Giveaway for 2 Explore+: BuddyPhones Play+ and Explore+ ensuring #safeaudio for my kids

Do you know that 12.5% of kids between the ages of 6 and 19 suffer from loss of hearing as a result of using earphones turned to a high volume!

With HBL and online classes are here to stay, ensuring that my kids have the correct devices and gadgets for their online learning is utmost in my agenda especially since the start of this pandemic. I am so glad I found the award winning headphones and a global leader in SafeAudio headphones for children and young adults – Buddy Phones 

Catering to different age group of kids , BuddyPhones has many different models catering different age group , I will be focusing my review the 2 models –  Play + for my older 2 kids sand Explore + for my younger 2 kids 

The key feature of BuddyPhones is SafeAudio built in which uses a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization at 85dB. BuddyPhones only uses BPA- and phthalate-free materials, which means we eliminate any exposure to harmful plastics that are known to cause illnesses. Not only that, the headphones come in fun, colorful stickers so that kids  can decorate and personalised their own set. Both models are foldable into their own travel bag (provided) perfect for flight too! 


Play  +

The flexibility of having it wireless and wired make this truly a wonderful product as kids don’t always remember to charge the battery before online classes and you still use it wired and not having to panic before class if the headphones are not charged. 

It comes in 3 SafeAudio™ levels to choose from to suit the child’s age or noisy surroundings. Their patented StudyMode® helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying or watching lessons.

94dB (max) : TravelMode   
85dB (max) : KidsMode
75dB (max) : ToddlerMode

With a 20 hour battery life and a 20m wireless range, comes with built in microphone and foldable design making this the perfect head phone for my older kids as they have more online classes to manage.

Explore + 

New to the range of BuddyPhones head phone with its brand new look,  Explore + improved ergonomics featuring a wider more comfortable headband, and new soft protein PU leather fabric with audio is capped at 85 dB (ie there is only 1 volume level). This model comes BuddyJack audio splitter for sharing purpose up to 4 devices which I thought was ingenious! 

Same as the Explore+, it is foldable, with adjustable headband size and super durable especially in the hands of young kids and pre schoolers. The only other difference is that this model cannot be wireless. 

Sharing the same audio source using Buddy Jack

Sharing the same audio source using BuddyJack

Both models come in 6 superb colours -light blue, dark blue, grey, pink, white and yellow  –  4 colours as above. Available on Lazada 

Thank you for gifting each kid their own BuddyPhones so that they don’t have to fight over the headphones. As a parent, I am assured that my kids’ hearing are taken care off by using BuddyPhones and this will see them through their primary school year and beyond

Giveaway of 2 Explore+ to 2 lucky parents who want #safeaudio for their child

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.



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  1. Joanne Lee says:

    Hope to own an Explore+ to protect my kids hearing because they often need HBL due to pandemic. My kids need a good quality headphone so they can feel more comfy and able to hear properly during HBL especially they easily get distracted at home.

  2. Chua Shuting says:

    My Princess will be primary 1 next year, this will be essential for her since I don’t have one for her yet. This year her enrichment zoom, I need to close door to shut my boy outside but still noisy. Heard a lot of good reviews and the colours are so pretty and vibrant. Hope I am lucky to win this month my Birthday luck to win it since I wfh too and can use it to work n watch my drama in peace while they sleep. ❤️🙏🏻🍀

  3. Wei Leng says:

    My girl has been wanting to own a headphone since last year for her birthday in Sep this year! I really hope to surprise her with this wonderful gift on her 6th birthday! 🥰

  4. Wei Leng says:

    My girl has been wanting to own a headphone since last year for her birthday in Sep this year! I really hope to surprise her with this wonderful gift on her 6th birthday!

  5. Yuki says:

    Hope to win for my 1st born who have ADHD & Sensory processing disorder, it would very much helps him focus more during HBL and not be distracted by surrounding sounds. Also since he is more sensitive towards sounds, it’s good that I can have control on the volume.

  6. Chengling says:

    With more and more online lessons, this is definitely my savior to my 2 kids. With this awesome headphone, they can definitely focus better for their lessons. No more disturbance to one another!

  7. Elishevaaaaa says:

    Would love to win one for my girl as she have alot of online homework and sometimes the toddler is too noisy and she could not focus on her work. This will be a good one for her

  8. Isabel (@mooniebelle) says:

    I love the part that its durable and safe audio. It makes it safe for my little one since ee can hardly avoid gadget nowadays

  9. JingRong says:

    My kids alway want to have headphones for their online lessons/surfing. However, I am worried they will hurt their drum. I would love to win a #safeaudio headphone for them and it’s a device that they have been looking forward to own. The wide choices of colours really make it irresistible.

  10. Angie kong says:

    Hope to win this for my sons, as hbl will be a norm. My youngest son is very noisy so with this I hope with this my eldest son will be able to listen clearly for all his lessons.

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