Legoland Malaysia unveils the latest blockbuster ride in Nov 2016 – NINJAGO™ The Ride

It has been almost 4 years since Legoland Malaysia opened its door to the many fortunate kids/adults (those who grew up playing LEGO) in this part of the world. From then on, they have added their themed hotel in 2013 and Water Park in 2014 so that there is always something new for the returning guests and for the new guests, there is so much to do and play that 1 day visit is hardly enough. 

My first maiden visit with the kids was in 2014 and I only managed to cover the Legoland Theme park and hotel, and totally ignoring the water park as it was just a 2d1n stay but  it was one of my best theme park trips ever – a total wholesome LEGO experience from the hotel to the park. I promised the kids that we will return for another trip to cover the Water Park. 

And before we can tick our own personal check list that we have conquered the Water Park, Legoland is launching  a brand new 4D indoor ride which totally changes the way we view typical indoor ride (which I will go into details in a bit) in November. This ride will be housed in a brand new section of the Park called NINJAGO™ World. This is the largest additional investment since the opening of the Park in 2012. Estimated at more than RM 40 million, the latest attraction promises to be a real game-changer to theme parks around the world. 


Imagine this…with just hand motions, kids and adults experiencing the NINJAGO™ The Ride will be able to throw lightning bolts, move shockwaves, send ice soaring and emit fire balls through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Based on the popular LEGO® series NINJAGO™, which is brought to life by The LEGO® Group through a line of construction toys and a TV series on Cartoon Network, guests will enjoy interactive elements and this new ride where guests harness the power of four elements and use teamwork to battle the Great Devourer. 

The NINJAGO series tells the story of four young ninja heroes – Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane – who train under the watchful eye of Master Wu to master an ancient martial art – Spinjitzu. Guests play as Ninja warriors in training under the guidance of NINJAGO™ character Master Wu to vanquish a legion of enemies from snake tribes, ghosts and skeletons to the Great Devourer. NINJAGO™ The Ride enables guests to demonstrate their ninja skills without the use of a hand held device and instead, they simply use their hand gestures. Guests  collect points for their training and battle efforts throughout the ride and scores are displayed when their quest is completed. 4D effects such as heat, smoke and wind are also incorporated throughout the adventure, giving guests the ultimate interactive experience.

Guests less than 48”/122cm tall must ride with an adult. Due to the high intensity of the ride, we recommend the ride is best suited for guests age 4 and older. For now, there is the NINJAGO™ Live Show: The Realm of Shadows where guests will enter the world of NINJAGO™ and join the courageous Ninjas – Kai, Nya and friends – on a mission to protect Bandit, a YinYang Dragon who will one day fully grow into a powerful Light Dragon. The evil Clouse and his Shadow Minions want to steal it and plunge Ninjago into the Realm of Shadows.


My family is all set to pay another visit to Legoland for its Water Park which we missed out and be Ninja warriors at the all new NINJAGO™ The Ride!

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