Final project for 2021 with Heart Studio

As a continuation of the first  project for Term 4 previously reviewed here , and probably an extension of a hands-on of the previous papier-mâché, the children got to dabble in modelling clay! 

This was probably the first time small C ever deal with modelling clay for some creative funand perhaps my first time too. So you need to heat the modelling clay with hair dryer for a less than 1 or 2 minutes , after you can easily mold it into what ever shape you want. Small C used this to create the ground for the snails and also the insects and little creatures surrounding the papier-mâché snails.  What I like about modelling clay is the motor skill development as they used their little hands to mold and make minute details and figurines perfect art for 6 year olds. 

The final 2 weeks was technical drawing about environmental concerns which was also very interesting for our young ones to learn about our mother earth and the environmental damage that is ongoing now and they get to draw about these in an hour glass showing the danger/concern and what it harms – animals, sea animals, etc

Small C is indeed very sad that the regular art enrichment classes have ended for 2021, that is how much he enjoyed his Sunday art classes at Heart Studio .  From a parent’s perspective to see his growth in terms of perseverance, patience, problem solving skills, creativity and most important motor skill development (as I look back to my initial post 1.5 years ago when small C started with Heart Studio ) is truly not just learning to draw and paint or merely art class for kids but there is so much more to it.  



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