar but much larger as it houses their retail segment at the place.



lots of knick knacks


doesnt this place look like the good old kampung

Our instructor for the day and most kids workshop is Stella, an extremely passionate and well-liked young lady who is contributing her effort to preserve the family business and introduce pottery to the younger generation and public. There are 2 segments to the kids workshop – hand building and potter wheel. The most updated workshop timing and prices can be found on their facebook page.








We signed up package B which takes a minimum of 2 hours which I believe all the other participants also signed up the same on the day we went. Firstly, Stella did a demonstration of our hand building craft – a ceramic container/pen holder. Hand building techniques to mold clay is perfect to train kids’ motor skills.


Paints for glazing and tools required for hand builing

IMG_1494 IMG_1500 IMG_1503 IMG_1512 IMG_1518They spend a good 40 minutes building up the different layers of the ceramic container and its up to each creativity how they want their different layers to be. After that, their craft work is left to dry before glazing.
IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1533











While their “masterpieces” are left to dry, Stella brought us to the potter wheel studio. Firstly, Stella demonstrated the art of throwing at the potter wheel. She make it look so easy and effortless. The kids were eager to try it after obtaining their aprons and  a block of clay each. There are more than 10 potter wheels to try on. As the potter wheel can rotate at different speeds, adult supervision is required for younger kids as it can get quite dangerous.


the potter wheel studio

Of course, neither of us including myself successfully form anything from the block of clay that was given. I tried the potter wheel for the very first time and it was difficult with a capital D. It may look easy when Stella demonstrated but it takes years to reach her standard. Hence, every participant will be guided by Stella to throw a bowl at the potter wheel to take home after firing.


A video of this experience, can be found here.

After finishing their turn at the potter wheel, their hand building masterpieces are ready for glazing. They can choose a variety of colours and paint to their fancy.

IMG_1626 IMG_1629 IMG_1640







The workshop fee includes the cost of firing their masterpieces. It takes about 1 month before you can return to collect the fired pieces. Attending the pottering making workshop at Thow Kwang is not just about learning about molding clay or throwing at the pottery wheel, but it is also an appreciation of the industry and an art that the founder and its family members wish to promote for the younger generations. I do hope that the 75 year old Dragon Kiln will be preserved for a long time to come. As I had to rush to feed the kids for lunch and the travel time back home, I didn’t linger much longer. I wished I had more time browsing through their finished pieces for my home decor or as gifts and for the kids (as retail pieces are fragile pieces so its not such a good idea with kids in tow), my friend told me there is an Eco Garden just next door. Though it was a long drive to this little heaven away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was worth it! For a good 2 hours, I literally forgot that I was in Singapore but reminiscing my time in Bali as a tourist and the fresh air (thank god, it was before the haze). The next time I return to collect the masterpieces, I will definitely set aside time to browse through the retail area and maybe get some fresh outdoor air next door (haze haze, pls go away).

And you can also throw kids’ birthday parties at Thow Kwang, for more information, do PM their facebook page, Stella will be able to assist from there on.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own

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A new soccer in town – bubble bump or pool ball!

I had come across Bubble Bump and I thought (first impression) it looked rather silly for adults to be donning bubble suits and having a game of soccer. I am not quite sure of the fun factor until I myself had a try on Sunday afternoon at a Little Day Out event. I will go into this later in this post of my personal experience.

I was lucky enough to score some passes for Bubble Bump event organised by Little Day Out and met the kind folks behind this very informative portal, Geraldine and Lester. They have organised a 2 hours session of Bubble Bump and Pool Ball for some lucky families to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon at Kovan Sports Centre.


There was a short brief session on how to wear the bubble suit and how to stand up after a fall, and a short warm up session.

IMG_1287 IMG_1283

As Bubble Bump has a certain minimum height requirement, I hesitated if I wanted to bring the kids and be disappointed if they cant play, but curiousity got the better of me, so I decided to give it a try. who knows, they may be able to enjoy it.

True enough, even though J was allowed to play (ie need to be taller than the bubble ard 1.1m to 1.2m  tall but the bubble suit was a bit heavy for him to handle.

IMG_1296 IMG_1299 IMG_1300

So they switched their attention to pool ball also part of Bubble Bump Singapore. It is pool played soccer style, the numbered soccer balls are to be scored according to its number order. For young kids which may find it to difficult to grasp pool game concept, they quite happy with just free play and just scoring goals into one of the 6 “holes”. The bubble bump staff even invited games which are more suitable for their age group like colour recognition and even mathematics , and see which child can grab the most number of ball! (great for kids birthday parties). I must say that J and C totally enjoy the variety of games at the pool ball section.

IMG_1307 IMG_1313

While they were happily playing at the pool ball section, I decided I  should give it a try at the Bubble Bump. It is also played like a game of soccer, divided into 2 halves of 5 minutes each. So carry the bubble suit, I was trying to navigate my way (I had to see the bubble) into scoring the goals. The fun part is when you bump into each other just like bumper car concept. Each half is short as it is quite hot to be donning the suit. I can see why this is a perfect corporate team building event with fun factor involved!

The younger kids got their chance to be in the bubble and be rolled around. It feels pretty much like the Zovb ball which originated from New Zealand where the person goes into an inflated ball and roll downhill. (we have that in SG now, this was the one with the longest queue at the SEA games carnival in June). So both J and C got braver with each attempt, and hence they rolling at a faster speed each time and kept asking for more! You can see sample video in this link!

Bubble Bump operates at 3 locations namely The Cage, Kovan Sports Centre and Zion Sports at Tiong Bahru. for more information , do visit their website for more information on corporate events and birthday parties.

On a side note, a shout out to an awesome compilation of fun activities in Singapore by Little Day Out , if you run of out ideas of what to do a day out with the kids or even this coming Friday after the parents have done their duties as Singapore citizens!



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Terrarium making at The Plant Story

I have never planted anything in my life or maybe I have but the plant didnt last very long. I believe that I do not have any green fingers and have no love for plants or gardening. However, I do not want my kids growing up like me having no love for plants and gardening. And the in thing now for urbanites are terrarium as there is little maintenance required to keep the plant alive. A terrarium is a low-maintenance miniature garden inside a clear glass case.And kids as young as 4 years old can also indulge in terrarium making as well (with some supervision of course). Hence, stemming from my own interest of wanting to know more about terrarium and to have some parent and child bonding time with J and C, I signed them up for a terrarium workshop with The Plant Story which is situated at Hort Park itself, how apt, a nursery cum cafe in the middle of a park.



To begin a terrarium session, the participants ie my kids have to choose a DIY Kit (they have mainly glass terrarium which is nicer than acrylic but for kids, they really need to handle with care and supervision).

DIY kit comes with all the basic materials (plant inclusive) for you to assemble your own garden in the comfort of your own home with instruction included which cost from SGD 45 onwards for the small glass jar. You can also pay for workshop fee of SGD 10 to have some one guiding you in the terrarium making process at the shop which was what I choose.




making a rainforest terrarium

After selecting their jar, they were brought to a table with a huge selection of coloured sands to begin their session.

The first layer being the drainage layer, the kids can choose coloured sands to fill the bottommost layer.


pretty coloured sand


guided workshop









After filling 2 layers of coloured sands, they used a compactor to “‘compact” each layer so that the layers can stay in place. Thereafter, another layer of grey sands which are larger than the coloured sands are added into the jar.




using a compactor
















The next layer will be the soil.

IMG_0630 IMG_0629





The next step, which is to plant the actual plant into the soil layer. This is pretty difficult as I too as an adult find it difficult to nicely cover the roots in soil especially in smaller jar like the one that C chose.

IMG_0635 IMG_0636




Another thin layer of coloured sand is placed over the soil after planting (mulch layer). A piece of charcoal is placed inside to absorb excess moisture and purification purposes. And some stones for decorative purposes. You can also purchase decorative murano glass figurines to beautify the garden.

And finally a few squirts of water …..and we can cover it. And we have successful made a terrarium!

IMG_0652 IMG_0645








IMG_0656 IMG_0662








The experience doesnt end there. The kids/I will have to maintain the terrarium at hom. On a weekly basis, open the lid for a couple of hours. You only need to water the plant once a month and do not to place the terrarium in places with direct sunlight. I really hope that the plants will thrive under my kids /my care. For now, the terrariums are sitting very prettily above my shoe cabinet near my front door. In the event, the plant do not thrive under my care, I can always go back to A Plant Story and pay for the sand and plant cost to redo the terrarium as I/my kids already know the basic steps of making a terrarium.

And the DIY kits make great gift for kids and adults too!

The Plant Story
HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Road
(Off Alexandra Road)
#01-01 (Beside the Lawn)
Singapore 119578

+65 9722 0438


Opening Hours:

10am – 7pm
Closed on Wednesday and major PH



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SeriousAboutPreschool.com – first of its kind enrichment centre portal for 0 to 6 years old

There was quite handful of enrichment centres in Singapore, ranging from music, Chinese, arts, right brain training etc. So when a parent decides on enrolling their child in an enrichment centre, often it is by recommendation or word of mouth. If not, it will be more like, just try, if no good then withdraw.

This is probably one of its kind portal in Singapore listing down an exhaustive list of enrichment centres in Singapore by genres for 0 to 6 years old. Besides that, it engages parents who have been to the centres to review it .

Before I go into the portal itself, mypreciouzkids were invited to the launch party held at Cool de Sac whereby seriousaboutpreschool.com invited 3 well known enrichment centres to give a taster/sampler of their programmes, namely Da Little, Julia Gabriel and Heguru.

Here are some photos of the launch party.



fun with frame making by Da Little


fun with frame making by Da Little


completed with frame with instant photo print


drama sampler by Julia Gabriel


a taster of right brain training by Heguru













SeriousAboutPreschool.com is a portal whereby parents can search for preschool or enrichment centre by genre, age group and location. Thereafter , if the enrichment centre has been reviewed before you can click and view the comments.









Parents who have reviewed the centres will be awarded points for each review. And the points can be redeemed for Port of Lost Wonder tickets, Polliwogs tickets and MUA kids iron on labels to name a few.









Based on the reviews and ratings, SeriousAboutPreschool.com will be able to rank the enrichment centres by popularity and rating.









This is a wonderful portal for first time parents or parents who are looking to the most suitable enrichment centre for their child. For parents who have tried some of the enrichment centres, they are able to share their experiences and be rewarded! Parents can register for free here.

Disclaimer: We were invited to join in this launch party. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 


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Review – Soap making fun at Soap Ministry

Mypreciouzkids love hands-on activities, be it arts and crafts, baking and they even had a pottery making season at Ubud, Bali recently which they absolutely love.

I feel guilty of not indulging them in such hands-on activities be it in a home setting or outside attending workshops/classes

I chanced upon soap making workshop which is suitable for both kids above 4 years old and adults. Soap Ministry was previously located at Orchard Central and now they have a brand new shop at Liang Court on the second floor which could accommodate up to 50 participants at any one time and even host birthday parties. In fact, they just opened their new outlet a few days before our visit.


There are several methods of soap making such as Melt and Pour Method , Cold Process Method, Hot Process Method and Rebatching Method. For beginners and kids, they will be making soap using the Melt and Pour Method which will be shown step by step and in picture in this blog. The Basic Workshop (SGD 48) and the Basic Upsize Workshop (SGD 86) use the Melt and Pour Method. The difference between the Basic and Basic Upsize is that instead of a 250g soap base with 1 colour choice in the Basic, the Basic Upsize give a 500g soap base and 2 colour choices hence more soap (and 2 layer coloured soap) will be produced at the end of the session. The soap making process is entirely the same.

Step 1: Cut

There are 3 different type of soap bases that Soap Ministry carries – Goat Milk, Baobab extract (with honey, macadamia nut oil and shea butter )and Centella Asiatica Clear (each base give different benefit to the user of the soap, for eg Goat Milk base is very multi-nutrient, baobab is most moisturising perfect for dry skin and eczema, Centella Asiatica is for healing and firming by stimulating collagen production)


This is the setup and tools required by each participant for the Basic/Basic Upsize workshop.

IMG_9837 IMG_9842

The first step is to use the special knife to cut the soap base into small pieces.


The “knife” isn’t sharp however we must ensure that both hands are always on the wooden handle during cutting.



Step 2 :Melt

After that, the smaller pieces are transferred to a stainless steel jug for melting over a hot water bath.




Step 3: Measure

Firstly , the kids need to prepare a Glycerin mixture. The kids are introduced with a measuring scale and how to use it. They then squeeze 8g of glycerin into a heat safe plastic jug and along with some Vitamin E (to preserve the soap up to 1 year)



Thereafter they have an option to add 3 items, which are herbs, essential oil and colouring. (for workshop, there are 12-15 types of herbs and essential oils to choose from lists shown in pic which is for retail).


the different kind of herbs that can be added into the soap which will give the soap a brownish hue and little speckles


the different herbs and its benefits


soaps with herbs added

soaps with herbs added

the variety of essential oils

the variety of essential oils

essential oil and its benefits

essential oil and its benefits

The colouring will be the primary colours – yellow, red and blue. Kids will also learn about the different colour combinations like blue and red makes purple.

Using another small measuring cup, add the selected essential oils (and herbs which will make the soap more brown) and then the selected colouring. (if they are doing the basic upsize which allows for 2 colour selection, 2 portions of glycerin mixture and essential oil is prepared).


adding essential oil using pipette (like some science experiment) great for finger motor skill

adding colouring into the glycerin/vitamin E mixture

adding colouring into the glycerin/vitamin E mixture


They repeated the same process using different measuring jugs and cups for the second colour mixture.

In between step 3 and 4, the kids were brought to select their silicon soap mold. There are more than hundreds of soap molds to choose from :- animals, cartoon, big, small and even merlion molds!


many drawers where the molds are kept


Step 4: Blend

The melted soap base is removed from the hot water bath and pour into the glycerin mixture.


And stir from bottom to top to mix the glycerin mixture with the melted soup base. Essential oil is added into the mixture, and then stir from top to bottom to blend the oil into the mixture.




Step 5: Pour

As the kids were making 2 colour layered soup, they only have to fill half of the mold using the first colour mixture. IMG_9909 IMG_9906

As air bubbles tend to rise to the surface of the soap, ethanol is being sprayed to remove the bubble. And the soap is left to harden. You can pop it into the freezer to expedite the hardening process.


Repeat the same process for the second layer/colour (for basic upsize workshop)

mix 2nd portion

mix 2nd portion

repeat the same for second layer after cooling

pour to fill the remaining half of the mold


Step 6: Wrap

Once harden, the kids removed the soaps from the molds and wrap with cling wrap and a sticker! And that is enough soap for 1 year , I trust..and these are soaps made from natural ingredients sans chemical.

IMG_9951 IMG_9956

The soaps can be kept for 1 year. If kept longer, the soap will lose its benefits and cleansing properties.

What I really like from this workshop, for the price you pay not only you gain the experience of making soap, you get to bring back the soaps that you made which can last you very long. And these are good quality soaps. A quick check at the shop , a small bar of handmade soap can cost as much as SGD 18.


some of the ready made soaps

Handmade soaps are free from any chemicals, hypo-allergenic, bio-degradable, SLS free, Paraben free and eco-friendly. These are the best soaps for sensitive and eczema skin.  By using herbs and aromatherapy oil, the benefits ranges from relieve aches, relaxes the mind depending on the herb and oil of choice. You can consult the trainers to suggest suitable herbs and oil combination to be blended with the soap base to suit for your needs.

Birthday parties

They will cater for private events like birthday parties for a minimum booking of 8 basic workshop. There is no additional venue charges and you can bring in your own food and cake.

Charity events/CSR efforts 

I am pleased to hear that Soap Ministry are supporter for charitable events and CSR efforts. Customers who wish to make soap for charitable causes can approach Soap Ministry (with proof to charity event details and documents) to obtain a discount which equate to supplier price. Soap Ministry will also do a shout out to its 3000 Facebook fans to create more awareness of the charity event.

Breast milk soap

Breastfeeding mothers can bring their frozen expressed breast milk ( for processing into breast milk soaps for mother and baby at cost ranging from SGD 75 for 500g of soap to SGD 240 for 2kg of soap. The method of making breast milk soap is the cold process method which involves a 2 month period of “curing”. Besides breast milk, avocado oil, palm oil, shea butter and lavender essential oil are the other ingredients in making one of the most moisturising and nourishing soup ever. For baby’s use, lavender essential oil is omitted. I did a smelling test of both mummy and baby soup. The mummy soap has a very nice fragrance from the lavender essential oil while the baby soap is unscented (there is no the fishy smell of frozen EBM).

Some of the benefits of breast milk soaps are preventing eczema in baby, promote healing and relief to diaper rash, boost baby’s immune system and for mummy’s,  moisture and soften skin, promotes healing to cuts, infections and lighten pigmentation on skin.

1kg (using 500ml BM) and 2kg (using 1000ml of BM ) of breast milk soap

1kg (using 500ml BM) and 2kg (using 1000ml of BM ) of breast milk soap

Soap making at home

IMG_9960 IMG_9959 IMG_9939

You can also make your own soap in the comfort of your home. Soap ministry sells starter kits with materials to start you off on your own soap making. Once you have run low of any of the ingredients, you can purchase them at the shop, from oil base, herbs, essential oils, even cling wraps for the finished products. If you do not wish to do at home, you can also use the facilities and tools at Soap Ministry at an affordable fee of SGD 10 per hour (this is applicable to customers who have attended at least 1 basic workshop and ingredients have to be purchased from Soap Ministry) Customers can keep their unfinished ingredients in the cubicles provided at the back of the shop.

Lifetime membership

Once you have attended any workshop, you will get a lifetime membership which will entitle you to 10% discount on purchase of products and ingredients. For the home soap making kit, there is a 15% discount.

Current opening promotions

Now till 9th August (SG50)
Less $5 off any soap purchase & Workshop
Opening Special : Now till end August
30% Off 6 kg of All Soap Base
30% Off 50ml & 100ml All Pure Essential Oils
Buy 2 get 1 Free any In House Ready Made Soaps

And here taking the opportunity to wish all my readers a wonderful long weekend ahead and enjoy the jubilee celebrations!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own


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Review and Giveaway …..totally WOW-ed by Zoom Park!

Given that my kids have visited other trampoline parks before (ie the first to introduce trampoline park in Singapore was AMPED), we do have certain expectations of a trampoline park.

With a number of trampoline parks in Singapore, I wonder how Zoom Park measured up as they claim to be the largest in Singapore.


It is housed in a huge single storey building in Pandan Gardens. Upon entering, there is an area with a small cafe selling drinks and snack bars.


One of the pre-requisites for entering is to have anti slip socks. I guess most people don’t really owned anti slip socks, but it is available for sale at SGD 2 a pair. And they have really small sizes even for small J!


It being a weekday when i visited there were hardly any crowd…just 2 other families were there…so we practically had the whole park mostly to ourselves.

Upon entering there was 2 pits for kids to just “jump” in just next to the sitting area/cafe.


There were many different sections. Besides merely jumping areas, they have incorporated dodge ball, basketball, rock climbing, foam pits into the different sections of the park. So it is not just purely jumping on a trampoline or jumping into foam pits, which i thought was way more fun than AMPED.




extreme dodgeball

foam pits

foam pits


rock climbing

rock climbing



area for kids above 1.2m

area for kids above 1.2m

My kids were practically all over the park trying out different sections. My 6 year old loved the slam dunk area and the rock climbing while my 4 year prefer the foam pits to jump into. As for my 2 year old,  it is his first time doing this (though he did go to AMPED before at 11 months but that is not counted as he couldn’t even walk then), so he was happy just jumping and running around and also falling down. He fell down a couple of time on the padding between each “net”. As it was padded, he didn’t get injured though he does whine but i know he is not hurt at all. He learned to avoid the padded area to minimise falling but also learned to pick himself up after falling.


One thing I didn’t quite fancy was due to the vast space, it can be warm at some areas. The place had those super huge fans on the ceiling but it is not switched on as it will make it even warmer than cooling it down. The place had few portable air coolers in the park and the owner will be bringing in more air coolers to bring down the temperature.

My only gripe was it is a tad far from my house, I wish they could open another park nearer to my house. This is probably one of the best way to expend my kids excess energy. 

And my 3 kids slept earlier and really well that night…i wish every bedtime is like that!

Zoom Park Singapore
200 Pandan Gardens,
Singapore 609336
Tel: 6334-4615

Park Opening Hours:


3pm to 9pm

10am to 9pm

10am to 10pm

9am to 10pm

9am to 9pm

For pricing, do check it on in this link.

Zoom Park Asia has kindly offered 4 free 30 minute passes to my readers.

1. Liked mypreciouzkids.com on Facebook

2. Liked Zoom Park Asia on Facebook

3. Liked, shared and tag 5 friend using this Facebook post

I will be picking the 4 winner using random.org . The giveaway closes on 2 Aug 201, 2359pm.

They are having a promotion for their Facebook fans whereby there is a free 30 minute extension for every 1 hour purchased. Especially those staying in the west, do check it out, it is way more fun that indoor playgrounds!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own

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