Monitoring with D-Link’s Full HD 180 Degree Outdoor Wi-fi Camera DCS-2670

This is my second review of a D-Link product. My first review was for D-Link wi-fi extender which has proved to be a godsend as I have connections throughout my home which translated to savings $$ for me for the past month. Since the installation of the wi-fi extenders, I have not burst my monthly data package. There was no blind spot at all as I have been surfing at different parts of my home. You can read all about it here.

When I was approached to do a review of D-Link latest full HD outdoor wi-fi camera, I was quite skeptical of its usage in Singapore. I didn’t quite know if I would need such a product in my home especially so that it is meant for outdoor use. Well, to me I think Singapore is one of the safest countries to live in and I often have little security concern living in Singapore. Unlike my relatives living in Malaysia, security is the major concern, besides having video camera , they will also have gates even in the home itself not just outside.

I have many friends who have invested in wi-fi camera but it was mainly for monitoring of domestic helper. To date, I didn’t quite need a wi-fi camera at home as I do not have a domestic helper . Recently, it did cross my mind that my household would need such a wi-fi camera ever since my kids started school (big J used to attend student care) and came home straight from school. I didn’t quite know what they are up to after school and the tiger mum in me wants to know if they are following  the time table that we have jointly agreed on. I don’t like the idea that they are idling away after school (yes, I know they need play time too but to me , they will get play time when they have finish their work and revision).

And this being an outdoor wi-fi camera, I actually ask what would be a major selling point for this product in the Singapore context, they told me that it will be very useful for  monitoring of home during vacation. I was sold as we often travel as a family for holidays  so I will have a peace of mind  whenever the whole family is away.

Some other reasons for installing such an indoor wi-fi camera it to monitor kids, help, elderly, pets when they are outdoors or even for strangers looking for your helper at home. Given that I do not have a helper or a pet, I do not have such concerns but yes, I would like to monitor my kids for sure.

It comes with outdoor mounting kit. However, for my usage, I didn’t want it to be fixed to a location, hence i didn’t have it mounted. I want to get the best of both, ie indoor and outdoor usage.

This is the latest Full HD 180 Degree Outdoor Wi-fi Camera DCS-2670 from D-Link.

As this is my first wi-fi camera, I do not really have a point of comparison, however I will let you know how useful it has been to me as I have been using it for the past month. It is such novelty to me now as I can easily “peek” into my kids , yes they do know there is a camera on their desk, however, I wont be so free to peek at them all the time too.

  1. It has a super wide angle view – perfect for outdoor monitoring

This is the location where I left my outdoor wi-fi camera. As I didn’t want to have it mounted, it will be easier if i just place it at ground level so long i can a 18 degree view of my front porch whenever my family is out for days. I do not think it is necessary to monitor when we are out for a few hours ( I do think its very safe in Singapore) but it will definitely be good to have it switched on when we are away for days.

2. Built-in IR LEDs to capture video in up to 16 feet of complete darkness

I am not sure how well other indoor wi-fi cameras capture in darkness, but since this product was meant for outdoor use, it has to be able to capture picture and video in low light or even darkness. This is a photo taken when my kids are asleep – the room was in total darkness. It is perfectly clear even in such darkness and I can see both of my kids cuddled up in 1 bed leaving the other bed empty. In fact, you can also use this as a baby monitor as it is so clear in complete darkness.

photo as taken using the mydlink Lite app and saved into my phone

3. Capturing of picture and video   

As I mentioned, I was toying with an idea of getting a wi-fi camera early this year to monitor my kids after school. Now, I am able to have quick glances of my kids when they are back from school while I am at work. Besides just viewing on your smart phone, you can easily capture images and videos using the mydlink Lite app. However, if you need a playback of the video, then you would need to slot a micro SD card and configure in the web GUI to have it recorded and saved in the micro sd card. It has record up to 235 hours on a 128GB micro SD.

this is a screengrab from the mydlink Lite app to show you the functions and view you can get from your smart phone

Recently, there was a day (the above screengrab was taken on that day) that the older kids had to be home alone as the grandparents were away and both myself and my husband couldn’t take off from work. So, the wi-fi camera was a godsend. We could constantly monitor through the app in addition to calling them at home to make sure that all in well. They were home alone for a good 3 hours and I am glad that we had this wi-fi camera which gave us an extra piece of mind.

4. Sound and motion detection 

I will get a notification  on my smart phone whether there is motion detected via the same mydlink Lite app  – like when someone enters the room, or most importantly if there is an intruder into my front porch etc.

D-Link DCS-2670L retails at SGD 289 at all Challenger outlets.

For my daily usage, I hope to be seeing such a view every time I take a peek 🙂





Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Bromin Tech/Lite – Probably the lightest ergonomic school bag in Singapore!

I was on the lookout for a lighter ergonomic school bag. If you want ergonomic feature in the school bag, the lightest I have seen  is also weighing at 900g plus. Some ergonomic school bag goes up to 1.2kg without book too! So I am very mindful of the weight of an ergonomic school bag, and daddy is not too keen on ergonomic schoolbag due to the “heavier” weight! He is quite happy to get a light and non ergonomic school bag but I have always insisted that the kids should carry ergonomic school bags and I have tried to source for the lightest one possible. Currently the kids are using ergonomic school bags at 900g. Bromin Emporter seems to have heard me by introducing probably the lightest ergonomic school bag in Singapore.

A bit about Bromin, it is a Singapore-based bag maker and importer founded by Gabriel Tay, who is a father himself ie like a parent like me who recognises two facts  – ergonomic bags are heavier and more expensive. Recognising this opportunity and being in the same industry, he has managed to design and manufacture 2 models (pink and blue) to  fill up this gap in the market –  an ergonomic school bag under 0.7kg and priced under SGD 90 (introductory prices) and the best part it has lifetime warranty !

With big J in mind, I had received both models – Tech and Lite to compare and contrast, however, I will be keeping 1 model for big J and the other bag (brand new, used for photography purposes for this review) will be given to one lucky read. Do note that my preference may not be your/your child’s preference.

Bromin Lite (Introductory price SGD 88)

Both models sport very similar back support with plush cushion with waist and chest strap to balance the weight of the bag on its carrier. So in this aspect both models are pretty similar! Its odd that I show the back of the bag instead of the front first because to me this is the most important part of  an ergonomic bag –  its back support!

I would say the Bromin Lite has a more sporty and stylish feel  with the flip top cover and a G-Hook. It has a drawstring opening which opens wide to see all its content.

i liked that Bromin Lite opens up and stay that way to see all its content in a glance!

The front compartment extends inward into the bag so you wont have a “budging” front compartment when your kid stuff all his knick knack in the front compartment.

Measuring at 38cm high, 25cm wide and 21cm, it fits comfortable on my 1.25cm 8 year old and it weigh at a mere 665 g only!

The Lite model has 4 knobs at the bottom -this feature is not found in the Tech model.

Two good size side pockets for water bottle – similar in both models

Bromin Tech (Introductory price S$68)

This model sports similar great back support with plush cushion, waist and chest strap just like Lite model, and 2 side pockets! I would say this model look more like typical school bag and open using a zipper as compared to a drawstring opening in the Lite model.

For the Lite model, you see everything from the top while the Tech model it opens up to the front.  The bag sits upright even when the main compartment is open.

The front compartment is not as roomy as Lite as it does not extend inwards but it does have extra pocket compartments in it with a key holder.

Measuring at 38cm high, 30cm wide and 18 cm deep (slight wider but less deep) and 10g heavier (so negligible!) at 675 g and it fits big J well too!

Side by side comparison

For those who are undecided which model  ( I had a hard time selecting which suits J more), I have more side by side comparison for your decision making.

Its a pretty hard choice and it also very much depend on its user which method of opening he/she prefers – zipper or drawstring!  But from a price point perspective, Bromin Tech seems to be a more economical model at SGD 20 cheaper and have almost similar dimensions and weight! Personally, I prefer a zipper opening to a drawstring version, hence I chose the Tech model for big J which means I will be giving out Bromin Lite to 1 lucky reader – giveaway steps at the end of the blog!

Lifetime warranty

The warranty protect against any manufacturing and material defects. However, it does not cover for any wear and tear from usage. Following the steps in the hang tag, do remember to register your warranty upon receiving the bag to ensure validity of your warranty.

For a limited time only, pre-order the bags online to enjoy $20 off retail price and delivery will be made in November at

You can also check out the bags at all Tom & Stefanie outlets from next week onwards (13 Nov) to let your kids try on the ergonomic bags themselves or order online for free delivery – introductory prices will be valid till end of the year. You can also order it from Lazada.

Bromin Emporter





As mentioned above, Bromin Emporter has given me 2 two different models in blue to review.  I have kept Bromin Tech model for big J as he prefered that model. Hence, I do have the Bromin Lite model worth SGD 108 (in blue) to giveaway. Do note that it is an entirely new ergonomic school bag which I have opened and took photos for this review only. It was not used in any other way. Hence, I would need to arrange for a meetup for collection too , up to my convenience (weekday at Novena, weekend and nights at Potong Pasir).

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Please keep your Facebook shared post and IG shared post public (as indicated in step 3)  in order to qualify so that I can locate your entry.

I will be picking the 1 lucky winners . The giveaway closes on 26 November 2017 2359pm (Sun)

Winner: @iamalicetan

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own

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A bloom for every occasion – A Better Florist

I always think that blooms and flowers are reserved for birthdays or anniversaries but I realised that flowers can be a gift for any celebrated occasions. I know that flowers wither and die and they do not last forever ie the man will say waste of money, but I came to realise that a bloom is a sweet gift to celebrate little milestones / occasions/ birthdays/ anniversaries and the list goes on! That is exactly what A Better Florist delivered to me.

So this wonderful gift was what I got last Friday, which happen to be my last day of work with a company that I had worked for 9.5 years, a company that I had joined shortly after my marriage and I had 4 kids during my tenure with the company. I am truly grateful for the immense work life balance that probably is the reason why I manage to add my brood to above national average too. It was a bitter sweet occasion and a totally emotional-charged day for me and coming back home to see the bloom and the sweet bites made it all better! Believe it or not, the flowers did make my bitter sweet mood all better through the weekend as I prepared for new challenges ahead leaving my comfort zone and probably having lesser time with the kids and blogging. So if you hear less of mypreciouzkids on social media, its probably I was swamped with my new work.

Enough of me and back to the bloom, I chose The Wonderland which was not only had a beautiful bouquet of tulips, macarons and chocolates (which was the extra surprise)! But of course I didn’t quite have a share of the macarons as they are my kids’ favourite dessert  -it came from which is really nice and not overly sweet!

I must also give a shout out to their wonderful CSR by sharing a picture of your bouquet on Instagram by using hashtags  #FlowersDoGood #ABetterFlorist tag @ABetterFlorist and also someone who makes you smile, A Better Florist will deliver a flower to a special needs child at Rainbow Centre. Besides that, one winner will be chosen every month and the winner will receive three free bouquets to the people of their choice!

So as I realise, you don’t really need to wait for a birthday or an anniversary to put a smile on your loved ones’ face or just simply to brighten a long and difficult day like my day last Friday and A Better Florist delivers really fast and fresh too!

A Better Florist





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Wooden toys (i dare say) that last till the next generation – Janod by My Miracle Baby

I have a love and hate relationship with electronic toys..i guess more hate than love. When I had my first kid, I brought lots of toys, electronic ones mostly. It doesn’t help that that a particular well-known imported toy brand had many warehouse sales making the toys a bargain so my house was filled to the brim with electronic toys. I love them as there is so much light and sound effects coming from it and it sounded like the real thing, however, over the years I find it difficult keep track or remove the batteries when not in play for a long time. I also noticed that kids often are very attracted to electronic toys but the span of attention is often shorter and they lose interest in such toys very fast. So with many instances of batteries leakages etc, I have stopped buying electronic toys or any toys that requires batteries in the past years as I do not have the time or energy to keep track of the batteries and also my kids lose interest in it very fast too.

Lately, I am in more into free forms toys – toys like Lego and also wooden toys. I came acquainted to a French brand called Janod.

Janod is a brand which specializing in wooden toys for the past 40 years. They are recognised for their striking range of children’s wooden educational toys, each beautifully designed with bright bold colours with children’s learning in mind. In Singapore, Janod is exclusively distributed by My Miracle Baby

There are many wooden pretend play toys by Janod carried exclusively by My Miracle Baby, I had to think really hard as big C is a little past the age of playing for kitchen sets and I have 2 younger boys. Do I get a “boy” toy for the sake of the 2 younger ones like the tools set or a kitchen set?  Finally I decided I should not segregate what is consider boy’s or girl’s toys but one that they would be most keen in and I always seen them gearing to a particular pretend play set at play gym etc –  a kitchen set. No one say boys can’t play kitchen set, or that it is a girl toys – in fact my 8 year old boy plays with it too!

The kids were so excited when they saw their latest toy. All toys will give the same effect however, a good toy is one where they are use their imagination during play and many hours of play thereafter, that is when parents feel that its money’s worth and on my part, I do not have to worry about removing the batteries in case of leakages!

There were a few kitchen/cooking set by Janod carried by My Miracle Baby but the French Cocotte Maxi Cooker caught my attention as it doesn’t look too girly..the other set was all pink and sweet.

Let me spam you some pictures how cute is this set. The detailing is superb right down to the “feet” which are  like chicken feet.

love this wooden clock, perfect for teaching the middle two about time

these stick on with magnet!

even the pot handles are in chicken motif and the dials are shaped like eggs!

comes with a hook to hand the red mitten

really cute!



even the handles are rooster motif

Enough on how beautiful is this set as kids probably can’t appreciate it as much as the mummy. To them, it will be how much fun hours can they get out of it – especially there is no light and sound effect.

It is interesting that my 2 year old seems to be enjoyed the kitchen set the most of my 4 kids. He will spend a good time playing with it…pretending to wash his hand at the sink, cooking, cleaning etc. He will also make the water flowing sound when he “washes” his hands at the sink -pretend play at its best.

I also added the existing fruits and food set so make it more fun to play as there are more things to be “cooked”.


Besides pretend play toys, Janod has puzzles, musical instruments, blocks, magnetic books, pull along toys etc, not a single toy by Janod require batteries. So if you are ever looking to invest in some toys or buying as a gift, do look into buying such range of toys and from reputational brands like Janod. I am sure some of the toys can be even pass on to your kids’ kids in future. You can view the full range of Janod toys here.

Besides Janod, My Miracle Baby also carries mummies and kids related products such strollers , swaddles, car seats from reputable brands all over the world –  a one stop webstore for mummies and mummies-to-be too!

My Miracle Baby




Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway of a set worth more than SGD 150 – Can’t get any more natural and organic than Cherub Rubs

Cherub Rubs was founded by an Australian mum of 3 who couldn’t find safe and natural skincare for her babies. When her second baby developed severe nappy rash, she decided to develop her own products to treat him given her background as a naturopath. She created Cherub Rubs , a 100% natural and organic skincare range for infants and kids with sensitive, dry atopic skin or eczema.

Cherub Rubs contains

No synthetic or genetically modified ingredients

No petrochemical

No pesticides

No chemical fertilisers

No chemical preservatives

This brand has 7 products in total. All products are suitable from newborns to adults and even pregnant women (with the exception of Skin Guard Plus which are targeted for kids above 3).


Organic baby shampoo

Using lemon oil and orange oil (the smell does need some getting use to but the kids did not complain), this is a super gentle formula to keep big C tresses shiny and soft. I find this formulation gentle especially after exposing her hair to harsh elements such as clorine from the public pool. Given its no more tears with natural sulphate-free foaming action, I also use this on small C as he is in still in the stage of unable to close his eyes when washing hair. I do not want the hair shampoo to leave stinging sensation on their  eyes.

Baby safe hair and body wash

The composition is largely similar to that of the organic baby shampoo (hence the smell is quite similar to that of the organic baby shampoo). I really like the combi of a single bottle for both hair and body especially for boys hair. They only need a small small amount for their short hair, so I preferred the hair and body wash combi for them. I am particularly careful when choosing their body care especially for small J and small C as they have eczema prone skin. However, given that Cherub Rubs is a 100% natural and organic skincare, I didn’t have any worry. What makes it even more wonderful it consist of a blend of essential oils rich in Vitamin A-C-E!

Skin Balm

I always bring skin balm as a cure it all during my travels. I can’t be bringing a bottle for each ailment so skin balm are a quick fix it. From nappy rash to dry skin (due to changes in climate and humidity during travels), Cherub Rubs skin balm contains sandalwood, calendula and chamomile oils to soothe the dry skin while the organic butters and macadamia oil help in the regeneration process. As small C is already off diapers, I wont be able to test this as  a diaper cream. However, I did use it as a moisturizer during travel mode which works wonderful.

Skin Soothe

Small J often feel discomfort when he does out into the hot sun due to sensitive skin.  Using a concoction of aloe vera, centella and calendula oil, the lotion has a cooling effect on irritated skin. Given that only small J has this issue, this bottle is solely for his use. He often cut short his outdoor activities or fall into his grumpy mood when he start scratching due to heat. This product is dual purpose in providing him relief from the itch and also soothe his eczema.

This formulation also works for stings, bites and rashes too!

there are my must- haves for outdoor activities


This is Scatterbugs plus UV protection. This is a 3 in 1 outdoor protection against UVA, UVB (SPF 8), bugs and dry skin. I love how versatile this solution, with just one application it protects my children against UV rays and also keep the mozzies at bay! This save me the trouble of bring a bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of insect repellant during outings. High SPF also generally implies a high level of harmful chemical filters, which are absent in Scatterscreen which is only at SPF8.


This uses lemon eucalyptus oil which is gentler than the usual citronella oil found in most insect repellent. This is definitely one for the newborns and babies. I am often at lost when I bring my babies outdoor as I know most insect repellent are only meant for kids above 1. So I normally will only use mosquito patch for those below 1. With the Scatterbugs, you can apply this even on newborns too!

Skin Guard Plus

This is the enhanced version of the Scatterbugs hence this is recommend for kids 3 years and up, adults including pregnant women. What it has is more lemon eucalyptus oil as compared to the Scatterscreen or the Scatterbugs which I get means more protection for the older kids!

Cherub Rubs



Where to buy


Cherub Rubs has kindly sponsored the same full set (with the exception of Skin Guard Plus) that is being reviewed worth SGD 150 .

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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 17 September 2017 2359pm (Sun)

Winner: @leemiyaki

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Promo code included: Stuck on You’s personalised bento box – join the revolution!

2 years ago when my eldest went to school, I went to Daiso and bought a SGD 2 dollar snack box. Coupled with the fact that he attend afternoon session school and he prefers to eat at the school canteen, I seldom need to a full lunch for him. After the mandatory snack break was implemented late last year, I brought out my SGD 2 dollar Daiso snack box to pack for his snack break which happens at 5pm.

In recent months, due to a popularity of lunch/bento boxes in the social media, my interest was piqued. It definitely cost many times more than the snack box from Daiso but I am attracted to all the pretty lunch boxes and bento boxes made by mummies (ie not some littlemissbento or domestic goddess). The ready-made compartments in the lunch/bento boxes make it easy for “plating” and you don’t need to make rice ball or elaborate cutting of seaweed sheet to create the look and feel of a bento box.

So when I saw Stuck on You newly launched its new range of personalized bento box (which is so so pretty) I need I need to join the revolution.

Its not just any lunch box as I see it with the personalized bento box from Stuck on You, I was given the opportunity (not much of a chef) to create a balanced meal that is pleasing to the eyes of the kids (especially fussy kids).

Given that the kids will be in morning sessions next year onwards, perhaps I could do some simple meals for their recess especially for big C aka miss fussy lee , I truly worry that she has nothing to eat, or rather she eats the same meal. Their primary school has gone forth to introduce healthy eating as part of their school canteen meals – introduction of brown rice, fruits as part of a meal. I truly applaud their effort to create a more balanced and healthier meals for their students, however, it does create any other issue for fussier kids. I heard that they often leave the fruit of the day untouched etc – creating unnecessary wastage. For kids like big J, there won’t be such issue as he is a fruits lover but it is not the case for big C. So I rather I packed things that she eat than for her to waste food.

At first glance

Ordering online through Stuck on You, is a breeze as there is a preview to see how the actual items will look like before ordering.

When the personalized bento box from Stuck on You arrived, (as I have yet to see a bento lunch box IRL)  I thought it was too big for my petite 6 year old. However, after making a full meal (see section Using it), any smaller in size, the portion will not be enough for the going to be primary 1 kid. Both the box and trays are made entirely of food-safe materials , BPA- free and Phthalates-free. Both the inner tray and outer box are dishwasher safe too.

If you were to pack a full meal, you would definitely need a lunch box carrier (instead of stuffing into the already heavy school bag). Stuck on You also have their personalized and insulated lunch box carrier. For those mummies who are “hoarding” Jujube bags (I am also guilty), I did a test, and it fits perfectly into the Jujube Fuel Cell as well (no need to thank me for giving your Fuel Cell a second life)

But what set it apart of the other in the markets , it comes personalized with your child’s name which makes it so so so pretty and one of its kind. There won’t be another similar bento box in the school canteen for sure!

Using it

After receiving it, I was raring to use it . I looks through my social media and stumbled upon a famous dad from Geelong, Australia (which coincidentally where Stuck on You originates as well) on Instagram who packs for his 2 daughters @schoollunchbox. From the various inspirations from IG, I realized that you don’t need to make very complicated food to make your own bento boxes look pretty.

Here are my maiden attempts for different meals – breakfast, lunch, snack, tea break.

The lid is lined with leak proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment. That said, it is not advisable to put water or other liquid. The only recommended are yogurt dip and sauces. I did an experiment by putting yogurt and a sauce and tilting the bento box up and down. See this link for my experiment.  Clearly the yogurt and the sauce did not go into the other compartments. However, the yogurt and sauce does end up on the lid. This will not create an issue if the child finish the food in one go. If the child decide to continue eating at a later time,  the child would need to clean the lid before closing it else the remnant liquid on the lid may go into other compartments.

Loving It        

I like that the Stuck on You’s personalized bento box comes in only 1 size but option of 2 inter-changeable trays. The bento box comes with the 5-compartment plus 1 sauce food tray and you can purchase the sandwich tray  (3-compartment plus 1 sauce) separately (in you do not need purchase another bento box just to fit the sandwich tray).

The first time I made the bento (it wasn’t hard as its all ready materials – fruits, yogurts, green, sausages) , my girl went –  I will eat everything ………except for the raw greens. Ok,  none of my kids eat raw greens but big C only eat 2 types of cooked vegetables, yes two, in the whole wide world. The whole presentation (which doesn’t take too much time on my end) makes her a happier eater.

To make the presentation even prettier, get some pretty food picks (from Daiso) and from bread cutters and your bento boxes will look maybe 60 to 70% of the experienced bento makers.

One of the main uses of bento lunch boxes is for rationing and portion control for obese kids.  The compartments also act as a reminder to the mummies/daddies/helpers to pack the 5 main groups of food for a balanced meal.

It comes in 5 beautiful colours (Navy, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Blue, Mint) and there are many cute design icons and fonts to choose from. I am sure you will have a hard time deciding the perfect personalized design for your child ( I didn’t have such a hard time as OCD wanted the same matchy design with big C’s personalized school kit which was reviewed here. )

photo credit: Stuck on You

photo credit: Stuck on You


I did a few combinations for different colour bento boxes and the design icons just for the fun of it as they are all so pretty!

photo credit: Stuck on You

Stuck on You




Promo code of 10% on all except value pack: soymypkids (valid till 30 Sept 2017)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway & Review of Gakken Science Kits – fun home-based science kits from Japan

I had previously review two awesome products from Gakken Asia – the Go Go workbook series and also New Block. You can read the reviews here.

I am so happy that they have ventured into science kits means big J can benefit from the excellent product range from Gakken Asia. It will be less than half a year more before he will be doing science subject in primary school, but it is my biggest worry as he not only need to handle the current subjects but another subject which may seems foreign to him.

I know that science is all around but I have not done a very good job in exposing him to the wonderful world of science because I am not a very science person myself (though I did science all the way to junior college).

We have dabbled in some home-based science experiments through subscription boxes before and it is true that kids are naturally curious and wanting for more. I couldn’t be more glad when Gakken Asia send across three of their best-sellers science kits for my kids to try. There are many more of such science kits but these are the 3 sets that have been translated from Japanese for the use of the English speaking market.

Air Magic Experiment Kit

I chose to open this as I thought it offered the most hands-on interaction and seemingly most interesting of the 3 kits. All the materials are provided with the exception of 2 AA batteries. The set focuses on airflow and nature of air and its levitational ability. An easy to understand guidebook is also part of the kit to guide parents and child on types of experiments to try.

There are in total 15 types of experiments coming out from this kit.

Nature Observation Telescope Kit

This was the second kit that we attempted to do. It requires the child to build their own light weight telescope. So the first part of the “fun” is to assemble your own telescope.

The booklet that comes with the kit will give some ideas on how to do observation through this telescope. It is also advisable to prepare a notebook so that your child can jot down his observation.

3 Colour LED light

And the final kit, was the 3 Colour LED light. Another quick- to -assemble  science kit just like the telescope which is the part of the initial fun. Thereafter we have to wait for night time or a dark room to perform the suggested experiments.

The guide book that comes with the 3 colour LED light kit.

We waited till it was dark to do a few of the suggested experiments. The 3 primary colour torchlight can be used to lit transparent object and create shadow. One of the suggested experiment is to shine the light onto transparent object  and you will see a kaleidoscope of colours spreading after the object. We will be trying this next once i get some samples of transparent objects such as egg packs, transparent spoon or PET bottles.

did you know the interception between the 3 primary colours is WHITE! When you widen the dial on the torchlight, from the 3 colours, you will be able to found 7 colours too!


indulging in some shadow play too

Next we can also do shadow play with the 3 colour LED torchlight . It is more fun that the typical torchlight that only emit 1 colour. With the 3 colour LED torchlight, you can see an array of colours projected. There is an experiment to see the shadow in 3D , where we only use the red and blue lights. With home made 3d glass (paper pattern provided in guide boo)., you will see the shadows appearing in 3D.

As the science kits are original produced in Japan, the guide books have been translated into English, however, the English translation may not be at its best. That said, there wont any difficulty understanding the instruction and guide based on the translated English.

Even though there are a plethora of home-based science experiments that you can find on youtube or on the internet, we often lack the materials and initiatives to perform them at home. Hence subscription boxes and science kits are the next available option (lazy mummy) to do some science experiments at home.

These science kits are excellent for rainy days where we were stuck at home and we can indulge in some family bonding and at the same time discover some science and hopefully to fuel the kids interest in the science subject.

Currently the science kits can be purchased at the following locations:

Gakken Asia




Gakken Asia has kindly sponsored 3 Colour LED light science kit worth SGD 25.90 to 1 lucky reader.

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FB: Winnie Low

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Review (promo included) – IMPACT IPEG-223 Comfort Spinal Protection Backpack ergonomic school bag

2 years ago when I started to source for an ergonomic bag for big J, I was introduced to Ergoworks’ range of Impact ergonomic school backpacks. See here for my previous review  and 1.5 years old on , due to the “abuse” by my 8 year old boy, I think it is still in pretty good condition and if I were to trade in due course, I will get a 20% discount of regular priced ergonomic bags at Ergoworks which is savings to the parents.

Now it is big C’s turn to search for a suitable school bag back to start her formal schooling and I didn’t have to look any further as I am happy with the quality of Impact school backpacks for the past 2 years. I was delighted to see a new range of adjustable ergonomic bags which wasn’t there during big J’s time and the bonus part, it comes with adjustable height as well which is the IMPACT IPEG-223.

IMPACT is the ONLY ergonomic brand internationally endorsed and recommended by Singapore Physiotherapy Association and The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and is a receipient of many awards proudly displayed at the showroom.

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. This is especially critically for children as they grow in height and size and what is suitable for them now may not be the case say 1 year later. One way is to change the item every time the child outgrows it, which is costly, the other way is to have an adjustable feature in the item.

Even though I was quite set in getting the IPEG 223, I decided to look at the wall of school backpacks and see if there are other suitable models that big C can carry. I had actually forgotten to take the whole wall of school backpack, the photo below was probably 1/3 of the entire wall of school backpacks. I am sure you will be spoilt for choice but ultimately you need to see which backpack fits your child best!

So I narrow my choices down to these 3 models. We did try the similar model which is the boxy model that big J has been using and it comes in 2 sizes (the ones in purple) which is IMPACT IM-0037A and IMPACT IM-0050A (which also comes in navy blue – which is big J’s bag, royal blue, pink and the purple shown in pic).

The IMPACT IM-0037A was too overwhelming for petite big C (that was the same size that big J started with so I guess big J was slightly bigger and taller at the same age) but the IMPACT IM-0050A was really perfect for her size and it comes with the most beautiful pink lining. I actually would have preferred this model as it has been tried and tested by big J for the past year – roomy, see it all in one glance, but big C insist she wanted the pink IPEG 223. The only drawback of purple bags is that there is no height adjustment for the  IMPACT IM-0037A and IMPACT IM-0050A

bigger model, a tad too big for big C

smaller model, just perfect for big C now!

comes with the prettiest pink lining!

Next, we tried the IPEG-223 which is the newest model , one of the lightest adjustable height ergonomic backpack.

IPEG – 223 fits big C perfectly at the lowest height adjustment

Thanks to 4 steps multi-height adjustable buckles, the bag is suitable for kids from height 110cm all the way to 170 cm. Big C is at 110cm hence, she is at the lowest height setting for now. The next adjustment will be when you notice the waist padding goes above the child’s waist, which means the child has grown taller and require an adjustment to the bag.

The most important thing to note is that the bag should be align to the shoulder of the child. The backpack should not be significantly wider than the shoulders for a proper fit . The base of the backpack should be not lower than the top of the hip bone.

Adjusting the  4 steps multi height adjustable buckles is also very simple and you have to do it only once until your child outgrown the current adjustments.

photo credit: Ergoworks

suitable for kids from 110cm to 170cm in height

a 90 degree turn will remove from the buckle and to put it on, in opposing 90 degree turn

the bag also feature a slight spacing between the back of the neck and the backpack so that there is no brushing of the backpack again the body which is the improved feature in new bags

Parachute rings are to assist in the proper adjustment of the straps

photo credit: Ergoworks

Besides that, Anthony from Ergoworks had also patiently go through the correct method of wearing and adjusting your child’s bag. It is pointless having an ergonomic backpack but not using it correctly. Anthony advised never wear the school backpack from the height of the floor but to place the backpack on the chair/table before wearing the backpack and adjusting the parachute rings to tighten the straps thereafter. There is a also a chest belt to distribute the weight evenly on the wearer.

The IPEG 223 is one of the lightest adjustable ergonomic backpacks at 950g and with a height of 28 cm. Some of the other noteworthy features of the bag includes  Comfy U Neck Fit Back straps, USA 3M Scotchlite Reflective Safety Materials ,  Patented Chest Stabilization Belt and High Quality Self Repairing Recoilless Zipper with Loop Lock Design.

This is the main bag, the heaviest books should be placed at the back of the bag

this is the middle compartment with pockets

front most compartment for wallet etc

IPEG-223 comes in two colours – perfect for your prince or your princess!

Retailing at a special discounted price of SGD149 (original price SGD 169) and comes with a 180 days warranty and an option to trade in with a 20% discount off the future school backpack’s price.

Besides being one for the biggest ergonomic school bag suppliers in Singapore, Ergoworks  showrooms (details below) are also your one-stop solution on all things ergonomic – from ergonomic tables to chairs both for kids and adults. A visit to their showroom in Marina Square (which was the showroom that I visited), you will be in awe at the range of ergonomic products, from chairs, recliners, workstations for kids and adults, LED lights etc and even water bottles for kids! You may end up with items that you can improve your own livelihood as well as it is not just catered to students and children but to adults too!





Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337 Marina Square

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6837 3370


176 Orchard Road #03-36 Centrepoint

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6836 8488

Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square #03-26 Causeway Point

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6893 8488

For the benefits of readers of mypreciouzkids, Ergoworks has kindly included a free gift with every purchase of IMPACT ergonomic bag at any of the 3 outlets. All you have to do is to print and present the image below when purchasing an  IMPACT bag between 2/9 to 30/9/17 to be entitled to the free gift. Its great for kids who are already starting to use laptop as part of the school curriculum.





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Review – D-Link AC1750 Extender DAP-1720 – no more dead wi-fi zones ever!

From beauty blogging, now I venture into tech blogging. Ok, I am not technologically savvy though i graduated from Nanyang Technological University (ok, i know corny but i just had too). I seldom using the word technological in my blog (unlike the word parenting) so it kind of reminded me of my uni’s name. Even putting up this blog on wordpress platform etc has been an uphill task for me even. However this product that I will be reviewing (besides my DSLR, this is probably the next gadget that I really need in my life) is a life saver especially for some one like me that is ALWAYS connected to the social media.

I moved into my new place ( a bigger home) some 2.5 years ago using the same old router given by Singtel. This also means that I have been plagued with dead wi-fi zone areas for more than 2 years since moving in.  So instead of looking to solve it (I don’t really know if an extender would solve my problem and not willing to splurge on a router) I switch to use my 4G signal instead of the wi-fi signal whenever i am in the dead wi-fi zone. My husband is also not tech savvy as he graduated with same degree and same uni as me and he is not in gaming nor like me into social media etc, so he wasn’t concern at all for the lack of wi-fi in certain areas in the home. He just need the bare minimum to go his office work and some news reading online.

I have a data package of 10GB and I will exceed  every single month! And the biggest contribution besides using it during my mrt commute, would be home! Else I am always connected to free wi-fi, office, gym and SOME parts of the home.

It is really ironic when I have wi-fi connectivity at home but I had to use my 4G data package. I did consult the IT manager in my office on how to solve my home issue however, as I wasn’t sure  and confident that a wifi extender could solve my connectivity problem at home.

Dlink introduced me their latest extender the D-Link AC1750 Wireless Range Extender (launched in June 2017 , making me one of the first few home users to review this). I crossed my fingers that it help solved my 2 years plus connectivity problem at home and I hope it is user friendly enough for a tech noob like me!

A quick intro how D-Link AC 1750 works to extend an existing wireless network

At first glance

Basically this is a plug and play device. It is very small and compact but do not belittle by its size, it supports Wireless AC Speeds up to 1750 Mbps(450 Mbps on the 2.5 Ghz and 1300 Mbps on the 5 Ghz).

There are a few ways to setup this up as shown in the video. I preferred to use the Dlink QRS mobile app to help me with the installation as I didn’t use my home PC.

Using a one touch configuration (there is only a switch one/off button by the side as the main power outlet button is concealed by the device) using a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (“WPS”)  push-button (the circle button in front), the light will turn amber in search for wireless network signal.  The WPS light will turn solid green once the extender has connected successfully.  I used my smartphone for the setup . I was required  to connect at first to the default wi-fi name and password found in the wi-fi configuration card that come with your device (you can change the wifi name and password later at setup). Thereafter, the D-Link QRS mobile apps will prompt you to rename the dual band wifi networks and its respective passwords

Using it

What I really like it that is really compact and light. As it is a plug on device, you don’t need to place in on any table,  just any free available power outlet will do. If you compare it again the power outlet , its roughly twice the size of the power outlet. Even for a tech noob like me, setting it up it really a walk in the path especially if you use my method, use the mobile apps (ie dont need to a PC to setup even). Else the other method is similarly as easy for some one with no IT background what so ever. The trick is to find a sweet spot to be able to get a strong wi-fi signal in order to extend its range to cover for the dead spots (with the help of the Smart Signal LEDs – elaborated below).

Loving it

So in the room (room A) that I have zero connectivity, I had the extender placed just outside that room, and voila…full bar connectivity.

There is another room (room B) whereby I also wish that the network can reach as well, but as it is on another floor compared to the room A and the location of the extender, I do not get the full strength however, it is much better than before. I am still searching for the sweet spot to place the extender with help of the Smart Signal LEDs so that both room A and room B can sufficient wi-fi .

The extender comes with a Smart Signal LEDs which will assist home users to locate the optimal location to place your extender. So 1 bar means weak while 3 bars means very strong signal.

credit: Dlink SG

It comes in dual-band either on 2.4GHz or 5 GHz. The main differences between the bands – the higher frequency ie the 5 Ghz provide more bandwidth and faster communication while the 2.4 Ghz are for devices with lower bandwidth requirements. Things that require higher bandwidth are like streaming of high quality video, online gaming and internet/video calls.  So I guess I will choose the 5 GHz band for my kdrama on my smartphone.

The device also comes with an Ethernet port for those want to extend their wireless network using Ethernet instead of wi-fi.  For household with wireless surveillance camera, baby monitors etc, this extender will remove the need of installing Ethernet cable for each of the device.

credit: D-Link SG

For those who is looking for a very technical review with speed test etc, I do apologise that I am unable to review it from that angle. Having said that, the D-Link AC1750 Extender DAP-1720 has done its job well in extending an existing wi-fi signal so that I can get signals from most part of the home and no longer need to rely on my 4G data package. So if i were to average out the cost of additional charge that i pay for my additonal 4G (approx SGD 20 a month) vs the cost of the extender, I will break even in less than 6/7 months. I guess it will make sense to own one.

D-Link AC1750 Extender DAP-1720 retails at SGD 139 at all Challenger outlets.





Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway and Review of Yijan musical electric toothbrush

I don’t really have an issue with my kids not wanting to brush their teeth. In fact even the 2 year old loves to take the tooth brush to “brush” his teeth, or rather bite as he doesn’t really know how to brush. However, I do have an issue with the older kids brushing their teeth so fast within record time, probably in half a minute or less. Ok,  I am also guilty of it myself as I don’t think I spend more 2 minutes brushing my teeth.  How do I as a parents ensure that my kids does a minimum 2 minutes of effective brushing (which is the recommendation by dentist)?

While it has not been proven that electric tooth brush is better than manual toothbrush, one thing for sure, children who are reluctant brushers or have difficulty brushing with a manual brush, an electric brush may be easier or more comfortable to use. For the child like small C , who doesn’t really know how to brush their teeth, an electrical toothbrush will also help in maintaining his oral hygiene.

Most branded electrical toothbrush for kids requires an app to be installed in the smart phone as a timer and to encourage the kids to brush longer and more effectively. For the first few times, it may be fun to use as there is sound and visual, but after a while, I really worry that my phone goes swimming in the sink when I couldn’t supervise them in their teeth brushing process.

In replacement of having an app on the smartphone, Yijan has created an innovative electrical, musical and waterproof tooth brush has a brushing teeth song that guide little kids the correct way to brush their teeth.  Besides having the song, the toothbrush has  a vibration of 8000 strokes/minute to stimulate growing gum.  Besides that, each tooth brush come with a cute cap to keep the brush head clean from germs and bacteria.

My kids were to excited when they saw the Yijan toothbrush due to the cute design. Well, they didn’t really know what was it until the remove the cap. When they realise the toothbrushs play music, it was an even bigger surprise. They have been asking very diligently to brush their teeth every night all thanks to the song. Also thanks to the song they have been brushing their teeth for a cool 2 minutes.

I didn’t know that brushing teeth can be fun but my kids loved their new toothbrush. They get very tickled by the song too. However if the kids are brushing at the same time, I recommend one toothbrush to be on silent mode and while the other with music on.

Yijan musical toothbrush comes in 3 very pretty colours: Pink, Blue and Mint (Green)

photo credit : Our One and Only

For the starter Value Pack, it comes with 2 toothbrush head ( silicone toothbrush and small nylon bristle brush head). The silicone toothbrush is suitable for kids age 3 and below while a small nylon bristle brush head for kids age 3 years to 9 years old. For older kids between 9 to 12, they have medium nylon bristle brush head (purchased separately) All brush head can be bought separately  for replacement(prices below). Using just 1 AAA battery, it can last up to 2 months. It is recommended to change the brush head every 3 months.

credit: Our One and Only

Price of the musical toothbrush is $36.90 and comes with 1 year warranty on the motor.

Especially for the readers of mypreciouzkids , you can purchase the online at $26.90 instead of $36.90 using the discount code : jamiempk . For online purchase, you can opt for the toothbrush head size that you prefer.  You can also purchase at Bove by Spring Maternity.

You can hear the full song via this youtube video.

Replacement toothbrush can be bought from Our One and Only online store or at Bove by Spring Maternity.

Silicon brush head: $5.90

Nylon small brush head: $6.90

Nylon medium brush head: $7.90

Our One and Only


Facebook /Facebook




Our One and Only has kindly sponsored one set (colour of your choice) worth SGD 36.90 to 1 lucky reader.

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Please keep your Instagram profile public (as indicated in step 3)  in order to qualify so that I can locate your entry. I will be picking the lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 6th Aug 2017 2359pm (Sun).

winner: @syasya101088

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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