Neuromath – Review of Pattern Thinker Box 1

Did you know that a child can be spend endless hours in doing math questions and assessment books, but all the efforts are not reflected in the results? 
Recognising that,  NeuroMath Singapore has developed a home based programme Pattern Thinkers, where learners can develop 6 key habits of mind for success in their learning which covers: 
1. Permutations 
2. Consecutive Numbers 
3. Assumption 
4. Logical Deduction 
5. Pattern Sequences 
6. Equations
Their method is not about drilling the syllabus  or rote learning but Norman Tien, the founder of  NeuroMath Singapore explained what are the right ways to teach our kids Math. You can learn more from the monthly webinar organised by them. 

I was introduced to << Pattern Thinkers >> a Home-based Training Programme (suitable for 7 to 10yo) which focuses on Critical and Inventive Thinking in Patterns for problem solving , different from our math text book or assessment books. Their method helps to develop and strengthen the cognitive foundation to tackle these mathematical problems which is beneficial in the long run especially for higher order thinking questions.
I was initially skeptical about home based programme as I may not have the time nor ability , however my fears are unfounded as the lesson video are pre-recorded, and you can do it own time own target. We received box 1,which contains resources such as colourful chips, a xylophone and an activity book to guide the child during the prerecorded video.   Whenever small C is free, he will log in and watch the video independently (all this skills of operating a laptop from HBL sessions) and then he is unable to follow grasp the logic or technique, I will try to support him a bit. 
The recommendation is to do 1 lesson per week, and in a daily basis to practise what is learned and also improve on the speed, and finally record the video assignment.
Lesson 1
The introduction of 3×6 permutation with the used of colourful chips and a board. To kick start the lesson, small C has to list down all possible permutation of 5,6,7 and 8. Of course, he had listed it in random order and could not complete it as it is all so random (you can scroll till the end that he managed to understand achieve it under 3 minutes after the 4th lesson) 
Lesson 2
To reinforce the earlier 3×6 permutation with a xylophone, the key is there is no previous pattern to follow, hence all is pure based on memory and logic –  its a great way to learn math through a learning aid such as the xylophone. 
Lesson 3 
This is a leap forward with 4×6 permutation, initially he struggled, but once he understood the “pattern” he is able to do it independently, now the aim is to do it as fast as he can, hopefully below 2 minute . We continued to use the colour chips as a visual aid to understand the permutation pattern more effectively! 
Lesson 4
Besides reinforcing 4×6 permutations, lesson 4 also incorporated Origami into the lesson. Frankly. it was easy at the start but towards the end when small C gave up, myself as an adult also found it difficult to figure it out and had to replay the video a few times. Small C had no issue following the folding steps and also the initial parts to link it up but he fumbled at the final few steps and linking it up. So this is the only time I step in to help him.

A big STAR for completing box 1 too!

It has been a month working on Box 1 which has a total of 4 lessons – 1 week per lesson.  Small C is able to learn at his own timing and pace, there is no predetermined lesson timing per week, as these are prerecorded video. There is isnt much support from parents perspective except to submit the video assignment to Pattern Thinkers Team to go through and they will come back with feedback for the child. 
Now that he has finally able to understand and list the 24 permutations , the next aim is to do it under 2 minutes , can’t wait for box 2 to learn another essential skill sets. 
There is an upcoming webinar on 19 Nov 2022 2pm, for all readers and followers of mine, Neuromath Singapore has kindly offered a complimentary session for you instead of having to pay $19 (usual price).
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About Neuromath 
We are a leading centre of Excellence for Math in Singapore with over 20 years of experience in helping students achieve the marks they truly deserve. We strive to lead the future of math learning, creating the Next Generation Thinkers and Problem Solvers to enjoy the Triumph of Learning through Discovery. Coming from a practitioner where we are able to influence thousands of yet-performing learners to scale from fail to A, we believe Pattern Thinkers is another proven system of ours that can help learners learn independently and come to their own individual understanding of mathematics.

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