The long hiatus and my newest addition

In the last quarter of 2014, I found out that I am expecting my fourth baby and the better half of 2015 I was pregnant and busy. I didnt quite scale down the activities with my precious kids but i stop blogging and didnt do review etc. I simply didnt have the energy balancing work, kids and a major home project. My family was overseeing renovations on our new place and moving house twice (ie to the rented apartment then to the new house).After the move, i spent months unpacking, going for a babymoon and finally the month of May was to get ready for the arrival of our fourth precious kid. I am not sure if i can continue doing this while juggling with 4 kids under 6 but if i find snippets of time during my maternity to indulge myself in blogging, i may do so..and i have 2 reviews coming up this month. Stay tuned for it. Signing off by my latest addition, baby C


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