Bromin Tech/Lite – Probably the lightest ergonomic school bag in Singapore!

I was on the lookout for a lighter ergonomic school bag. If you want ergonomic feature in the school bag, the lightest I have seen  is also weighing at 900g plus. Some ergonomic school bag goes up to 1.2kg without book too! So I am very mindful of the weight of an ergonomic school bag, and daddy is not too keen on ergonomic schoolbag due to the “heavier” weight! He is quite happy to get a light and non ergonomic school bag but I have always insisted that the kids should carry ergonomic school bags and I have tried to source for the lightest one possible. Currently the kids are using ergonomic school bags at 900g. Bromin Emporter seems to have heard me by introducing probably the lightest ergonomic school bag in Singapore.

A bit about Bromin, it is a Singapore-based bag maker and importer founded by Gabriel Tay, who is a father himself ie like a parent like me who recognises two facts  – ergonomic bags are heavier and more expensive. Recognising this opportunity and being in the same industry, he has managed to design and manufacture 2 models (pink and blue) to  fill up this gap in the market –  an ergonomic school bag under 0.7kg and priced under SGD 90 (introductory prices) and the best part it has lifetime warranty !

With big J in mind, I had received both models – Tech and Lite to compare and contrast, however, I will be keeping 1 model for big J and the other bag (brand new, used for photography purposes for this review) will be given to one lucky read. Do note that my preference may not be your/your child’s preference.

Bromin Lite (Introductory price SGD 88)

Both models sport very similar back support with plush cushion with waist and chest strap to balance the weight of the bag on its carrier. So in this aspect both models are pretty similar! Its odd that I show the back of the bag instead of the front first because to me this is the most important part of  an ergonomic bag –  its back support!

I would say the Bromin Lite has a more sporty and stylish feel  with the flip top cover and a G-Hook. It has a drawstring opening which opens wide to see all its content.

i liked that Bromin Lite opens up and stay that way to see all its content in a glance!

The front compartment extends inward into the bag so you wont have a “budging” front compartment when your kid stuff all his knick knack in the front compartment.

Measuring at 38cm high, 25cm wide and 21cm, it fits comfortable on my 1.25cm 8 year old and it weigh at a mere 665 g only!

The Lite model has 4 knobs at the bottom -this feature is not found in the Tech model.

Two good size side pockets for water bottle – similar in both models

Bromin Tech (Introductory price S$68)

This model sports similar great back support with plush cushion, waist and chest strap just like Lite model, and 2 side pockets! I would say this model look more like typical school bag and open using a zipper as compared to a drawstring opening in the Lite model.

For the Lite model, you see everything from the top while the Tech model it opens up to the front.  The bag sits upright even when the main compartment is open.

The front compartment is not as roomy as Lite as it does not extend inwards but it does have extra pocket compartments in it with a key holder.

Measuring at 38cm high, 30cm wide and 18 cm deep (slight wider but less deep) and 10g heavier (so negligible!) at 675 g and it fits big J well too!

Side by side comparison

For those who are undecided which model  ( I had a hard time selecting which suits J more), I have more side by side comparison for your decision making.

Its a pretty hard choice and it also very much depend on its user which method of opening he/she prefers – zipper or drawstring!  But from a price point perspective, Bromin Tech seems to be a more economical model at SGD 20 cheaper and have almost similar dimensions and weight! Personally, I prefer a zipper opening to a drawstring version, hence I chose the Tech model for big J which means I will be giving out Bromin Lite to 1 lucky reader – giveaway steps at the end of the blog!

Lifetime warranty

The warranty protect against any manufacturing and material defects. However, it does not cover for any wear and tear from usage. Following the steps in the hang tag, do remember to register your warranty upon receiving the bag to ensure validity of your warranty.

For a limited time only, pre-order the bags online to enjoy $20 off retail price and delivery will be made in November at

You can also check out the bags at all Tom & Stefanie outlets from next week onwards (13 Nov) to let your kids try on the ergonomic bags themselves or order online for free delivery – introductory prices will be valid till end of the year. You can also order it from Lazada.

Bromin Emporter





As mentioned above, Bromin Emporter has given me 2 two different models in blue to review.  I have kept Bromin Tech model for big J as he prefered that model. Hence, I do have the Bromin Lite model worth SGD 108 (in blue) to giveaway. Do note that it is an entirely new ergonomic school bag which I have opened and took photos for this review only. It was not used in any other way. Hence, I would need to arrange for a meetup for collection too , up to my convenience (weekday at Novena, weekend and nights at Potong Pasir).

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Post event review : ACT 3 INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites’

A quick raise of hands (though i cant see them), how many of you have not read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to your child or you have not heard of this story. I hope there is none but if there are parents who have not heard of this story, you must have been living in a cave!. This is THE MOST famous story by Eric Carle and most preschoolers in Singapore would have known this story through their parents or the childcare. (Other book which comes close to this popularity would be Brown Bear , Brown Bear, what do you see? which also by Eric Carle. )

I had read this story so many times over to 4 different kids over the course of 8 years! All my kids loved this book in their younger days and now it is my 2 year old’s favourite bed time story. I can’t be more excited for my youngest as he will be meeting The Very Hungry Caterpillar (actually the older kids had yet to catch this production before even though they staged it before some years back).

ACT 3 International presents The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Little Cloud and The Mixed Up Chameleon by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Canada. It will be presented using black light theatre and its suitable for ages 3 to 6 years old , however, if you have a 2 year old like mine who loves the story through and through , this may be one of the best productions to introduce your child to the wonderful world of children’s theatre productions.

You must be wondering what is black light theatre. It uses UV lighting, a dark stage, black curtains and fluorescent costumes to create a magical visual feast. ‘Black light’ enables puppets and props to appear on stage as if they are animated on their own (see video below)

Besides featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar (which i do not need to elaborate on the storyline) , there are 2 more stories by Eric Carle as part of the productions – Little Cloud and The Mixed Up Chameleon.

After following the metamorphosis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, join bored Little Cloud who decides to stray away from his fellow mates to go on a thrilling adventure transforming himself into an airplane, a sheep, a clown with a funny hat and even a shark!

And lastly, follow The Mixed Up Chameleon who doesn’t think he’s special changing colours everyday. He finally embraces his uniqueness only after an identity calamity happens when he decides to emulate the different animals he meets at the zoo.

Post event review

I do have high expectation of this show as I know some of the stories inside out and the show  did not disappoint at all. With the use of black light theatre, even as an adult watching the show, I often wonder how did the puppeteer weave such magic into the production, what more for the children watching their favourite characters coming to life for a whole 1 hour!

The show started with Little Cloud followed by The Mixed Up Cameleon. And saving the best of the last was The Very Hungry Caterpillar which I am sure most of the audience are waiting for!

All the kids in the audience (I know for sure would have known the stories by heart) were calling out the names of the cloud formations in the Little Cloud, the animals in the zoo that The Mixed Up Cameleon visited and all the food and fruits that The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate!

Yes, it was a more rowdy audience than usual but understandably they are all enthusiastic children enchanted by the magic of the puppets and the Eric Carle’s stories.

During the q&a session after the show , I was surprised to see only 2 puppeteers . The sheer amount of work through the 1 hour show, I was amazed that it was only handled by 2 puppeteers and 1 stage manager. They unveil some of the magic behind the show during the q&a session. One of the kid in the audience wanted to see how the cocoon was created and the puppeteers were most glad to show how they create the cocoon from the caterpillar – simply ingenious.

This is one production that you do not want to miss for your younger kids (recommended ages from  3 to 6) growing up with all Eric Carle’s favourite. Even my 2 year and 3 month old was glued to his seat for most of the show even though he only know The Very Hungry Caterpillar story only. The show runs till this Sunday , 15 Oct 2017.

This is definitely the perfect Children’s Day treat for all kids growing with Eric Carle’s stories!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites

Fri, 6 – Sun, 15 Oct 2017

Weekdays: 10am

Weekends & 6 Oct 2017 (Children’s Day): 10.30am & 2.30pm

Some shows include a 40 min backstage tour to see how a black light theatre works and how the characters come to life!

Venue: Victoria Theatre
Tickets prices start from SGD 18 (Excludes Booking Fee)
Book through this link
Giveaway (ended)

ACT 3 International has kindly sponsored 1 family  package of 4 tickets for the 10.30am show on 7 Oct 2017 1 lucky reader

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Giveaway of a set worth more than SGD 150 – Can’t get any more natural and organic than Cherub Rubs

Cherub Rubs was founded by an Australian mum of 3 who couldn’t find safe and natural skincare for her babies. When her second baby developed severe nappy rash, she decided to develop her own products to treat him given her background as a naturopath. She created Cherub Rubs , a 100% natural and organic skincare range for infants and kids with sensitive, dry atopic skin or eczema.

Cherub Rubs contains

No synthetic or genetically modified ingredients

No petrochemical

No pesticides

No chemical fertilisers

No chemical preservatives

This brand has 7 products in total. All products are suitable from newborns to adults and even pregnant women (with the exception of Skin Guard Plus which are targeted for kids above 3).


Organic baby shampoo

Using lemon oil and orange oil (the smell does need some getting use to but the kids did not complain), this is a super gentle formula to keep big C tresses shiny and soft. I find this formulation gentle especially after exposing her hair to harsh elements such as clorine from the public pool. Given its no more tears with natural sulphate-free foaming action, I also use this on small C as he is in still in the stage of unable to close his eyes when washing hair. I do not want the hair shampoo to leave stinging sensation on their  eyes.

Baby safe hair and body wash

The composition is largely similar to that of the organic baby shampoo (hence the smell is quite similar to that of the organic baby shampoo). I really like the combi of a single bottle for both hair and body especially for boys hair. They only need a small small amount for their short hair, so I preferred the hair and body wash combi for them. I am particularly careful when choosing their body care especially for small J and small C as they have eczema prone skin. However, given that Cherub Rubs is a 100% natural and organic skincare, I didn’t have any worry. What makes it even more wonderful it consist of a blend of essential oils rich in Vitamin A-C-E!

Skin Balm

I always bring skin balm as a cure it all during my travels. I can’t be bringing a bottle for each ailment so skin balm are a quick fix it. From nappy rash to dry skin (due to changes in climate and humidity during travels), Cherub Rubs skin balm contains sandalwood, calendula and chamomile oils to soothe the dry skin while the organic butters and macadamia oil help in the regeneration process. As small C is already off diapers, I wont be able to test this as  a diaper cream. However, I did use it as a moisturizer during travel mode which works wonderful.

Skin Soothe

Small J often feel discomfort when he does out into the hot sun due to sensitive skin.  Using a concoction of aloe vera, centella and calendula oil, the lotion has a cooling effect on irritated skin. Given that only small J has this issue, this bottle is solely for his use. He often cut short his outdoor activities or fall into his grumpy mood when he start scratching due to heat. This product is dual purpose in providing him relief from the itch and also soothe his eczema.

This formulation also works for stings, bites and rashes too!

there are my must- haves for outdoor activities


This is Scatterbugs plus UV protection. This is a 3 in 1 outdoor protection against UVA, UVB (SPF 8), bugs and dry skin. I love how versatile this solution, with just one application it protects my children against UV rays and also keep the mozzies at bay! This save me the trouble of bring a bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of insect repellant during outings. High SPF also generally implies a high level of harmful chemical filters, which are absent in Scatterscreen which is only at SPF8.


This uses lemon eucalyptus oil which is gentler than the usual citronella oil found in most insect repellent. This is definitely one for the newborns and babies. I am often at lost when I bring my babies outdoor as I know most insect repellent are only meant for kids above 1. So I normally will only use mosquito patch for those below 1. With the Scatterbugs, you can apply this even on newborns too!

Skin Guard Plus

This is the enhanced version of the Scatterbugs hence this is recommend for kids 3 years and up, adults including pregnant women. What it has is more lemon eucalyptus oil as compared to the Scatterscreen or the Scatterbugs which I get means more protection for the older kids!

Cherub Rubs



Where to buy


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Giveaway & Review of Gakken Science Kits – fun home-based science kits from Japan

I had previously review two awesome products from Gakken Asia – the Go Go workbook series and also New Block. You can read the reviews here.

I am so happy that they have ventured into science kits means big J can benefit from the excellent product range from Gakken Asia. It will be less than half a year more before he will be doing science subject in primary school, but it is my biggest worry as he not only need to handle the current subjects but another subject which may seems foreign to him.

I know that science is all around but I have not done a very good job in exposing him to the wonderful world of science because I am not a very science person myself (though I did science all the way to junior college).

We have dabbled in some home-based science experiments through subscription boxes before and it is true that kids are naturally curious and wanting for more. I couldn’t be more glad when Gakken Asia send across three of their best-sellers science kits for my kids to try. There are many more of such science kits but these are the 3 sets that have been translated from Japanese for the use of the English speaking market.

Air Magic Experiment Kit

I chose to open this as I thought it offered the most hands-on interaction and seemingly most interesting of the 3 kits. All the materials are provided with the exception of 2 AA batteries. The set focuses on airflow and nature of air and its levitational ability. An easy to understand guidebook is also part of the kit to guide parents and child on types of experiments to try.

There are in total 15 types of experiments coming out from this kit.

Nature Observation Telescope Kit

This was the second kit that we attempted to do. It requires the child to build their own light weight telescope. So the first part of the “fun” is to assemble your own telescope.

The booklet that comes with the kit will give some ideas on how to do observation through this telescope. It is also advisable to prepare a notebook so that your child can jot down his observation.

3 Colour LED light

And the final kit, was the 3 Colour LED light. Another quick- to -assemble  science kit just like the telescope which is the part of the initial fun. Thereafter we have to wait for night time or a dark room to perform the suggested experiments.

The guide book that comes with the 3 colour LED light kit.

We waited till it was dark to do a few of the suggested experiments. The 3 primary colour torchlight can be used to lit transparent object and create shadow. One of the suggested experiment is to shine the light onto transparent object  and you will see a kaleidoscope of colours spreading after the object. We will be trying this next once i get some samples of transparent objects such as egg packs, transparent spoon or PET bottles.

did you know the interception between the 3 primary colours is WHITE! When you widen the dial on the torchlight, from the 3 colours, you will be able to found 7 colours too!


indulging in some shadow play too

Next we can also do shadow play with the 3 colour LED torchlight . It is more fun that the typical torchlight that only emit 1 colour. With the 3 colour LED torchlight, you can see an array of colours projected. There is an experiment to see the shadow in 3D , where we only use the red and blue lights. With home made 3d glass (paper pattern provided in guide boo)., you will see the shadows appearing in 3D.

As the science kits are original produced in Japan, the guide books have been translated into English, however, the English translation may not be at its best. That said, there wont any difficulty understanding the instruction and guide based on the translated English.

Even though there are a plethora of home-based science experiments that you can find on youtube or on the internet, we often lack the materials and initiatives to perform them at home. Hence subscription boxes and science kits are the next available option (lazy mummy) to do some science experiments at home.

These science kits are excellent for rainy days where we were stuck at home and we can indulge in some family bonding and at the same time discover some science and hopefully to fuel the kids interest in the science subject.

Currently the science kits can be purchased at the following locations:

Gakken Asia




Gakken Asia has kindly sponsored 3 Colour LED light science kit worth SGD 25.90 to 1 lucky reader.

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Giveaway and Review of Yijan musical electric toothbrush

I don’t really have an issue with my kids not wanting to brush their teeth. In fact even the 2 year old loves to take the tooth brush to “brush” his teeth, or rather bite as he doesn’t really know how to brush. However, I do have an issue with the older kids brushing their teeth so fast within record time, probably in half a minute or less. Ok,  I am also guilty of it myself as I don’t think I spend more 2 minutes brushing my teeth.  How do I as a parents ensure that my kids does a minimum 2 minutes of effective brushing (which is the recommendation by dentist)?

While it has not been proven that electric tooth brush is better than manual toothbrush, one thing for sure, children who are reluctant brushers or have difficulty brushing with a manual brush, an electric brush may be easier or more comfortable to use. For the child like small C , who doesn’t really know how to brush their teeth, an electrical toothbrush will also help in maintaining his oral hygiene.

Most branded electrical toothbrush for kids requires an app to be installed in the smart phone as a timer and to encourage the kids to brush longer and more effectively. For the first few times, it may be fun to use as there is sound and visual, but after a while, I really worry that my phone goes swimming in the sink when I couldn’t supervise them in their teeth brushing process.

In replacement of having an app on the smartphone, Yijan has created an innovative electrical, musical and waterproof tooth brush has a brushing teeth song that guide little kids the correct way to brush their teeth.  Besides having the song, the toothbrush has  a vibration of 8000 strokes/minute to stimulate growing gum.  Besides that, each tooth brush come with a cute cap to keep the brush head clean from germs and bacteria.

My kids were to excited when they saw the Yijan toothbrush due to the cute design. Well, they didn’t really know what was it until the remove the cap. When they realise the toothbrushs play music, it was an even bigger surprise. They have been asking very diligently to brush their teeth every night all thanks to the song. Also thanks to the song they have been brushing their teeth for a cool 2 minutes.

I didn’t know that brushing teeth can be fun but my kids loved their new toothbrush. They get very tickled by the song too. However if the kids are brushing at the same time, I recommend one toothbrush to be on silent mode and while the other with music on.

Yijan musical toothbrush comes in 3 very pretty colours: Pink, Blue and Mint (Green)

photo credit : Our One and Only

For the starter Value Pack, it comes with 2 toothbrush head ( silicone toothbrush and small nylon bristle brush head). The silicone toothbrush is suitable for kids age 3 and below while a small nylon bristle brush head for kids age 3 years to 9 years old. For older kids between 9 to 12, they have medium nylon bristle brush head (purchased separately) All brush head can be bought separately  for replacement(prices below). Using just 1 AAA battery, it can last up to 2 months. It is recommended to change the brush head every 3 months.

credit: Our One and Only

Price of the musical toothbrush is $36.90 and comes with 1 year warranty on the motor.

Especially for the readers of mypreciouzkids , you can purchase the online at $26.90 instead of $36.90 using the discount code : jamiempk . For online purchase, you can opt for the toothbrush head size that you prefer.  You can also purchase at Bove by Spring Maternity.

You can hear the full song via this youtube video.

Replacement toothbrush can be bought from Our One and Only online store or at Bove by Spring Maternity.

Silicon brush head: $5.90

Nylon small brush head: $6.90

Nylon medium brush head: $7.90

Our One and Only


Facebook /Facebook




Our One and Only has kindly sponsored one set (colour of your choice) worth SGD 36.90 to 1 lucky reader.

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winner: @syasya101088

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Giveaway and Review of I-Study T120 ergonomic table – mypreciouzkids’ biggest giveaway to date!

Without a doubt this will be the biggest ticket item you will buy for your soon to be primary 1 child (in case you missed my p1 prep post, link here). That said it is not absolutely necessary as the cost and space the ergonomic table consumed may not fit every one’s budget or space. You do not need to buy it straight away once the child start school, but I would advise to cater a designated area/table for the child to do the school homework and revision.

The single most important question for most parents, is there a need to spend on an ergonomic table?

For me personally,  I see it as a long term investment, the ergonomic table and chair will see your child all the way to secondary school and beyond as the table and chair will “grow” with the child.  I remember when my parents bought me a proper study table complete with lights and a folding desk (definitely there is no ergonomic feature whatsoever). I was over the moon and I was very motivated to study and complete my homework. In fact that very same study table is still in my parent’s home –  its probably over 30 years old. I hope that with a proper and ergonomic study table, this will inculcate better habits and sitting postures.

The diagram below shows how an ergonomic table will help in creating a good and correct posture as compared to fixed height table and chair. Even if the table and chair is at the correct height, once the child grow, you will need to change another set else creating a wrong posture. This problem is cleverly resolved with ergonomic table and chair which height can be easily adjustable.

I am not expert in ergonomic tables, but 2 years ago, when big J started primary 1 both myself and hubby agreed we should invest in a proper table and chair albeit it being very pricey some even cost more than SGD 1k for both table and chair. At that point in time, there were a few prominent sellers which have their brick and mortar store in the shopping centres hence easy for viewing , touch and feel of the actual product. We finally settled with an ergonomic table and chair set from a German brand which burn a big hole in our pocket. We bit the bullet as we saw it as a long term investment and as we have multiple kids, they could take turns to use it doing their school work (all the way up to college!)

Fast forward 2 years later now that it is now big C turns to enter the world of formal schooling next year. As she is the only girl in the family, she also get to have her own room, and I thought it will be wonderful if she has her own ergonomic table so that she can do her work in peace and quiet away from the other boisterous and distracting boys. Even at this age of 6, she shows diligence and traits of a good student, and I am sure the table will be very much utilized by her when she starts primary 1.

I was blessed to come across a brand called I-Study in my recent search of ergonomic table. Their tables and chairs are manufactured in China using German patented technology for adjustable height table and chair. In the past, when I was comparing German brands and China brand, I often dismiss China brands as inferior in quality and make when I compared the tables at the brick and mortar shops 2 years ago.

I was skeptical of -I-Study’s table at first given that it was made in China but when I actually met Paul from I-Study and saw the actual product at the exhibition they were participating in early this year, I was sold. Being familiar with an existing ergonomic table that big J is using, I am better position to compare and contrast what I owned and i-study’s. Using high quality products and the German patented technology, the set is assembled in China.

Having to own a German brand for the past 2 years and comparing against big C’s brand new PINK ergonomic table and chair, in fact I preferred I-Study table much much more for its usability, ease of use and top quality finishing. To give an idea why I preferred the new set over big J’s current table, I will share the picture of the German brand table that we bought 2 years back.

Pardon the mess, but there is zero shelving, zero drawer and the only pull out compartment below the table has organisation sections. You will see later why I appreciated the I-Studytable much more later on it the blog, and price wise big J’s set cost $300-400 more than the I-Study table set.

The model big C is currently using now is T120 which is 1.2m long. It also comes in the 1m version called T100 which has all the wonderful features except that it is 20cm shorter in length.

At first glance 

The table top is made of premium Formica laminate which meets stringent US and European standard. Even with permanent marker or highlighter stain on the table, it can be easily clean with wet cloth. Paul , from I-Study actually did a demonstration when I met him at the exhibition early this year where he used marker to draw and it was easily resolved with a damp cloth.

The legs and table frame are made from medium carbon steel , durable , strong and rust free. The whole structure will sturdy and strong and definitely not flimsy or light-weight.

The most two most important features of an ergonomic table is a tiltable table top (which is a German patented technology) and an adjustable table height.

The table top can be tilt from 0 to 60 degree to cater to different purposes. For reading you can tilt it at higher degree and for doing homework, you can tilt it at a lower degree of slant. The technology used is German patented premium hydraulic system.

The table height can be adjusted from 50cm to 70 cm good for kids from height 120cm to 175cm.

The chair is also adjustable in height good for kids from height 110cm to 188cm. The seat comes with a free seat and back cover which is of waterproof material and machine washable. ( I didn’t have that for my German set :() It has a self braking system where the chair will not move when there is weight on it.

Using it

It is pretty easy to tilt the table – your child would be able to do it on her own. If you are worried of hands being caught, there is a holder area to place your hand while the other hand uses the lever located at the bottom of the table. As for the table height and chair, you can do a one time setup during installation. Of course as your child grows taller, you will need to make adjustment yourselves.

There are no sharp corners, rounded edge to ensure safety for kids.

Loving it

To me, what I really like is that besides being an ergonomic table, it  also has shelving and drawer compartments that will come in handy and keeping books and stationery organize. If you run a google on more famous ergonomic table brands in the Singapore market including the German brands, most do not have much shelving  or drawer options. For those, you have to buy your own table organizer and magazine racks to do the organization which will add to the cost of the already very pricey table and chair.

My previous German brand ergonomic zero shelving or drawers. As we were first time user, we didn’t know that there is a need for shelving and drawers but as the days go and big J using it, I realise the importance of having shelves and drawers. Hence, I even had to buy plastic magazine racks from Popular to be placed on the table to create some book shelving and some form of organization for big J. If not all the books are just piled up vertically waiting to be toppled. So when I compare the German brand table to I-Study, I am all praises for all the additional shelving, compartments, drawers etc. It is so user friendly and there is even an area to run the table light cord through it so that it looks neat and tidy –really thoughtful design.

One night, I was lying on C’s bed and I spotted another wonderful fixture of the table – a bag hook, rather inconspicuous as it was below the main table ( I didn’t know it for many weeks)  but another brownie point for I-Study! Big C can hang her bags from her enrichment classes etc or even her little handbags etc. Given that primary school kids bag in Singapore weighs a ton,I am sure it will also hold up well though I worry the bag’s handle will give away due to the weight.

The foot rest (SGD 29.90) and table light (SGD 39.90) can be purchased separately. For the bundle set, both the foot rest and table light will be given as part of the bundle set. The foot rest gives support to the kids feet for better blood circulation will improve the child’s concentration.


The T120 model comes with blue (with white), pink (with white) and gray (with woodgrain). Gray (with woodgrain) is a more gender neutral colour and maybe look like less kiddish when the kids get older and would have been my preferred choice but since its in the girl’s room and big C gets almost exclusive use – so she chose pink! All I-Study products come with free delivery and installation and 3 year warranty

I-Study are located @ Woodlands Bizhub, 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #10-05 S757516.

At their showroom, do bring along your child to try on the different models of table and chair that they carry.Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Look for Paul at 9101-7370 for any non-obligation discussion.


Sister website



Paul from I-Study has generously sponsored the same bundle set (colour of your choice) worth SGD 788 which includes a T120 Study Table with book shelf, Type F study chair with protective  cover, foot rest and also the LED lamp.

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Winner: Honey C Javier

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway & Review – Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles – mummies, this is a godsend!

As you all would know I am no beauty blogger. I was slightly apprehensive when I was approached to try and review beauty products. However, I have heard of the rare review of the Remescar Eye Bags &  Dark Circles, a brand from Belgium which promises to see instant results upon first application, I knew I had to try this for myself.

However, if there is ever a product I truly need to cover my flaw, it would be definitely be a wonder product for my dark circles and eye bag. Even before I had kids, I do have very visible dark circles. Whenever I visit my facial therapist, she will never fail to mention my dark circles but with eye massage, eye mask etc, it doesn’t really solved it . After I had kids and all thanks to the lack of sleep, the dark circles becomes even more visible and concealer has become my bff.

So when I was approach to try and review the Remescar Eye Bags &  Dark Circles., I truly want to see how effective is the products. The distributor even shown me youtube video (shared below) of how instantaneous the results ie within minutes.

It is a small tube and at every application you only need to squeeze the size of a rice grain.  Firstly on clean washed face, you apply on the entire under eye area using 1 finger using gentle tapping motion. Thereafter, you should remain expressionless for 2 to 3 minutes for the cream to take effect.


It was amazing after a few second I felt the areas of my under eye area tightening (I guess that is why the eye bags can be reduced) . The effects on the eye bags are definitely more apparent compared to that of the dark circle. I wouldn’t say it has completely remove the dark circle but what I notice is there is a more even skin tone around my eyes. It is true that it is very effective from the very first application, hence I may not have to slap on concealers from now on as you can use it with makeup on.Those who wish to use it with makeup, you should apply your makeup first before applying Remescar. It is advisable to use it once a day.

You must be wondering what is the content of Remescar that allow this “miracle” to happen.

The product used a combination of clay minerals and bi-peptise complex which  helps with the following:

  • Skin tightening: As the serum is absorbed into the skin, clay minerals attach themselves directly to skin cells to help form a strong network, giving a visible skin-tightening effect
  • A decrease in water accumulation: A specialised tetrapeptide has an effect on the permeability of blood vessels around the eyes, preventing an accumulation of fluid.
  • Micromuscular-pause: Fine lines are a result of an overstimulation of facial muscles under the eyes. The product has a specific multipeptide that blocks muscular triggers, decreasing muscular contractions for a Botox-like effect.

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is priced at $52 and is available at Watson, Unity, Guardian, SA SA stores, Healthscoop, Redmart and





Remescar Singapore has kindly sponsored 2 sets to 2 lucky readers.

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Winner :  Ashley Tan and Rahama Tunnisa

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway: Owl Readers Club – not your regular bookstore

After the previous post which was my most difficult blog review ever to date, having to review Chinese books, phew, now I can heave a big sigh of relief to review a beautiful set of English books.

I guess the month of July will be all about books (and of course prepping for p1) and most coincidentally, the next online book store that I will be reviewing curate her Chinese collection through Meiru’s Flip for Joy which I have reviewed here previously. So you can get the Chinese books from either website.

Owl Readers Club is not just your regular online book store, but one where they want to bring together like-minded book loving families to share and even exchange titles. They have a membership and reward programme which will be elaborate below.

But firstly, lets look at the beautiful books that I have ordered this time with small J and small C in mind. As Owl Readers Club curates books for kids aged 7 and below, so it is only fitting now to add to library for the younger books who normally only get the hand me downs from the older siblings.

I had a hard time choosing the books. I had it a bit easier as I had ordered my fair share of Chinese books from Flip for Joy previously (my review here) , hence, I didn’t really look at their Chinese book collection which I had gone through one round. Just by concentrating on the English book collection alone, I am amazed by the variety and genre of books that Owl Readers Club has curated, I had so many books I wanted to order!

Ordering online is a breeze, with a simple synopsis of the books and reviews from club members. For some of the books, they have also provided links to their facebook posts of their review and some even have video book review. However, due to the sheer amounts of books that they carry, they are slowly but surely adding the video review/page insert on each book online. They accept payment by major credit cards and free delivery for orders above SGD 60. They also have a price assurance policy whereby if you found the similar book selling at a cheaper price at the brick and mortar store in Singapore within 2 weeks, there will be a refund policy.

Finally, I narrowed down to a decent haul , and when my kids saw the latest loot, they were overjoyed. They went on identifying the books that have seen before in their child care etc.

It is no secret my kids adored Julia Donaldson and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the author/ songwriter/singer (she is so talented!) earlier this year. You can read all about it here.
Small J is big fan as he recognized that his name has “Julia” in it and whenever he come across a title from Julia Donaldson he will tell me to buy it. I do have many Julia Donaldson’s books in kids collection but there are still many that I do not own. So I took the opportunity to add two more books to my/kids collection of Julia Donaldson’s books, these were to easiest to choose as I knew that my kids will love them.

A Squeeze and A Squash

The kids are familiar with this story as I had borrowed it from the library before and this story was also covered in the recent show by Julia Donaldson. Even though the kids had read and know the story by heart, I still think there is a need to keep a copy at home. This is one of those stories that the kids will request me to read over and over again. Even small J even though he can’t read yet, he is so familiar with the story that he can flip page for page and narrate the story. There is even a song for this as well. I have inserted the link below too.

The story of how a wise old man prove to the old lady there is enough room in the house when he asked a hen, a goat, a pig and a cow into the house and made the house a squash and a squeeze. Then she realised once all the animals were out of the house, she knew the wise old man was right and that she has no need to grumble and grouse.


The Smartest Giant in Town

George the Giant brought himself new clothes  and proclaimed that he is the smartest giant in town. Along the way, he generously gave away his tie to a cold giraffe, his shirt to a goat, his shoe for the mouse, his sock for the fox, his belt to the dog which eventually made his pants dropped. He didn’t manage to get new clothes as the shop was closed but what he received in return was a card that proclaimed he is the kindest giant in town. It is a very heart warming story for the kids.


Draw me a Star

Another bestseller from a famous author, Eric Carle. I do not know of any kids who doesn’t know The Hungry Caterpillar or Brown Bear, Brown Bear , What do you See by heart. Frankly, I have not read this book from Eric Carle before, but small C is into everything about stars so I thought he will love this book and with all Eric Carle books, all books written and illustrated by him are keepers! And maybe passed on from generation to generation.

The book started with the artist drawing every requests -star, sun, tree,house, animals, flowers of different colours. Finally, the moon requested for the artist to draw the star which was illustrated step by step. It doesn’t really have a morale to the story, but it fuels the little minds with imagination and perhaps the ability to draw a star of their own.

Fish is Fish

I chose another famous author/ illustrator, Leo Lionni. My kids’ child care has a wonderful collection of Leo Lionni books and hence they are very familiar with his stories more than me. I got acquainted with his books through my kids as there was a month in school some years back that was themed after books written by him.

A modern fable of a minnow who wants to follow his tadpole friend, who becomes a frog and venture into the great big world and came back to the pond to tell his fish friend the things he saw – birds, cows, people. The fish decided that he also should go see the world and jump out of the pond. He couldnt breathe when he landed on the grass only to have the frog rescue him and came to realise his world is the most beautiful and that fish is fish. What amazes me about this book was the illustration where the birds, cows and peoples were illustrated in the shape of fish which can be a great talking point with the kids.

A Color of His Own

This was another book chosen with small C in mine to introduce to him the different colours through the beautiful illustrations by Leo Lionni himself, as we explore the different colours of the chameleon and his question of whether he could have a colour of his own.  A pretty straight forward story for my 2 year old to appreciate the colour and for my 4 year old to appreciate the wonders of a true friend.


I am not familiar with Tom Lichtenheld but I was attracted by the cover of the book. It talks all things about a small cloud named Cloudette. Due to her small size, she couldnt do things the big clouds do  like make a waterfall fall. One day a big storm blew her to a new place and made new friend. A frog needed a pond and hence, Cloudette grew into a big cloud and poured on to the puddle and which grew into a pond. All the frogs thanked her for the pond and made her realised that she has the ability to do important despite her size. This is the perfect story for the little ones to make them believe that there are important things that they can achieve despite being small and young.

Do the kids have a favourite among these books? They loved each and every book from my recent haul from Owl Readers Club. I recalled the morning after the books arrived at my home, it was a Saturday morning, and the kids were up early, so they were in their room, those who can read were reading through it, those who cant read, were flipping through or being read to. It was a very heartwarming scene all thanks to the beautiful books from Owl Readers Club and their pursuit to cultivate the love for books and reading to the very young ones!

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, Owl Readers Club is not your average online book store. A little more of them and their initiatives….

Owl Readers Club

Owl Readers Club is a club specially designed to encourage families to cultivate good reading habits. With these beliefs in mind, we have created an array of features to allow families to embark on an engaging and exciting reading journey. Apart from curating quality children’s titles at competitive prices, organizing interesting reading-related events, providing opportunities to meet with fellow book-loving families and rewarding active club members, we are also constantly working to tie up with merchants to provide added benefits for our members. We are committed to creating a club where members will enjoy both tangible and intangible rewards of reading with their children.

 Membership System and Rewards Programme

Basic and Paid members earn reward points which can be redeemed for purchases. 5 points are awarded for every $1 spent, redemption begins at 500 points which can be exchanged for $5 credit.

Basic Member Owl Star Member (6m) Owl Star Member (12m)
FREE Usual Price $98 Usual Price $188
FREE Promo Price $68 Promo Price $98
200 welcome points 200 welcome points 200 welcome points
1000 reward points 2500 reward points

–          Sign up as a basic member for free and start earning reward points (e.g. 200 points for sign up, 50 points for writing book review, 200 points for attending book club events and writing reviews)

–          Upgrade to a paid 6 or 12 months Owl Star Membership to enjoy benefits (e.g. discounts off HUA language centre, BYKIDO, Annie+Alex, Liliewoods, Little Llama, bouncy castle rental, to name a few).

–          Upgrading to a paid 6 or 12 months Owl Star Membership also allows you to earn double reward points for every dollar spent, as well as double reward points for writing book reviews, attending book club  events etc.

Phone APP

Owl Readers Club has also develop their own application (Android version on Play Store and the iOS version)and its currently on beta launch.  Apart from the sale of books through the apps, Owl Star members would be able to use the apps to connect with other members to exchange books or organise book related activities together! You will be given points as well upon downloading and using the app.

You can access more info at: and

Owl Readers Club




Owl Readers Club has kindly sponsored a complimentary 6-month membership (worth $98) and $25 credit (in the form of points to be redeemed) to spend in their online store.

  1. Join Owl Readers Club as a basic member (free signup) and state your email address for the membership used in IG post for verification (or PM me separately)
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I will be picking the 1 lucky winner using The giveaway closes on 23 July 2017 2359pm (Sun).

Winner @iam_mswee

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway : Flip for Joy – time to build the Chinese book library at home!

I didn’t learn Mandarin as my second language and my ability to converse was all thanks from watching channel  8’s drama serials. I can recognize probably less than 100 Chinese characters and big J at  p2 already knows more Chinese character than me now.

Our inability (including my husband’s ) to provide a Mandarin-speaking environment at home was my greatest fear that they will one day hate the language in school ( I often fear that I may need to migrate to another country if my kids struggle in their Chinese) Hence, the kids were send to Chinese enrichment classes the year they turn 3 and it is the only enrichment class that daddy was totally supportive of it.

So when it comes to sourcing for good Chinese books I am often at lost. I like buying set of Chinese readers books as it is easy  to procure at once. it comes in 1 big set and it has naturally progression ie it gets harder and harder with more characters  recognition. It is similar to the English readers like Peter and Jane. It helps them in learning to read and recognize the character but the storyline was simple. There is no imagination whatsoever or morale of the story. They are just very boring and repetitive stories to get the kids to recognize more and more characters are they go along. Those books lack interesting and imaginative storyline so after a single read, the books are “chucked” aside.

I recalled once I had a friend (who is super proficient in Mandarin) buy Chinese storybooks on my behalf as I do not know what is good and what is not and suitable at their level.

So for me, e-store like Flip of Joy is  like a godsend. I cannot be always asking my friend to procure books on my behalf. The owner behind Flip for Joy , Meiru was ex-JC Chinese teacher who curates good Chinese books for the different age group and she is more than willing to share what is think its suitable for different ages for helpless parents like myself.  There are many e-stores will carries children books at a competitive pricing but they normally carries more English books than Chinese books. Flip for Joy is probably the only e-bookstore that carries 100% Chinese books for pre-schoolers till lower primary school kids in Singapore.

The website has been made easy for buyers like myself (ie lost in translation) to narrow down suitable books for different age good. By using search words like bud (0-3 years), bloom (3-5 years) and 5 to 9 years (blossom), the e store will show Chinese books suitable for the different age categories.

The other way to search for books is by genre , fun, knowledge and love.

Flip for FUN books are highly interactive and a whole lot of fun.
Flip for KNOWLEDGE are insightful and have rich elements of story-telling.
Flip for LOVE books help children love the important values in life.

What I really appreciate about the e-store is that it comes with an English synopsis and also a few sample pages of the book. I never buy the books by the cover. I usually will try to look for sample pages before making my purchase decision. For eg if I were to purchase English books from Book Depository which doesn’t have sample pages, I will go to Amazon to look at the sample pages before deciding.

In my kids’ primary school’s silent reading session before assembly,  Mon to Wed’s are for English books while Thurs to Fri are for Chinese books during silent reading before assembly. I do hope that there is a swap because as it is whenever big J goes to the library, all he brings back are English and more English books. He is pretty strong in his Chinese all credit to his enrichment classes and teachers  since young but he still doesn’t read enough Chinese books (and it makes it even harder than I am unable to select /procure books on his behalf unlike English books).

As this post will be part of the blog series for preparation for primary 1, the books that were ordered from Flip for Joy were for big C in mind (of course the kids will be sharing) . Hopefully will be part of her silent reading Chinese books when she enter formal school next year. Do forgive me as my review of the Chinese books would not be as perfect as my English books review due to my Chinese language proficiency (lack of). I have even enlisted big J for some of the reviews as well.

图书馆狮子 Library Lion

This was the only book  from my order which came with a small booklet in English and an audio CD (so thankful and hence the reason why this is the first book to be reviewed) . A small part of me hopes that all Chinese book will come with its English version and audio CD so that I will be a more confident story teller of Chinese books.This is an English bestseller but the translation has kept its essence of imagination when a lion visits the library. What I like about books from Flip for Joy, the books have stories and imagination are what is lacking in my collection of Chinese books (which are just readers and hence surely has made my Chinese book collection least favoured compared to my award winning /best seller English books.

This is a super heart warming tale too where the lion was allowed in the library if it abides by the rules of the library. However, on one occasion where the lion actually went against the rule (for the right reason), he was told to leave the library. I won’t create a spoiler on how it ended but it has a happy ending. This is probably the one with the longest story-line of this set that I had procure from Flip for Joy -which is actually good for k2 to lower primary school kids.


This book was part of the series by Toshio Iwai, a renowned Japanese artist that big J enjoyed reading as we have the earlier 3 books.  I think this is a new edition to this series and I knew  I had to get it to complete the collection. Not only does this book fill the kids with imagination at each level, the book opens up vertically to give an extraordinary reading experience  – even as an adult reading for the first time, I was filled with anticipation as the more and more level are being built onto the bus!

need i say more, this is what you cant get out of kindle

What I really love it how much the content fills the kids up with imagination. How is it possible to have a hundred decker bus and what make it more “real” is when the vertical page which opens up to show that hundred decker bus.

勇气 Courage

I do have one exception, I actually chose this book based on the cover as I have seen the cover vaguely , my guess it was a popular English book. The book explore the different kinds of courage and often than not, my kids are lacking in courage to try new things or new challenges. This book explores the different kinds of courage and celebrate whether is it a big or small achievement.

This particular book is bilingual hence it has both the English and Chinese text. It talks about all kinds of courage, normal one  – ie everyday’s courage and also special courage too! There is one particular courage which speaks very closely to big C, the courage to eat the vegetable before making a face. Once she read that, she went in stitches…obviously it was talking about her! It is a very simple book and yet it is very relatable and definitely a keeper especially for age 4 and above where they can apprehend the concept of courage even though courage may not be in their vocabulary.


I love this series as big C would have know the stories in English and the books are thin and light , perfect to be brought to school’s silent reading sessions. Not too many words in 1 book and she will be able to finish 1 book in 1 sitting and light enough to be added to the “heavy” school bag.  The set include classic stories like The Little Prince, Cinderella , Puss in Boots using clay figurines as illustrations. And the best part, it comes with hanyupinyin!


Rarely can we find children’s book with message of environmental conservation. My kids in childcare have been taught to save water and not to destroy Mother Earth so I thought it was apt to add a book of this genre into their library. I don’t believe I have any English books which discusses about the environment as well. Coupled with beautiful collages, the book has simple sentences and it is not intimidating to young readers.

The Dot

This is another translation from the English bestseller by Peter H. Reynolds. It talks about a young girl, Vashti who didnt know want to draw on a blank piece of paper. Her teacher asked  her to make a mark so she simply drew a dot .After finishing the dot, the teacher told her to sign her name on the paper. And after she saw that her painting was being framed up in the teacher’s office, she was further inspired to make different version of dots and goes on her own artistic adventure until she had her own art exhibition. During the exhibition, a boy told Vashti that he couldnt draw a straight line. So Vashti told the boy to draw and also sign on it.

This is an excellent book to motivate reluctant learners or kids who are lacking in self confidence, and this story line can be easily understood by 4 years old as it is not a wordy book and my kids loved this book very m

As you can notice from my selection of books, many of the books in the Flip for Joy e-store are bestsellers in its original languages and now translated to Chinese to retain the beautiful storytelling and illustration but to expose preschoolers or even the lower primary school kids to Chinese. I suppose it is easier to understand the Chinese language if the child had read and loved the English version before.

Flip for Joy offers free local standard mail for all orders and free courier delivery to your doorstep for orders S$50 and above.

Flip for Joy




Do follow their social media as Meiru will recommend new titles and promotions regularly. And you can also ask her for her recommendation of books for the different age group and interest before buying.

It is really time for me to build their Chinese library at home to “counter the effect” of an English speaking environment and also an almost 100% English library at home.


Flip for Joy has kindly sponsored two of our favourite books to share with mypreciouzkids’ readers –   The Dot (FB winner)  and 100层的巴士 (IG winner).

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You can join both giveaways too if you can keen on either books.

Please keep your Instagram profile public or the Facebook shared post public (as indicated in step 3)  in order to qualify so that I can locate your entry or BOTH to double your chances of winning.

I will be picking the 2  lucky winners using The giveaway closes on 16 July 2017 2359pm (Sun) (1 from FB and 1 from IG).

IG winner: @thornedsapphire

FB winner: Ng Mei Ping

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Giveaway : Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Red Riding Hood 小红帽 (Mandarin)

Even though bilingualism is very much advocated in Singapore, it is sad to see that there are very few Chinese children theatre productions annually (especially the younger audiences) . So whenever SRT’s The Little Company produces its Mandarin production, it will be a must go for my family in my feeble attempt to introduce the kids to more Mandarin speaking environment. The English production of the same title was shown 4 years back to very rare reviews!

What I really like about SRT’s Mandarin productions, they use well-known story as their bas. Using a story that is familiar to all kids, even if the kids is somehow “lost in translation” they will be able to follow the show for most parts.

After successfully staging it in English, SRT’s The Little Company now presents Red Riding Hood in Mandarin. Red Riding Hood is an uplifting story about a brave girl named Red who must journey through the forest to reunite her family and save Mother’s bakery from closing down.

Will she reach Grandma’s house in time? Or will the charming Big Bad Wolf distract her from her quest? Join Red on her adventure into the woods, where no one is what they seem!

Filled with humour and packed with original music, this is a fantastic show to be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

Red Riding Hood 小红帽

20 July to 1 Sept 2017

Weekends and Public Holiday : 11am and 2pm
Weekdays: 10am

KC Arts Centre Home of Singapore Repertory Theatre

20 Merbau Road
Robertson Quay
Singapore 239035

Ticket Pricing

(Excludes Booking Fee)

Weekdays: S$28, S$25

Weekends (Sat & Public Holiday): S$48,S$38,S$35

Book here


SRT will be giving out 1  set of family package (4 tickets ) for the 29 July 2017 (Sat) 11am show.

  1. Liked FB pages of and SRT
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I will be picking the lucky winners using The giveaway closes on 25th June 2017, 2359pm (Sun).

IG winner: @laiswl

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