Safari Zoo Run 2017 : Run for Wildlife (giveaway – ended)

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If you have been following my blog, you would know that my radar goes way high high up when there is a kids sporting event. With the annual Cold Storage Kids Run as a must do every year and I just started the older kids on their first Spartan Junior Race (this will be a must do as well from now on), we are always looking to keep the kids active and “sporty”. We are going to start the new year with the Safari Zoo Run. Which kids do not love the zoo? I have lost count of the number of times we went to the zoo that i can practically memorize the location of the animals but it is and always will be their favourite place to visit, rain or shine. The team at Wildlife Reserves Singapore does a wonderful job keeping their parks interesting with activities like Safari Boo (if you saw my instagram photos  in Oct you will know how much fun we had) and their yearly Safari  Zoo Run. Did you know that the Safari Zoo Run was conceived to commemorate Ah Meng, the famous Orangutan who died of old age in 2008?  To be able to do a sporting events in the heart of the zoo, well, that is going to be one notch above what they have experienced at the zoo!

For the 2017 edition, themed “Run for Wildlife”, the run focuses on raising awareness for wildlife conservation with the introduction of 4 animal icons, namely Ah Meng the Orangutan, Chawang the Asian Elephant, Canola the Manatee and Sunny the Hornbill.  Each animal icon team supports an endangered wildlife species that we would like to raise awareness for. Each runner get to choose which icon they will be supporting!

This will be our first ever “long-distance” family run, I am still undecided whether to do the 2.5km family dash or challenge my older kids for the 5.5km family run (details below).



Let me share with you some pictures from  last year’s race. I am all excited even though race day is 3 months from now!




However,  do note that for safety reasons, for all family run,  each child participant need to be accompanied by an adult participant. This is especially important for big family like mine where kids outnumbered adults, or perhaps J can run on his own for the 2.5km kids dash!



18 FEBRUARY 2017 (SAT)


For more information of the run, please visit

website/ facebook

From now till 30 November 2016, all registration made for the Safari Zoo Run will enjoy Early Bird Rates. And if you use this discount code – SZR2017BGPMPKIDZ10 (its a pretty lengthy discount code , so do copy and paste when doing the registration), you’ll be able to enjoy 10% off current rates as long as you register by 15 January 2017. So to maximise the discount, do register before 9 December   2016! Register here


Do join me for my family’s first ever Safari Zoo Run next year and I am pleased to be giving away two race slots (in any category) to a lucky reader. Please complete all 5 steps to ensure entry for the giveaway

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I will be picking the lucky winner using . The giveaway closes on 11 Dec 2016, 2359pm (SUN).


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  1. Grace Seow says:

    Liked both fb page as well as followed your Instagram. Shared also.

    Name: Grace Seow
    My favourite animal icon is Sunny the Hornbill because I love the brightly colored long down curved bill! But sadly, about 500 hornbills are killed for its casque every month in Kalimantan, Indonesia. :'(

  2. Tan huixiu Adeline says:

    Liked and shared
    My favourite is the Ah Meng Orangutan as it is the famous icon of Singapore Zoo.
    Name: Adeline Tan huixiu

  3. Jeslyn Genevieve says:

    Liked, followed and shared!

    My favourite is Ah Meng the orangutan as this race was started to commemorate Ah Meng who is the famous icon of Singapore Zoo but died of old age, it is a meaningful run for the young and old!

    Name: Jeslyn

  4. Ng Mei Ping says:

    My favourite animal is “Ah Meng”! Why? Because we are all monkeys as I am born in the year of Monkey. It would be fun running at the zoo and enjoying the animals along the run.

    IG: fanye19

    Followed, Liked & Shared!

  5. Lilian Lee says:

    1. Liked on Facebook (FB; Lilian Lee)

    2. Followed mypreciouzkids on Instagram (IG; radlerchris)

    3. Liked Safari Zoo Run on Facebook

    4.Lilian Lee /
    My favourite animal icon for the run is AH MENG because many Singaporeans, including myself, had shared breakfast with her. She was a true icon of Singapore, and the only furry one of its kind. Ah Meng may be gone, but she continues to inspire visitors to the Singapore Zoo to learn and understand more about orangutans and their plight. She will forever live on in our hearts – the pride and joy of our zoo! <3

    5. Liked, shared and tagged 5 friends!

  6. Dominic Chan says:

    My favourite animal icon is Ah Meng! Always remember the nostalgic memories of me going to the zoo during school excursions when I was much younger. My boy is born in the year of Monkey, this year! But although Ah Meng is no longer around with us, I still hope to bring my boy to see other orangutans and monkeys! 🙂

    Dominic Chan

  7. Elsa Surya says:

    My favourite animal icon for Safari Zoo Run 2017 is Sunny the Hornbill! I love how they find their mates and stick to them throughout their life, such romance. And yes, I do love birds too! Since young, I always amazed how they soar in the air and what they can see at that height. Hope to join this run to raise awareness for conservation of these animals!

    Name: Elsa Surya

  8. Chan Wen Jun says:

    My favourite animal icon for the run is the helmeted hornbill! Although it looks strange, but if you’ve studied about the hornbill, they are very much helpful to the nature! They are often called the ‘the farmer of the rainforest’ due to its role in seed spreading around its natural habitat in the forests of Borneo!

    Chan Wen Jun /

  9. Zac Aiden says:

    My favourite is Sunny, the helmeted hornbill! It is beautiful in nature and it is one of those animals you don’t get to see flying around, soaring in the skies! And I always remember many years back, how I screamed in excitement when I saw them in bird park with my parents!

    Zac Aiden (

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