Discovery camp: Lego Robotic (Level 1) (with 15% discount code)

I have always love that my kids attend non-academic camps during their school breaks – partly to make use of their holidays more purposely and also try new area of interests that we hardly have time to indulge during normal school terms. However that said, it takes a lot of commitment to send and fetch them for the week-long camp especially full time working parents like myself.

Firstly, I need to find a full week that they can attend with no disruptions, then a location where can I send and fetch and lastly the cost must be affordable. What attracted me to Discovery Camp is its very CENTRAL location-United Square (Using the Lorna Whiston facility at United Square which is a stone throw away from my office was a mega-plus point for me , so I can send and fetch quite easily) and St Joseph International.

They also allow early drop off at 8.30am so that parents can drop off before going to work. The 3pm may prove to bit of a challenge but with a late lunch arrangement and a flexi work arrangement for that week, I could schedule my work to pick her at 3pm. (For some of the camps, they also offer private bus service at additional cost).

With her elder brother away in China with the primary school camp in the first week of the June holidays, I am glad I managed to find an interesting camp to fill big C’s time on the first week of June school holidays else she will be home alone with her grandparents. I am glad the camps at Discovery Camps start as early as local school holidays till end July to accomodate both local and international school kids.

The idea was for big C to try something non-academic and something she wouldn’t have time to try during regular school terms and I thought it’s good for a girl to dabble in a bit of STEM. It was not surprising that the class was 80% boys being Lego and robotic but I think she will enjoy this of a change.

The price is an all inclusive price which included a t shirt and also snack and lunch. Lunch is provided from Michelin Chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s kitchen.

Day 1

On the first day, they started out by assembling their own robot named Milo and did some simple programming using Lego Wedo 2.0. You can have a better idea of what the kids will be learning throught their sample Lego Robotics timetable here. Laptops are also provided to the kids.

Day 2 to 4

Continuing from their MILO model, they learn the different sensors – tilt, motion etc. After the initial model, they went on to make a race car, a robotic frog, a robotic bee and a dump truck. I loved how cleverly they weave the frog life cycle while building the Lego model. They also learn how bees help in plant’s reproduction. So it’s not just all about fixing Lego blocks and programming but a bit of life science as well.

Day 5

The highlight of the camp was build and program an earth quake simulator which my girl has been looking forward most of the week.

A report of their lessons was sent to me on the following week outlining what the kids had learnt. They also indicator of her ability to work in a group, take instruction, work in a team etc. Big C was better that constructing the Lego than programming which is understandable as it’s her first time dabbling in some form of programming.

A small part of me is relieved that I no longer need to send and fetch every day but super glad that big C got a taster session and ignite her interest in STEM especially when science becomes a mandatory subject next year at primary 3.

There is 3 more weeks for local school holidays to fill, do check Discovery Camp and their wide range of camps from coding, art classes, actor studio and multi activity camps. I am sure you will be able to find one suitable for your kids.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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