Celebrating Lunar New Year at Universal Studio Singapore and SEA Aquarium (9 to 28 February 2018)

Media Invite

I can’t recall when was the last time I visited the SEA Aquarium or Universal Studio Singapore (“USS”) but like every local, when we have a local attraction we hardly visit or only visits when relatives from abroad visit. I guess the last time we visited, we were in as a family of 5. So, this will mark as our very first time entering the park as a family of 6 , 2 adults vs 4 kids 0f different heights…lets see if we manage to enjoy all the rides and attractions especially the new ones for this month only!

This is also our very first time enjoying the lunar new year festivities with Resort World Sentosa and seeing how they have incorporated  the biggest festival of the year (IMHO – some may say its the Christmas celebrations) in their 2 of the most popular attractions – SEA Aquarium and USS. I think the biggest highlight would be the iconic dragon dance at the SEA aquarium.  I have always taken a fascination to dragon and lion  dance but an underwater dragon dance will truly be an unique performance not to be missed!

From 9 to 28 February, especially for locals and families who are not travelling abroad and have the whole long weekend in Singapore ( and the weather seems to be holding up and cooling too), this makes it the best time to pay a visit to either the SEA aquarium or USS or both. If you have young kids like me, perhaps taking one attraction on separate days will be more advisable to fully enjoy instead of rushing through it.

Both attractions have slot in new items as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations so that there is always something new to enjoy even if you are a regular park-goer.

Universal Studios Singapore (9 to 25 Feb)

  • Majestic Dragon Trail – new!

No Lunar New Year is complete with dragon dance and traditional costumes! Incorporating the traditional dragon dance with all the favourite USS characters like Minions, Sesame Street friend and Puss in Boots (all decked in Chinese traditional costumes)

The 20 minute trail happens at 1pm and 5.30pm daily , from New York passing to all the zones ending at New York with different characters appearing at all the different zone. For eg, at New York will be the characters from Sesame Street and at Far Far Away will be Shrek and Fiona. So if you are up for it, you could follow up throughout the trail. There is also meet and greet after the dragon dance performance too!

  • East- Meets-West Street Performance by the Rockafellas and Mel’s Dim Sum Dinettes  – New! 

Incorporating eastern elements and tunes, the crowd’s favourite Rockefellas will serve a brand new show – Fu Fighter at the New York Public Library while the Mel’s Dim Sum Dinettes from Mel Diner’s will entertain all theme park guest to lunar new year tunes in cheongsam! They were even belting out tunes in Chinese, all in conjunction with Lunar celebrations!

As the timing are varied to check at the park entrance for  timing.

Hello Kitty Studio 

This was launched last year but this is definitely new to me. We had  plenty of photo ops as I am a big fan of Hello Kitty myself! I was so glad that I managed to enjoy this part of the park while the boys wait out for us girls to finish our little tour!

All this are included in the paid park admission and the parks are open till 8pm or 9pm on selected night. Singapore resident enjoy a special rate of S$72 along with a complimentary S$5 meal voucher.

At the end of the day,  we made it through many rides, (adults taking turns if one of the kids was unable to ride due to height requirements), even small C did his first Madagascar – A Crate Adventure, but he was too late for nap so he had to miss King Julien’s Beach Party- Go- Round . Small J had his first even roller coaster ride at the Enchanted Airways and enjoyed himself thoroughly at Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey – the most popular kids’ ride!

We even caught the brand new Elmo TV’s Time.

photo credit:RWS

Over at the SEA aquarium, not to be outdone by USS, they are also hosting new exhibits and items just for the lunar new year celebration from 9 to 28 February.

S.E.A. Aquarium (9 to 28 Feb)

  • Singapore’s only underwater dragon dance -New! 

A crowd’s favourite from previous years, divers will all  be decked in festive costumes performing dragon dance with the backdrop of all the sea animals in the SEA aquariums – from manta rays to zebra sharks. This year, we also caught the Sea Goddess as an addition to the dragon dance ensemble.

This happens at 1.30pm and 3.30pm daily (11.30am on Sat, Sun and PH) at the open ocean habitat and shipwreck habitat. Thereafter , you can proceed to the Ocean Dome for a story telling session by the Sea Goddess at 12 and 2pm daily (4.30pm on Sat, Sun and PH). I was in awe with the effort that RWS even to details of the costume of the Sea Goddesses –  truly all attention to make sure all park-goers have a wonderful time and creating wonderful memories!

photo credit: RWS

photo credit: RWS

story telling by the very beautiful sea goddess which happens after the underwater dragon dance , all about sustainable seafood and conservation

  • Trail of Fortunes -New! 

Highlighting auspicious sea creatures, SEA aquarium has create a new perspective to their guest to discover fun fact and also weaving conservation theme as part of the learning as part of the Lunar New Year programmes.

photo credit: RWS

Singapore residents enjoy discounts on admission at S$34 and S$22 for a child.

I am so glad that we have managed to soak in some Lunar New Year festivities and celebrations before the real celebration begins later part of this week.

If you have some time from the visiting  and wish to soak into more lunar new year mood and festivities, both attractions offer their own unique interpretation of our biggest festival of the year! I wouldn’t favour one over the other, but it depends very much if you want a more leisurely and comfortable day out or a more adventurous one!

Taking this opportunity to wish all my readers , family and friends a very paw-perous new year and enjoy this festivities with your family and friends!

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Kidzland – truly an amazing entertainment centre for kids!

In June, we hosted the joint party celebration for small J and small C at Kidzland and played many many hours at The Forest. You can check out the review of our unforgettable first visit to Kidzland. When we left0, we had not explored all the other areas including the arcade area and knew one day we will be back to explore the other areas.

So finally the term 3 assessments were all over and daddy wanted to give the kids a treat at the arcade. We are big fan of Time Zone and my kids have been going to the arcade many times (its daddy’s way to bond with the kids in the afternoon when its too hot to play outside). So for a change, I told them that we could pay a return visit to Kidzland as they have a huge arcade there too! We should give it a try as we always go to Time Zone.  Though it may not be as accessible as the Time Zone outlets but you will see why I prefer Kidzland arcade over Time Zone at the later part of review.

We decided to give a try to the different sections that we did not get to try before we do the  actual agenda which is the arcade! Do note you have to get a pre-loaded card first at the counter to enjoy all the activities mentioned below.  The pre-loaded card is also use for the arcade areas.

Magic Pen (SGD 5 for 20 minutes)

We did something similar at Mosh! in Sentosa . My younger ones love “colouring” and the very fun part of the Magic Pen is not just colouring and decorating the characters but sending it over to the big screen to see your creation “come to life”. Highly recommended for kids below 6, I think the 20 minutes session is not enough but I told them there are still many other section to explore!

The Beach (SGD 5 for 30 minutes)

This was a sandy play area to mimic the experience of the beach complete with projection of sea creature on to the sand. This is definitely a winner among the kids including my 8 year old. Of course, this doesn’t come close to going to the beach but I truly welcome this section as this is an added variety to the typical play gym. In fact at  around 4 plus pm the area became quite crowded with younger kids, I was glad we manage to try this at an earlier timing.

Do not worry as it is unlike the sand at the real beach where it is difficult to clean, it is relatively easy to clean off with the mat provided at the entrance of the area.


Battle Giant (Current Promo price SGD 5 for 5 minutes)

The first time I ever saw this was at a mall in KL last year. I think these are now common fixtures at outdoor amusement pop up as I saw them on the IG feeds. My kids had never tried this before I was also totally excited to see them in action. Initially, the two boys took the first ride. Small J at 4 years was unable to control the robot and as the robot is pretty big and heavy, it is quite dangerous (not for small J) but to people watching. So we decided that he cannot ride alone and did a tandem with big J. Big C at 6 year old is able to control it well so she is able to ride alone. Do take note, for younger kids below 4/5 , do sit together with the child. I am sure it is also fun for the parents too! Currently it is on promotion at SGD 5 for 5 minutes (which I think it is a steal, I think its priced at SGD 8 at the outdoor amusement pop up)


Arcade (prices from SGD 2 per game)

Finally, the moment the kids all have been waiting for –  arcade time! Most games were at SGD 2 and what I really liked (over Time Zone)is that all the arcade games are more for younger kids below 12 – (Time Zone catered for a bigger range of crowd include teenagers and adults, hence some games are not so suitable for young kids due to shooting and violence).  At KidzlandThere is bowling, driving, fire fighter, basketball, cycling, fishing – all very kids centric without any violence etc. I don’t think there is another arcade in Singapore which is catered solely for kids! The other part that I liked was that the machine issued tickets (in Time Zone, it all done electronically which is good , save the environment etc) but I still prefer the old school method of seeing the tickets dispensed from the machine  – the joy of kids’ faces anticipating the tickets coming out of the machine ( I do hope that the tickets will be some how recycled and reused)

We really had loads of fun, if we didn’t have a dinner appointment, we could have stayed there for hours but the longer we stay means the more damage to daddy’s wallet! In fact, we didn’t cover all the arcade games. After amassing a cool 316 tickets, the kids went over to claim their prizes. Kidzland does offer lots of fun for the younger kids crowd which is somewhat different from the typical playgym however, due to the huge space they have, they do seem lacking in staff  -but if you know your ways around, you wouldn’t be too bothered but for first timer , you may be a bit lost at time due to lack of staff to assist.


The Grandstand

Level  2 Unit #02-14

200 Turf Club Road

Singapore 287994

Tel: 65 67633773

Email: admin@kidzld.com

Free parking (hence no worry if you really spend the entire day there!)

Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Fri), 9am to 10pm on Saturday and 9am  to 9.30 pm Sunday.

Disclosure: We were given complimentary admission/accesss to the Magic Pen, The Beach and Battle Giant. We paid for our own for the games at the Arcade. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Review – FIVE Square’s Saturday Family Fun is just too awesome!

My hubby and I love Saturday nights when we will go bar hopping and enjoy a beer or two and just to chill and relax after a hectic week /to recharge for the coming week ahead, but most places ie bars aren’t the most kids friendly places – high stool, crowded, I’d be lucky if they provide baby chair and we often leave the kids home for our night out.

Now we may no longer have to leave the kids behind on Saturday nights  as we found a gem right in the heart of CBD but away from the hustle and bustle of city on a Saturday night (how ironic!). Those who are working in the CBD will be familiar with FIVE Square as it is one of the more popular and crowded lunch venues on weekdays and  also for after work drinks.

Comes Saturday, this same place takes an entirely different feel and crowd – the family crowd! Yay! Kudos to the people behind FIVE Square for thinking of parents who want to chill and have a drink or not but not leave the young ones at home!

What I found at FIVE Square on Saturday family fun goes way beyond my expectations,

Baby/high chair – checked

Bouncy castle – checked

Ball pit – checked

Good selection of food for kids and adults -checked

Beer – checked

Bar snack – checked

Pool table – checked

Dart board – checked

Air-conditioning comfort – checked!

There are many restaurants in Singapore that will bring out the bouncy castles on weekend to attract the family crowd, but often the bouncy castle is placed in the outdoors. FIVE Square has so much space that they have catered a space indoors for the bouncy castle (on weekdays this space is where the live band will play -excellent use of space!). Given the hot & humid weather, I really do not really like my kids to be jumping outdoors.

So on ALL SATURDAYS, from 11 am to 8 pm, FIVE Square will set up their kids section/ play area complete with bouncing castle, slide with ball pits and motorised vehicles.

For the “bigger” kids’ entertainment, they have this!

Finally, I managed to pry the kids away from the play area to order for dinner. We were given a cosy corner with ample space and high chair, with the view of the play area too!

The food wise, it doesn’t disappoint at all but super friendly on the pockets too! I had ordered my food from cin.qo tapas which serves pizza, pasta, paella and tapas.

It is a no brainer as all my kids are huge pasta fans. There are 2 types- classic pastas at $9.90 which are your typical carbonara, bolognese, lasagna etc and DIY pasta for $7.90 where you can choose your own pasta base, type of pasta and a selection of 1 main and 2 vegetables.

So I ordered bolognese penne for missy C which came with shaved cheese while I DIYed two pastas – aglio olio spaghetti with tiger prawn with broccoli and mushroom (I know its not typical pasta ingredient but I love it that it is a more balanced diets and all the ingredients that small J likes) and I had white wine spaghetti with squid, asparagus and broccoli (I loved my greens).

For the presentation and taste it surely did not justify the price tag. Typically, such portion and presentation will cost me anyway between $15 to $20 plus in an Italian restaurant.

The older boys had a peperoni pizza to share. We ordered several tapas to share  – calamari, truffle fries, pork belly and my favourite – garlic cockles! It is a pity they didn’t have chicken wings as it is a must with our beer.

This garlic cockles is not a regular dish at such establishments, but this is a winner. Cooked just nice ( I hate overcooked cockles ) with tangy mix of garlic and lime and for the extra kick, the sambal belacan! And having it with beer is the best combi ever! I will return to FIVE Square just for their garlic cockles!

For those who are not a big fan of Italian food, you can hop over to Teppei Syokudo for its huge range of donburi and of course their very famous kaisendon minus the queue at their main outlet! Besides Japanese, there is also a Western food stall serving all kinds of grilled meat, Vietnamese food and a Malaysian cuisine stall (which opens on Mon to Fri).

As this is a kids friendly blog, I shall not delve so much into the variety of drinks ie beer and liquor , all I can say the list was 5 pages long  – beer, wines, sake, cocktails, shorts, spirits and 1 page just for whisky selection(for whisky lovers out there!). No worries, you can order fruit juices for the kids and there is your typical drinks stall just like in the foodcourt serving can drinks , kopi and teh.

the bar

After dinner, my kids had round 2 at the play area shortly before the play area  closes at 8pm (the place closes at 12 midnight!), by then there were  only a few families left and we almost that the whole play areas to ourselves. My family are crowd adverse people so we really like FIVE Square for the space and lack of crowd in the CBD on Saturdays.  My husband self entertained himself at the dart board and the pool table. There is really nothing to fault about this place, we all had a good  and pocket friendly dinner, the kids had fun and the adults too! This is also a perfect and comfortable place for large group gathering (with or without kids) due to the ample space.

As this place operates like a food court, you will need to place order of food at the self-ordering kiosks and key in your phone number so when the food is ready for collection, an SMS will be sent out to notify you.

If you are there for Saturday lunch, you can come by as early at 11am as the play area will be setup at 11am and for dinner, you may want to go ard 5ish so that the kids can have their bouncing fun before dinner. The play area will be closed at 8pm though the whole place is opened all the way to midnight.

Did you know that FIVE Square is also the home of Arsenal supporters in Singapore, so for those daddies/mummies who are Arsenal supporters,  they screened all Arsenal matches live there too!

FIVE Square also host events such as baby showers and birthday party on Saturday all thanks to the play area setup. Starting from $25 ++ per pax (Min 40 pax) which includes a 10 course catering food selection. The 3 hours party slot are from 11 to 2pm or 3pm to 6pm . In fact the day that I visited FIVE Square for dinner,  the afternoon children’s party was ending and they are totally booked for this month already. Do write to kelvin@fivebar.sg to arrange for your party. How have I missed on this venue for my party hosting, but alas I am done with my children’s party for this year. You have to visit the place to see for yourself the space that they have – it is a huge 13,000 square feet ! Now you know why there is ample space even to place the bouncy castle indoors!

cheers to a great Saturday!

FIVE Square

1 Pickering St

#01-03 Great Eastern Centre

Singapore 048659

Open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 12 midnight




Which is also part of the FIVE Bar group which also has outlets Collyer Quay, Changi City Point and Cuppage Terrace but the Saturday family fun only happens at FIVE Square at Great Eastern Centre.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Kidzland – one unforgettable party venue with 12,000 sq feet of play gym, arcade, entertainment fun

I am not a big fan of having parties at indoor playground however due to the age of the birthday boys , age 2 and 4 respectively, my hands are tied as I cant be too adventurous in choosing the type of activities – the older kids had bowling party, ice skating party, soccer party, karaoke party before, but due to age and physical ability limitation, the best bet will still be in a place where the birthday boys can enjoy and not forgetting their older siblings too who are never too old to enjoy their indoor playground. In fact, big J has been visiting indoor playground for the past 8 years and still looooovvvveeee it!

With the two boys, small J and small C (time for me to update my blog’s profile too! ) turning 2 and 4 respectively (their birthdays are only 4 days apart !) so they will have to share their birthday celebrations for the rest of their lives, though on their actual days we do celebrate again specifically to the birthday boy, I feel bad they always have to share the limelight. They are also the lucky ones as their birthday falls during the June school holidays , so we get to do a birthday celebration overseas too!

Please note that this review is only limited to the party room hosting experience and The Forest indoor playground experience as we didn’t have time to explore the rest of the mega huge Kidzland area as we were hosting a party of the younger boys.  This also means the kids will be able to go for another round some other time!

Many may not have known the latest and biggest play gym/arcade/entertainment centre for kids in Singapore, Kidzland, located next to Pasarbella at the Grandstand as it opened without much fanfare in April 2017.  Grandstand is well-known for another mega huge play gym, now the lucky kids in Singapore has another mega gym to choose from.

Kidzland has been boasting many new elements unseen in typical indoor playground in Singapore. I understand from the manager, Jack that this concept is super popular in Japan and China where it is like a mini theme park complete with arcade and different play zone areas in air-conditioned comfort –  an entertainment centre for the younger ones.

As I hosted my party at Kidzland, I would like to do a review of that for parents for planning for birthday parties at indoor playground.

The party room

What I really liked it was a very good size party hosting room. I really appreciated the availability of many adult’s  bar stools.  Many times at children’s party, the adults need to stand (ie coz not enough or no adult chairs at all) or the really tired one will sit on the kids’ chair, hoping the kid’s chair will withstand the weight.

Jack told me this will be changed regularly according to the theme of the month

There is also a fridge for the party host usage ie for the cakes, or bottled drinks etc.  Most party rooms have little excess space, and this room even has its own fridge for the usage of the party host and guests. I had ordered catering from Pasta Mania and I conveniently chilled the coke in the fridge before the guest arrived so that we have ice cold coke for the adults!

The kids table and chairs  – there were more than 20 chairs for usage, for bigger parties (as the room has space) I am sure the Kidzland will be able to accommodate more chairs and table for their usage. I had a small cosy party hence, it was definitely more than what I need.


As much as I appreciated a colourful wall-papered party room to make the room cheery, I do a need a clean white wall just for my party banner and the backdrop to my diy dessert table so that it doesnt look so cluttered with colourful walls.

I guess one of the biggest disadvantages of this party room, is that it is situated at the end of the whole area, which was some distance away from the reception area (as the place is huge) and also The Forest pla ground. I guess the reason behind this is for exclusivity of the party guests etc but sometimes  it is difficult to look for help from staff or to look for kids! That said, there are staff coming in to check if everything is ok, and if I needed any additional help. You can also hire photographer or party host through Kidzland as well.

If you need an area for your magician/ show/ etc to perform for the kids, you can also rent the Dream Stage area which located next to The Forest.

The Forest

A good-size 3 level jungle themed play gym area for kids from 2 to 12, complete with soft gun, slides, climbing structure and one very interesting and very instagram worthy area – Rainbow Net!

rock climbing wall

mini carousel

And the structure that piqued my interest the most, Rainbow Net has to be the most instagram- worthy feature of this play gym and unseen in any other play gym currently. It was very interesting as I had a hard time looking for the opening to enter the structure. Once in, the kids can bounce, climb, lounged and have other kids head popping down from the upper net.

All the other unexplored areas

As I was busy hosting the party, I didn’t have time to bring the kids to explore around the other play area (even till today, I can hear my kids asking to be brought back to Kidzland) Just a quick photo and video preview of the unexplored areas!

– Block and Sand

– Magic Pen

Reminds me of Mosh! at Sentosa where you doodle on the electronic screen and it gets displayed on the big screen.

-The Beach
Projection and sand play

– DIY corner

– The Arcade

For older kids and those who has been going to Timezone, this is like Timezone where you get to collect winning tickets in exchange for rewards. There are also many claw vending machines to try your luck too!


The place is so massive I had to do a video tour of it just to show there is so much to do

I honestly think that any kid can stay from the start of the opening hours till the end as there is simply so much to do and play and I am lost as to where to begin with! There are also many adults reliving their childhood at the arcade machines like this shooting arcade game! This is one play gym in Singapore where I believe the adults themselves will not get bored too !

Entry to The Forest

  • Children (3 yrs old & above) –SGD 22.00 Peak, SGD 20.00 Non-Peak, Unlimited Play Time
  • Toddlers (1 yr old & above – 3 yrs old) –SGD 18.00 Peak, SGD 16.00 Non-peak, Unlimited Play Time
  • Babies (Below 1 year old) –Free, Unlimited Play Time.
  • Adults (18 yrs old & above) –For toddlers and children: Free for first adult/guardian, S$5 per subsequent adult(s)/guardians ; For baby: S$5 per adult/guardian.
  • Construction Theme Park: $4 per play
  • Claw Machine (Big): $3 per game
  • Claw Machine (Small): $2 per game
  • Other Game Machines: $2 per game
  • Carousel: $5 per ride
  • Magic Pen: $5 for 15 minutes, $2 for printing
  • Hunters Alliance: $5 for 100 bullets
  • The Beach: $5 for 30 minutes
  • Battle King: $ 6/ 5min
  • The Boat : $6 / 3min

Party package


The Grandstand

Level  2 Unit #02-14

200 Turf Club Road

Singapore 287994

Tel: 65 67633773

Email: admin@kidzld.com

Free parking (hence no worry if you really spend the entire day there!)

Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Fri), 9am to 10pm on Saturday and 9am  to 9.30 pm Sunday.

we will be back and I have allocated a day for it after spending close to 4 hours at the party and The Forest

Thank you Kidzland for the very cosy and comfortable party room to host small J and small C’s paw patrol party and at the end, every one was to reluctant to leave even though its almost 8pm! Just leave your party hosting in the good hands of Jack and his team!

Disclosure: We were given 3 hours complimentary park room usage. I paid for the entry for the The Forest playground for all 10 kids to the party at a special rate.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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Awesome family bonding at the Singapore Wake Park

Besides the usual parties with friends and family and at the child care, I also hope the birthday child to do something they fancy on their birthday, something unforgettable maybe , something they will enjoy doing and hopefully remember their 5th, 6th etc birthday.

Typically, I will bring them to do play gym as I don’t indulge them much except on their birthdays. I usually do not reject their request if they want to visit the playgym on their birthday. It is the easiest and hassle free way to spend their birthday. Last year, big C requested to do art and craft for her 5th birthday, so I brought her to a drop off session at an art school.

For her 6th birthday, I wanted it to be a first time experience and an unforgettable experience. She is into swimming and water activities lately so when I was planning for her birthday party, the newly opened Singapore Wake Park(“SWP”) came into my radar. As the minimum age for wakeboarding/ water skiing is 6 year old, I thought it will be perfect. However, after much thought of the profile of the kids at the party,I decided against it. I had younger kids in the party and my younger boys and I do not know if big C will be afraid and bailed out ……especially if it’s at her birthday party. So I did an ice skating party for her and her friends and it was especially apt as she wanted Frozen theme and all ELSA! So that was the celebration the weekend before her actual day.

On her actual day, the weather held up and it was a beautiful day!

As her actual day falls on the weekday, I typically celebrate her birthday at the child care in the afternoon before bringing the birthday kidfor a fun afternoon /evening. She didn’t have much idea where she wanted to celebrate her actual birthday so I nudged the idea of the wakeboarding at the Singapore Wake Park. She has actually seen the place before and shown great interest in trying. I showed her some video of kids attempting to wakeboarding so ensure she is really ok with the falling into water etc (no worries,the life vest floats non swimmers very well). She told me she is all for it but I still have my reservations even up to the point when she was all suited up. Her only request, she wanted me to do it before her!

Doing our maiden wakeboard attempt on a weekday especially Monday was the best decision ever. During our slot there was no one except us. On weekends, there is more crowd, hence at every session there maybe 5 or more beginners so you have to wait for your turn.

Before I go into the session proper, I had a quite chat with Viviane who is in charge of marketing for SWP. If you recalled there was previously a similar water ski area at ECP previously but the infrastructure was only suitable for adults. The newly revamped SWP features  a full size cable and a System 2.0 for beginners. Thanks to the System 2.0 for beginners , now kids as young as 6 can get a try at knee board or wake board. For adults and older kids  (above 10), they can try the full-sized cable once they have mastered and feel confident at the System 2.0.

The System 2.0 caters for only one person at a time hence creating a safe learning environment where the instructor focuses only on one rider each time.The speed of this cable is adjustable, which makes learning how to stand on a wakeboard easier, and it also means gentle falls.

As for the attire, rash guard and one piece neoprene swimsuit for the kids will be just perfect. After signing the indemnity form at The Wake Shop and obtaining the wrist tag, we changed into our swimming gear and collected our life vests and helmet. There is a changing and shower facility and a cafe too!


ain’t this too cute?

all ready for her first attempt!

We started with a short briefing of what the beginner session entails. One question I had for the longest time, what happens if the kid falls in the middle of the lagoon? Rest ensured for non swimmer kids, there will be a instructors who will be “floating” around the cable area (which is an enclosed lagoon) to guide the kids when they fall into the water. Kids get to ride both ways while the adults are only allowed 1 way. The adult will need to swim to the white boardwalk (with the wakeboard) and return to the deck for another try.  In fact, big C didn’t have to pull herself to the white boardwalk and walk back to the deck at all. So she gets to  kneeboard both ways. Sometimes ,she will just hang on to the cable and be pulled back to the deck! Boy, did she enjoyed being pulled in the water!

For beginners and first timers, kids are able to try out kneeboarding first  This is much easier than wakeboarding. The only criteria is to hold the arm straight and never let go. As the instructors also ensured that the speed of the cable is not too fast for the kids as well because it’s the System 2.0 where the speed is controllable by the instructor.

For adult beginners like me, nope, we don’t get to do kneeboarding at all, we go straight to wakeboarding. I did an excellent first attempt, however , the subsequent attempts were  failures. I shall only show you the video of my best attempt! As promised, I did had the first try to prove to big C it was not scary at all!

Then it was big C turn, her maiden attempt at kneeboarding. She managed to hold on for a long time before falling into the water.


all smiles and raring to go again!

she fell countless time but never gave up!

pushing herself up!

After many tries at kneeboarding, she was convinced to try wakeboarding. However, she couldn’t hold the squatting position too long and failed many times. I was proud that she didn’t give up and kept trying even at the expense of dunking into water. Besides indulging in a new sport, this sport also is one of the best way to test the level of perseverance and endurance. Big C is as tough or tougher than my other boys! 

loving the lagoon and the sports!

trying to cable speed

I lost count the number of times we tried during our 1 hour session. There was no one else except us, mother and daughter because its a weekday. The guys at SWP even sang big C a birthday song! Awwwww….sweet…she really was beaming that day!

From an adult beginner, it was no child’s play. It really wasn’t easy to hold onto the initial squat position and subsequently to a waterski position and “pose”. I think I only had 2 to 3 good tries but I really wanted to try more times and maybe try at the full-sized cable too. I think I was swimming (to the white boardwalk) more than wakeboarding.

looking like a pro? far from it 🙁

Despite it all, I myself had a very memorable first time experience with my girl on her birthday. It was a perfect family bonding experience too!

This was undoubtedly most memorable and unforgettable way to spend her birthday – her maiden attempt at kneeboarding and wakeboarding. You will be seeing us more at SWP , maybe during the school holidays. I shall bring big J for his maiden attempt and for myself, I want to challenge myself for the longer System 2.0 , but I don’t really like the crowd and having to wait for my turn. I prefer a “private session” like what I had today. So a word of advise, do go on a weekday! Like what Viviane told me , you get 120% of the attention from the instructor!

For the school holidays and recognizing that this  watersport is new in Singapore and a perfect family bonding experience, SWP will be doing a March school holidays promotion from 11 – 31st March for families in mind. See promotion in this link

If you are not travelling and wish to expend your kids (above 6) endless energy and you want to try a new activity, I just found you the answer. You are most welcome!

Singapore Wake Park

1206A ECP, Singapore 449891

Mon to Fri – 10am to 10pm

Sat and Sun 9am to 10pm

By Bus: Buses 401 (operates only on Saturdays and Sundays) and 197 from Bedok Interchange. Alight when you see Laguna Park condominium and walk through the underpass.

By Car/Taxi: Via ECP highway, exit 7A (landmark: Jumbo Seafood)

Car Park: Park at E1 (paid entry)  -that’s the place where all the seafood restaurants are located!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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Legoland Malaysia unveils the latest blockbuster ride in Nov 2016 – NINJAGO™ The Ride

It has been almost 4 years since Legoland Malaysia opened its door to the many fortunate kids/adults (those who grew up playing LEGO) in this part of the world. From then on, they have added their themed hotel in 2013 and Water Park in 2014 so that there is always something new for the returning guests and for the new guests, there is so much to do and play that 1 day visit is hardly enough. 

My first maiden visit with the kids was in 2014 and I only managed to cover the Legoland Theme park and hotel, and totally ignoring the water park as it was just a 2d1n stay but  it was one of my best theme park trips ever – a total wholesome LEGO experience from the hotel to the park. I promised the kids that we will return for another trip to cover the Water Park. 

And before we can tick our own personal check list that we have conquered the Water Park, Legoland is launching  a brand new 4D indoor ride which totally changes the way we view typical indoor ride (which I will go into details in a bit) in November. This ride will be housed in a brand new section of the Park called NINJAGO™ World. This is the largest additional investment since the opening of the Park in 2012. Estimated at more than RM 40 million, the latest attraction promises to be a real game-changer to theme parks around the world. 


Imagine this…with just hand motions, kids and adults experiencing the NINJAGO™ The Ride will be able to throw lightning bolts, move shockwaves, send ice soaring and emit fire balls through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Based on the popular LEGO® series NINJAGO™, which is brought to life by The LEGO® Group through a line of construction toys and a TV series on Cartoon Network, guests will enjoy interactive elements and this new ride where guests harness the power of four elements and use teamwork to battle the Great Devourer. 

The NINJAGO series tells the story of four young ninja heroes – Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane – who train under the watchful eye of Master Wu to master an ancient martial art – Spinjitzu. Guests play as Ninja warriors in training under the guidance of NINJAGO™ character Master Wu to vanquish a legion of enemies from snake tribes, ghosts and skeletons to the Great Devourer. NINJAGO™ The Ride enables guests to demonstrate their ninja skills without the use of a hand held device and instead, they simply use their hand gestures. Guests  collect points for their training and battle efforts throughout the ride and scores are displayed when their quest is completed. 4D effects such as heat, smoke and wind are also incorporated throughout the adventure, giving guests the ultimate interactive experience.

Guests less than 48”/122cm tall must ride with an adult. Due to the high intensity of the ride, we recommend the ride is best suited for guests age 4 and older. For now, there is the NINJAGO™ Live Show: The Realm of Shadows where guests will enter the world of NINJAGO™ and join the courageous Ninjas – Kai, Nya and friends – on a mission to protect Bandit, a YinYang Dragon who will one day fully grow into a powerful Light Dragon. The evil Clouse and his Shadow Minions want to steal it and plunge Ninjago into the Realm of Shadows.


My family is all set to pay another visit to Legoland for its Water Park which we missed out and be Ninja warriors at the all new NINJAGO™ The Ride!

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Fun N Laughter play gym – a cosy and intimate venue for kids birthday party

I have organised many children birthday parties since my eldest’s 1st birthday party in 2010 with many themes  and many different venues but oddly, I have always skipped play gym as an option. The most common venue for me  is the condo’s function room purely out of convenience and cost. Especially for full month celebrations, it is easy to run up and down if its my own’s condo function room. Besides that,  the closest I did to a play gym birthday party was a full fledged restaurant in East Coast Park which has a play gym for its diners (which has since closed down). But that said, I have been to many birthday parties held at play gyms and knew how much fun the birthday kid and his friends will have and the host do not have to think too hard how to kids the kids entertained.

The mother of all play gym birthday parties would be Fidgets at the Grandstand with many party rooms and a huge play area. I do not fancy big parties as I feel awful for not being able to host and talk to each party guests. And I am very paranoid for losing my younger kids in the huge maze and structure when I do not have sight of them especially when I need to host and couldn’t pay full attention on my kids.

Normally, I keep my parties very small for my own sanity, 15 to 20 kids the max so that we can have a cosy and intimate party.  On the record, this is the first time ever in my party hosting and planning years, I am doing a joint birthday bash for my youngest 2 boys whose birthdays are 4 days apart and my first at a playgym.

Its normally a very busy first half of the year for me as all kids birthdays are all in the beginning of half of the year starting from Feb, then April and now finally June. Every 2 months in the first half of the year, there is a party I need to plan. I like to be able to plan and DIY (as much as I can but nowadays I tend to be lazy as I can get cheap customised party decor from Taobao) the kids party and give my kids a small , cosy and yet memorable party with their siblings and their friends.

So as I have 2 birthday boys aged 1 and 3,  I need a venue which is not- too-big play area which are suitable for them and also their friends up to ages 10 (ie not too kiddish). After my extensive research for a playgym venue , I found a pretty new centrally located play gym Fun N Laughter at City Square Mall. I personally has not patronise the gym before , but my kids had with their daddy before and told me its was fun. Ok, truth to be told all play gyms are fun , big or small. The kids all do have a great time, its only the parents who are the ones distinguishing a good one from a not so good one I guess.

Based on what I gather from the internet, some special features ONLY found at Fun N Laughter are a huge snack and ladder floor game, projection room, a Tayo bus ride-on. The rest will be a  typical play gym with ball pits, air blasters, slides. Frankly, as a parent I get overwhelmed with big gyms where sometimes  I had a hard time locating my kids in the play structure. So sometimes a reasonably sized play structure is all that I asked for especially for my younger ones like the 3 year old. He can actually play and climb and slide unsupervised but I won’t do that if the play structure its too huge or too tall ( I had a lost kid once at Kids Amaze Toa Payoh when I left small J to play on his own and  I didn’t have sight because the structure was too huge and massive)

And its probably one of the few play gyms who has a toy shop at the front for some last minutes gift shopping or for me, I actually bought my cake topper from them the night before the party. They stock a great selections of Tayo and Pororo toys. I was in a hunt for Pororo toys  to be used as the cake topper as small J is in love with the penguin (wanted to incorporate it into the cake some how) and besides the toy store at Pororo Park, I think Fun n Laughter is the only other brick and mortar shop which carries Pororo toys.


I got the pororo toy plane from Fun N Laughter the day before my party! how convenient

There are some pictures of the play gym when I arrived at opening hours before the weekend crowd and my party guests arrive.  They even have a diaper changing facilities within the gym so that guests do not need to walk out the mall’s baby room.


The entrance of the gym


Pororo and Tayo toys


other baby related products that is on retail


the play area






the super popular motorised Tayo ride on


This room has a projector whereby there are interactive games. The room also has toys for toddlers and babies,  I wish they could stock it up with toys for the babies and toddler

They were so kind let me come in the night before for 1 hour plus to setup the room so that I have pretty much done most of the decor before the actual day itself. It took a whole load of stress out of me.

They only have 1 party room which can catered to 15 to 25 kids.


They have kids tables and chairs good enough for 25 kids


they allowed for any outside caterer (warmers allowed too) which I got from Neo Garden, the spread was placed over the shelves top . just nice without taking up unnecessary space in the room

When I was setting up my decor, the only problem I had was that the wall paper around the room was too loud for my party theme. If you have a underwater theme, this is perfect but I had an aviation theme birthday party and already purchased a banner. So what I did was to overlap a huge white background before hanging my birthday banner. Alternatively, you can easily have huge customised party backdrop of 120mx 120m/150m to cover the existing underwater backdrop.


my diy dessert table setup with decor and goodies from Taobao and Oriental Trading (US)

All set for my boys’ combined bash, and at the end of the party, every kid including the 1 year old boy had so much fun, coming back to the point , to all kids all play gyms are fun irregardless of size! Of course, I have some basic requirements which are easily met – slides, ball pits, air blasters! Sharing from pictures from the parties:









the baby spend more of the time at the ball pit and the “projector” room where there are some toys for him


giant snack and ladder when the kids get tired of the climbing and sliding

I must say Fun N Laughter has one of the most reasonably priced party packages and its centrally located (trust me,  I have done my research and comparison while searching for the perfect venue for my cosy and intimate party). It is not the size of Fidgets or Polliwogs but sometimes I get very overwhelmed when the venue has many party rooms to accommodate many parties and quantity of kids from the different parties and also the walk in guests especially on weekends, so Fun N Laughter is just the perfect size for me.

And I have forgotten to add that this is probably the only play gym which allows for a 2.5 hours exclusive usage of the party rooms. Typically its only a 2 hours usage, which i feel its rather rush and hush, so an additional half hour really makes a difference. We never felt hurried to leave the party room as most of kids “refuse” to leave the play gym. I actually stayed beyond 2.5 hours as I believe there were no party after my slot. My kids were very entertained and had such a good time with their friends and celebrated their birthday in the presence of closed friends and family, what else can I ask for! Having the party at a play gym is save me a lot of unnecessary hassle and the kids are wildly entertained without a need of a party host or entertainer! This shall not be the last time I am hosting at a play gym after my relatively stress free experience hosting at the gym.


Here are the admission rates for entry

admission brochure - design 3.1 (1)

and party packages rates

Bday Parties 28062016


Address: City Square Mall #B2-32, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm daily

Telephone no : 65099766

Websites: Facebook Page

Thanks to the kind folks at Fun N Laughter, they will be giving 2 winners of 1 pair of passes each applicable for non peak and peak periods too!

1. Liked mypreciouzkids.com on Facebook

2. Followed mypreciouzkids on Instagram and regram the Fun N Laughter’s photo using hashtag  #mypreciouzkidsgiveaway

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4. Liked Fun N Laughter on Facebook

5. Liked, shared and tag 5 friends who are new to mypreciouzkids or interested  to visit Fun N Laughter or are planning a birthday party by using this Facebook post. Pls comment “Done, Twitter: ?? , IG:??” on the same post for my easy tracking. Do set your post to PUBLIC so that I can verify your entry. Entries that are not shared publicly on your timeline will be disqualified. Giveaway ends 10th July 2016 (Sunday) 2359.


Disclosure: I was sponsored a classic kids party package for 15 kids. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. I paid for the additional kids and also for the super cute Pororo cake topper/toy.

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iFly Singapore – to a 7 year old, probably his BEST and most WOW experience ever!

Truth to be told, I personally had been on iFly Singapore on a rare date with hubby 2 years ago. Speaking from personal experience, it was so surreal to be able to fly even for short instances in the wind tunnel, a very highly recommended once in a lifetime experience!  Actually, one of my bucket list is to do skydiving! I guess this is as close to meeting my bucket list.


i looked pretty cool

And thanks to my experience on my maiden flight with iFly Singapore, I came to know that the minimum age for iFly Singapore was 7 years of age (ie not the year they turn 7 but after their 7th birthday). So since 2 years back, I already set my mind to bring my eldest boy for his turn once he turned 7. When he turned 7 this year, I conveniently forgotten the little wish I had for my eldest , blame it all the Term2 school review etc. It was a busy April and May for me and I was just so looking forward towards the long 1 month school holidays where I do not need to worry about homework and reviews (for those who does not have kids in primary school, reviews just simply mean tests or exam just in a nicer way)

When it was time to plan for his 4 week long holidays ,as we are going for family trip for the second half of the holidays, yay!, so technically I only need to plan for 2 weeks. As I already signed him up for 1 week of Design Innovation camp with The Keys for the first week of the holidays, so I only have the second week of the holidays left to plan.

As we had a hectic first week, I decided to scale it down for week 2 as mummy needs a break too! Suddenly, I remembered by the little wish I had 2 years back now that he has turned 7, to bring my eldest for iFly Singapore and what better timing that the school holidays! Thanks to the kind folks at iFly Singapore, my 2 year old wish came true! J actually is well aware of iFly Singapore as he has seen my picture from my and his daddy’s maiden flight. So when I told him that I will be bringing him for iFly Singapore he was so excited that he was practically counting down the days.

Finally, the most awaited day has come….


It was very very hot day, so entering iFly Singapore was a much welcome change from the outside. It was so so hot outside that J can bearly keep his eyes open and if the heat in Sentosa was too hot to bear, one of the best places to visit in Sentosa is iFly Singapore!

As J’s session has been pre-booked by his dearest mummy, all I had to do was to sign an indemnity form on his behalf and for J to prove that he is 7 years of age (so MUST REMEMBER to bring your child’s bus card/student card). Everyone is required to bring their identification card for verification purposes regardless of age. 


Booking online for your session with iFly Singapore is a pretty straightforward process as you can select the session and pay online here. Paying online allows you to check on the availability and its cheaper too if booked two days in advance. If you were to purchase onsite, there will be a risk that the sessions are already fully taken up as there is a limit of 16 flyers, I guess purchasing at venue is more for the tourists visiting Sentosa.

Just note that you have to be onsite 1 hour before the pre-booked session for the pre-flight video, training and safety regulations. So like for J’s session which was the 5.30pm slot, we needed to arrive at 4.30pm.

Once it’s your turn, there will be an announcement where you are ushered through the departure gate. The flyers will enter sophiscated-looking dark chamber to view the video introducing iFly Singapore and outlining the entire experience. Through the video, I also found out that iFly Singapore is Southeast Asia’s largest wind tunnel.


One of the introduction videos shown in that chamber can be seen below

Thereafter, the door will open where the flyers will be escorted to a small theatre to meet their instructor for their session. For J’s session, he had instructor Jery. Jery will let every flyer try their flying posture on the bench and explain to them basic hand signal (the flyers are required to wear ear plugs during flight, provided by iFly Singapore).  J was lucky that the session had many children, and only 2 adults so that he don’t feel so intimated. I must say many of the boys in J’s session were very enthusistic in asking questions after questions . Then said I must pay Jery compliment for being about the control the constant barrage of questions from the very raring to go boys! He was also very observant that one of the flyers was a tourist from China and quickly helped her to do simple translation as all the videos and instructions given were all in English! All in all, I can tell that Jery was a very experienced instructor and I have confidence that J will be in very good hands for his first maiden flight. Finally, Jery did a quick check of their footwear to make sure it won’t dropped off during flight. If you don’t come in proper shoes, you can always rent it with them. And for ladies and girls, no dresses or skirts as it is difficult to wear the flight suit later. 


Finally, its time for the real thing. They are all escorted upstair to the flying chamber area. They can see the on-going flight as well, but now its time to get suited up. Next to the flying chamber, this is the area where they get the flight suits, goggles , earplugs and helmets.


J told me he couldn’t smile coz the goggles are blocking his cheeks!


in flight chamber

I am amazed by the turnaround of all the flight sessions. True enough with all the on-going: – video, training, changing of attire, once its 5.30pm, the prior session would have finish their session and it’s time for the current session. Everything running like a clockwork, ie no delays what-so-ever.  The most basic package, “The First Timer Challenge” package consists of 2 skydives. 

Finally, its master J’s turn!


After each of the flyers has had their 2 flights, if there are more time, the instructor can offer additional flight for SGD 40 which is a steal as compared to the initial price. And the bonus part, the instructor will bring the flyer together as high up in the tunnel! J “begged” me to let him do the extra flight , I was abit hesitant as it would mean spending SGD 40  but with the benefit of hindsight, I am glad to have let him do the extra flight as he will enjoyed another level of experience where he will fly high above with the instructor.

This is not J , but just to show the height the first timers are “brought up” by the experienced instructor during the extra flight.

And this is J on his extra flight,


I shall not leave you with many photos but many videos as I personally think that only videos will the do the flight and experience justice!  Not words nor photos.

Each flyer is given their own flight certificate at the end of the session. Besides being commemorative in nature, the certificate can be used to skip the initial video and instructor session (pre-flight session) if you were to return for future flights with iFly Singapore. 

For parents whose kids are turning 7 in the second half of 2016, and if you are cracking your brains what to get as a birthday present for your child, think no further, book a flight with iFly Singapore. And if you as the parent has not tried it before yourself, experience it together for an unforgettable family bonding experience! I did not do the flight with J as I have done it before and I wanted to stay by the side to take photos of my son’s first experience. Do note that non flyers only have restricted view of the flying chambers. Flyers can purchase video and photos at level 1 after their session (see first picture of J’s mummy flying, that was purchased from iFly Singapore after my maiden session)

For others who are thinking how to fill the June holidays or end it with an unforgettable experience, I would strongly recommend an iFly Singapore experience for your child (so long they have past their 7th birthday). Now I have a small problem, all other experiences that he will encounter in future will be paled in comparison to this!


Address: iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

We are beside the Beach Station, down at Siloso Beachfront in Sentosa, Singapore. The Beach Station is a focal point for all transports including Sentosa buses, trams, trains and taxis. Should you wish to drive, there are over 600 parking lots located at the basement of the station. 

Its just a short walk from the beach station to iFly Singapore. It is the first building after exiting Beach Station on the right. 

For skydiving rate, please see here.

Opening Hours

Mon, Tue, & Thu- Sun Wed 
9:00am – 9:30pm
First Flight: 10:30am
Last Flight: 9:30pm
11:00am – 9:30pm
First Flight: 12:00pm
Last Flight: 9:30pm

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. We paid for an extra flight which J begged me for it which I will be deducting from his savings (just joking). 

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Giveaway & Review – MOSH! Truly interactive for the little minds!

The first of its kind in Singapore, a playground of sight and sounds and all things digital and who does it better than the Japanese and this is where the technology is from. It is a collaboration of a few Japanese corporatoins to create a one of a kind playground for the lucky kids in Singapore! In the day and age where there are incessant call to breed creativity among our young ones, I believe the Japanese corporations have heard our call and jointly setup the latest digital playground in Singapore, MOSH!. It is located in Sentosa next to the Beach station, just opposite Port of Lost Wonders. It is housed in the same building as Kidzania which you won’t missed once you walk out of the Beach station car park/stop.

Located on the highest floor of the building (you will have to walk past the Kidzania entrance which was not operational yet at time of visit), we are not sure what to expect of this new playground. A little birdie told us that we can set up fireworks using movements, draw and create aquatic creatures and launch jumbo jets from you hand!

We were greeted by a colourful wall at the entrance. As we were there on a weekend, there is a 2 hour time limit to adhere to. As it was pretty new, there wasn’t much crowd on a Sunday afternoon, so we were swiftly brought into the venue. On weekend, they impose a 2 hours time limit to ensure there isn’t too much crowd and every child or adult can play to their hearts’ content.



one very huge classroom with digital sights and sound!

There are 5 installations to explore and turn the little one’s imaginations into life:-

  1. Fantasy: World of Wonder paper apps

Once the kids were escorted into a dimmed and huge “classroom”, they were quickly seated to listen to short story to give a flavour of the experiences that will come. As the room was rather dimmed and full of noise (from the installations all around), I could hardly see or hear the story. The kids were very distracted with all the ongoings and didn’t really pay attention to the narrated story. I would prefer that this short bit of story telling be done at a brightly litted room with minimal noise since it was just a mere 5 min story before the kids were escorted to the actual venue. The first installation to greet them was Fantasy: World of Wonder paper apps. They can choose any character (MOSH!cot) to colour, design, doodle, etc printed by RICOH (which is one of the corporate partners). Once they have decorated their characters, the paper will be scanned and their image will appear in the screen above.



you can choose which MOSH!cot you want to colour or doodle



small J “putting” colour on his MOSH!cot



kids are so proud to see their own MOSH!cot on the big screen

  1. Space: Fireworks Party

The next stop was where you can use body movements to raise and control fireworks. Apparently the sensor are built to detect movement from children’s height , so when I try to simulate the fireworks, it didn’t really work that well. My girl has fun just jumping and “releasing” all the fireworks and she move across the entire screen. The boys were that interested in this installation.


  1. Land: MOSH! Cot Hide and Seek

There is circular brightly litted table in the middle of the huge classroom. There is where one uses the sense of touch. The characters will all appear once you places your hands on the table and using your hands to cover the characters. The kids had so much fun playing with daddy! And the table were just at the right height even for the coming to 3 year old!


  1. Sea: Doodle Aquarium

This is where my girl spent most of the time. On a blank card, one can draw any aquatic sea creatures or just about any creature that they imagine. Remember to fill in your name on the card (as it will also be projected on screen) for easy spotting of your creature in the larger-than-life aquarium. Once the child has completed the drawing, place the card on the doodle aquarium projector table and the card is quickly scanned and the object will appear amongst the other “sea creatures” on the huge digital aquarium. It was quite therapeutic to watch the many sea creatures in the doodle aquarium.




scanning the card, oh so cool!


  1. Air : Paper plane adventure

As there were pre-folded paper planes , my boys were all too raring to go and launch their plane into the screen without having to fold their own or donning their pilot hats. The proper way is to obtain a blank coloured paper and have it folded into a paper plane. Then dressed your child like a pilot by using one of the pilot hats or pilot goggles. Then launch the folded paper plane  and watched as a plane appear to be flying following your flight path of the launched paper plane. There are also a variety of planes from propeller planes to jumbo jets and different dreamscapes such as primeval jungles and canyon caves.


small J, the pilot all dressed to launch his paper plane


I did a short video clips of the all the fun segments at MOSH! to better appreciate all the interactive moments in all 5 installations.

Visitor information:

Opening hours : 10am to 9pm

Address :  31 Beach View #03-01

Palawan Kidz City

Singapore 098008

Ticket prices : Adult $28 , Child $22 (Free admission for children below two years old), Family bundle S$48 for 1 Adult and 1 Child (Playtime of 2 hrs will apply on weekends, Public holiday and school holidays)

Yes, most parents will be taken aback by the fees charged to the adults. I guess they are also expecting tourists (being located in Sentosa) hence the fees charged for an adult. I guess there should have another pricing category where adults accompany children are at a discounted price to make it more affordable for families in Singapore to enjoy this new-age, digital playground.

And with Kidzania expected to be launched in April (just heard word that it will open on 12 Apr), my word of advice is to pay a visit when you are visiting Sentosa any time soon and when you need a shelter from the hot weather after a day out at Sentosa before the crowd descends.

Thanks to the good folks at MOSH!, we are pleased to be giving away two set of family package (2A & 2C) worth SGD 100 each set.

1. Liked mypreciouzkids.com on Facebook

2. Followed mypreciouzkids on Instagram and regram the MOSH!’s photo using hashtag  #mypreciouzkidsgiveaway

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5. Liked, shared and tag 5 friends who are new to mypreciouzkids or interested  to visit MOSH! by using this Facebook post. Pls comment “Done, Twitter: ?? , IG:??” on the same post for my easy tracking. Do set your post to PUBLIC so that I can verify your entry. Entries that are not shared publicly on your timeline will be disqualified. Giveaway ends 3rd April 2016 (Sunday) 2359.

The entrance tickets will be mailed to you via normal mail by me directly.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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Review – Creativity is BIG at Playeum

It was a long weekend for mypreciouzkids as the childcare was closed both on Thursday and Friday. As the haze condition was still uncertain, I was not putting any bets on outdoor activities , so I decided (on my behalf) of my kids to check out the latest “playground” for kids, Playeum.

This was not the first time that my kids had participated in Playeum’s offering. Previously, they did not have a permanent site, hence, they will hold their activities at different locations. The one that I had visited was part of the Affordable Art Fairs. It is not the typical art and craft structured activities and  being creative is big at Playeum.

11160003_10152950329074143_3683553293949910301_n 603770_10152950328964143_4935344815531843949_n 11146256_10152950329444143_3837316668645676875_n

Finally, Playeum has their own permanent site situated at Gillman Baracks. Named, the Children’s Centre of Creativity , it is supported by the National Art Council. This is a dedicated creative space for children and families, the first of its kind in South-East Asia.

The current installation is The Art of Speed especially since the place was opened around the time when Singapore was hosting its annual Formula One Grand Prix. This theme explores speed, movement and cards. This installation will last until 3 April 2016. The Children’s Centre of Creativity will feature 3 different experiences in a year, each exploring different theme.


The experience is specially designed for children aged one to twelve with their schools or families.  It is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach which is based on the concept where children are viewly as innately creative.Hence the Centre is designed to encourage open-ended, exploratory learning and play.  It is very true that parents would like more structured play as compared to open ended and unstructured play in recent years. Stemming from my own experience as a parent, I have less confidence in conducting play in an unstructured manner. As recent visit to Kaboodle Kids which emphasised on unstructured play, the first thing I did was to look through their guide book on how to assemble the various structures.

Currently,  Singapore is devoid of having such unstructured playing ground for kids (and adults alike). The Centre has four curated spaces.

The Main Space features interactive, open-ended installations. Currently this area is being filled which big and small race tracks and abundance of Lego for kids to build and create moving objects which can be used and tested on the tracks provided.


The Main Space

IMG_3567 IMG_3565 IMG_3583

IMG_3581 IMG_3575 IMG_3571

Mypreciouzkids didn’t spend much time here as it became pretty crowded as it was children’s day. The tracks were quickly filled up with kids who want to test their Lego creations.

The Play Maker space provide an area where children have access to a wide range of mediums and freedom to create any project they desires or maybe according to the theme ie The Art of Speed. Kids’ completed projects are left on display and they will be recycled in future.


The Play Maker space

IMG_3584 IMG_3585

Mypreciouzkids spent most of time here as most kids were busy with their Lego at the Main space. C even went on to create 2 different items on her own. J was spending all his time and effort to build a rocket back pack while small J was just happy to be playing with masking tape and checking out the different materials.

J had a hard time parting with his creation as understandably he has spend much effort and time on it. But after much persuasion, he agreed (with a very heavy heart) to leave his creation behind only if he can build one similar at home! yay, we have a home project after this visit!

Kids are welcome to bring home their creations, but Playeum would encourage the kids to leave it behind to be displayed for inspiration to other kids (like in the case of C, she pretty much went around looking at the displayed pieces and decided she will follow one that she fancy).

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kids at play!


J’s rocket backpack


C’s creation….i gather its a mask !

The Dark Room is currently hosting the beautiful Shadow Play installation by Isabelle Desjeux. I was lucky as during the time of my visit Isabelle was in the dark room explaining in installations to the kids.


The Dark Space

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The Workshop will host a variety of programmes to explore the theme even more. This space can also be used to host birthday parties and special celebrations. Currently this place is used for the holiday programmes which you can find more details in this link.


Besides these 4 main areas, Playeum has also prepared an area for the toddlers and a huge chalkboard. While the older kids were busy with their projects at the Play Maker area, small J was exploring the toddler area and the chalkboard.

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Just a bit more sharing on Playeum. This organisation has been around since 2009 and it is a non profit organisation  with a mission to promote children’s creativity and play. Though collaboration with public institutions like National Art Council and corporations, Playeum aims to inspire children of ages one to 12.Over the past 6 years, Playeum has conducted over 150 programmes all over Singapore , from void decks to museums. Parental involvement is also fundamental in the overall experience that Playeum is creating for the children.

My biggest takeaway from this visit was that open ended play can also be done at home. It doesn’t have to be some pretty craft that I saw on Pinterest which will pretty much be parent-directed and lacking in creativity. By giving the kids recycled materials and minimal instructions, sometimes parents can be surprised how kids can turn junk/trash into masterpieces!


small J outside Playeum after a fun day !



Block 47, Malan Road

Gillman Barracks

#01-21 to #01-23

Singapore 109444

Children (ages 1 to 12) S$20

Accompanying adult: FREE

Additional adult:S$10

Prior to your visit, do check out their busy time at this link for a more enjoyable and fulfilling visit. They maybe running on a full house due to corporate bookings or school visits. For more information on Playeum, do visit their website at this link.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored  review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



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