Giveaway & Review: Little Passports Early Explorers and World Edition , the making of young global travellers!


Little Passports

There is something magical about receiving mails and packages. In the day and age when emails overtake postal letters, it is often nice to open the letter box to find big parcel awaiting to be opened. My kids too love receiving letters and packages in their name. Well, it was the first time they receive such a huge package for them respectively all the way from the States.  The first ever package from Little Passports is  come in form of a  little suitcase to keep all the monthly materials going forward. C had the orange suitcase which is the Early Explorers series which is suitable for ages 3 to 5 while J had the blue suitcase which is the World Edition series which is suitable for ages 6 to 10. There are many subscription boxes in the market currently. Those locally produced in Singapore are mainly targeted at art and craft especially for time-strapped parents who want to do art and craft but do not have the time, idea and creative to execute them. I have always been looking out for more knowledge-based subscription boxes (quite lacking in the local scene). I came across Little Passports from the US which is all about the world and different places – elementary geography I would say!

Little Passports is developed by 2 US mummies  to expose the children to the world at the comfort of home. Many kids may not have the luxury of travelling far and hence, this subscription will introduce the kids to the world literally without having to book a flight ticket.


Little Passports – Early Explorers (3 to 5 years old)


The first package comes also with a wall size map with content suitable for this age group.Nothing too complicated, introducing the continents and oceans. This package even had plenty of stickers to decorate the suitcase, much to the delight of C! For the first package , C is introduced to the different continents in the world. This package also come with a 20 page activity booklet to reinforce the subject matter of the month.






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The second package that come a month later was in a padded envelope containing the subject for the month. For the Early Explorers, they will get to learn about the famous landmarks in the world. It came with the cutest miniatures of some of the famous landmark in the world like Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China. With the help of the world map in the first package, C is able to identify the location of each of the landmarks. All subsequent packages come with 20-page activity booklet,fun souvenirs, Flashlight adventure, trading cards , letters, photos, stickers and luggage tags.


There are many different plans for subscription. These are the prices for Early Explorers subscription.

early explorer package


Little Passports – World Edition (6 to 10 years old)


One of the biggest differences even at its first package is the world map. Compared this to the one from the Early Explorers package, this map is more complex and has the name of the countries as well.

Similarly, it comes with an introduction letter, coloured worksheets and even a postcard.



For the next package, the World Edition introduces the kids to Brazil and some of the countries in South America.


In the same package, they also had a word puzzle whereby they are to identify the next destination which is the next package!

For the World Edition, the child can also login using a secret code to discover more fun and games online


online games

There are many different plans for subscription. These are the prices for World Edition subscription.

world explorer package


After every package has arrived, Little Passports will also emailed additional materials to be printed out for those who are keen to do more than what has been sent over for both editions!

Check out the introduction video to Little Passports!

What I really like about subscription boxes are the idea of having a theme/topic for the month. There is no obligation to finish it in 1 sitting as it is done in the comfort of the home unlike having to attend a class.

As parents, we can also supplement the topic of the month by visiting the library and borrowing books of the same theme. For example, if the topic is on Brazil, I could borrow some books about Brazil or South America and impart more knowledge. With the subscription boxes, I have more structure in my home learning and ready materials to introduce a new country/ place/location to my kids! And this subscription also makes a excellent birthday gift from the usual toys and books for kids!

Thanks to the folks at Little Passports, they will be giving a free 3 month subscription to 1 lucky reader. The winner can choose any edition suitable for his/her child.

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Disclosure: I received Early Explorers and World Edition subscription package for the purposes of my review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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