Heart Studio Term 3 2021- when I grow up

Another interesting theme as we start Term 3 and it is open to interpretation by the little artists. Basing on wooden mannequin, the kids first learn how to draw a human in the correct proportion and then interpreting what they want the mannequin to represent, perhaps what they want to be growing up.  It is really fascinating to see all the different interpretation with some favourites like army and soccer players for boys and for girls ballerina and teachers. From small C’s art work, i learnt that small C aspire to be a chef! 


The first lesson was drawing of the wooden mannequin and the potential details that could be added to make the subject and the entire artwork more interesting. Thereafter 3 lessons would be to have it done on the actual art paper, with layers of paint and different objects added and finally for the final lesson is to put the final details to complete the masterpiece. Small C managed to complete the first art work of term 3 before shifting to online classes from next week onwards due to Phase 2 Heightened Alert. Having done the online classes before (review here), I am sure small C will be able to continue his weekly art classes at home with ease.




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