Review: All-New Superior Cool Max pillow from Origin Mattress – support and comfort like no other

In Collaboration with Best in Singapore

One thing in my home I do not mind paying top dollar for are bedding, mattress, bed sheet, pillow, quilt etc.  My mattress is the MOST expensive item in my household, costing more than my TV as I see it as 10-year (or longer) investment and we spending minimally 8 hours a day on it. Similarly for bedsheet and bed linen,  I go for high thread count as comfort for 8 hours of my day is of utmost important to me personally!

As yet, I have not try out latex-based pillows which are famed for being cool and super comfy.

When the invitation to try All -New Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow from the creators of the award-winning Origin Mattress, I didn’t hesitate one bit in my pursuant to have the best sleep experience in my home.

I have used this pillow for 1 week and here is my review. These are my 3 reasons I do think that this is a good choice of pillow albeit being a bit pricey but for the comfort and durability, I truly believe it is well worth the money.

1. Super cooling using ultra cooling tech technology

I usually sleep in non air-conditioned room and the pillow doesn’t feel warm at all. The pillows comes with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover (to extend the pillow’s life in the long run) . Latex as also known to be good for heat dissipation and it is ideal for hot weather climate.

2. Comfort

Often compared with memory form, latex pillow are bouncier and softer hence more comfortable. Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft and comfy.

Latex is also antifungal and hypoallergenic, which makes it a hygienic, comfortable pillow choice.

3. Finally, most important of it all, support like no other. Being of denser material compared to memory form, it gives you the right level of sleep support. The pillow is moulded to my head and neck. With proper support to head and neck, it relieves pressure on the cervical spine. This ensure that I wake up well rested – no sore neck, shoulder or back!

Thanks to my latex pillow from Origin Mattress, I have well-rested and better quality of sleep the past week!

Origin Mattress also offers super fast delivery where you can receive within 2 hours, 30-Night trial and money-back guarantee.

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Best in Singapore tells us where to get the best durians

With the deluge of durian resellers in the markets and every one is jumping onto the online bandwagon to sell durians (I even heard of beauty stores selling durians), who do you choose from. Of course, there are the old-time favourites but some of them are not so nimble in terms of fuss-free ordering and delivery. With the prices getting more transparent online, how does the quality differs from the famous one vs the newer online vendors?

Here comes website like Best in Singapore which get durian lovers like me to try out the current offerings in the market. They sent me 3 different variants of durian to try from Durian Delivery. I have not had my share of durian since the season starts – so this is my first time trying  durians from this season’s harvest.

I was gifted 3 types – red prawn, Mao Shan Wang and Black gold (each 400g) to sample. I love all kinds of durian frankly, no preferences but when you put them side by side in 1 tasting- of course I will have my preferences. Clearly, to me the red prawn was far less superior and had a bigger seed / ie less meat. Taste wise, it is more subdued as compare to the other 2 – two cousins of mao shan wang.  Taste wise for both mao shan wang  is similar -, bitter and sweet and a complex rich after taste.  The black gold was “thicker and creamer” and I felt more full after 1 seed as compared to the rest.

Seed from msw

I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t good but in comparison, I preferred the mao shan wang as it was less heavy. Also it really depends when you are having it – on an empty stomach , black gold may hit all the right spots. I had put the remaining durians in the fridge, and I may even get a different dimension and preference after having them later on a different timing. I tried the durians at night (after refridgeration) and they really tasted very good especially some moisture penetrating into the flesh hence making the overall taste more moist as compared to initial tasting when the durians first arrived.

That said overall this raining season harvest may have diluted the taste abit(though I am not a durian connoisseur) , I thought I had it better the previous season. But the season has only just begin, a craving is a craving – I don’t think I cant wait for the next season to satisfy my cravings. Don’t wait any longer as you never know when the supply will dwindle or if the quality will be affected by the rainy season . For now, this season offers good and affordable durian (for now -prices fluctuates like share market).

Do follow Best in Singapore for recommendations of best offerings in Singapore, and where to order the best durians in Singapore!




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8 Durian – bringing you the best durians from Pahang with 60-minute express delivery to satisfy all cravings

By the same people from 8 Crab who brought good quality zhi-char crab dishes for home delivery, now they introduced 8 Durian with the same commitment to good quality durian like they did for crabs.

Some of the reasons for their better quality durians – advanced irrigation, no overcrowding at their plantation, using only organic fertilisers , perventive nets so that the durians do not fall to the ground and well-trained durian choppers. For durian lovers, you can read all about their plantation process here

Finally, the transportation process is vital as you get fresh durians that are less than 12 hours from time of plucking. Their shipment arrive twice daily from Pahang and cleared within less than 3 hours. It is a guarantee that the durians arriving at your home is less than 12 hours from the time of plucking!

Here is a snapshot of how to identify mao shan wang for all durian lovers – it will definitely be a good knowledge when you are introducing durian to overseas tourists visiting as they will be in awe with your knowledge.

From their website, you can tell if the durians are in stock or out of stock and the prices reflects the current prices and it fluctuates depending on the supply.

Here was my recent order from 8 Durian to satisfy my family’s cravings.

I was sent all 3 variants to try – all mao shan wang but of different grades  – A, AAA and premium black gold.

Premium Black Gold Durian – Pahang High Mountain Plantation
Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’- Pahang High Mountain Plantation
Musang King 15 Year Tree Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’

If I had it on its own, all of different variants are very good on its own . But if i really have to die die must choose one, I would prefer AAA grade as the taste is quite similar to black gold at a cheaper price and perhaps less filling. So from a price point and satisfaction of cravings, AAA was good enough for me!

See how much 3 of my kids enjoyed their durians just like their mummy and they cant tell one grade from another ( I only have a kid who is anti-durian which i really dont understand why because I am sure I had my fair share of durian when the anti-durian kid was in my tummy).

The one thing I don’t mind paying the higher premium prices for mao shan wang, is the quantity of flesh-look how small the seeds are! You really get a lot of flesh as compared to their cheaper cousin like red prawn which has much bigger seeds which adds to the weight too.

Each box contains 450 +/- 10 grams of wholesome durian flesh and seeds. The flesh to weight to whole durian husk ratio is 1:4, therefore, every package of heat sealed 450 grams of durian will come from 1.8 kg of husked durians. The current prices for mao shan wang starts from sgd 21kg. Do order in the mornings as it is run out of stock in the late afternoon pretty fast.

There is free island wide delivery for orders above SGD 10 orders and for any late delivery or unsatisfactory orders, you will get a full refund via store credits through this form.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have paid additional top-up beyond the sponsored amount. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Whyzee Cake shop – Review and promo code included: When the cake tastes as good as it looks !!

I have a love and hate relationship when it comes to birthday cakes. Annually, I would need to order at least 4 cakes , 1 for each kid or even more as we also celebrated their birthdays in the child care as well/ In my earlier years of motherhood, I was fascinated with fondant cakes as they were all so pretty in photos and in real life however, when the parties were done and dusted, no one ate the fondant layer and it was all thrown away, the remaining cake was often much lesser due to the thick fondant layer covering the entire cake.

Then in recent years, I changed my allegiance to 100% customised cream cake, with decor all done with cream mainly so that there is nothing to be thrown away, all consumed – no wastage. But often, I had to crack my head what design to do, as I wanted the cake to suit the theme of the birthday celebration.

As the kids get older and after more than 1 decade of celebrations, I have tried all themes possible (esp for boys, superhero, cartoons, etc I have done it all), this year’s celebrations were “themeless” , so I can just order any random , off-the-shelf cake without any customisation.

For younger boys’ joint celebration held on Sunday, 14 June (small C turns 5 on 14 June, and small J turns 7 on 18 June), they requested for an ice cream cake – so I ordered a full of gummy bears ice cream cake -nothing fanciful like in the past year due to subdued celebrations , no thanks to Covid.

With all celebrations on Sunday done and dusted , the thought of ordering small J’s a cake for his actual day slipped my mind entirely until an invite by Whyzee cake shop on 17 June to give their cakes a try. Call it mind-reading or just plain coincidence, I asked if it could be delivered the very next day as it is small J’s actual birthday (my past experiences, I had to order a few weeks in advance , no last minute business else no cake!) and guess what, Whyzee even do 1 hour delivery (for cakes, really)

The 1 -hour delivery service is not just 1 or 2 cakes but a very good variety from mango, strawberry shortcake, black forest , rainbow cake, cheese cake – I am certain you can find one of your liking – pretty decent list with classic favourites too!

As I had more than 24 hours between my order and the celebrations, I thought I should also look at the main list to see if there is something more interesting to try and still make it for next day delivery -there was not an inch of doubt, it has to be the Kit Kat M&M cake  (which was delivered on the last slot the next day, I ordered quite late into the previous night).

The real cake looks even nicer than on the website, border all lined with Kit kat and M&M filled the entire top surface of the cake! I don’t think any kid wont be floored by the mere sight of M&M, Kitkat and chocolate cake!! It is like the dream cake of any kid!

The cake passed the look test, now it is down to the taste test, would it be like the fondant cakes i used to order – nice to see, but taste so-so. There were 2 choices of flavour for this variant – vanilla or chocolate – being a big lover of chocolate, I chose chocolate over vanilla and my choice is like the arrow hitting the bull-eye. Moist,fudgy, not overly sweet (it will be if you eat with the M&M and Kitkat ) but on its own, it is just a decadent chocolate cake! All orders come with complimentary cake toppers and candles – just note in the option before carting out.

A bit about Whyzee cake shop, they are an artisanal cake shop located at Clementi . They only use premium ingredients , offers only freshly baked cake with no preservatives. They are also offer eggless and vegan cakes too! They are operating on a totally online model through their website at with 6-inch cakes starting from as low as SGD 39.90 (there is a delivery charge of SGD10, no self collection ,free delivery for orders above SGD 80) . For 1 hour express, the delivery charge is SGD 25 – I would definitely pay for this in order not too miss the actual day celebration – no one like to receive the cake a day late.

Quote JAIMECHAN15 for 15% discount off all orders with no minimum purchase, with expiry on 31 July 2020.

Happy birthday small J




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Beautiful surprise bloom box from Farm Florist

I will be lying if I don’t love receiving flowers, every lady loves flower, young or old. However to many perhaps buying flowers are a waste of money as flowers will wither after a few days, but while the flowers are in full bloom and glory, they do make the recipient happy and also cheer up the house whichever corner the bloom is placed. I know of a friend who will randomly purchase flowers for her home just to perk up her spirits and home #selfcare.

When I received this surprise bloom box from Farm Florist, I felt simple joy seeing receiving such a pretty bloom especially being stuck at home for such a long time and with so much gloom in the world. I don’t received flowers on a regular basis as my other half don’t believe in gifting flowers for any occasions but for those who are in the same predicament as me, be like my friend, order a bloom for yourself once in a while, no harm, makes yourself happy, makes your home pretty #selfcare.

The pricing at Farm Florist are pretty affordable, the cheapest bloom box is priced at SGD 35 onwards and comes with a complimentary printed card message. This is my first time receiving a floral hand carry bag instead of a regular bouquet and I love how pretty the whole arrangement sit without having to transfer it to a vase unlike those typical bouquet in nature.

Farm Florist offers a huge variety of arrangements and flowers -roses, tulip, carnations, lily, gerbera etc and all orders come with free same day delivery too. And if you need 60-minute delivery, you can also use their sister company – One Hour Florist which also offers a good variety of flower arrrangement which includes the surprise bloom box which I received. So if you want to receive fresh flowers, beautiful arrangements and good service at affordable prices, do consider Farm Florist.




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Looking back with fond memories – part 2 Circuit Breaker

As a continuation of the first part of my blog of my experience with HBL plus WFH experience, I guess it is most appropriate to close this strange time with another part 2 as the playing field is totally different as there is no HBL (the start of the brought forward school hols) but with WFH still in effect.

Echo-ing the words from Cat in the Hat – And we did not like it, Not one little bit. I definitely preferred HBL +  WFH phase by a mile. As much as I would instill some routine and discipline during school holidays, the kids slept late, woke up late (which is also good as I do my work with some peace and quiet till almost 11am but it is not a good habitfor growing kids). I did not give them a strict timetable per say not by the hour but just broad guidelines – 1 hour of revision, 1 hour of reading etc – hence the total prescribed hours probably sum up less than 4 hours a day. This was done to give some structure and reduce the hours of loitering and doing nothing at all. Minus the waking hours and time for eating, shower, etc they are still left with lots of unaccounted time which they can practically do anything including controlled screen time.

My plan was executed in hope that the kids will be independent (like during HBL days). Well, it missed by a mile as it is not hard deadline like in during HBL. That said, there is one exception – small C has zero timetable or schedule since the beginning of circuit breakers. As much as I would like him to have one, from my experience in April, he does not follow and does what ever he wants. The lucky thing he still have twice weekly zoom time with his child care teachers in May and I signed him up for a digital camp with SRT  which has proven to be a good off-cycle experience. He has never been to any drama/stage camp before (it is awfully difficult for FTWM logistically send kids for holiday drama camp esp full week camp in normal times). Hence, this was a great experience despite it being conducted online/digital. He gets to do self expression with lots of imagination, immerses in the story of Chicken Little, he doodles in between story telling , etc It was a nice half hour session with adult participation (which is manageable as I need to have a break from WFH and some bonding time with my youngest )

It is almost the end of week 2 of what I called part 2 of strange times with 2 more weeks to go. For part 1, I have thanked the school teachers as they have been equally challenged like us parents. This time round my utmost appreciation to my in laws who have been great at running the household like a clockwork, preparing lunch and dinner, taking care of the kids while me and my husband do our work and take our endless conference calls. I don’t have to be burdened to ensure food is on the table during lunch and dinner time for the family (even calling for home delivery need time and effort).

While we have virtually took a pause in life, learning, tuition,work all have continued in an entirely new form and format given us some normalcy beyond such strange times. I do hope that we will not have another such strange times in our lifetime hence making this time an extra special time when I got to spend 24/7 with my family. To date, I have work more than 10 weeks at home (my company started way before the circuit breaker) , perhaps going to work in the office will be a strange new experience! With that I look back at these 2 months (when life sort of take a pause momentarily)with fond memories of zoom meetings, lots of drawing, doodling, painting and arts and craft, got introduced to nagomi art which become a weekly affair, did some baking, dabbled in some science experiments, joined many colouring contest though we only won once, played board games until I started losing many round of Settlers of Catan and enjoyed daddy’s home cooking on every weekend! We may still have some semblance of circuit breaker after school and on weekends at phase 1 as we are still homebound, outside classes are still prohibited, no outdoor dining which could last for 4 weeks or more.

Hope the kids will have fond memories of this strange time when they look back in future.

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Best toy ever for kids – myFirst Camera 2 for birthdays, Christmas etc,

I love all the myfirst product range from myFirst tech collection which are designed with kids in mind. If you recalled, I reviewed myFirst Fone S2 previously and how I relied on the device to train my eldest to take public transport independently to and fro school being his first smart watch/phone.

Now, we are introduced to another awesome product from the same maker – the kids very own camera! For the past weekend since we received the camera, my kids has been using the myFirst Camera 2 virtually every where in the house and on every member of the household. That is like first “toy” they grab in the morning, and they will go around taking all sort of photos especially with the sticker mode! And the camera is like their companion throughout the day! Never ever had a toy being played for many hours and so many days.

I can attest that this is one of the best “toy” or gift to young kids I would say below 9 years old especially I am an avid photographer myself owning my own DSLR, I do hope one of my kids will appreciate and has an eye of photography to share my love.

5 reasons what make myFirst Camera 2 is THE perfect gift for kids:-

  • Perfect size for little hand – I love how compact and light the camera is, perfect for little hands!
  • Waterproof and durable – comes with a waterproof casing ( made with reinforced high strength polymers for underwater additional drop protection, can be used up to 3m underwater for 180 minutes ) and we tested it for underwater photography too! See sample photo below.
water baby 1
water baby 2
3 water babies together
  • Simple setup – There are only 4 buttons and 1 shutter. Even my 5 year old is able to view gallery, change mode, delete the photos on his own, it is super easy to manuever – idiot proof. See video below of big C sharing the key functions of the camera.
  • Sticker template mode – favourite! – besides being to take photos , the camera also comes with a special mode ( some what like the smart phone camera) , my kids have such fun time posing and be in the picture volunteering be the subject of photography! Here are some fun samples of the photos taken by the kids.
  • Full HD Photos & Videos – here are some sample photos and videos, it is 8MP and it is decent enough for normal photo size printing, this is not meant for blowing up to A4 or A3 sizes.

The photos taken easily be downloaded via the microSD card and a thumb drive reader that has been conveniently provided together with camera. It also comes with a silicon sleeve and a lanyard for extra protection from the rough handling of kids! They even provide stickers to personalise their first ever camera!

For further saving, you can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. The camera comes in 2 colour – blue or pink and 1 year warranty.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Review: 8 Crabs – highest quality crabs in the comfort of home

After days of eating home-cooked food, it is sometimes nice and lovely to order and have restaurant/zi char food delivered for a change. One thing for sure, my kids are SUPER EXCITED with food delivery (as we don’t do it that often probably once or twice a year as we prefer to eat out in normal times). However, in strange times with another month of the circuit breaker and we have been doing food deliveries more often. My in-laws have been great in cooking our daily meals for my big family but I also hope to give them a break at times especially on weekends, so an invitation to try zi-char food delivered by 8 Crabs (they operate out from kitchens and don’t have a physical restaurant) a splendid surprise and I coincided it to celebrate mother’s day in advance (in case, you are like me, totally lost count of the days in the month, mother’s day falls on 10th May, next Sun).

My word of advice, since everyday and every weekend is largely the same now being home bound, do try to avoid celebrating on the actual day itself as the load on the home deliveries will definitely increase and the risk of delayed deliveries will definitely be there.

So for me, since the first weekend of May is a loooonnng weekend, so I decided to have the celebration earlier and give my mother-in-law a break from cooking so I ordered for the night before May Day. 

When u skimmed through the menu the items on offer are largely the same as the rest – chilli crab, black pepper crab, cereal prawns, sweet and sour pork. In fact their menu is not extensive, a few selections for each category of food, which is good as too many choices makes it difficult to decide what to order! Hence they focus on what they are really good at! Crabs! 

So what makes 8 Crabs different is from the rest of the zi char restaurants is their signature Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs which are graded AAA (graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade).  In fact,  8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crab.

You might ask what is the difference between farmed crabs (which is cheaper and what most restaurants use) and wild catch crabs is the ammonia smell. So farmed crabs get stressed easily in captivity and lack of space, when stressed, produce ammonia which is a signed of decomposition. However, wild crabs do not face such issues hence they are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.

To ensure freshness, these wild catch crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to the customers within 12 hours from Sri Lanka (which they broke it down to 4.5 hours via flight to Singapore, 2.5 hours custom clearance, and 1 hour for cooking and delivery time). In order to do one hour crab delivery, they only specialize in  3 signature flavours  – chilli crab, black pepper and salted egg and 1 driver per order.  You can read all about their crab supply here which is quite an interesting new knowledge for me and give me greater appreciation of the food I consume. 

I LOVE (in CAPS and BOLD) eating crabs, and 2 of my 4 kids have also acquired the same food affinity as me! So even with only 3 ways of cooking offered in the menu, I almost wanted to order all 3 varieties (greedy me) for my big family but I finally decided to try two for my first order – chilli crab and salted egg to prevent food wastage. You can choose the size of the crab (from medium 400g to xx large – 1.3kg, SGD 60 to SGD110) , typically I prefer ard 800g crab type based on my previous experiences.

The sizes of crabs that came were as per my expectation, not overly too big , it is super meaty and fresh! They were so generous with the chilli crab gravy and we had so much leftover gravy. Even my mother-in-law commented that the crabs were so fresh – meat peeling in pieces (not so fresh crab meat will clump together )! The salted egg crab version also was very fragrant and offered a nice balance with eating with the chilli crab.

large chilli crab SGD 68

lots of crab roe

check out the super huge mantou….the biggest I have ever eaten, skip the rice , 1 is enough and a quick comparison to regular size mantou

large salted egg crab (SGD 68)

And to cater to my 2 kids (a bit sad they dont enjoy crab but means less to share too 🙂 ) who don’t share my immense love for crabs like me, I ordered prawn paste chicken, sweet and sour pork and butter battered calamari (a favourite for every kid). The non crab dishes are not extra-ordinary, just like regular zi-char offerings so this is to cater for family members who are not big fan of crabs. 

sweet and sour pork (SGD 12)

prawn paste chicken (SGD12)

butter battered calamari (SGD 14)

The food traveled well in their usual zi char boxes, and I have it all plated nicely to mimic the feel of eating in a zi-char restaurant (but at the comfort of home). 

So from 1 crab lover to another , I have tried their highly raved signature grade AAA Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs and it is a must try! Hands up how many crab loving mummies don’t get to eat crab when dining out with the baby (reminisce of my early days of motherhood) because hands get dirty and become so messy caring for the baby! Problem solved by having crab dishes delivered and consumed the comfort of home (just dump baby in play yard with lots of toys)! Of all the dishes tried today, the crab dishes travelled the best, in fact the chilli crab was still piping hot when I was plating it and . I am glad I get to try both way of cooking – chilli crab and the salted egg, I liked them both equally but if you like mantou dipping in chilli crab gravy, then you know which to choose. So if you are craving for crabs or want to treat dearest crab-loving mothers in May, do give 8 Crabs a try! You will not be disappointed! Click here to order.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have paid additional top-up beyond the sponsored amount. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Keep calm and press on: My thoughts on HBL (home based learning) with my primary school kids

24.4.2020 – These are my own rambles after going thru 14 days of HBL (hope I didnt miscount as I wasn’t counting at all) with my p1, p3 and p5. Despite the unfamiliarity with HBL and not having a single platform (yes SLS is the main platform but we have many sub-platforms for teleconferencing, communication, submission which I wil elaborate later) , we (mainly myself with hubby’s help for the only most dire situations) managed to pull through with some screams, some missed live lessons and also because we (me and the kids) learned and adapted so fast when we were put through such a super steep learning curve!

Yes, there is the main platform which is SLS. For live lessons, the teachers were initially using Zoom until some security breached causing MOE to quickly say that Zoom is not to be used. And I think they couldn’t find a better teleconferencing platform and with new security update, MOE quickly U-turned and allowed the use of Zoom. Even though both P3 and P5 use Zoom for their lessons, for my P1’s catch time with teachers and friends , they use google meet – so among my 3 kids, they are already use 2 different teleconferencing platforms.

And there are also various platforms for submission, the easiest for us, parents would be submission directly via SLS. For paper worksheets, some preferred to submit via class dojo, some uses google drive, one even had some google classroom. There are also various places for communication, some communicate via SLS, some communicate via the student’s email on their mconline, some uses class dojo. Especially with you have multiple kids, it is really a big spider web to looking to ensure nothing is miss out so that learning is optimised. It was indeed a very steep learning curve even for a person like me who uses computer for my full time work as I have never used most of the platforms I have mentioned before (but the irony of it all, kids are very fast learners especially when it comes to devices, my P5 is like a pro on Zoom, so I often rely on him for some IT trouble shooting). I hope you are following but if you are, I dont blame you as there are indeed many new things to manage from the get-go.

Do I like HBL? I hate how much screen time there is but do we have a choice. It is not meant to replace actual class setting however, when there is no school to attend, this is really the BEST option as opposed to loitering at home! Even if they are not learning at 100% , they are definitely doing some learning and some revisions done. And there is also some structure and timetable involved. The kids have be ready by 8am – my girl has it the worst as her zoom lessons are always at 8am, but there is timetable/break and disturbing of their siblings. Given the current situation, I do like having the HBL despite the many platforms I need to be familiar with.

We started with 3 kids sharing 1 old laptop, initially thinking that there is minimal live lesson and hence minimal overlapping of live lessons . They can share and toggle between SLS and paper worksheets. However, the reality was not as I imagined to be as the live lessons for the P3 and P5 are too many to keep track off and in order for them to learn to study independently and not to affect my P5 learning momentum, I invested in a new laptop for the P5. So with this new addition, it has reduced the amount of conflict over who can use the laptop which require my intervention in the early days (hence i could concentrate on my work better).

In fact now, I really hope that we can continue the momentum and not stop for 1 month o May. Imagine (touch wood) if the circuit breaker does not end on 1st June, and the school does not reopen, we go back to HBL after 1 month break? I think it is definitely difficult to restart back the momentum but I definitely do not hope for this to happen (ie the physical school reopens in 1 June).For the circuit breaker to continue past 1st June is purely unthinkable!

Of course during the May holidays, I can definitely give my own timetable and homework but the kids are smart, they know it is not school work, they wouldn’t treat it as seriously as school work and will procrastinate and give a million excuses including it is the holidays, we are suppose to enjoy, there is no midyear exam, why need to revise?

Here are my own experiences with my 3 school going kids:-

P1: He is able to navigate the entire SLS on his own and do his work, of course he will constantly bug me on how to spell certain words , or technical issue and totally ignore an entire instruction to submit on class dojo. Last Friday night, I receive a note from his form teachers that he didnt submit his work on class dojo’s portfolio, so apparently it was all mentioned in the SLS. I dont blame him, it is a lengthy instruction and I really dont go thru any of his submission on SLS (same in school i dont go through his work, if he makes a mistake he learns from it). So I did get a bit flustered that I had to spend my Saturday morning completing all the unfinished task on class dojo. With this “lesson”, I will check before the week ends and ensure no unfinished task class dojo (learning curve!). The only thing I really manage actively on his behalf is his live google meet classes (not lesson per say but catching up with teachers and friends, and sometimes when i eavesdropped the P1 , they are all so innocent and naive in their replies and their observations, really make my day) and it happens 3x a week so that is the only thing I keep track off as the google invite goes to my personal email (and of course my P1 wont know how to access and retrieve the link)

P3: She is semi-independent. She is able to operate the laptop and the different platforms , and she is still getting into the rhythm and noting down all her live lessons as she can have as many as 3-4 live lessons a day. Quite a mad schedule and I am in no ability or time to track for her (and she does have the ability to start learning about time manage and also independent learning).Only time she really needed help is when uploaded the completed work into google drive. Once she improved on managing her zoom lessons, she is as independent as my P5!

P5: Being more savvy in devices and being older, I do expect for him to require the least help from me, which is the case. He knows when he need to attend his zoom classes and not lost in the amount of task he has in SLS. Similarly to my P5, I only help him with the google drive submission (simple coz it is easier to take it via phone and upload directly, instead of using the laptop) and sometimes my second line of support when I need help for the younger 2 when face with technical issues.

I actually have 1 more kid not in this picture, my K1, who does have some home based worksheet brought home, but he is the most difficult to manage and frankly I have my plate full ensuring the P1, P3 and P5’s HBL run smoothly, he basically does whatever he wants and probably zero learning! And I foresee my older 3 suffering same fate in May with HBL removed!

I think the biggest difficulties and laments of HBL stemmed of the younger kids (P1, P2) as they are not exposed to laptop, they are not exposed to typing on keyboard and some can’t even sit still for a long time in front of a laptop. Hence, there are more hand-holding by the parents and it is sometimes as good as the parent going through the entire timetable of HBL with the kid (which is not a luxury for FTWM).

To many, there seem to be no light to the end of the tunnel (a reprieve given recently due to the announcement of the early May holidays) but I have kept my spirits high as I know with all these HBL challenges, there is only 1 way forward, we get BETTER with each passing day. How could it be that it gets worse everyday? Of course there are good days and bad days for me as a parent, but we do what we can each day , one thing for sure my kids are not complaining about HBL.

I thank all the teachers who have been similarly put through this steep learning curve with us parents and students (and many teachers even have kids going through HBL as well, its like double whammy for them) for all their hard work. In fact, I know some teachers are still uploading lessons, checking submission even close to midnight.

All I know is that we will only emerge stronger and more adaptable and HBL will no longer be a taboo word but a welcome change to the education system (in times when we really need it, it will come our next best alternative!).

So can I volunteer my kids for HBL in May too since we are home bound too?

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