myFirst Camera Insta Wi – wireless photo and label printing through your phone


In terms of myFirst Camera Insta Wi look and feel , it does look very much like its predecessor myFirst Camera Insta 2  (see full review here) – read on what are the new upgrades making this a great addition if u don’t already own one!

At first sight

Size wise and weight wise, it is  very similar to that of myFirst Camera Insta 2 which I think was a great size for kids’ hand. One of the biggest difference is that this camera comes with a cradle which I think its really good so that you have it propped up when printing photo and labels.  It comes with a lanyard which is perfect so that the camera can be sling and worn over the neck. This camera comes  with 5 rolls of thermal paper  and stickers  (if you run out ,you can purchase them from their webstore too). Being a kids’ device, they also provide decorative stickers to personalise your camera too! 

in comparison with Insta 2

Using it 

Just like the older model, it has a  battery capacity of 1500mAH and 2.5 hours charging from flat , the camera can last for a full day of outing. In term of photo and video quality it is also pretty similar and supporting thermal printing of under 10 seconds. Using this technology there is no need to refill ink or shaking and waiting for the picture to dry like in the case of a polaroid. Though it is in black and white , I would say they are pretty sharp and clear too. 

Here are some sample photos including selfies  , with custom frames too. 

With all being so equal, so what makes this an upgrade ? 

Wifi capability – by downloading myFirstCamera Insta Wi app, you can customise labels and photos and send them wirelessly to the camera for printing!  With the apps, you can also do editing before printing, and also transfer images from phone to camera wirelessly.

Loving it

Gone are the days when a camera is only for photo and video taking, now the kids camera even come with printing capability and to make it even better wireless printing of photo and label too from your handphones. With the labels printed, you can label your belongs like a normal label printer, and for your photos, you can create a photo album or a DIY scrap book too! 

If you do not own a camera from myFirst before, myFirst Camera Insta Wi is definitely a better choice with features surpassing its predecessor myFirst Camera Insta2.

You can quote mypreciouzkids15 when ordering online here. The camera comes in 2 colours –teal or yellow and 1 year warranty.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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