Giveaway: Slowing down through art – Term 4 2021 with Heart Studio

For the first time since small C started Heart Studio 1.5 years ago, he got to dabble in something totally different – papier-mâché . Papier-mâché ( literally “paper-mash”) is a composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as glue, starch, or wallpaper paste. Typically it was more drawing and painting, so small C was over the moon to be able to build a 3-D object out from newspaper and glue. 

With any art project, first week is to explore the theme – in this case was the snail and they even learn the different anatomy of a snail. Small C even told me that the intestine of a snail is located at the top (he even learn biology as part of this art class). I actually find it super apt to use of snail as the subject as it is similar in art – we get to slow down and enjoy the process through art. 

Second week is to start to build the papier-mâché . As it takes a lot of newspapers and glue to build, it took 2 lessons to form the shell, the body and the eyes. This requires lots of patience too as small C needs to layer pieces of newspaper to build it from scratch and for the lots of glue to hold up the entire structure. I hope he can appreciate that this is the one of the rare 3-D art work he has done as typically the children do mostly 2-D art pieces. 


The final week is to paint the entire snail with details and patterns on its shell and also the 2 cute eyes! This  must  be  cutest  artwork  ever! This is one masterpiece small C will treasure for a long time.

Heart Studio has been like a second home to small C and he looks forward to his enrichment class every Sunday. As a parent, I am so glad to see that he is able to focus so well (ok, he does love to chit chat with his classmates and teacher while he paints/draws) for 75 minutes, I do hope this concentration and focus can continue as he will be starting primary 1 next year.  Do check them out if you are looking for art class for kids age 4 and above.

We will be doing modelling clay next for more creative fun for the final art project for 2021. 

There are the upcoming holiday art programmes , for onsite class , details in here 

For those who prefers to do it at home, check on their online holiday programme too here 

Giveaway: Videogame Characters holiday programme to 1 lucky reader on 29 Nov 2pm worth $85

Participants will have to

✅  “like” and “follow” @heartstudiosg and @mypreciouzkids on IG and FB
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– Prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash 
– The time slot for the lesson is fixed and the winner needs to be able to attend the said session
– Winner has to not have attended a class with Heart Studio for the past 12 months 

Giveaway ends 18 Nov 2359 (please ensure you are available for the timing before joining) 



Heart Studio

1 Charlton Lane #01-04, Singapore 5396

(65) 6554 7563

Wed-Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm, Sat: 9:30am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm


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Review: Gretel and Hansel – SRT’s opening show for 2019


I couldn’t attend the opening week shows as I was away and hence did managed to read the initial review of this interpreted version of Hansel and Gretel which they have changed it to Gretel and Hansel.

As with most SRT’s The Little Company production, we often has catchy and memorable tunes to accompany the show and it is often very simple and light topics for the kids.

Suzanne Lebeau’s version of Gretel and Hansel and the entire production was a different type of children production that I am used to.

Going to the production, I did have some reservation as the show explores topic like sibling jealousy and rivalry and parents abandonment which may be difficult for me to explain to my younger kids. Some audience may think it is abit overboard as Gretel even explore the idea of “murdering” Hansel by pushing him into the fire but my kids were not affected.

My younger boys were not able to interpret it to such a deep level and enjoy the show at its surface where sibling love overcame evil and prevails. I asked my big C at 8 years old of her take of this, she interpreted that Gretel at the age of 5 is not old enough to know that it is wrong to be jealous of her own sibling. She is not able to relate to the character as she enjoys being the older sibling and taking care of her own younger brothers.

As for myself, I loved that there is a deeper meaning in Suzanne Lebeau’s interpretation of Hansel and Gretel from the get-go when the title of the show was being heavily debated to be Gretel and Hansel and not Hansel and Gretel.

I especially loved how a two-person cast (in a production with 5 characters) cleverly moved into the other characters seamlessly and yet my attention for the entire 50 minutes (there is no musicals or songs) .

The best message we get from Gretel and Hansel, is that siblings’ love is one of the best gifts that one can ever have, and it should be treasured and protected. I hope that my kids would love and protect each other always as blood is thicker than water. 

Media Invite

I grew up reading stories from Brother Grimm, but I realised kids this generation are not so much into well-loved tales from Brother Grimm. This is a good opportunity to introduce to my kids stories to characters from Brother Grimm fairy tales but with a twist. Not the Hansel and Gretel tales that I grew up with but made more relevant to our current generations of kids by writer Suzanne Lebeau on her perspective of the elder sibling Gretel.

Directed by veteran Daniel Jenkins, this beguiling fantasy is bought to live by actors Tia Andrea Guttenshon who plays Gretel and Joshua Lim as Hansel.

Gretel’s life is turned upside down when her new brother Hansel arrives. He gets all the attention, the cuddles and the kisses and poor Gretel is told to ‘grow up’ and remember that she’s ‘a big girl now’! But Gretel doesn’t want to be big! And she doesn’t want the annoying little brother who’s too small to play.
When Mother and Father take the children to the forest, Gretel has a chance to get rid of the little brother once and for all. But the forest is full of danger and Gretel will have to learn to get along with Hansel if they are both going to survive the adventure.
Based on the well-loved Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Gretel and Hansel is a heartfelt, humorous and exciting tale about sibling rivalry, family love, courage and understanding what it means to be a big sister! The two children become both characters and storytellers as they bring audiences on a thrilling, imaginative journey. Gretel and Hansel will help encourage children to work together, appreciate their siblings and understand the importance of family love.

Wed, 13 Mar – Fri, 26 Apr 2019

Weekdays: 10am
Weekend & Public Holidays: 11am
14 Mar, 25 – 28 Mar, 9 Apr & 12 Apr: 10am & 2pm
15 Mar: 10am & 3pm
Venue: KC Arts Centre
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$29, S$26
Family Package of 4:
Cat 1: S$98
Cat 1 tickets (with TLC CD Vol.2): S$110

Weekends (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
Standard: S$49, S$39, S$36
Family Package of 4:
Cat 1 (with photo taking)*: $166
Cat 2 (no photo taking): $132

Family Package of 4 (with TLC CD Vol.2):
Cat 1 (with photo taking)*: $178
Cat 2 (no photo taking): $144

*Ticket includes a photo taking session with the cast in costume.
(Applicable for Weekend/ Public Holiday shows only.)




Giveaway (Closed) 

SRT has kindly sponsored a pair of ticket for the 11am show on 23 March 2019 (Saturday).

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Giveaway ends 24th Feb 2019 Sunday 2359.

IG winner: ps_loewe_lovelle

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Giveaway: Oaxis my First Fone S2 – a perfect substitute for smartphone

My going-to-be p4 boy has been “harassing” me for a smartphone of his own – yes, I do know that many of his school friends do own a used /old hand-me-down smart phones but I don’t really see a need for a 9 year old to be having his own phone. However, given that there will be more after-school classes/CCA in the new academic year (ie the school bus would not be able to send him home), I do think it is high time that he learns to take his own public transport home. His sense of direction is also not the best, he has gotten lost in an unfamiliar shopping mall before and had to borrow the phone of a shop to call me when he lost his way.

Due to this very reason, I am going against my principle by giving him a device that works like a phone but it is not a phone still! Not a smartphone per say (no games etc) but a smart device for him to contact me vice versa, and also track his where-about via GPS. Of course you need a SIM card to do that, which I will share a zero dollar mobile plan for this watch (I will share more below), perfect for primary school kids whose usage may not be a lot. I received Oaxis my First Fone S2 just in time for trial run before school actually start next week.

At first glance,

Though it may look chunky at first glance, it is actually very light and fits my boy’s wrist nicely. It does not look oversize on my 9 year old wrist or even my 7 year old’s wrist. It feels very well-made but I think I can only comment more after weeks or months of usage. As I would like to have this review out before the new academic year , I would just review based on our usage this week.

Using it

The first order of thing would be a need for a working SIM card. What I was recommended by Oaxis was the zero dollar package which includes 30 minutes talk time, 1G data and caller ID per month. So if you do not burst the quota, the plan is virtually free and there is no contract period. The only outlay would be SGD 35 for the cost of the SIM card. Here is the link for this zero dollar SIM card from which I think would sufficient for big J’s usage. Alternatively, you can also consider this plan from Singtel, however do note that the Oaxis watchphone whihc is bundle is not the same one as the one review herein.

Once the active SIM card is detected, you will have to install my First Fone app on your own smartphone being the admin user (only the admin user can change certain function like class mode, care call which will be elaborated below). It is a pretty straight forward app and easy to navigate too! All other users can also communicate via the same apps just that they are not the admin hence would only be able to do the basic like voice, video call, messaging etc.

One of my biggest worries if it can be allowed to be brought to school for use. There isnt a clear directive my kids’ primary school but there is a classroom mode (which is controlled from the app by admin which is me) whereby you can set when this device becomes merely a watch ie no calls or messaging can be made during designated timings and days of the week. During class mode, the only 2 functions that are still working are SOS and GPS tracking.

What makes this more like a phone than a watch are :

a) 3G smartphone – voice and video call

b) messaging through voice or emoji (no text message as the screen is a tad too small even for their little fingers)

c) tracking using advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to track the wearer , it may take some time to detect but it is very accurate, which also open up links to other map applications like google map

I can also set alert whereby big J’s location is send to me at every 10 minute interval especially the hour he is making his way back home.

d) use of WIFI when are home or WIFI connected area – this way you will never burst the 1G monthly data provided by Circles.Life – a tiny little keyboard pops up for J to key in the password for the wifi

e) Geo-fencing alert – you can set area whereby it is a safe area from 200m to 2000m from a designated location be it your home, the school or tuition centre, etc – beyond that , an alert will be given.

f) SOS button which is activated by holding on to the red button on the watch phone. Once activated, I will receive an emergency location alert with a 30s live recording of surrounding sounds.

shows the location and also a 30 seconds audio clip of the surrounding

g) Care call – eavesdrop on the surrounding and conversations to ensure the safety of the kid, you can actually set my First Fone to call my own phone – I must say it is a super cool function, but it is only for the admin user

h) Pedometer – you can also track how active your child has been and set goal to ensure your child has a more active lifestyle

i) Parents can also set alarm for waking up in the mornings, reminders such as homework time, practise piano etc

j) Camera – with a 1.3mp camera, this allow the watch to make video call and also for the kid to take random photos. The photo quality is definitely not on par with the current quality of top grade smartphone’s camera but this is quality is good enough for the video call.

Loving it

I like that my First Fone is still a relatively “primitive” device with voice/video call , messaging using voice memo and a camera (compared to the variety of very advanced smartphones). In view of big J’s safety and my peace of mind, I would need to have the ability to contact and track my 9 year old boy when he leaves the school premises. I guess this is the next best thing besides having a smart phone. You may argue that I could also get a simple and cheap phone like the Nokia 3310 however, I prefer my First Fone as it can be worn by my boy all the time. With a smartphone, it is also prone to misplacing etc. I don’t think you can misplaced a watch unless you remove purposely.

Oaxis my First Fone is super easy to use and navigate, even my 5 year old will be able to use it effortless. What I did was get big J to run through the different function in the watch. (oddly whenever I am typing this review, I tend to want to type that it is a phone instead of a watch)

This version comes in three colours – black, blue and pink and retailing at USD 149/SGD 199.

photo credit: Oaxis

You can purchase the phone online. If you wish to touch and feel the phone before purchasing , you can visit Isetan, Takashimaya, Robinsons, Challenger and Kiddy Palace. It is also splash proof meaning you can wash your hands not having to worry about the watch as little splashes of water would not spoil it but not bring it swimming though.

If there is anything to critic, it would be the battery life. It was noted that the battery life can last 2 days but based on big J’s current usage, we have to charge it daily.

Oaxis also had an earlier model S1 (watchphone) which does not come with a camera hence unable to do video call.




Oaxis has kindly sponsored the same set of my First Fone S2 worth SGD 199 (blue or pink) to one lucky reader so that she/he can track his/her child after school.

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Giveaway ends 20th Jan 2019 Sunday 2359.

The very lucky winner is @spyvonne_chloe.

For those you didn’t win, you can still enjoy 15% off using mypreciouzkids via this link. Do note that the prices are in USD and there is a 7% GST upon checkout and remember to input “mypreciouzkids” upon checkout to enjoy 15% off. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.
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IG Giveaway and review: #ohmymats reusable colouring mats – revolutionary must-have , why wasn’t this invented earlier?

I am a guilty party, I don’t give them my phone during meal times outside at first instance (or prop the entire Ipad or smartphone the entire meal time) but I have given it to the kids in desperate times, especially if I need just another 10 minutes of peace and quiet just to finish the meal.

Kids this generation are constantly filled with activities, gadgets, stimuli that they have lost the ability to be just bored and doing just nothing. So they have nothing to do, they fidget and constantly look for things to do and fill their bored minds which make smartphones the easiest-go-to. Unless the kids are independent and keen readers, seldom does my kids have the habit to pack a small thin book out to kill time while waiting. The younger ones unable to read independently would need other forms of activities if I wish to hold my principle to not hand them my smartphone at first instance.

This is what the older kids pack for small C before we had our own #ohmymats, very handy and light however it’s not reusable per say. I must say it does help make outside dining  a little more pleasant.

small C’s busy bag before #ohmymats came into our lives

Now that we have been gifted this set of revolutionary reusable mats from #ohmymats, I think that I will never have to succumb to giving them the smartphones EVER!

Made from food grade platinum silicone which is meant for utensils and kitchenware, #ohmymats had commissioned a few artists from adults doodlers to talented kids doodlers to lend their hands at designing the mats. You can read more about the doodlers here including two very special young artists -Quintessa and Quentin. #ohmymats had made quality control checks at the manufacturer in Korea to ensure that the mats are of the highest quality and even had it tested in Singapore (especially crucial when the products are used for our young ones). You can read more about the testing they have done here.

Having high regards for baby products from Korea from breast pumps to playmats since the days for big J, I have an huge affinity for all things made in Korea. I have kind of wish such reusable colouring mats were invented since big J’s time and we will have an easier time since then.  Better late than never, the younger ones still will be able to reap the full benefits of this. We had brought out the mats for testing by the kids  for the past week and I have share my review below.

Besides being a life-savers at meal times (which is a godsend for parents), colouring has been proven to improve handwriting (develop good  finger grip) , improves motor skills (development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist), hand and eye coordination, relaxation  and stress relief (adult colouring books are popular due to this) , builds patience and focus (very important for kids this generation as they are bombarded with fast gratification), colour/shape/form recognition , stimulate creativity (you can even doodle your own drawing on the ready made-design)  and build self esteem and confidence (upon completing entire mat).

At first glance,

I am surprised of the softness and the flexibility of the mat which makes it easier for storage. When I first saw it in photos , I didn’t think that it is so “soft” and flexible (just like fabric). Made from food grade platinum silicone , it is super soft to touch and yet it is easily take in the colour. It is like colouring on fabric but even easier. Fabric has a certain friction to it but colouring on the mat is as easy as colouring on paper (perhaps even smoother as there is less friction and more vivid  in colour as we use markers on mat instead of colour pencils on paper).

Storing it

As the #ohmymats are super flexible, you can easily roll it and store in a drawstring bag together with the markers and wet wipes. This is how I store 4 mats in 1 bag – but I think I will make them share the mats so that I can even downsize this bag even more!

Using it

All the kids took into colouring like fish into water, even small C. I am amazed that at almost 3.5 years old, he is able to make sure he is able to focus and finish his colouring before he ventures into something else. And the best part, I erase it in an instance, and he can draw, colour, trace to his fancy.

I have actually tried colouring with the kids – totally theraupeutic. I even secretly hope #ohmymats develop one design based on adult colouring books for adults and older kids. From the colouring shared below, you can see the progression of the different age groups of mypreciouzkids – 3 to 9 years old.

3 year old – probably done in 20 minutes, but you can always erase and redo! and he is getting better at colour within the lines, recommended to get “Trace and Colour”  as he is learning to trace alphabets and numbers

another perfectionist, and rainbow lover, big C at 7 year old has a different colour for every little section -see the tiny ice-cream cone ( i don’t even have half her patience)

this was big C’s completed masterpiece, she spent close to 1 hr completing after dinner while her parents chill

big J at 9 years old, he has been the kid which the least patience (like me as I like to rush through thing as part of being efficient), but he has taken to colouring like a fish in the water all of a sudden!

And if you want to unleash further creativity from the kids, flip the mat over for a clean surface and doodle away. Small J decided to draw a soccer field and create his own goal while small C started to write his own name, in fact, it was his first time writing out his own name unaided! #achievementunlocked

Loving it 

I love it as it is super light weight, super easy to roll and carry it around, and most importantly, it is not something that the kids will like for a short time (ie electronic toys , once favoured but easily forgotten and chucked aside). What amazes me is that each kid can colour on the same design over and over again without getting bored. I have 4 of such mats and of coz the mats are meant to be shared, but they only want to colour their favourite design!

There is also zero mess (ok, some ink marks on their little hands and fingers which is easily clean using wet wipes) On one occasion, I forgot to bring wet wipes out, I just use water and serviettes from the restaurant. You can also put it under running water.

So long you have a big enough space, you can literally colour any where and at any time. Small J found a bench, and away he colours while waiting for his kor kor to finish training. Even hubby gave his nod of approval when he saw how well the mats kept the younger kids occupied sans electronic devices.

anytime, any where there is a surface of the kid to do colouring , this was on a bench at a sports complex

Launching just in time for Christmas, these mats make affordable presents that both kids (and parents) will be thankful to receive. You can order at and if you want to touch and feel #ohmymats before purchasing them for your kids or as gifts, they will be having pre-christmas pop-ups at the locations below.

#ohmymats come in many designs and 2 sizes -small – 38cm x 24cm or big 48cm x 28cm.
I have put it side by side for easier comparison, I guess it ultimately boils down the design that you like/your child likes as there is no major difference in size IMHO.

photo credit : #ohmymats

photo credit : #ohmymats





#ohmymats has kindly sponsored 1 set of #ohmymats reusable colouring mat (of your choice) and 1 set of markers   to 1 lucky reader.

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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 9 December 2018 2359pm (Sun).

Winner on IG:  eileent
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Giveaway & Review: Show & Tell Studios Holiday Program Nov/Dec 2018 – a pair of express art jam worth SGD 100

My kids have always loved art and craft, painting, doodling etc. In fact when I only had 2 kids, I always scoured through Pinterest for easy art and craft for them to do. But it all ended too early when my no 3 and no 4 came along – imagine preparing materials for four kids and supervising at the same time! I don’t even need to attempt to try  as I imagined the amount of clean up work I’d have to do thereafter ( I don’t employ a domestic helper). So to them, it is often a luxury as they don’t get to indulge in it often enough , mainly due to working parents’ schedules and also more prioritised academic classes and sports/dance/music which are more of a regular fixture. But when it comes to school holidays, I am more open for them to try things they don’t get to do on a regular basis especially art classes. Even before the holiday started, big C asked to go for an art class (ie. canvas painting, like the one she has done before) out of the blue.

I had known Bjorn from other collaboration before he come out on his own to set up a very lovely art studio with his wife Pei Huan – Show & Tell Studios, located at a row of shophouses at Novena, a stone’s throw away from Novena MRT (super convenient!). As they both graduated from Visual Arts disciplines and love working with kids, the couple took a leap of faith to set up this quaint and cosy little art studio. (Totally admire their courage to leave the corporate world and do something of passion). Due to the size, which is also their biggest advantage, they have very small and intimate groups with a teacher to student ratio of 1:3 especially for the younger kids. I had been meaning to try out their art classes ever since they opened 6 months ago, but during the regular school term, it is awfully hard to find a pocket of time to do something out of the regular schedule.

Let’s do a tour around their very cosy studio which they had put so much heart and soul into it. The studio features a bookshelf of children’s books, an art easel for doodling, a fighting fish tank , a reading sofa, etc. It was my first time visiting  and it felt immediately like a home studio.

photo credit: Show & Tell Studios

photo credit: Show & Tell Studios

photo credit: Show & Tell Studios

So finally, with little planning for the school holiday no thanks to my full-time job, I managed to slot in a canvas painting session with all 4 kids. And this also marked small C’s first time doing an art class and drop off class. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning leaving them all 4 of them especially small C (ok not so much for the bigger 3 as they are older) but my baby (forgetting that he is 3 plus now) hasn’t really been dropped off at a new class before and with unfamiliar faces. In fact, I had no idea what they wanted to paint – but both teachers were happy to accommodate to their requests even though the class was to paint either superheroes or princess (thank you as it is not often the kids get to paint whatever they fancy).

As there were 4 kids (of various ages) for this session, they split them according to their ages. Pei Huan guided the younger 2 while Bjorn guided the older 2 kids. The idea of an intimate session just for my family – perfect that we can have another art jam session with us parents –  would be perfect for family bonding.

Aprons’ on,  and off they started to paint the entire canvas . I was puzzled that the entire canvas was painted. Then where does the subject get drawn on? That I learnt that the idea is to create the background first,  thereafter chalk is used to outline the subject. This allowed for erasing and any adjustments required.

I didn’t stay for the entire session as I had errands to run so I left them in the good hands of Bjorn and Pei Huan. After 2 hours, I came back to very happy kids with their masterpieces. Unlike prior experiences, it was clear that while guidance was provided, each of their artworks were mostly done by the kids themselves.

We can’t wait to be back for another session! Thank you for making their favourite things “come alive” on canvas and now it will be hung in their bedrooms for many years to come.

A little more about Show & Tell Studios as I asked about the name of their studio – as it didn’t quite appear to sound like an art studio – Bjorn explained that they see art lessons as the ideal platform to sprout conversations, articulation of ideas, sharing of experiences and stories. When cultivated well, these habits become building blocks to real-world issues. As with dance, music and sports, the ultimate takeaway from art are skills, habits and behavioral characteristics that students carry with them through life. To a certain extent, they leave room for idea generation and open-ended conversations in their classes. As such, the outcomes of their students’ works don’t often look like one another. There are schools that place priority on painting pretty pictures and winning prizes. Show & Tell Studios place priority on developing a creative process and cultivating an interest in lifelong learning through art. Besides catering to art programmes for kids aged 3 to 12, Show & Tell Studios also offers Art Jam (both kids and adults), workshops and activities, customised activities for parties and event and collaborations.

Do check out their holiday programmes, including a series of collaborations with experts from various fields such as woodworking, jewellery making and metalsmithing. If you are more conventional like me, you can also opt to do express art jam ($50; regular art jam (guided) for kids is $70-$75) or painting your favourite character on reusable tote bags.

Exclusive for mypreciouzkids readers, quote “mypreciouzkids” for 10% of holiday programmes

They also have regular term-based art classes catered to kids from as young as 3 years old  which are priced at an affordable SGD 360 per term of 8 lessons. From now till 31 December 2018 sign up for any kids programmes (Happy Hands, Itchy Fingers, Junior Artists) and enjoy:

  • Complimentary Organic Cotton Tote
  • Complimentary Art Folio
  • Save $59





Show & Tell Studios has kindly offered 1 pair of passes to express art jam (worth SGD 100) to 1 lucky reader.

1. Like FB pages of and Show&Tell Studios

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3.Like and share this FB post and tag 3 or more art loving friends/kids.

I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 2 December 2018 2359pm (Sun).

Do note that the express art jam passes must be redeemed by 31 December 2018.

Winner : Toh PeiRong

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.
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IG Giveaway and review: The Plano Adventures Series

Singapore comes up top in many arenas but there is one top ranking statistic affecting our young ones which we shouldn’t be proud of – high rate of myopia.

Taken from
Singapore is #1 in the world for the prevalence of childhood myopia in seven to nine-year-oldsThis is one Singapore statistic that we’d all like to change. Whether it’s because of all the studying children do, genetic factors, or lighting conditions, myopia is extremely common in Singapore.

Sadly, my kid is part of this statistic as well even though we have tried our best to prevent this his early years – controlled screen time etc. However we are unable to give him sufficient outdoor time due to our working hours etc.

Knowing this need and lack of such subjects in books locally and abroad, comes this wonderful series spearheaded by 3 individual of unlikely combination – a scientist, a former journalist and an illustrator – Dr Mo Dorani, Hwee Goh and David Liew.

Suitable for emerging readers (kids going into chapter books), The Plano Adventures follow the exciting adventures of Professor Plano as he defeats Lord Myopic. The first 3 books cover topics close to my heart like myopia or short-sightedness, device dependency and lack of outdoor activity.

The books have been written so that young children (at the age prone to myopia) can inculcate good habits to prevent or halt further myopia increase.

The one consistent message throughout this series which you will see it throughout  all the books in this series  – Professor Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe.

The first of the series is Trouble at Murktown. I love how Hwee Goh has simply analogises the vision of myopic kids with the use of fog created by Lord Myopic ie the inability to see clearly.With the help with a pair of adorable twin sidekicks – Zed and Zee, Prof Plano was in a mission to pick up his Clear Vision potion to defeat Lord Myopic. Follow their adventures on how they finally defeated Lord Myopic in this first book.

The second books broaches the topic of promoting outdoor activity where Prof Plano and his twin sidekicks try to save a flight of sickly, grey dragons after spending too long hours using their Bottle-Bottle screen (too much device and screen time). Hence the trio once again rush to find Ray Keepers to save the dragon.

The third book of this series which the latest to be published is The Never-Ending Game which tackle another subject close to my heart topic- tackling gaming addiction.

If my kids can have their way, they would be playing electronic games  without no sense of time. Lord Myopic has created a massive game that every kid is addicted to playing that there is no one is in the playground. Even one of the twins is hooked on the same game! Follow how Professor Plano defeat Lord Myopic once again.

The final two books of this series (not out yet) will tackle topics such as cyberbullying and reduce device dependency which are slated to be out in early 2019.

I love that this series has brought across serious topics to the level of young kids in a simple and easy to follow stories. I doubt there is any foreign and local kids books which tackle such topics.

The beautiful illustrations by David Liew made the adventures even more exciting!

In fact, you can meet the author, illustrator and Professor Plano himself on this Satutrday, 1 December at Kinokuniya, Takashimaya from 2 –  3pm for a story telling session and autograph signing session.

The Plano Adventures books can be found in all major bookstores, retailing at S$11.22 before GST.


Hwee Goh, the author has generously sponsored the same set of the first 3 published books of The Plano Adventures to 1 lucky reader.

1. Like and follow FB page – and Hwee’s Book Share Club

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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 9 Dec 2018 2359pm (Sun)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Winner on IG:  katherinegoy

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Giveaway and Review -Kid Normal series

I was and still am a book worm (more e-books now as it is easier to borrow and read but not for the kids ), but of course motherly duties and K-drama has overtaken my love for books. Nothing makes me happier to see my kids buried in books. However, they are very picky with genre and titles that they read. If they read something they like they will be very engrossed ,vice versa. So one way is to bring them to the library and have them choose …though they may have chosen uninteresting titles too. They were most excited to receive the recent loot from Pansing Books which featured very interesting titles.




Big J’s review of Kid Normal series 

The story is about Murph Cooper moving to a new house. When he moved to the new house, he was enrolled into a school of superheroes by mistake.  His friends can do very magical things like control the weather and conjure tiny horses from thin air, but Murph did not have any special ability. They had weird teachers like Mr Flash and Mr Souperman. Even with no superpower ie Kid Normal which is Murph, he makes the best of things and is even the leader of a super hero team. One day, a scientist experiment went wrong and created Nektar who is half man and half wasp. Murph and his friends finally defeated Nektar with the help of the school’s caretaker and secretary of the principal.

I like this book because it is very interesting that a normal kid like Murph can be a super hero too.  I think the illustrations throughout the book makes the book even more exciting to read. I also loved the part they were battling the enemy which was a climax of the story.


In the second book – Rogue Heroes, Murph Cooper and his friends has completed their first year at the school. Murph, Hilda, Nellie, Mary and Billy continued on their adventures as Super Zeroes to battle even more evil bad guy. Following the same theme, all of them work together as a team in their missions from the very start and battled the most dangerous super-village (Rogue Hero) which was even more exciting that the first story. The villain actually ask for Kid Normal to be brought to him.

I love the second book more as the plot was even more interesting with a more evil villain with more missions to do and  more villains to fight! I hope there is also Kid Normal #3 for more Super Zeroes’ adventures.

This series is suitable for age 8+.

The books featured are available at any good bookstores.

Do follow the social media accounts below to see new recommendation and giveaways.




Pansing Books has kindly sponsored the same 2 books from the Kid Normal series and a magnetic bookmark to 1 reader.

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FB winner :Imelda Ong

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Giveaway : Brush Monster – a revolutionary AR toothbrush that all kids love!

I had my fair share of trial and errors with electrical toothbrush and even one with music, but it didn’t sustain their interest and the amount of time needed for a decent brush.

But it has all changed now with the introduction of Brush Monster in our lives. Even my very skeptical husband also was in awe that the kids follow step up step to ensure a clean brush every night – more than 3 minutes of brushing (if you find it a tad too lengthy, there is a setting in the apps where  you can remove the first and final part of the process ie the toothpaste and gurgling part)

At first glance

It is the lightest smart toothbrush in  the market weighing at a mere 32g. It uses anti bacterial soft brush which makes it safe for kids brushing. It comes with a few different vibration mode to choose from.

And what makes this toothbrush extra special is the built-in sensor which can track and analyze the data of kids’ brushing within 16 regions via Bluetooth.

At first use

Just download the app (for both Apple and Android phones) , and switch the bluetooth on your mobile (there is no need to pair), and follow the brushmonster apps guide when it informs you push the power button on toothbrush.

You should be able to stop the video by pressing the button on the toothbrush. This way you know that the toothbrush has been paired to the app in order to produce the tooth-brushing analysis at the end.

What I really love

The apps has a step by step plus visual to guide the kids throughout the entire tooth brushing process..all the way to gurgling and rinsing of cup. I tested this on all my kids (age 3 to 9 – yes I know the 9 is a tad old but he truly love using it too) and the ones above 5 were able to follow the steps quite effectively (I get pretty good analysis thereafter)

Only my 3 year who did his very best to follow all the positioning but due to his maturity, it is best for parents to help the younger ones. That said, ever since I started using Brush Monster with small C, he could sustain the entire duration of more than 3 minutes. Pre-Brush Monster days, he wouldn’t even last half a minute!

Next, once the brushing is down, you can see an analysis of your brushing , which part was good and which part was not. As you can see those in yellow are the parts that the kid didnt do so well in brushing – typically the inner part of the teeth and the back areas.

And after every brush, they will get a new sticker and they can take a selfie to mark their achievement for that day! I always get their best smile to show off their clean teeth!

My kids have been using Brush Monster for a few weeks and their interest has remained high. Every night, they will ask for their Brush Monster. What I really love out this is that for my older two kids, I don’t even need to supervise their teeth brushing and I could do a quick check on both the app and their teeth after they are done!

Recently, I discovered that you can have it changed to Chinese or even Korean! So now I had it in Chinese for my “potato” kids -see the video below.

You can purchased the full set (Brush Monster Toothbrush x1  -Brush Monster Replacement Refill x1 -Brush Monster Phone Holder x1) at an introductory price of SGD 84.90 which comes with a 2 year warranty and just the tooth brush only which retails at SGD 74.90.

Do quote mypreciouzkids10off for a 10% discount off the introductory price.




Brush Monster Singapore has kindly sponsored a Brush Monster worth SGD 79.90 (retail price) to 1 reader.

photo credit: Brush Monster

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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 16 Sept 2018 2359pm (Sun)

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Updated with giveaway: Ambi Climate 2nd edition – my little home personal assistant !

Many people find me odd that I don’t really use air-conditioner (AC) when I sleep especially in our hot and humid tropical climate. Of course, there are nights when they are so unbearable I do switch on the AC for my rooms before I going to bed. The biggest reason why I don’t fancy using AC is that I often wake up in the middle of the night feeling very cold even though at the point of sleeping, the AC temperature was set to a nice temperature. Typically, I would be awoken at night as I feel so cold at night, then I need to switch off the AC and switch on my fan for the rest of the night. So for not so hot night, I prefer to sleep with solely the fan so that I won’t get interrupted at night due to “freezing” temperature.

When I came to know of Ambi Climate ,a device so smart, uses machine learning and smart sensors to adjust the AC’s temperature to my comfort preference while I am sleeping, I become curious. I hope that I may able to sleep peacefully throughout the night without being awaken by cold and freezing temperature ever again.

Unboxing it 

When the package came, I was amazed that it is actually a very tiny device  – just a palm size. For me , I just placed it next to my bedside as it needed a power point and it is in line sight of the AC. It is just an inconspicuous little device but little did i know the benefit I can gain from it will be immense – the first of its kind in the world – an AI enabled smart AC controller. It has a sleek minimalistic Danish design which would fit any home decor easily.

At first use, 

The setup was a breeze, with just an initial one time pairing. Download the  Ambi Climate app (available on app store and play store) in your phone and pair Ambi Climate with the AC within minutes, you will be synced to Ambi Climate!  It was just less than a 5 minute setup for a tech noob like me. Even if you can’t find the model of  AC in the drop down list, you can simply ask the app to search and pair.( I actually didn’t check the model before hand as I was confident it would work) It works with almost every brand and model of AC, the whole list is found here. Generally, the rule of thumb would be that your remote control must come with an LCD screen, when in doubt do check with the good folks at Ambi Climate before purchasing to be very sure.

There is only one LED button, once it is in green, it is all set to be your little personal assistant!

this is a simple instruction that came in the box ..i dont think it can get any easier than this!

The key for the first 2 weeks is to constantly give feedback to Ambi Climate so that the device “learn” what is your preference level of temperature of comfort. This is what Machine Learning is all about – teaching a machine to learn from data provided and adapt its program to mirror what it learns – which basically means Artificial Intelligence. The device analyses how temperature, humidity, sunlight , weather and time of the day affect the overall thermal comfort. With on-board sensors and external data (local weather via an internet based service), and combining with my own feedback, Ambi Climate is able the adjust the AC to my comfort. My husband ask what temperature did i set it to, I don’t really know, all I did was to let Ambi Climate know whether it was a bit cold, too warm or comfy.


Loving it

Do you know that you can actually switch on your AC before reaching home using the app? Especially when you have sleeping kids in the car and you got to have the most successful transition from the air-conditioned comfort of the car to home ! Ambi Climate does just that! Ain’t my home become a little smarter , all thanks to Ambi Climate. With the use of geo-location, the AC intelligently turn itself on when I reach a certain distance from my home.

The biggest benefit in having the ability to predict your comfort level, it means setting the AC at the correct temperature thus conserving energy and saving electricity (means saving money on your bills).  As you can see, the many adjustments made throughout my sleep.

The 2nd edition comes with 4 mode – Comfort, Away, Temperature and Manual.

Comfort mode which is the main reason why Ambi Climate is so smart  -it allows Ambi Climate to take control over the AC of coz this is the mode that you should be using most of the time. Temperature mode focuses on your own selected temperature and the AI adjust all other elements to meet that temperature. Manual mode  simply mean replace AC remote to using the Ambi Climate app on your phone – just the typical function of the AC remote. Away mode is for user who work long hours or travel a lot hence they are able to make use of Ambi Climate to maintain the level of heat/cold/humidity of the room/home. Away Mode will make sure your plants, pets and clothes are protected from unwanted moisture and extreme temperature .Once you have set the Away mode, Ambi Climate will only turn on your AC when the thresholds are met, and only for long enough to bring conditions back to “acceptable” levels.

There is also a timer function where you can configure the timing when you need a particular mode to be switch on or off. You can set the temperature when you wake up too as well.

I also constantly getting email updates from Ambi Climate of simple tips and reminders how to use Ambi Climate to make my home smarter and my life better.

I guess the biggest benefit from having Ambi Climate is my uninterrupted sleep, I am having the most comfortable sleep in recent weeks with the AC switch on. However, nothing beats knowing that there will be savings in my electricity bills. If there is anything I can critic which is not really Ambi Climate’s fault per say, due to the constant adjustments to temperature to the AC, I constantly hear the AC beeping sound whenever the AC temperature is adjusted automatically. As you can see, there are many adjustments made throughout the night to the AC temperature to ensure that I will be in my most comfortable temperature when sleeping. I will have both my AC switch on from now on – the air-conditioner and Ambi Climate!




Ambi Climate 2nd edition is retailing at SGD 199 and you find the local retailers in this link


The giveaway is being administered by the folks at Ambi Climate.

Do participate in the short survey and you may be the lucky one to Ambi Climate which has been helping me have uninterrupted sleep.

Giveaway ends August 13th, 2018 at 11:59 pm (GMT +8). One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Entries on behalf of another person and joint submissions will not be accepted.

Disclosure: I received the Ambi Climate for the purposes of my review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.
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ACT 3 INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Mermaid Theatre

Media Invite

We had previously watch a similar black light theatre presented by ACT 3 International. Our maiden experience had brought an entirely new theatre experience to me and my kids. Not only did we enjoy the well-loved story line, we were constantly figuring out how the puppetteers move around without being seen. We are in a treat again as ACT 3 International presents another well-loved children tales – Rainbow Fish by the same folks who brought The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites last year.

This Asian premiere is based on the award-winning book by Marcus Pfister about a beautiful multi-coloured fish who learns to share his prized possession – silvery scales – and gains an ocean of happiness through renewed friendships. This magical work of black light theatre and world-class puppetry brings together three tales – The Rainbow FishRainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea and Opposites – and is suitable for 3 to 8 year olds.

‘The Rainbow Fish’  by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Canada

Mermaid Theatre has earned international acclaim for its unique interpretations of famed storybooks such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Swimmy; and Guess How Much I Love you in productions that have touched hearts around the world with innovative puppetry, striking scenic effects and evocative original music.

Dates and times:
20 August (Monday) 10am, 2pm
21 August (Tuesday) 10am, 2pm
22 August (Wednesday, Public Holiday) 10.30am, *2.30pm
23 August (Thursday) 10am, 2pm
24 August (Friday) 10am, 2pm
25 August (Saturday) 10.30am, *2.30pm
26 August (Sunday) 10.30am, *2.30pm
28 August (Tuesday) 10am, 2pm
29 August (Wednesday) 10am

*Inclusive of 40-minute backstage tour for 22 Aug, 25 Aug & 26 Aug 2018 (2.30pm shows).

Venue:Victoria Theatre

Duration: 1 hour

Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years old

For booking , click here






ACT 3 International has kindly sponsored a pair of Cat 1 tickets for 1 lucky winner for the 10.30am show on 25 Aug 2018

1. Liked FB pages of and ACT 3 International

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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 5 Aug 2018 2359pm (Sun)

IG winner: Salinaaa_

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